Sagewood, the premier artisan restaurant in Maritzburg, offers a culinary delight with exceptional service in a picturesque riverfront setting. Welcoming guests with warmth, the trained staff guide patrons through the delicious menu and specialties upon entry, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Sagewood Cafe Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameSagewood Cafe
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours8 am – 4 pm
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Sagewood Cafe Menu

Sagewood Cafe boasts a diverse menu offering morning food, salads, burgers, wraps, pizza, and more. Additionally, they provide an extensive selection of drinks, including herbal teas, coffees, milkshakes, soft drinks, and their brand-new Virgin Cocktails in partnership with Schweppes.

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Morning Food (Breakfast)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Sagewood2 Eggs / Bacon / Pork or Beef Sausage/ Tomato / Mushrooms/ Fries/Spinach Crisp/ Chickpea Mustard/ToastR125
Mini Sagewood2 Eggs / Bacon / Fries/Tomato / ToastR80
Shot’ Left1 Egg/Bacon/Mushrooms/Cheese/ Sesame Bun/Tomato RelishR65
Sagewood Benedict Upsize 202 Eggs / Bacon / Tomato / Mushrooms/ Spinach/ Hollanda se/Toast (Upsize for additional cost)R59 + 20
Spinach Signature WaffleCreamy Spinach, Mushrooms, Cheese, Onion, Poached Egg. Choose: Ave/Bacon/Halaal Macon/BolognaiseR130
Health is WealthGranola/Fruit salad/Natural yoghurt/Fruit crisps/KombuchaR125
Yogi1 Egg/Creamed Spinach/Mushrooms/Onion/Hollandaise/Gherkin Fries/Tomato Crisps/Spring Onion. Choose: Salmon Trout/Halaal Macon/Smoked Ham/Avocado/BaconR115
Vegan WaffleGreen Pea Hummus/Avocado/Vegan Cheese/Spinach Crisp/Tomato Jam/Spicy Veggie Slaw/Tomato Crisp/KombuchaR130
Morning OatsApple/Seasonal Fruit/Cinnamon/Nut Milk/Rooibos syrupR80
French Toast Upsize 25Brie Cigar/Strawberry Compote/Natural Yoghurt/Rooibos Syrup (Upsize for additional cost)R105 +R25
Add OnsFruit Salad
Natural Yoghurt
Cheddar Cheese


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
As It ComesFresh Herbs/Spring OnionR78
Old SchoolFresh Herbs/Tomato/Bacon or Macon/Spring Onion/Mushrooms/CheeseR98
Local’s ChoiceFresh Herbs/Charred Peppers/Brinjal/Spring Onion/Tomato/Mushrooms/ParmigianaR95


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Go With The FlowChicken/Banana/Bacon or Macon/Cheese/Honey/MustardR130
Berry Fruit BlissSeasonal Fruit/Cream or Ice Cream/Mixed Berries/Fruit Crisps/Nut Brittle/Rooibos SyrupR118
SagewoodBolognaise/Bacon or Macon/Cheese/Tomato Crisps/Spinach Tempura/Tomato RelishR138
No FrillsIce cream or Cream/Rooibos or Golden SyrupR72

Bakers Table

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cake SlicesSlices of cakesR50
Savoury TartsChoose Fries or Garden Salad. Chicken Pesto/Mediterranean Veg/Smoked Pork and AppleR75
Large MuffinsSavoury/SweetR45

Signature Salad Bowls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pulled Pork and Salted AppleSmoked Pork/Plowed Ginger/Salted Apple Wedges/Cucumber/Mixed Greens/Tomato/Spring Onion/Nutty Seed Brittle/Spinach Crisp/Focaccia/Garden DressingR155
Chicken, Pineapple and AvoGrilled Chicken Fillet/Pineapple/Charred Green Beans/Tomato/Red Onion/Olives/Organic Feta/Cucumber/Mixed Greens/Focaccia/Garden DressingR150
3 StreamsSmoked Salmon Trout/Organic Cream Cheese/Crispy Capers/Avo/Lemon/Garden Greens/Tomato/Spring Onion/Cucumber/Focaccia/Sagewood DressingR155
Fresh Cut Steak BowlBeef Fillet/Mixed Greens/Onion Marmalade/Cucumber/Peppadews/Tomato/Cheese/Gherkin Fries/Salsa Verde/Garden DressingR165
Low Carb BowlGarden Greens/Quinoa/Spring Onion/Cucumber/Tomato/Sweet Potato/Beetroot/Sprouts/Spinach Tempura/AvoR160

Snacks & Sides

ItemPrice (R)
Crispy Onion RingsR55
Deep Fried HaloumiR65
Crispy Brie CigarsR85
Deep Fried MushroomsR58
Spinach TempuraR55
Sticky Chicken Wings (3)R68
Grilled Prawns (4)R85
Charred Pepper & Brinjal AntipastoR70
Caprese SaladR65
Shoestring FriesR35
Sweet Potato FriesR38

Artisan Sandwiches

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pulled PorkChickpea Mustard/Salted Apple/Tomato/Spinach Crisp/Rooibos SyrupR132
Spiced Crust Steak and Onion150g Beef Fillet/Fried Onions/Gherkin Fries/Cheese/Salsa Verde/Tomato CrispsR145
Chicken and Bacon Cheddar MeltChicken Fillet/Bacon Mince/Melted Cheddar/Sweet Chilli Aioli/Wild Rocket/Gherkin ChipsR132
Rocket Brie ChookChicken Fillet/Wild Rocket/Onion Marmalade/Local Brie/Avocado/Tomato CrispsR128
Salmon Trout, Avo, and Cream CheeseOrganic Cream Cheese/Spicy Veggie Slaw/Spring Onion/Gherkin Fries/Olives/LemonR132
Crispy HaloumiRoasted Veggies/Green Pea Hummus/Tomato Crisps/Rooibos Syrup/Spinach TempuraR132
Bacon, Avo, and FetaHorseradish Aioli/Spring Onion/Tomato CrispsR128

Toasted/Plain Sandwiches

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken MayoR70
Bolognese and CheeseR80
Bacon BananaR75
White CheddarR55
Cheese and TomatoR60
Ham, Cheese, and MushroomR70
Bacon and EggR70
Smashed AvoR60

Good Bites

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Braised Lamb Shank400g Lamb Shank/Garlic Parmesan Mash/Balsamic Roasted Veggies/Onion Rings/Spinach Crisp/GravyR210
Chicken, Prosciutto and BrieLemon and Herb Chicken Fillet/Balsamic Roasted Veggies/Local Brie/Cured Prosciutto (Pork)/Sweet Potato Crisps/Honey Mustard/Tomato Crisps/Balsamic GlazeR170
Hot, Sweet Sticky RibsCaramelised Apple/Ginger and Chilli Basting Sauce/FriesR180
Tikka Chicken on the BoneRaita/Green Chutney/Salsa/Focaccia/FriesR165
Beef Fillet Marmalade250g Beef Fillet/Onion Marmalade/Garlic Parmesan Mash/Balsamic Roasted Veggies/Spinach TempuraR185
Surf ‘n Turf250g Beef Fillet/Queen Prawns/Balsamic Roasted Veggies/Fries/Lemon Butter MasalaR210
Rib Eye Steak300g Rib Eye off the Bone/Onion Rings/Roasted Garlic, Chilli, and Herb Butter/Balsamic Roasted Veggies/FriesR300
Grilled Hake and Prawns200g Hake Fillet/Queen Prawns/Garden Salad/Fries/Lemon Butter Masala/Spinach TempuraR210


SaucesPrice (R)
Cheese SauceR25
Mushroom SauceR25
Black Pepper SauceR25


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
The Don Beef Burger200g Coarse ground Beef/Caramelised Onion/Black Sesame Bun/Tomato/Lettuce/Horseradish Aioli/Charred Peppers and Brinjal/Gherkin Chips/Fries/Relish
Add Cheese: R15
Add Bacon: R15
Chicken, Avo, and Pineapple Burger200g Lemon and Herb Fillet/Black Sesame Bun/Tomato/Lettuce/Horseradish Aioli/Charred Peppers and Brinjal/Grilled Pineapple/Avo/Gherkin Chips/Fries/RelishR145


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spiced Chicken Masala and PapayaMarinated Chicken Fillet/Spicy Veggie Slaw/Papaya/Tomato/Spinach Crisp/Onion/Garden Salad/Beetroot HummusR130
Haloumi and VeggieCharred Green Beans/Spicy Veggie Slaw/Papaya/Charred Peppers and Brinjals/Tomato/Spinach Crisp/Onion/Garden Salad/Beetroot HummusR130

Veg & Vegan

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Green Valley BurgerArtisanal Vegan Plant-Based Pattie/Black Sesame Bun/Charred Peppers and Brinjal/Tomato/Lettuce/Horseradish Aioli/Grilled Pineapple/Avo/Gherkin Chips/Fries/RelishR140
Vegan Earth BowlGarden Greens/Quinoa/Roasted Sweet Potato/Beetroot/Spiced Veggie Slaw/Spinach Tempura/Avo/Tomato/Chickpea Popcorn/Sprouts/Multiseed Crackers/Sweet Pepper, Ginger and Almond DressingR145
Thai Green Vegan CurryCoconut/Lemongrass/Ginger/Garlic/Green Chilli/Lentils/Chickpeas/Tomato/Green Beans/Brinjal/Salsa/Brown Rice/Sweet Tomato Jam/Spinach TempuraR160
Farmer’s Market StackArtisanal Vegan Plant-Based Patties/Sautéed Spinach/Pickled Ginger/Mushrooms/Green Pea Hummus/Charred Peppers/Brinjal/Green Beans/Sweet Potato Crisps/Tomato Masala SauceR165


ItemPrice (R)
Focaccia Garlic/HerbR70
Focaccia Garlic/Feta/HerbR75
Focaccia Garlic/Feta/Peppadew/HerbR75
Focaccia Anchovy/Garlic/HerbR80
Focaccia Artichoke/Garlic/Lemon/HerbR60

Artisan Pizzas

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MargheritaNapoli Sauce, Basil, MozzarellaR120/R95
VeganNapoli Sauce, Vegan Mozzarella, Avo, Mushrooms, Spinach Tempura, TomatoR145/R115
SagewoodBeef Bolognaise, Chorizo, Caramelised Onion, Tomato, Chilli, GarlicR160/R130
DargleSmoked Pork, Shaved Biltong, Caramelised Pears, Peppadews, Garlic, Crispy OnionsR165/R135
VintageMarinated Chicken, Mushrooms, Cream Cheese, Avo, Peppadews, Spring OnionR155/R130
Chicken TropicalSpicy Chicken, Bacon, Pineapple, Spring Onion, Spinach TempuraR150/R125
Local LoveBacon Mince, Avo, Caramelised Onion, FetaR145/R125
SeashellsSpiced Mussels, Prawns, Calamari, Anchovies, Garlic, Caramelised Lemon, Crispy OnionsR175/R150
CoastalSmoked Salmon Trout, Cream Cheese, Anchovies, Avo, Spring Onion, Wild Rocket, Garlic, Caramelised LemonR170/R145
ForestArtichokes, Mushrooms, Garlic, Spring Onion, Olives, Feta, Avo, Spinach Tempura, TomatoR150/R125
TuscanyBalsamic Roasted Veggies, Avo, Garlic, Spinach TempuraR145/R125

Herbal Teas

Herbal TeasPrice (R)
Lemon & GingerR30
English BreakfastR30
Earl GreyR30
Green TeaR30
Organic RooibosR30
Citrus ChaiR30
Creamy MintR30
Turkish DelightR30
Floral BerryR30
Lemon and Ginger InfusionR30
Apple and Cinnamon InfusionR30
Pure MoringaR30
Rooibos InfusionR30


CoffeeDescriptionPrice (R)
CAPPUCCINOEspresso/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR24
FLAT WHITEDouble Shot Espresso/Steamed MilkR26
AMERICANOEspresso/Hot WaterR22
MOROCCOCINOEspresso/Cocoa/Black Pepper/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR30
SNOW WHITEEspresso/White Chocolate/Cinnamon/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR32
CORTADODouble Espresso/Equal Part Steamed MilkR25
SHAKERATODouble Espresso/Ice/Shaken Not Stirred!R26
ESPRESSOPure 100% Undiluted Caffeine Bliss!R22
ESPRESSO DOPPIODouble Shot Of The Good Stuff!R28


LattesDescriptionPrice (R)
CAFÉ LATTEEspresso/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR33
CHAI LATTEChai Tea/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR33
DIRTY CHAIEspresso/Chai Tea/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR36
HOT CHOCOLATEChocolate/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR33
MOCHACCINOEspresso/Chocolate/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR36
SWEET MILKEspresso/Condensed Milk/Steamed MilkR33
RED VELVETEspresso/Cocoa/Beetroot Juice/Vanilla/Steamed MilkR36
NUT MALLOWEspresso/Hazelnut/Marshmallow/Nut Brittle/Steamed MilkR39
PEPPERMINT CRISPEspresso/Peppermint Crisp/Steamed MilkR39
GOLDEN MILKTurmeric/Cinnamon/Ginger/Coconut & Almond MilkR39
WHITE HOT CHOCOLATEWhite Chocolate/Steamed Milk/Milk FoamR36

Cold Pressed Juices

JuiceIngredients375ml (R)750ml (R)
GREEN JUICESpinach/Kale/Granny Smith Apples/Lemon/Ginger/CarrotR44R78
RED JUICEBeetroot/Strawberry/Granny Smith Apples/Lemon/Ginger/CarrotR44R78
YELLOW JUICEPineapple/Turmeric/Carrot/Granny Smith Apples/Lemon/GingerR44R78


Cordials/SlushysDescriptionPrice (R)
STRAWBERRY & MANGOFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR42
BLUEBERRYFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR42
APPLE & MINTFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR42
CRANBERRY & MINTFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR42
PASSIONFRUITFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR42
LITCHI & HIBISCUSFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR42
LIME CORDIALFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR38
PASSIONFRUITFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR38
KOLA TONICFresh fruit, homemade syrup & ice – no artificial stuff. Choose from below as a Slush or a CordialR38

Signature Milkshakes

MilkshakePrice (R)


SmoothieIngredientsPrice (R)
VITA C IMMUNE BOOSTERPapaya/Strawberry/Ginger/Spinach/Maca Powder/Vitamin C/Dates/Dessert SaltR55
GREEN POWER SMOOTHIEBanana/Spinach/Moringa/Hemp Protein/Basil/Mint/Blueberries/Dates/Dessert SaltR55
VEGAN BERRYBlueberry/Strawberry/Coconut Oil/Almonds/Cinnamon/Chia Seeds/Dates/Hemp Protein/Maca/Dessert SaltR55
CHOCOLATE SUPERFOODBanana/Blueberry/Cacao/Chia Seeds/Maca/Cinnamon/Dates/Dessert SaltR55

Soft Drinks

DrinkPrice (R)
Coca ColaR25
Coke LightR25
Coke ZeroR25
Sprite ZeroR25
Fanta OrangeR25
Crème SodaR25
Red GrapetiserR25
Dry LemonR22
Ginger AleR22
Floral Pink TonicR22
Cucumber TonicR22

Signature Virgin Cocktails

Cocktail NameDescriptionPrice (R)
MURKY MOJITOSchweppes Lemonade / Fresh Mint / Salted Caramel / Lemon Crisp / Cherry / Crushed IceR60
BLUE GINGER CRUSHSchweppes Ginger Ale / Blueberry Slush / Fresh Mint / Ginger Powder & Glace’ CherriesR60
RASPBERRY FLOWER SPRITZSchweppes Club Soda / Raspberry Syrup / Frozen Strawberries / Lemon Crisp / Dried Flower Petals / Crushed IceR60
MALACHITESchweppes Dry Lemon / Mango Slush / Greengage Jelly Cubes / Fresh Mint / Caramelised OrangeR60
MOONFLOWERSchweppes Cucumber Tonic / Raspberry Syrup / Passionfruit / Pineapple / Fresh Mint / Crushed IceR60
CRANBERRY COSMOSchweppes Floral Pink Tonic / Cranberry Juice / Litchi Syrup / Lime / Strawberry Liquorice String / Crushed IceR60
AFRO PRINCESSCoconut Milk / Coffee Extraction / Chocolate syrup / Vanilla / Apple Crisps / Crushed IceR60

Sagewood Cafe Kids Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
Fruit JuicesOrangeR25
Fruit JuicesStrawberryR25
Fruit JuicesAppleR25
Fruit JuicesFruit CocktailR25
Fruit JuicesCranberryR25
MilkshakesVanilla/Chocolate BrownieR30
MilkshakesCheese (V)R45
MilkshakesBanana CaramelR30
MilkshakesPeanut ButterR30
Soft drinksCokeR25
Soft drinksCoke ZeroR25
Soft drinksSpriteR25
Soft drinksCrème SodaR25
Hot DrinksBabyccinoR18
Hot DrinksHot ChocolateR25
PizzasPork Banger and MashR65
PizzasBeef BologneseR70
PizzasChicken MushroomR80
BurgersBeef BurgerR70
BurgersChicken BurgerR70
SandwichesChicken MayoR60
SandwichesHam and CheeseR60
SandwichesCheese and Tomato (V)R55
Kids SpecialitiesCrispy Crumbed Chicken StripsR65
Kids SpecialitiesGrilled Chicken StripsR65
WafflesScrambled Egg and CheeseR60
WafflesCream/Ice CreamR800

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