Mugg and Bean, a popular restaurant chain in South Africa, boasts a diverse menu with options ranging from Combos, All-Day Breakfast, and Fresh Salads to Gourmet Burgers, Bagels, and Hearty & Generous dishes. Known for its reasonable prices, it is a favored choice for budget-minded travelers offering excellent food, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

Mugg and Bean Menu and Prices South Africa
Restaurant NameMugg and Bean
Cuisine TypeFast Food
Opening Hours8 am – 6 pm
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Mugg and Bean Menu

Mugg & Bean, a well-known South African fast-food chain, presents a delicious menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring a variety of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and salads at reasonable prices. It is a popular choice for its diverse offerings and affordability.

Mugg and Bean Menu List

Picked For You

Toasted Chicken MayoR 84,00
Toasted Bacon & EggR 94,00
South African FarmR 149,00
Baked Cheesecake SliceR 85,00
Classic BreakfastR 105,00

Mugg and Bean All-Day Breakfast Menu

Classic BreakfastR 105,00
South African FarmR 149,00
South African BenedictR 132,00
California OmeletteR 150,00
Low Carb Breakfast (VIT)R 119,00
Rancheros OmeletteR 147,00
Bacon & Blueberry BagelR 105,00
Breakfast BagelR 99,00
Sweetcorn Fritter StackR 105,00
Classic Egg BenedictR 114,00
On-The-GoR 79,00

Mugg and Bean Fresh Salads Menu

Monte Cristo – RegularR 179,00
Satay Beef & Noodle Salad – RegularR 159,00

Mix, Match & Share

Asian BBQ Cauliflower BitesR 52,00
Spicy Buffalo Chicken WingsR 99,00
Sharing PlatterR 255,00
Sesame-Crusted Chicken StripsR 84,00

Mugg and Bean Famous Sandwiches Menu

Toasted Cheddar & TomatoR 77,00
Toasted Chicken MayoR 84,00
Toasted Bacon & EggR 94,00
Toasted Ham, Cheddar & TomatoR 94,00

Mugg and Bean Bagels Menu

Pastrami BagelR 115,00

Mugg and Bean Hearty & Generous Menu

Local Braai PlateR 229,00
Welsh Rarebit Crumbed ChickenR 175,00
Sesame-Crusted Beef & Veg BowlR 159,00
Sesame-Crusted Chicken & Veg BowlR 132,00
Chipotle Chicken LiversR 79,00
Roasted Tomato and Basil SoupR 89,00

Mugg and Bean Gourmet Burgers Menu

Chilli Bacon Jam BurgerR 159,00
Buttermilk Chicken BurgerR 125,00
Big Daddy BurgerR 189,00
BBQ Cheddar BurgerR 145,00

Mugg and Bean Freshly Baked Menu

Roasted Pineapple & Coconut Cheesecake SliceR 85,00
Famous Giant MuffinR 49,00
Peppermint Crisp Cake SliceR 85,00
Lemon Meringue SliceR 85,00
Baked Cheesecake SliceR 85,00
Rich Chocolate Cake SliceR 85,00
Oreo Whispers Cheesecake SliceR 85,00
Carrot Cake SliceR 85,00

Mugg and Bean Hot Beverages Menu

AmericanoR 40,00
Caffe MochaR 46,00
Easy CappuccinoR 42,00
Serious CappuccinoR 47,00
Classic LatteR 42,00
Hot ChocolateR 49,00

Mugg and Bean Cold Beverages Menu

Strawberry, Hibiscus & Ginger SlushR 75,00
Chino MuggachinoR 56,00
Bottled WaterR 30,00
Soft DrinksR 34,00
No Sugar Soft DrinksR 33,00

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