Savor the fame of Steers, a South African burger chain and household name, celebrated for its fantastic locations and mouthwatering burgers, including juicy chicken wings. Whether you crave beef patties, tender ribs, creamy shakes, or fries, Steers boasts an endless menu, making it the go-to spot for crave-worthy burgers and fast-food staples. From quick snacks on the go to hearty lunches or dinners, indulge in the culinary delights that make Steers one of the country’s most popular burger chains.

Steers Menu With Prices South Africa
Restaurant NameSteers
Cuisine TypeFast Food
Opening Hours6 am – 10 pm
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Steers Menu & Prices

South Africa’s beloved quick-service gem, Steers, renowned for its delectable burgers, chips, chicken burgers, ribs, and a delightful array of treats like ice cream and milkshakes. With a diverse menu, Steers offers a flavorful experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Steers Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Rave Snack Beef BurgerR17.90
Rave Snack Beef Burger with ChipsR28.90
Rave Snack Beef Burger ComboR38.90
Steers Snack Beef BurgerR18.90
Steers Snack Beef Burger with ChipsR29.90
Steers Snack Beef Burger ComboR39.90
Chicken Snack BurgerR19.90
Chicken Snack Burger with ChipsR31.90
Chicken Snack Burger ComboR42.90
Cheese Snack BurgerR22.90
Cheese Snack Burger with ChipsR33.90
Cheese Snack Burger ComboR44.90
King Steer Snack BurgerR31.90
King Steer Snack Burger with ChipsR42.90
King Steer Snack Burger ComboR53.90
Rave Beef BurgerR29.90
Rave Beef Burger with ChipsR41.90
Rave Beef Burger ComboR53.90
Original Steers Beef BurgerR35.90
Original Steers Beef Burger with ChipsR47.90
Original Steers Beef Burger ComboR59.90
Classic Beef BurgerR49.90
Classic Beef Burger with ChipsR56.90
Classic Beef Burger ComboR68.90
Original Chicken BurgerR38.90
Original Chicken Burger with ChipsR50.90
Original Chicken Burger ComboR62.90
Cheese Chicken BurgerR42.90
Cheese Chicken Burger with ChipsR54.90
Cheese Chicken Burger ComboR66.90
Bacon & Cheese Chicken BurgerR53.90
Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger with ChipsR65.90
Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger ComboR77.90
Original CheeseburgerR41.90
Original Cheeseburger with ChipsR53.90
Original Cheeseburger ComboR65.90
Hawaiian CheeseburgerR45.90
Hawaiian Cheeseburger with ChipsR57.90
Hawaiian Cheeseburger ComboR69.90
Bacon CheeseburgerR53.90
Bacon Cheeseburger with ChipsR65.90
Bacon Cheeseburger ComboR78.90
Prince CheeseburgerR49.90
Prince Cheeseburger with ChipsR61.90
Prince Cheeseburger ComboR73.90
Original Ribster BurgerR32.90
Original Ribster Burger with ChipsR44.90
Original Ribster Burger ComboR56.90
Cheese Ribster BurgerR36.90
Cheese Ribster Burger with ChipsR48.90
Cheese Ribster Burger ComboR60.90
Original Veggie BurgerR34.90
Original Veggie Burger with ChipsR46.90
Original Veggie Burger ComboR58.90
Mushroom Veggie BurgerR24.90
Mushroom Veggie Burger with ChipsR36.90
Mushroom Veggie Burger ComboR48.90
Chicken-Style Veggie BurgerR39.90
Chicken-Style Veggie Burger with ChipsR52.90
Chicken-Style Veggie Burger ComboR64.90
Beef-Style Veggie BurgerR49.90
Beef-Style Veggie Burger with ChipsR62.90
Beef-Style Veggie Burger ComboR74.90
Original Steak BurgerR64.90
Original Steak Burger with ChipsR77.90
Original Steak Burger ComboR89.90
Bacon & Cheese Steak BurgerR74.90
Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger with ChipsR87.90
Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger ComboR99.90
Bare Beef BurgerR59.90
Bare Beef Burger with ChipsR73.90
Bare Beef Burger ComboR86.90
Bare Chicken BurgerR64.90
Bare Chicken Burger with ChipsR78.90
Bare Chicken Burger ComboR91.90

King Steer Burgers

Menu itemsPrices
Original King BurgerR66.90
Original King Burger with ChipsR81.90
Original King Burger ComboR94.90
Big Bacon King BurgerR77.90
Big Bacon King Burger with ChipsR92.90
Big Bacon King Burger ComboR105.90
Hawaiian King BurgerR70.90
Hawaiian King Burger with ChipsR85.90
Hawaiian King Burger ComboR98.90
Mighty King BurgerR91.90
Mighty King Burger with ChipsR106.90
Mighty King Burger ComboR119.90

Flamed-Grilled Chicken

Menu itemsPrices
1/4 ChickenR46.90
1/4 Chicken with ChipsR59.90
1/4 Chicken ComboR69.90
1/2 ChickenR82.90
1/2 Chicken with ChipsR97.90
1/2 Chicken ComboR109.90
1/2 Chicken & Pork Rib RackR159.90
1/2 Chicken & Pork Rib Rack with ChipsR169.90
1/2 Chicken & Pork Rib Rack Meal ComboR187.90
Full ChickenR147.90
Full Chicken with ChipsR169.90
Full Chicken ComboR189.90

BBQ Ribs

Menu itemsPrices
Pork Rib Snack with ChipsR59.90
Pork Rib Snack ComboR71.90
Pork Rib Rack with ChipsR104.90
Pork Rib Rack ComboR119.90
Pork Rib Feast with ChipsR154.90
Pork Rib Feast ComboR169.90
Double Pork Rack with ChipsR184.90
Double Pork Rack ComboR199.90

Meals For Sharing

Menu itemsPrices
Meal 1 – 4 Original Ribster Burgers + 2 Med. ChipsR144.90
Meal 2 – 4 Original Steers Burgers + 2 Med. ChipsR149.90
Meal 3 – 2 Original King Burgers + 2 Original Steers Burgers + 2 Med. ChipsR199.90
Meal 4 – 2 Original King Burgers + 1 Large ChipsR149.90
Meal 5 – Full Chicken + Large Chips + Green Salad + 4 RollsR214.90


Menu itemsPrices
Green Salad (small)R29.90
Green Salad (large)R39.90
Greek Salad (small)R36.90
Greek Salad (large)R49.90
Chicken Salad (small)R49.90
Chicken Salad (large)R77.90

Hand-Cut Chips

Menu itemsPrices
Classic Chips (regular)R15.90
Classic Chips (medium)R19.90
Classic Chips (large)R27.90
Classic Chips (extra-large)R74.90
Cheesy Chips (medium)R29.90
Cheesy Chips (large)R39.90
Cheesy Chips (extra-large)R98.90

Drinks + Desserts

Menu itemsPrices
Sweet Stix (6)R25.90
Sweet Stix (12)R49.90
Dipping SauceR9.90
Vanilla Cake SwirlR16.90
Chocolate Cake SwirlR19.90
Caramel Cake SwirlR19.90
Thick Shake (small)R25.90
Thick Shake (large)R29.90
Chocolate Ice Cream SwirlR17.90
Strawberry Ice Cream SwirlR17.90
Cream Soda Ice Cream SwirlR17.90
Classic ConeR6.90
Classic CupR14.90
Caramel Dip ConeR14.90
Caramel Dip CupR18.90
Chocolate Dip ConeR14.90
Chocolate Dip CupR18.90
Chocolate Ripple ConeR14.90
Chocolate Ripple CupR19.90

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