Views at Twenty5, a renowned South African restaurant with multiple branches, boasts unique decor and a relaxed, cozy atmosphere. The friendly and well-mannered staff warmly welcome patrons and guide them about the restaurant’s specialties upon arrival, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Views At Twenty5 Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameViews At Twenty5
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours12 pm – 2 am
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Views At Twenty5 Menu

Views at Twenty5 offers a diverse menu featuring grills, wood-fired pizza, burgers, and pasta, all prepared from fresh ingredients. With affordable prices, their specialties include the Shisanyama Pizza priced at R210.00 and the Seafood Pasta at R170.00, promising a delightful dining experience.

Picked for you

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Shisanyama Platter for TwoR289,00
Shisanyama Platter for OneR180,00
Ribs and WingsR215,00
Mozambican Platter for OneR170,00
Seafood PastaR170,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Shisanyama Platter for One (Grills)R180,00
Ribs and Wings (Grills)R215,00
Shisanyama Platter for Two (Grills)R289,00
T-Bone SteakR150,00
Chicken WingsR125,00
¼ ChickenR100,00
Mozambican Platter for One (Grills)R170,00

Woodfired Pizza

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken and BaconR190,00
The ViewR180,00
Shisanyama PizzaR210,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Views BurgerR115,00
Chicken BurgerR105,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken and Bacon PastaR120,00
Seafood Pasta (Pastas)R170,00
Creamy Basil PestoR80,00

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