Pizza Fair, a popular fast-food establishment in South Africa, delights patrons with its mouthwatering selection of wood-fired pizzas, savory ribs, and crispy bacon. Renowned for its efficient food delivery service and well-trained staff, Pizza Fair ensures a satisfying dining experience. While some may find prices slightly elevated, the restaurant’s inviting atmosphere adds to the overall enjoyment of indulging in their delicious fare.

Pizza Fair Menu South Africa
Restaurant NamePizza Fair
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours12 to 9 pm
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Pizza Fair Menu

Pizza Fair offers wood-fired pizzas, ribs, and bacon, with commendable coffee service and food delivery. Reviewers highlight well-trained staff and spectacular service, though some find prices high. The restaurant boasts a pretty atmosphere favored by guests.


ItemsDescriptionPrice (from R)
Pita PizzaCrushed garlic and herbsR50
Margherita PizzaTomato base, mozzarella and origanumR77
Butternutter PizzaThai butternut, feta and caramelized onionsR132
Balkan PizzaCreamed spinach, feta and garlicR132
Greek PizzaFeta, olives, onions, green pepper, diced tomato and garlicR132

Meat Pizza

ItemsDescriptionPrice (from R)
Jino PizzaBree, fig and baconR150
Hawaiian PizzaHam and pineappleR124
Regina PizzaHam and mushroomR124
Baconana PizzaBacon, banana and garlicR124
BAM PizzaBacon, avocado* and mushroomR132
BAF PizzaBacon, avocado* and fetaR132
Napoli PizzaAnchovies, olives, onion and garlicR144
Shuttleworth PizzaSalami, mushroom, feta and garlicR144
Staggio PizzaArtichoke, ham, asparagus, olivesR162
Californian PizzaChicken, avo*, feta and garlicR144

Speciality Pizza

ItemsDescriptionPrice (from R)
Four Seasons PizzaSalami, mushroom, onion, green peppers, asparagus and olivesR150
Meditteranean PizzaArtichoke, chourico, roasted red pepper and fetaR162
Mexicano PizzaMexican mince, chillies, beans, onions, roasted red peppersR150
Senorita PizzaChicken, cherry tomato, chillies, beans, onions, peppersR150
Chicken Supreme PizzaThai chicken, mushroom, peppadew and baconR150
Wildthing PizzaBacon, avocado*, mushroom, onion and garlicR150
Prostituto PizzaNo tomato base. Spinach, feta, bacon, avoR150
Kims Rib PizzaRib, onion, peppersR150


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Napolitana PastaTomato and herbsR120
Carbonara PastaCheesy, bacon and mushroomR149
Balkanese PastaSpinach, mushroom, onion and garlicR149

Oven Baked

ItemsPrice (R)
Home Made LasagnaR159


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef Burger200g Pure ground steak with rustic chips and onionsR115
Cheese Burger200g Pure ground steak with cheese, rustic chips and onionsR127
Cheese & Bacon Burger200g Pure ground steak with cheese and 2 strips of bacon, rustic chips and onionsR153
Chicken Breast Burger200g Chicken breast fillet with rustic chips and onionsR115
Chicken Cheese BurgerChicken breast fillet with cheese, rustic chips and onionsR129
Chicken Cheese & Bacon BurgerChicken with cheese and 2 strips of bacon, rustic chips and onionsR153


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Rack-o-RibsRack-o-Ribs with rustic chips and onionsR255
Maxi RackServed with rustic chips and onionsR375


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Prego ChickenMarinated fillet, flame grilled with medium prego served with onionsR115
Prego Pork NeckMarinated, flame grilled with medium prego served with onionsR115

Pizza Bases

ItemsPrice (from R)
Half Baked BasesR28
Gluten Free BaseR49


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Green SaladMixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, mixed peppers with our secret dressingR85
Greek SaladGreen salad with feta and olives, added with our secret dressingR110
Kob SaladGreen salad with bacon, feta, olivesR120


ItemsPrice (R)
330ml Soft DrinkR30
Tizers 300mlR36
330ml Ice TeaR35.99
350ml MilkR30
500ml WaterR30

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