Wild Bean Café is a popular stop for drivers, offering real coffee made from freshly-ground beans along with a range of breakfast, lunch, and snack options. Known for its great coffee and freshly baked treats, it provides a welcoming atmosphere for both quick grab-and-go and relaxed dining experiences. Ideal for refueling and refreshing before hitting the road again.

Wild Bean Cafe Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameWild Bean Cafe
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours12 am – 12 am
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Wild Bean Cafe Menu

BP Express is a typical petrol-station convenience store offering magazines, junk food, and basic necessities. The attached Wild Bean Cafe serves hot drinks, prepared meals, and a variety of snacks, with self-service options for condiments and a small seating area available for customers.

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MealDescriptionPrice (R)
Mutton BunnyR90
Mutton Curry & RiceMutton curry served with rice.From R55
Mutton CurryR85
Chicken BiryaniChicken biryani dish.From R50
Chicken BunnyR75
Chicken & RiceChicken dish served with rice.From R50
Samp & MuttonSamp (maize) with mutton.R70
Sugar Beans BunnyR49
Sugar Beans & RiceSugar beans served with rice.R49
Sugar Beans CurrySugar beans cooked in curry sauce.R45
Mutton BiryaniMutton biryani dish.From R55
Beef BunnyR80
Beef Curry & RiceBeef curry served with rice.From R50
Beef CurryR75
Kebab Chutney & RiceKebab chutney dish served with rice.R49.90
Kebab BunnyR75
Chicken & MacaroniChicken and macaroni dish.R49.90
Chicken Chow MeinChicken chow mein dish.R49.90
Beef Chow MeinBeef chow mein dish.R55
Fish & ChipsFish served with chips.R50


ItemPrice (R)
Cheeseburger PieR34.9
Cheese Chilli Chicken PieR34.9
Cheese GrillerR33.9
Mansize Chicken RollR33.9
Chicken Peri Peri PieR33.9
Mutton Curry PieR33.9
Vegetable Curry PieR33.9
Spinach & Feta PieR33.9
Sausage RollR33.9
Steak & Kidney PieR33.9
Chicken & Mushroom PieR33.9
Pepper Steak PieR33.9
Chicken/Mayo SliceR33.9
Big Deal CreamyR44.9
Big Deal Pepper SteakR44.9
Big Deal Chicken Cheese GrillerR44.9
Big Deal Bbq Burger PieR44.9


ItemPrice (R)
Chicken & Mayo SandwichR45
Cheese & Tomato SandwichR45
Tuna & Mayo SandwichR45
Egg & Mayo SandwichR45
Chicken & Mayo Toasted SandwichR49.9
Cheese & Tomato Toasted SandwichR49.9
Tuna & Mayo Toasted SandwichR49.9
Toasted Mutton Burger & Egg SandwichR55
Toasted Chicken Burger & Egg SandwichR55


ItemPrice (R)
Full Roasted ChickenR139
Quarter Chicken & ChipsR45
Mutton BurgerR40
Mutton Burger & ChipsR50
Chips Large 500gR49.9
Chips Medium 250gR29.9
Chicken Tikka Sandwich BunR45
Russian & ChipsR30
3Pc Portuguese Chicken WingsR55
3Pc Crumbed Chicken Hot WingsR55
Chicken Pizza SliceR30
Russians RollR35
Russians SingleR25
Pizza-Rolls 2PkR22
Hot Dog Café Regular HotdogR37.5
Hot Dog Café Cheese HotdogR37.5
Hot Dog Café Chilli HotdogR37.5
Hot Dog Café Big Cheese HotdogR44.9
Hot Dog Café Wors RollsR45.9


ItemPrice (R)
Mini LamingtonsR35
Queen Cake (6 Pack)R35
Choc Cake (6 Pack)R55
Cream Bun (6 Pack)R35
Hot Cross Bun (6 Pack)R35
Melting Moments (6 Pack)R35
Black Forest SliceR45
Bar One SliceR45
Madeira LoafR35
Snowballs (6 Pack)R35
Mini Doughnut (3 Pack)R35
Carrot Cake SliceR40
Lamington SliceR40
Chocolate Brownie SliceR25
Lemon & Poppy Seed MuffinR25
Choc Chip MuffinR25
Cappuccino MuffinR25
Blueberry MuffinR25
Long Cream DonutR20
Choc Ring DonutsR18
Chelsea BunR17
Snowball (Single)R17
Naan BreadR17
Burger Buns (6 Pack)R35
Hotdog Rolls (6 Pack)R35


Combo MealDescriptionPrice (R)
Full Chicken Meal1 x Full Chicken, 1 x Drink 1.5L, & 1 x Large Chips (500g)R169
Half Chicken Meal1 x Half Chicken, 1 x Medium Chips (250g), & 1 x Drink 440mlR70


SnackSizePrice (R)
Simba Smoked Beef132gR29
Simba Creamy Cheddar132gR29
Simba Original Chutney132gR29
Simba Cheese & Onion132gR29
Simba Smoked Beef36gR9.9
Simba Mexican Chilli132gR29
Simba Salt & Vinegar132gR29
Simba Creamy Cheddar36gR9.9
Simba Fruit Chutney36gR9.9
Simba Mexican Chilli36gR9.9
Simba Salt & Vinegar36gR9.9
Doritos Supreme Cheese145gR32
Doritos Sweet Chilli145gR32
Lays Spring Onion & Cheese120gR32
Lays Caribbean & Balsamic Vinegar120gR32
Lays Thai Sweet Chilli120gR32
Lays Sweet & Smokey Bbq120gR32
Lay’s Salted36gR9.9
Pringles Cheesy Cheese100gR49.5
Pringles Hot & Spicy100gR49.5
Pringles Original100gR49.5
Pringles Smokey Bbq100gR49.5
Pringles Sour Cream & Onion100gR49.5
Niknaks Cheese135gR17


ItemSizePrice (R)
Nestle 4 Finger Kit KatR16.9
40g Large Nestle Tex Bar40gR16.9
55g Large Bar One55gR16.9
Lunch Bar MaxR19.5
48g Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate48gR16.9
Cadbury Bubbly Milk87gR29
Cadbury Bubbly Top Deck87gR29
Top Deck 80g Cadbury Slab80gR24.9
Chocolate 80g Cadbury Slab80gR24.9
Wholenut 80g Cadbury Slab80gR24.9
Fruit & Nut 80g Cadbury Slab80gR27
Biscuit 80g Cadbury Slab80gR27
Chocolate 150g Cadbury Slab150gR48.9
Top Deck 150g Cadbury Slab150gR48.9
150g Cadbury Whole Nut Slab150gR48.9


ItemSizePrice (R)
Maynards Liquorice Allsorts60gR18.9
Maynards Jelly Beans60gR18.9
Maynards Fruit Pastilles60gR18.9
Maynards Sour Jelly Babies60gR18.9
Maynards Fruit Jubes60gR18.9
Maynards Jelly Teddies60gR18.9
Maynards Jelly Babies125gR29.9
Mentos Spearmint38gR16.5
Mentos Strawberry37.5gR16.5
Halls Extra Strong18sR16.5
Halls Ice Blue18sR16.5
Manhattan Pink & White Mallows150gR29.9
Simba Peanuts & Raisins150gR32
Jumping Jack Popcorn Cheese & Green Onion100gR32
Jumping Jack Popcorn White Cheddar100gR32
Takis Sliced Traditional50gR45
Takis Sliced Barbeque50gR45
Takis Dry Wors50gR45
Simba Peanuts150gR32
Chop Stix Chilli60gR45
Choc-Kits Original200gR46.9
Eet Sum Mor200gR42.9
Tennis Biscuits200gR34.9
Choice Assorted200gR47.9
Bakers Mini Cheddar BBQ33gR9.5
Bakers Mini Cheddar Fruit Chutney33gR9.5
Bakers Mini Eat Sum Mor40gR10.9
Bakers Mini Marie40gR10.9
Bakers Romany Creams Classic200gR46.9
Bakers Marie Biscuits200gR24.9


ItemSizePrice (R)
1.8l Ola R&C Vanilla Ice Cream1.8lR65
1.8l Ola R&C Winter Wonderland1.8lR65
Magnum Almond100mlR37
Magnum Death By Chocolate100mlR37
Magnum Classic100mlR37
Magnum Mint100mlR37
Cadbury Flake Cone125mlR34.9
Nestle Kit Kat Cone125mlR34.9
Nestle Bar One Cone125mlR34.9
Cool Ice Ice4kgR28.5


Soft DrinkSizePrice (R)
Granadilla Twist 2L2LR35
Sparletta Sparberry 2L2LR35
Sparletta Creme Soda 2L2LR35
Lemon Twist 2L2LR35
Stoney Zero Sugar 2.25L2.25LR34
Coke No Sugar 2.25L2.25LR34
Sprite Zero 2.25L2.25LR34
Sprite 2L2LR35
Fanta Orange 2L2LR35
Stoney Ginger Beer 2L2LR35
Fanta Grape 2L2LR35
Coke 2L2LR37


Soft DrinkSizePrice (R)
Granadilla Twist440mlR19.9
Lemon Twist440mlR19.9
Creme Soda440mlR19.9
Fanta Orange440mlR19.9
Fanta Grape440mlR19.9
Coke Zero500mlR18.9
Stoney Zero500mlR18.9


BeverageSizePrice (R)
Schweppes Lemonade1LR22
Khula Cream Soda1.5LR17.9
Khula Raspberry1.5LR17.9
Bonaqua Pump750mlR14.9
Valpre Sparkling Water1LR19.5
Valpre Still Water1.5LR19.5
Aquellé Water Still5LR35.5
Red Bull355mlR39.9
Red Bull250mlR29
Power Play Original440mlR29
Power Play Kiwi440mlR29
Power Play Sugar Free440mlR29
Power Play Peach440mlR29
Powerade Orange500mlR19.9
Powerade Mountain Blast500mlR19.9
Powerade Jagged Ice500mlR19.9
Energade Blueberry500mlR17
Energade Mixed Berry500mlR17
Energade Tropical500mlR17
Reboost Original500mlR17.5
Reboost Blueberry500mlR17.5
Reboost Fantasy Fusion500mlR17.5
Krush Fruit Juice Blend Mango500mlR22
Krush Fruit Juice Blend Berry500mlR22
Krush Fruit Juice Blend Tropical Punch500mlR22
Krush Fruit Juice Blend Orange500mlR22
Tropika Pineapple500mlR23.9
Tropika Orange500mlR23.9
Tropika Mango Peach500mlR23.9
Cappy Breakfast Blend1.5LR35
Cappy Orange & Mango1.5LR35
Cappy Tropical Punch1.5LR35
Cappy Breakfast Blend300mlR16.5
Cappy Apple300mlR16.5
Cappy Orange300mlR16.5
Cappy Mango Orange Sparkling300mlR16.5
Cappy Mango Orange Still300mlR16.5
Cappy Passion Peach300mlR16.5
Cappy Tropical Punch300mlR16.5
Cappy White Grape300mlR16.5
Liqui Fruit Mango Orange1LR49.9
Liqui Fruit Berry Blaze1LR49.9
Liqui Fruit Breakfast Punch1LR49.9
Liqui Fruit Apple1LR49.9
Liqui Fruit Orange Juice1LR49.9
Liqui Fruit Cranberry1LR49.9
Liqui Fruit Mango Orange330mlR22
Liqui Fruit Berry Blaze330mlR22
Liqui Fruit Breakfast Punch330mlR22
Liqui Fruit Cranberry330mlR22
Liqui Fruit Apple330mlR22
Heineken Non-Alcoholic (6 Pack)6 x 330mlR118
Castle Free6 x 340mlR177.5
Savanna Lemon330ml (6 Pack)R133


ItemSize/QuantityPrice (R)
White Sugar1kgR28.9
6 Eggs6 eggsR22.9
Black Cat Smooth Peanut Butter400gR45
Nescafe Ricoffy100gR24.5
Five Roses Tagless26sR23.5
Freshpak Rooibos Teabags20sR25.5
Maggi 2 Min Noodles ChickenR9.9
Maggi 2 Min Noodles BeefR9.9
Maggi 2 Min Noodles Durban CurryR9.9
Maggi 2 Min Noodles CheeseR9.9
Tastic Rice1kgR32.9
Lucky Star Pilchards In Tomato Sauce400gR29.5
Sunflower Oil750mlR39.5
All Gold Tomato Sauce350mlR26
Koo Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce410gR25.5
Jungle Oats500gR29.9
Kellogg’s Coco Pops350gR57
Kellogg’s Cornflakes500gR58.9
Strawberry 1kg Clover Low Fat Yoghurt1kgR49.9
Strawberry 175g Clover Low Fat Yoghurt175gR16.5
Everfresh UHT Full Cream Milk1LR22.9
180g Clover Cheese Proc IWS Cheddar180gR33.5
Rama Margarine250gR22
Mageu Banana No.11LR24.9
Mageu Banana No.1500mlR17.9
Fruit Of The Forest500gR35.5
Sasko White BreadR21.9
Sasko Brown BreadR20.9
Brown Albany Superior Sliced Bread700gR22.9
White Albany Superior Sliced Bread700gR23.9
BB White BreadR22.9
BB Brown BreadR21.9
Instant Light CharcoalR65.9


ItemSize/QuantityPrice (R)
Panado Tablets12sR49.9
Vicks Cough Syrup Acta Plus50mlR54.9
Colgate Toothpaste Regular100mlR27.9
Dettol Soap Original90gR17.9
Lux Soap Soft Caress175gR24.9
Always Maxi Pads Plus10sR36.9
Tampons Normal16sR84.5
Cuddle Soft Toilet RollR12.9
Twinsaver 1plyR16.9
Lovers Plus Condoms3sR34.9
Dettol Hand Sanitizer50mlR35.5
Durex Fetherlite3sR99.9
Strepsils Honey & Lemon8sR64.9
Zam-Buk Lip Balm Cherry7gR12
Zam-Buk Tub7gR12
Gaviscon Advance Sachet10mlR19.9
Protex Soap Herbal150gR24.9

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