Pizza Time in South Africa offers over 30 authentic Halal, wood-fired pizzas, born from a love for family time and homemade pizza. Each artisan pizza is crafted in distinctive wood-fired ovens, promising a flavor explosion with tempting toppings like Margherita and Boerewors. Fresh ingredients are used to ensure a delicious dining experience at Pizza Time.

Pizza Time Menu South Africa
Restaurant NamePizza Time
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours10 am – 11 pm
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Pizza Time Menu

Pizza Time offers more than just pizza; it’s a cozy spot for making memories with friends and family. With welcoming atmosphere and affordable prices, it’s ideal for special occasions or casual gatherings in Cape Town.

Meat Menu

Pizza TypeSmall (20cm)Medium (25cm)Large (30cm)
Chicken & MushroomR110R140R190
Chicken & PineappleR110R140R190
Masala/ Tikka Chicken & MushroomR110R140R190
Gallina: Tikka / Masalah Chicken & PineappleR110R140R190
Bombay: Tikka / Masala ChickenR110R140R190
Steak & PineappleR110R140R190
Goulash: Steak CubesR110R140R190
Gheema: Masala Steak CubesR110R140R190
Oriental: Masala Steak & PineappleR110R140R190
Indiana: Masala Steak, Beans & ChilliesR110R140R190
Steak Mince CurryR110R140R190
Mexican: Steak Mince, Beans & ChilliesR110R140R190
Salami & ViennasR110R140R190
Pressed Beef & RussiansR110R140R190
Mixed Cold Meat: Salami, Viennas, Pressed Beef, RussiansR110R140R190
Viennas & RussiansR110R140R190
Salami & Pressed BeefR110R140R190
Hawaiian: Pressed Beef & PineappleR110R140R190
Colorado: Pressed Beef & MushroomR110R140R190
Four Seasons: Salami, Mushrooms, OlivesR110R140R190
Salami & PineappleR110R140R190

Seafood Menu

Pizza TypeSmall (20cm)Medium (25cm)Large (30cm)
Masala SeafoodR135R160R195
Mixed SeafoodR135R160R195

Veg Menu

Pizza TypeSmall (20cm)Medium (25cm)Large (30cm)
Mixed VegR80R100R130
Beans CurryR80R100R130

Garlic Pitta Bread Menu

ItemSmall (20cm)Medium (25cm)Large (30cm)
Garlic Pita Bread (Plain)R20R28R30
Garlic Pita Bread (Cheese)R50R70R80

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