M&D Pizza & Burger in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, specializes in wood-fired pizza and burgers, offering a cozy ambiance with friendly service. The simple yet elegant interior design adds to its rustic charm, making it affordable for families and individuals. Despite potential wait times, the quality of their food has kept them popular for over ten years, appealing to locals and visitors alike seeking great food at reasonable prices.

M&D Pizza Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameM&D Pizza
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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M&D Pizza Menu

M&D Pizza & Burger features outdoor seating ideal for dining in fresh air, along with a selection of soft drinks, wines, and cocktails. Their menu highlights specialty pizzas like the Giema Pizza and Steak and Pineapple Pizza, as well as burgers including the Masala Steak Burger for those who enjoy a bit of spice. Enjoy delicious options in a relaxed setting at M&D Pizza & Burger.

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Soups and Fufu

Egusi Soup with FufuMelon soup with fufuR341.55
Okra Soup with FufuOkra soup with fufuR341.55
Banga (Palmnut)Banga (palm nut soup)R341.55

Rice Plate

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Jollof Rice with ChickenJollof rice with chickenR322.57
White Rice and Stew with ChickenWhite rice with stewed chickenR322.57
Curry ChickenCurry chickenR322.57
Jollof Rice with BeefJollof rice with beefR341.55
White Rice and Stew with BeefWhite rice with stewed beefR341.55


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
PlantainFried plantainR113.72
Jollof RiceSpiced tomato riceR132.71
BeansCooked beansR113.72
White RicePlain white riceR94.74
CabbageSteamed cabbageR113.72
Mac n Cheese(Friday – Saturday only)R113.72


BeveragePrice (R)
Bottled WaterR28.48

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