RTG Home Catering in Johannesburg offers a culinary experience tailored to any event, from classy soirées to outdoor fiestas. Their team of culinary experts crafts menus that cater to diverse tastes and dietary requirements, ensuring a multisensory extravaganza for every occasion. With colorful and varied buffets, RTG transforms events into unforgettable culinary experiences.

RTG Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameRTG
Cuisine TypeSouth African
Opening Hours10 am – 10 pm
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RTG Menu

RTG Home Catering delights with rainbow-hued salads bursting with seasonal freshness and decadent desserts that steal the spotlight. Their team infuses every meal with love and attention, creating memorable dining experiences that linger long after the last bite.

ItemPrice (R)
Stir-fried Bok ChoyR70.00
Electronic Gift CardR100.00

RTG Ant’s Specials

ItemPrice (R)
Sesame Chicken (MEAT)R202.00
Dan Dan Noodles (MEAT)R174.00

RTG Specials

ItemPrice (R)
Panuozzo NapolitanaR156.00
3 Course Shabbos Combo (Feeds 4 – Meat)R662.00
Spicy Beef SamoosasR96.00
Poke BowlR190.00
French Onion Soup (MILK)R92.00
Sesame Chicken (MEAT)R202.00
Dan Dan Noodles (MEAT)R174.00

RTG Kids Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies Mac and CheeseR50.00
Kiddies Fish & ChipsR50.00
Ice Cream & Chocolate SauceR36.00
Kiddies PizzaR62.00
Kiddies FriesR30.00
Kiddies Spaghetti PastaR44.00

RTG Burgers, Heroes, and More

ItemPrice (R)
Mini BurgerR42.00
Midi BurgerR94.00
Thick BurgerR140.00
Ladies Schnitzel BurgerR92.00
Schnitzel BurgerR132.00
Burger MassiveR168.00
Cheese BurgerR174.00
Macon And Guacamole BurgerR200.00
Jungle Jalapeno BurgerR214.00
Chicken HeroR160.00
Steak HeroR184.00
Foot Long DogR124.00
Extras – Burger PattyR54.00
Finger Food – Mini Burger (50 Pieces)R998.00
Extras – Chicken SchnitzelR128.00

RTG Starters N Sides (Milk & Meat)

ItemPrice (R)
Fries (MEAT)R36.00
Onion Rings (MEAT)R36.00
Table Size Crispy Fries (MILK)R84.00
Half Portion Crispy Fries (MILK)R42.00
Nachos Half Portion (MILK)R88.00
Nachos Table Size (MILK)R174.00
Melanzane Starter (MILK)R72.00
Moroccan Cigars – Beef (3 Pieces) (MEAT)R86.00
Shish Kebab (MEAT)R85.00
Buffalo Wings (MEAT)R136.00
Louisiana Wings (MEAT)R136.00
Chicken Pops (MEAT)R146.00
Egg-fried Rice Platter (MEAT)R386.00
Stir-fried Bok ChoyR70.00
Steamed Jasmine RiceR30.00
Plain Egg NoodlesR35.00
Side – Sushi RiceR28.00
Side – Stir Fry VegR40.00
Side – SaladR34.00
Poke BowlR190.00
Haloumi StarterR114.00
Seared SashimiR72.00

RTG Soups (Milk & Meat)

ItemPrice (R)
Minestrone Soup (MILK)R92.00
Thai Veg Soup (MILK)R94.00
Chunky Veg Soup (Meat)R96.00
French Onion Soup (MILK)R92.00

RTG Salads (Meat & Milk)

ItemPrice (R)
Garden Salad (MEAT)R108.00
Chargrilled Chicken & Rocket Salad (MEAT)R188.00
Thai Chix Salad (MEAT)R188.00
Thai Beef Salad (MEAT)R222.00
Garden Salad (MILK)R108.00
Greek Salad (MILK)R108.00
Halloumi Crunch Salad (MILK)R780.00
Poke BowlR190.00
Tuna Salad (MILK)R154.00
Smoked Trout Salad (MILK)R170.00
Thai Salmon Salad (MILK)R188.00

RTG Sandwiches, Toasties, Wraps (Milk)

ItemPrice (R)
Smoked Trout wrap/low Gi ToastR156.00
Smashed AvoR120.00
Grilled Halloumi WrapR72.00
Toasted Tuna Mayo Focaccia/whole Wheat/low Gi ToastR114.00
Toasted Baby Spinach Focaccia/whole Wheat/low Gi ToastR110.00

RTG Pizzas (Milk)

ItemPrice (R)
Pizza The BasicR116.00
Pizza CalzoneR116.00
Pizza Rocket, Feta, Cherry TomatoesR142.00
Pizza Mixed MushroomsR144.00
Pizza Avo & FetaR146.00
Pizza 3 ChilliR146.00
Pizza Pesto, Fresh TomatoR132.00
Pizza Capers, Olives, AnchoviesR152.00
Pizza Baby Spinach, Feta, Roasted GarlicR152.00
Pizza CapreseR146.00
Pizza VegR160.00
Pizza The AntR162.00
Pizza MenashR170.00
Pizza MexicanaR176.00
Pizza Smoked TroutR180.00

RTG Pasta (Milk)

ItemPrice (R)
Pasta NapolitanaR102.00
Pasta ArrabiataR102.00
Pasta RoseR130.00
Pasta Med VegR130.00
Pasta PutanescaR130.00
Pasta Pesto CreamR136.00
Pasta Smoked TroutR182.00
Pasta Creamy PorciniR160.00
Pasta CarbonaraR152.00
Veg – LasagnaR132.00
Tuna LasagnaR170.00
Pasta Mac and Cheese Full PortionR100.00

RTG Grill and Shawarma (Meat)

ItemPrice (R)
Flame Grilled 1/2 ChickenR278.00
Flame Grilled Whole ChickenR394.00
Scotch Fillet 300gR320.00
Scotch Fillet 500gR510.00
Shish Kebab As A Main (MEAT)R192.00
Falafel in LaffaR100.00
Chicken ShawarmaR170.00
Beef ShawarmaR178.00
Rib-eye On The BoneR650.00
Beef – Sticky Beef RibsR395.00
Lamb ChopsR456.00
Sides – FriesR36.00
Sides – Onion RingsR36.00
Sauces & Toppings – GuacamoleR28.00
Sauces & Toppings – Louisiana SauceR24.00
Sauces & Toppings – Teriyaki SauceR24.00
Sauces & Toppings – BBQ SauceR24.00
Sauces & Toppings – Garlic MayoR25.00
Sauces & Toppings – EggR14.00
Sauces & Toppings – MaconR65.00
Sauces & Toppings – AvoR28.00

RTG Fish and Fusion (Milk)

ItemPrice (R)
Beer Battered HakeR136.00
Wood-fired HakeR142.00
Norwegian SalmonR390.00
Green Thai Fish CurryR154.00
Green Thai Veg CurryR138.00
Veg Chow MeinR146.00
Poke BowlR190.00

RTG Asian (Meat) Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken KaupadR210.00
Chicken Stir FryR188.00
Chicken Chow MeinR210.00
Angry ChixR278.00
Sizzling ChixR188.00
Sweet N Sour ChixR170.00
Beef KaupadR222.00
Beef Stir FryR200.00
Beef Chow MeinR222.00
Thai Beef GrapauR186.00
Sizzling BeefR200.00
Veg Chow MeinR146.00
Veg Stir FryR146.00
Stir-fried Bok ChoyR70.00
Egg-fried Rice Platter (MEAT)R386.00
Plain Egg NoodlesR35.00
Sesame Chicken (MEAT)R202.00
Dan Dan Noodles (MEAT)R174.00
Steamed Jasmine RiceR30.00
Egg fried riceR55.00

RTG Desserts Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Dessert – Brownies and Hot Choc Sauce (MILK)R48.00
Dessert – Brownies and Hot Chocolate Sauce (PAREV)R48.00
Dessert – Ice Cream and Choc Sauce (PAREV)R45.00
Dessert – Churros (PAREV)R54.00
Dessert – Churros (MILK)R64.00
Dessert – Crème Brulee (MILK)R73.00
Dessert – Cheese Cake (MILK)R66.00
Dessert – Waffles (MILK)R75.00

RTG Drinks Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chillas (Dairy)R50.00
Milkshakes (Dairy)R25.00
Sodas 300mlR28.00
Water 500mlR25.00
Water 1 LitreR40.00
Milkshakes LargeR50.00

RTG Home Catering (Milk)

ItemPrice (R)
Fingerfood – Thai Fish CakesR10.00
Fingerfood – London Style Fried Fish Served With Lemon MayoR10.00
Fingerfood – PizzeteR452.00
Fingerfood – Mini QuicheR660.00
Fish – Hot Smoked Salmon Next Door StyleR1,200.00
Veg – Wood Fire Roasted VegetablesR170.00
Lasagne – TunaR340.00
Lasagne – VegR264.00
Pasta – NapolitanaR204.00
Pasta – ArrabiataR204.00
Pasta – Med VegR260.00
Pasta – RoséR260.00
Pasta – PutanescaR260.00
Pasta – Pesto CreamR272.00
Pasta – Smoked TroutR364.00
Pasta – Creamy PorciniR320.00
Handmade Portion Gnocchi 500gR150.00
Ravioli – Spinach And RicottaR254.00
Curry – Green Thai FishR308.00
Curry – Green Thai VegR368.00
Chow Mein – VegR292.00
Salad – GardenR216.00
Salad – Classic GreekR216.00
Salad – Smoked TroutR340.00
Salad – Halloumi CrunchR260.00
Salad – TunaR308.00
Salad – Thai SalmonR340.00
Poke Bowl PlatterR990.00
Soup – French Onion Per LitreR200.00
Soup – Minestrone Per LitreR184.00
Sauce per Litre – NeapolitanR105.00
Sauce Per Litre – RoseR235.00
Pasta – Mac and CheeseR200.00
Dessert – Baked Cheese Cake (A4 Size)R520.00
Dessert – Churros (MILK)R300.00
Dessert – Brownies and Chocolate Sauce (PAREV)R450.00

RTG Home Catering (Meat)

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken – Shawarma Per Kg Raw WeightR592.00
Chicken – Flame GrilledR442.00
Chicken – Green Thai CurryR340.00
Chicken – Singapore Style CurryR866.00
Chicken – Angry ChixR852.00
Chicken – Chow MeinR420.00
Chicken – Stir FryR376.00
Chicken – Salted Chilli BytesR420.00
Chicken – Sweet N SourR972.00
Chicken – SizzlingR376.00
Beef – Shawarma Per Kg Raw WeightR594.00
Beef – Barrio Scotch Fillet (half kilo sliced – no sides)R530.00
Beef – Barrio Roast Scotch Fillet 3kg SlicedR2,646.00
Beef – Japanese Style Stuffed Scotch Fillet Catering PlatterR640.00
Beef – Green Thai CurryR284.00
Beef – Thai Grapau Catering PlatterR744.00
Beef – Chow MeinR442.00
Beef – Stir FryR398.00
Beef – Sticky RibsR1,185.00
Beef – SizzlingR1,592.00
Barrio Mutton Curry (48hrs notice plz)R1,350.00
Salad – Thai BeefR408.00
Salad – Thai ChickenR376.00
Salad – Chargrilled ChickenR376.00
Salad – Roast VegR270.00
Soup – Chunky Veg Per LitreR192.00
Veg – Chow MeinR292.00
Veg – Stir FryR292.00
Veg – Roasted VeggiesR170.00
Veg – Chickpea (Dahl) CurryR414.00
Egg-fried Rice Platter (MEAT)R386.00
Chicken – Chicken PopsR292.00
Finger Food – Grill PlatterR782.00
Finger Food – Mini Burger (50 Pieces)R998.00
Finger Food – Moroccan Cigars Beef EachR26.00
Finger Food – Moroccan Cigars Veg EachR16.00
Veg – Mezze PlatterR240.00
Veg – Fries/chipsR200.00
Veg – Onion RingsR100.00
Veg – Crispy Patatas BravasR100.00
Finger Food – Samoosas Beef eachR26.00
Dessert – Brownies and Chocolate Sauce (PAREV)R450.00
Dessert – Churros (A4 Roasting Tray)R180.00

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