Kota Joe Roadhouse in Alberton offers a vibrant dining experience with a diverse selection of culinary delights. Known for its unique roadhouse ambiance, excellent service, and reasonable prices, it provides an affordable fine dining spot. Renowned for their specialty, the kota – a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with various foods, Kota Joe is a distinctive and delightful eatery.

Kota Joe Alberton Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameKota Joe Alberton
Cuisine TypeFast Food
Opening Hours11 am – 9 pm
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Kota Joe Alberton Menu

Kota Joe Roadhouse in Alberton offers a diverse menu with highlights like the tasty Jozi Kota and incredible beef wraps. The establishment features an amazing bar serving soft drinks, cocktails, wines, and crowd-favorite milkshake flavors like peppermint Oreo and Ferrero Oreo, along with cappuccinos and coffee.

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Kota Joe Menu Prices

ItemPrice (ZAR)
Roast Beef99.90
Cheesy Beef Pastrami104.90
Dunked Crumbed Chicken104.90
Butter Chicken94.90
Toasted Mince & Cheese99.90
Classic Cheesy Garlic Chips94.90
Cheesy Bacon Crumbed Chicken79.90
Mince & Smashed Avo94.90
Cheesy Jalapeño & Peppadew104.90
Toasted Dagwood94.90
Toasted Chicken Mayo81.90
Hake & Chips89.90
Russian & Chips75.90
Butter Chicken & Rice76.90
Curry & Rice77.90
Toasted Blondie99.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta71.90
Ham & Cheese76.90
Ham, Cheese & Tomato77.90
Cheese & Tomato75.90
Bacon & Egg52.90
Bacon, Egg & Cheese52.90
Bacon, Egg & Chips52.90
Toasted Rump Steak & Fried Onion88.90
Grilled Deboned Chicken86.90
Club Trinchado99.90
Crumbed Chicken Chilli Cheese99.90
Chicken Strip Prego86.90
Mince & Cheese75.90
Shawarma Crumbed Chicken76.90
Steak, Egg & Chips88.90
Chicken Mayo86.90
Chicken Strip76.90
Mince & Cheese75.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken86.90
Cheesy Beef Pastrami Kota99.90
Cheesy Beef Pastrami Wrap99.90
Roast Beef Kota99.90
Dunked Crumbed Chicken Kota99.90
Kota Dog39.90
Chilli Cheese Kota39.90
Superstyles Junior Kota39.90
Classic Beef Burger99.90
Roadhouse Classics99.90

Kota Joe Sides

ItemPrice (ZAR)
Loaded Chips38.9
Onion Rings41.9

Kota Joe Salads

ItemPrice (ZAR)
Greek Salad83.90
Chicken & Bacon Salad83.90
Chicken Salad83.90
Bacon, Avo & Feta Salad83.90

Cold Beverages

ItemPrice (ZAR)
Ice Cream Twirlers51.90

Kota Joe Milkshake

Milkshake FlavorsPrice
Aero PeppermintR 51
Black ForestR 51
Caramello BearR 51
Choc NutR 51
Choc Nut FlakeR 51
Choc TopR 51
ChockitsR 51
CoffeeR 51
Cookies & CreamR 51
Crème BrûléeR 51
Custard CrunchR 51
Dark ChocolateR 51
EspressoR 51
Ferrero & OreoR 71
Ferrero RocherR 90
FrulataR 51
Fudge BrownieR 51
Honeycomb & Milky BarR 51
Jo Jo Choc Nut FlakeR 51
Lemon & HerbR 51
Lotus BiscoffR 51
MiloR 51
Nutty NutellaR 51
Nutty ChocR 51
NutellaR 51
Nutella & Custard CrunchR 71
Nutella & OreoR 71
OrangeR 51
Oreo & Peanut ButterR 71
Oreo EspressoR 71
Peppermint ChocR 51
Peppermint OreoR 71
Peanut Butter & BananaR 51
SaltR 51
Salt & VinegarR 51
Strawberry WhirlR 51
Turkish DelightR 51
VanillaR 51
WatermelonR 51
Zoo BiscuitR 51


ItemPrice (ZAR)
Pizza69.90 – 209.90

Soda Drinks

ItemPrice (ZAR)
Soda Drinks19.90 – 29.90

Hot Beverages

ItemPrice (ZAR)
Ice Tea19.90
Sir Fruit29.90
Café Mocha29.90
Café Latte29.90
Hot Chocolate29.90
White Coffee19.90
Black Coffee19.90
Chai Latte29.90
Candy-Floss Bucket29.90
Bean to Cup (With You Scream, Ice Cream)29.90
Soda Fountain Flavours19.90
Soda Floats29.90
Fountain Hot Beverages19.90 – 29.90


ItemPrice (ZAR)
Loaded Chips51.90

Everything Classics

ItemPrice (ZAR)
Kota Dog Cheesy Bacon39.90
Kota Dog Chilli Cheese39.90
Kota Dog Cheesy Beef Pastrami39.90
Kota Dog Roast Beef39.90
Kota Dog Dunked Crumbed Chicken39.90
Kota Dog Classic39.90
Kota Dog Superstyles Junior39.90
Kota Dog Toasties39.90

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