Heuwelsig Mama’s Pizza offers a diverse menu featuring chicken delicacies, traditional pasta dishes like Bolognaise and Carbonara, and American-inspired Chicken Wings. The menu is regularly updated based on customer recommendations and guest feedback, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for all.

Heuwelsig Mama's Pizza Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameHeuwelsig Mama’s Pizza
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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Heuwelsig Mama’s Pizza Menu

Heuwelsig Mama’s Pizza de Bloemfontein offers 13 menus and drinks, with seasonal or weekly offers available upon direct contact. Known for tasty burgers, delicious fries, salads, and other sides, don’t miss their original and fresh method of preparing delicious pizzas. Contact the restaurant owner directly or visit the website for more information.


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Fegatini di Polo e CalamariChicken livers & calamari in peri peri, lemon and garlic sauce with hot garlic bread.R107
Arrancini Balls (V)Risotto balls stuffed with mushrooms & mozzarella, crumbed & lightly fried. Served with Arrabiata sauce.R105
FocacciaFrom R57


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Meat RavioliFresh pasta pockets filled with chicken & flavours of meat, served with our bolognese sauce.R153
Prawn PanzerottiPillows of pasta filled with prawns, in a creamy white wine & garlic sauce with a dash of Napoli.R180
Pumpkin PanzerottiR142
Mamma’s LasagneBeef Bologenese lasagna.R153
Trufolati al Forne (v)Spinach & ricotta filled panzerotti in a tomato & mozzarella sauce. Oven baked.R142
Lamb Canneloni (n)Pulled lamb shank in rich red wine gravy filled in tubes of cannelloni, topped with mozzarella. oven baked.R199


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Pasta Di CasaPasta tossed in olive oil, garlic, chilli, lemon zest & herbs, topped with 5 grilled de-shelled queen prawns.R205
Mamma’s Spaghetti BologneseMamma’s beef bolognese.R136
Honeymoon PastaMedley of seafood tossed in olive oil, chilli, garlic, tomato, white wine & cream.R233
Alfredo PastaHam, mushrooms and cream.R136
Avril’s PastaCalamari, prawns, chilli, loads of garlic & napoli sauce.R205
Filleto Funghi e PestoStrips of steak, mushrooms, chilli, garlic, oregano & creamy basil pesto, topped with parmesan shavings & rocket.R170
Capelli di Angelo PastaAngel hair pasta, calamari, prawn, garlic, chilli & fresh lemon.R182
Della Mamma PastaSmoked chicken & prawns in a creamy dijon mustard sauce.R175
Pollo al Pesto PastaChargrilled chicken strips pan fried with white wine, garlic, mushrooms in a creamy pesto sauce.R157
Penne alla Oriental PastaR165
Mamma’s Polpette PastaHome made meatballs in our napoli sauce.R155
Primavera PastaSautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, baby marrow, chili, garlic, fresh basil in Napoli sauce.R135


PizzaDescriptionPrice (R)
Quattro Stagioni PizzaTomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, olives & artichokes.R159
Vegetarian PizzaTomato, mozzarella, onion, mushrooms, peppers, feta, olives & artichokes.R147
Regina PizzaR130
Siciliana PizzaTomato, mozzarella, salami, capers anchovies & olives.R165
Jannies PizzaTomato, mozzarella, bacon, feta & avo.R175
Mafiosa PizzaTomato, mozzarella, mince bolognaise, chilli, onions and peppers.R165
Cajun Chicken PizzaTomato, mozzarella, strips of chicken, chilli, feta & onions.R165
Pizza di TrevisoTomato, mozzarella, bacon, camembert cheese & cranberry sauce.R165
Frutti di Mare PizzaSeafood pizza with queen prawns, shrimps, calamari & mussels on tomato & mozzarella.R235
Hawaiian PizzaHam & pineapple.R130
Nonna Ferdinando PizzaTomato, mozzarella, chicken, peppadews & avo.R165
Pollo Barbeque PizzaTomato, mozzarella, BBQ chicken, mushrooms, onion & avo (seasonal).R182
Gamberi al Diavolo PizzaTomato, mozzarella, shrimps, queen prawns, chilli & rocket.R210
Pizza Don Diego MaradonaMammas home made meatballs, Italian sausage, peppadews in a spicy tomato sauce with extra mozzarella.R175
Margarita PizzaTomato & mozzarella (V).R105
Vegan PizzaTomato, vegan mozzarella, olives, onions, mushrooms, fresh rocket & avo.R190
Lamb Shank PizzaTomato, mozzarella, pulled lamb shank, caramelized onions, feta, topped with fresh rocket.R210


DishPrice (R)
Mushroom Risotto (V)R142
Seafood RisottoR215
Butternut & Gorgonzola RisottoR160
Steak & Mushroom RisottoR195


DishDescriptionPrice (from R)
GnocchiMade by Mamma & her team using the best potatoes to give that awesome flavourR149


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Pollo ArrostoOur well-known baby chicken cooked in our wood fired pizza oven in either peri peri or lemon & herb sauce.R215
Chicken ParmigianaCrumbed chicken breast served on an alfredo tagliatelle, topped with Napoli sauce & mozzarella, baked in our wood fired oven & finished with grated parmesan.R192
Involtini di PolloChicken breast stuffed with camembert cheese & cranberry jam, wrapped in parmaham & oven baked. Drizzled with a herb sage butter sauce.R215
Our Famous Lamb ShankLeft to cook over night in our pizza oven in a red wine gravy sauce.R320


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Insalata Greca SaladFeta & olives tossed in your garden greens drizzled with olive oil.R89
Italiana SaladMozzarella cheese, roasted peppers & mamma’s vinaigrette on a bed of garden greens.R89
Caprese SaladR110
Insalata Della Casa SaladR118


DishPrice (R)
Humble Greek SaladR60
Potato ChipsR60
Veg Of The DayR60
Side Pasta & Napoli SauceR60
Zucchini ChipsR60

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