Butler’s Pizza in South Africa is a renowned institution known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and impeccable service in the realm of pizza. With a delectable range catering to diverse tastes, Butler’s Pizza has earned its esteemed reputation in the vibrant culinary scene of South Africa. Nestled in the heart of the country, it stands out as a go-to destination for pizza enthusiasts, captivating taste buds with diverse flavors and influences.

Butlers Pizza Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameButlers Pizza
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours4 pm – 9:30 pm
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Butlers Pizza Menu

Indulge in the best, spicy, and tasty pizzas with Butler’s Pizza Menu in South Africa, offering a wide variety of gourmet and classic pizzas at reasonable prices. Whether craving vegetarian or meat options, Butler’s Pizza stands out as the go-to choose for diverse flavor combinations.

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Butler’s Pizza

Pizza Bruschetta 28cmZAR 11.95
Pizza Buffalo Joe 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Buffalo Joe 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Baukasten 32cmZAR 10.45
Pizza Rucaccio Vegan 28cmZAR 13.90


Pizzabrotecken CheesyZAR 5.45
PizzabroteckenZAR 4.25
Pizzabrotecken mit Sucuk & KäseZAR 6.45
Pizzabrotecken mit Thunfisch & KäseZAR 6.45
Pizzabrotecken mit Rindersalami & KäseZAR 6.45
Pizzabrotecken VeesyZAR 5.65
Pizzabrotecken mit Pute & KäseZAR 6.45
Pizzabrotecken mit Hackfleisch & KäseZAR 7.45
Pizzabrotecken mit Hähnchen Kebab & KäseZAR 7.45


Pizza Damo 32cmZAR 16.45
Pizza Damo 28cmZAR 13.45
Pizza Dö-Na 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Fuego 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Fuego 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Creamy Lala 32cmZAR 15.45
Pizza Dö-Na 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Tuni Fruit 32cmZAR 17.95
Pizza Creamy Lala 28cmZAR 12.45
Pizza Tuni Fruit 28cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Buffalo Joe 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Bruschetta 28cmZAR 11.95
Pizza Bruschetta 32cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Buffalo Joe 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Full House 32cmZAR 17.95
Pizza Tuni 28cmZAR 12.45
Pizza Zizou 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Orientale 32cmZAR 16.95
Fety Pepa Vegan 32cmZAR 14.45
Pizza Pinoli Vegan 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Loca 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Capo 32cmZAR 17.95
Fety Pepa Vegan 28cmZAR 11.45
Pizza Zizou 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Tuni 32cmZAR 15.45
Pizza Loca 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Full House 28cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Cheesy Cheese 28cmZAR 13.45
Green Garden Vegan 28cmZAR 11.95
Pizza Cheesy Cheese 32cmZAR 16.45
Pizza Hot Roumy Vegan 32cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Smokey 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Gorgonzola 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Oliv Champ Vegan 32cmZAR 14.95
Papi Tuno Vegan 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Orientale 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Holland Beef 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Oliv Champ Vegan 28cmZAR 11.95
Green Garden Vegan 32cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Capo 28cmZAR 14.95
Pizza Napolitana 28cmZAR 11.95
Pizza Napolitana 32cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Holland Beef 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Smokey 32cmZAR 16.95
Pizza Calimero 28cmZAR 12.95
Pizza Gorgonzola 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Calimero 32cmZAR 15.95
Pizza Pinoli Vegan 28cmZAR 13.95
Pizza Hot Roumy Vegan 28cmZAR 11.95
Papi Tuno Vegan 28cmZAR 12.95


Pizza Baukasten 32cmZAR 10.45
Pizza Baukasten 28cmZAR 8.45
Pizza Baukasten Vegan 32cmZAR 10.95
Pizza Baukasten Vegan 28cmZAR 8.95


Pasta ArrabiataZAR 8.45
Pasta TrüffeeZAR 11.45
Pasta Cream BonaraZAR 10.45
Pasta BoloZAR 9.45
Pasta DamoZAR 11.45
Pasta Dö-NaZAR 11.45
Pasta PestoZAR 9.45
Pasta Full HouseZAR 12.45
Pasta Pesto VeganZAR 9.45
TortelliniZAR 11.45
Pasta VeggieZAR 10.45
Pasta Gorgonzola SpinaciZAR 11.45
Pasta Baba ShrimpZAR 11.45
Pasta MorettiZAR 14.45
Pasta GamberettiZAR 12.45


Pasta BaukastenZAR 6.90


Cheesy Chicken GratinoZAR 10.95
Hot Beef GratinoZAR 10.95
Green Greek Gratino (vegan)ZAR 10.95
Spicy Champ Gratino (vegan)ZAR 10.95


Toblerone Stieleis 100mlZAR 2.90
Strawberry Panna Cotta VeganZAR 3.85
Bounty Ice-Cream 50mlZAR 2.50
Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 90mlZAR 3.30
Oreo Ice Cream Stieleis 110mlZAR 2.90
Strawberry Panna CottaZAR 3.85
Milka Choc Topped Cone 110mlZAR 2.90
Bum Bum Eis 72mlZAR 2.50
Magnum Sea Salted Caramel VEGAN 90mlZAR 3.30
Magnum Almond VEGAN 90mlZAR 3.30
Snickers Ice-Cream 53mlZAR 2.50

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