Ocean Basket, a renowned seafood restaurant chain in South Africa, is a favorite among seafood enthusiasts. With a commitment to fresh, high-quality seafood served in a warm atmosphere, it has become a go-to dining destination for both locals and visitors.

Ocean Basket Menu and Prices South Africa
Restaurant NameOcean Basket
Cuisine TypeSeafood
Opening Hours11:00 am – 8:30 pm
ReviewsSee Reviews
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Ocean Basket Menu

Ocean Basket, one of South Africa’s most famous seafood restaurants, boasts a menu filled with delectable options like prawns, calamari, fish, mussels, squid, salmon, and more. Discover the Ocean Basket menu with prices for a delightful seafood experience in South Africa.

Ocean Basket Menu List

Picked For You

Famous Fish (200g)R 109,00
Sushi For 2R 345,00
Platter for OneR 257,00
Platter for 2R 505,00
Bite of the OceanR 191,00

Menu Highlights

Saucy Mediterranean PrawnsR 192,00
Edamame Fritters (V) (N)R 52,00
Panko Zucchini (V)R 47,00
Fried Snoek with Cape Malay Mayo (N)R 98,00
Fisherman’s Catch (N)R 246,00
The Crunch (N)R 240,00
Creamy Prawn Futomaki 6 pcs (N)R 84,00

Starters and Meze

Calamari StarterR 87,00
Falafel (V)R 67,00
Halloumi Cheese (V)R 84,00
Crunchy Fish Bites (N)R 56,00
Lemon Garlic MusselsR 84,00
Panko Zucchini (V)R 47,00
Edamame Fritters (V) (N)R 52,00
Veg Meze Platter (V) (N)R 203,00
Meze Platter (N)R 228,00

Ocean Basket Salads Menu

Seared Salmon SaladR 154,00
Village Table Salad (serves 4) (V)R 179,00
Bowls (N)R 80,00

Ocean Basket Fish On The Bone

Fried Snoek with Cape Malay Mayo (N)R 98,00
Fried Baby Hake with Chips & Vinegar (N)R 80,00
Grilled Sea Bream With Herby Lemon Sauce (N)R 222,00

Ocean Basket Fish Menu

Kingklip (300g)R 234,00
Crusted Kingklip (200g)R 197,00
Famous Fish (200g)R 109,00
Grilled Salmon (200g)R 314,00
Kingklip (200g)R 167,00

Ocean Basket Calamari Menu

Calamari MainR 185,00
Calamari Three WaysR 246,00

Ocean Basket Prawns Menu

Saucy Mediterranean PrawnsR 192,00
10 King PrawnsR 431,00
12 Queen PrawnsR 333,00
18 Prince PrawnsR 246,00
24 Prince PrawnsR 308,00
6 King PrawnsR 277,00
8 Queen PrawnsR 234,00
Prince Prawns SpecialR 179,00

Ocean Basket Combos Menu

Calamari and Kingklip (200g)R 244,00
Prawns and Kingklip (200g)R 244,00
Calamari and Kingklip (300g)R 308,00
Prawns and Kingklip (300g)R 308,00
Fish and CalamariR 185,00
Prawns and CalamariR 234,00
Prawns and FishR 185,00
Prawns and MusselsR 173,00

Platter for One

Bite of the OceanR 191,00
Platter for OneR 257,00
The Big OneR 336,00
Sea Bream Platter for OneR 324,00

Ocean Basket Platters to Share

Family PlatterR 604,00
Full Deck PlatterR 800,00
Platter for 2R 505,00
Fisherman’s Catch (N)R 246,00
Solemate PlatterR 585,00

Ocean Basket Top Ups

5 MusselsR 68,00
5 Prince PrawnsR 52,00
Calamari half portionR 73,00
ChipsR 30,00
RiceR 30,00
Side SaladR 30,00
Zucchini (V)R 30,00
Quinoa (V) (N)R 30,00
Green Beans (V) (N)R 30,00

Ocean Basket Kids Menu

Chips (Kiddies)R 30,00
Crispy Calamari (Kiddies)R 92,00
Falafel (Kiddies) (V)R 42,00
Halloumi Bites (Kiddies) (V)R 44,00
Kids Platter for 1R 123,00
Crunchy Fish Bites (Kiddies) (N)R 72,00
Pan O’ Prawns (Kiddies)R 77,00
Panko Zucchini (Kiddies) (V)R 35,00
Saucy Fish Bites (Kiddies)R 72,00

Signature Sushi

Creamy Prawn Futomaki 6 pcs (N)R 84,00
Prawn & Almond Roll 4 Pcs (N)R 62,00
Prawn & Almond Roll 8 Pcs (N)R 105,00
Salmon Tartare Roll 4 Pcs (N)R 68,00
Salmon Tartare Roll 8 Pcs (N)R 111,00
Veg Crunch Futumaki 6 Pcs (V) (N)R 56,00
Lemon Salmon 4 PcsR 73,00
Lemon Salmon 8 PcsR 130,00
Rock Shrimp Tempura 4pcs California RollR 96,00
Rock Shrimp Tempura 8pcs California RollR 160,00

Ocean Basket Sushi Menu

4 Pieces of Salmon and Avocado Rainbow RollsR 80,00
8 Pieces of Salmon and Avocado Rainbow RollsR 142,00
Salmon Roses Gunkan (3 Pcs)R 96,00
Panko Salmon FutomakiR 87,00

Ocean Basket Sushi Platters

The Crunch (N)R 240,00
Two Way PlatterR 387,00
Green Supreme Platter (V)R 111,00
Sushi For 1R 185,00
Sushi For 2R 345,00
Salmon For 1R 246,00
Salmon to ShareR 413,00
Salmon FavouritesR 222,00

Maki (6 Pieces)

Avocado Maki (6pcs) (V)R 44,00
Prawn Maki (6pcs)R 62,00
Salmon Maki (6pcs)R 68,00

Ocean Basket Nigiri (3 Pieces)

Prawn Nigiri (3pcs)R 56,00
Salmon Nigiri (3pcs)R 74,00

Ocean Basket Sashimi

3 Piece Salmon SashimiR 99,00
9 Piece Salmon SashimiR 290,00

Ocean Basket Desserts Menu

Chocolate Lava CakeR 72,00

Cold Beverages

500ml Sparkling WaterR 26,00
500ml Still WaterR 26,00
AppletiserR 33,00
CokeR 27,00
Coke Zero SugarR 27,00
Fanta OrangeR 27,00
Large Sparkling WaterR 42,00
Large Still WaterR 42,00
BOS Lemon Ice TeaR 32,00
BOS Peach Ice TeaR 32,00
Red GrapetiserR 33,00
SpriteR 27,00
Red Bull OriginalR 38,00
Red Bull CoconutR 38,00
Red Bull GreenR 38,00
Red Bull RedR 38,00
Red Bull SummerR 38,00

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