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Nando's Menu With Prices South Africa
Restaurant NameNando’s
Cuisine TypeFast Food
Opening Hours10 am – 9 pm
ReviewsSee Reviews

Nando’s Menu and Prices

Discover the fast-growing Nando’s, a highly popular multinational restaurant in South Africa. Enjoy the most popular chicken, drinks, and other items at reasonable prices, making Nando’s a go-to choose for flavorful and affordable dining.

Nandos Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
1/4 ChickenR53.00
1/4 Chicken + Single SideR67.00
1/4 Chicken + Chips + RollR69.00
1/4 Chicken + Chips +DrinkR79.00
1/2 ChickenR87.00
1/2 Chicken + Single SideR100.00
Full ChickenR152.00
Full Chicken + 4 RollsR182.00
Full Chicken + 2 Sharing SidesR211.00
Full Chicken + 3 Sharing SidesR241.00
Full Chicken + 4 Sharing SidesR264.00


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken BurgerR57.00
Chicken Burger + Single SideR70.00
Chicken Burger + Chips + DrinkR82.00
Cheese Carnival BurgerR65.00
Cheese Carnival Burger + Single SideR81.00
Avo & Pickled Red Onion BurgerR67.00
Avo & Pickled Red Onion Burger + Single SideR78.00
Haloumi & Veg RollR35.00
Veggie BurgerR57.00
Veggie Burger + Single SideR67.00
Veggie Burger MealR78.00
Veggie Avo & Pickled Red Onion BurgerR66.00
Veggie Avo & Pickled Red Onion Burger + Single SideR81.00
Veggie Carnival BurgerR65.00
Veggie Carnival Burger + Single SideR79.00
Double Chicken BurgerR77.00
Double Chicken Burger + Single SideR88.00
Double Chicken Burger MealR101.00
Double Veggie BurgerR77.00
Double Veggie Burger + Single SIdeR88.00

Pitas & Wraps

Menu itemsPrices
Veggie PitaR53.00
Veggie Pita + Single SideR68.00
Veggie, Avo & Picked Red Onion PitaR66.00
Veggie, Avo & Picked Red Onion Pita + Single SideR81.00
Veggie Carnival PitaR64.00
Veggie Carnival Pita + Single SideR81.00
Haloumi & Veg PitaR46.00
Chicken PitaR54.00
Chicken Pita + Single SideR70.00
Chicken, Avo & Picked Red Onion PitaR64.00
Chicken, Avo & Picked Red Onion Pita + Single SideR77.00
Pulled Chicken PitaR55.00
Pulled Chicken Pita + Single SideR67.00
Carnival PitaR64.00
Carnival Pita + Single SideR78.00
Chicken WrapR55.00
Chicken Wrap + Single SideR67.00
Chicken, Avo & Picked Red Onion WrapR66.00
Chicken, Avo & Picked Red Onion Wrap + Single SideR77.00
Pulled Chicken WrapR57.00
Pulled Chicken Wrap + Single SideR67.00
Carnival WrapR63.00
Carnival Wrap + Single SideR79.00
Veggie WrapR54.00
Veggie Wrap + Single SideR70.00
Veggie, Avo & Pickled Red Onion WrapR66.00
Veggie, Avo & Pickled Red Onion Wrap + Single SideR80.00
Veggie Carnival WrapR67.00
Veggie Carnival Wrap + Single SideR81.00
Haloumi & Veg WrapR45.00


Menu itemsPrices
Haloumi Veg & RiceR44.00
Chicken Strips & Spicy RiceR51.00
Chicken Strips, Veg & Spicy RiceR56.00
Hotpot & Casa PapR43.00
Hotpot & Spicy RiceR43.00
Starter LiversR43.00
Starter Livers + RollR46.00
Full Livers + RollR58.00
Livers & Casa PapR43.00
6 WingletsR52.00
10 WingletsR76.00
6 Winglets + ChipsR60.00
10 Winglets + Single SideR85.00
Pulled Chicken SandwichR41.00
Pulled Chicken Sandwich + Single SideR53.00


Menu itemsPrices
Chips (single)R34.00
Chips (sharing)R40.00
Wedges (single)R31.00
Wedges (sharing)R43.00
Spicy Rice (single)R30.00
Spicy Rice (sharing)R40.00
Casa Paap & Nandos Relish (single)R30.00
Casa Paap & Nandos Relish (sharing)R44.00
Coleslaw (single)R30.00
Coleslaw (sharing)R41.00
Peri-Spinach (single)R30.00
Peri-Spinach (sharing)R44.00
Roasted Veg (single)R33.00
Roasted Veg (sharing)R43.00
Nando’s Salad (single)R31.00
Nando’s Salad (sharing)R41.00
Peri-Tato Salad (single)R34.00
Peri-Tato Salad (sharing)R43.00


Menu itemsPrices
Feta, Cranberry & Pumpkin Seed SaladR62.00
Grilled Chicken SaladR63.00
Sol SaladaR66.00

Kids Meals

Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Strips & ChipsR38.00
Kids Chicken Burger & ChipsR40.00
Kids Winglets & ChipsR40.00

Catering Platters

Menu itemsDescriptionPrices
Finger Food Platter (3 Pulled Chicken Wraps (cut into 6), 3 Chicken Wraps (cut into 6), 2 Sharing Wedges, 16 Winglets, 2 Flame-grilled Mielies cut into 3 (6 portions), and 2 Dips (PERinaise & Creamy))R522.00
Chicken Platter (2 Full Chickens (16 pieces), 16 Winglets, 2 Flame-grilled Mielies cut into 3 (6 portions), 2 Sharing Wedges, and 2 Dips (PERinaise & Creamy))R524.00
Classic Platter (1 1/2 Full Chickens (12 pieces), 2 Flame-grilled Mielies cut into 3 (6 portions), 4 Kids Burgers, 2 Sharing Wedges, 2 Dips (PERinaise & Creamy))R492.00
Veggie Platter 1 (2 Veggie Burgers, 2 Halloumi & Roast Veg Wraps, 2 Halloumi & Roast Veg Pitas, 2 Sharing Wedges, 4 Flame-grilled Mielies cut into 3 (12 portions), and 2 Dips)R461.00
Veggie Platter 2 (4 Veggie Pitas, 4 Halloumi & Roast Veg Pitas, 2 Sharing Wedges, 4 Flame-grilled Mielies cut into 3 (12 portions), and 2 Dips)R491.00


Menu itemsPrices
Soft Drink CanR23.00
Soft Drink BuddyR23.00
2L Soft DrinkR31.00
Fruit Juice CanR21.00
Ice TeaR23.00
Mineral WaterR21.00
Energy DrinksR24.00


Menu itemsPrices
Hot Chocolate PuddingR37.00
Peppermint Caramel DelightR34.00
Churros & Chocolate SauceR30.00

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