Pizza Hut, a global pizza restaurant, is renowned for its diverse menu featuring delicious pizzas, pastas, wings, and classic comfort foods. Founded as a single location, Pizza Hut has expanded into a worldwide brand with thousands of locations, constantly evolving its menu to align with changing consumer preferences. Despite the evolution, Pizza Hut remains celebrated for its outstanding pizzas and other delectable comfort offerings.

Pizza Hut Menu South Africa
Restaurant NamePizza Hut
Cuisine TypeFast Food
Opening Hours10 am – 9 pm
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Pizza Hut Menu

Pizza Hut’s South Africa menu features Untoppable Deals, Hut Doubles, Vegetarian Pizza, Chicken Pizza, Meat Lover’s Pizza, Pizza Fold, Sides, Create Your Own Pizza, Beverages, and Sweet Ones. Discover the latest Pizza Hut menu prices on their website, ensuring an up-to-date resource for menu information in South Africa.

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Pizza Hut Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
The Big BossR209.90
The BossR39.90
Super Boss BoxR199.90
Hut 2 Doubles LargeR350.00
Hut 3 Doubles LargeR520.00
Hut 5 Double LargeR870.00
My BoxR39.90
4 Coke DealR79.90
Kids MealR39.90


Menu itemsPrices
Bbq Meat LoversR119.90
Spicy Meat LoversR119.90
Tropical Meat LoversR119.90
Bbq Chicken LoversR119.90
Spicy Chicken LoversR119.90
Tropical Chicken LoversR119.90
Super SupremeR119.90
Smoky Beef SausageR119.90
Meat LoversR119.90
Macon, Avo, And FetaR119.90
Creamy ChickenR119.90
Chicken FierynaiseR119.90
Chicken MushroomR119.90
Tikka ChickenR119.90
Chicken SupremeR119.90
Sweet Chili Chicken And FetaR119.90
Sweet Chili Tropical ChickenR119.90
Mexican ChickenR119.90
Fiery ChickenR119.90
bbq Chicken And MaconR119.90
Sweet Chili Tropical VegR99.90
Tikka VegR124.90
Feta & Roasted VegR99.90
Fiery VegR99.90
Double CheeseR99.90


Menu itemsPrices
Potato Tots RegularR16.90
Potato Tots LargeR29.90
Chips LargeR34.90
Loaded Cheesy ChipsR36.90
Garlic BreadR19.90


Menu itemsPrices
Red BullR19.90
Monster Energy DrinkR30.00
Coke No SugarR19.90
Fanta OrangeR19.90
Fanta Orange ZeroR18.90
Sprite ZeroR18.90
Stony ZeroR18.90
Creme SodaR19.90
Cappy Still Orange MangoR19.90

Sweet Ones

Menu itemsPrices
Giant Choc Chip CokkieR42.90
Chocolate PizzaR62.90

Pizza Folds

Menu itemsPrices
Pizza FoldsR44.90

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