Strolla Restaurant and Bar is a renowned fast-food chain in South Africa, founded by owner Brandon Crew, with its first outlet in Cape Town. Known for its diverse menu, including kid’s meals, it’s a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. With numerous locations and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect meeting place for all.

Strolla Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameStrolla
Cuisine TypeSeafood
Opening Hours7 am – 11 pm
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Strolla Menu

Strolla continuously updates its menu to offer a wide variety of new and delicious items, including seafood and toppings, ensuring there’s something for everyone. With fresh ingredients and professional craftsmanship, each dish is flavorful and visually appealing, catering to diverse dietary preferences at reasonable prices.

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Strolla Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrices
Health OmeletteR98
Strolla OmeletteR78
Add Avo to OmeletteR30
Add Bacon to OmeletteR30
Add Mushroom to OmeletteR25
Add Spinach to OmeletteR15
Bacon Strolla BenedictR120
Salmon Strolla BenedictR140
Egg and ToastR55
English BreakastR122
Breakfast CiabatinniR95
Homemade MuesliR98


Menu itemsPrices
Maca BoostR90
Strolla SignatureR90
Kiddies Protein BoosterR60

Hotel Inclusive Breakfast

Menu itemsPrices
Hot BreakfastR165
Continental BreakfastR135
Hot and Continental ComboR225


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken, Bacon, and Avo SaladR138
Quinoa and Feta SaladR135
Add Extra Chicken to SaladR165


Menu itemsPrices
Chicken and MushroomR140
Bacon and BrieR128
Chorizo and Roasted Red PepperR145
Greek StyleR125
Mushroom and Goat CheeseR145

Bar and Snack

Menu itemsPrices
Chilli PoppersR90
Spicy NachosR150
Add Chicken to PoppersR55
Add Pulled Pork to PoppersR60
Spicy Fish TacosR90
Quinoa and Spinach BurgerR135
Cheese BurgerR145
Add Bacon to BurgerR30
Add Caramelised Onions to BurgerR25
Add Avo to BurgerR25
Add Fried Egg to BurgerR10
Add Jalapeno to BurgerR15

Small Plates

Menu itemsPrices
Mussels in White WineR105
Deep Fried TentaclesR98


Menu itemsPrices
Seafood LinguineR210
Butter Chicken CurryR165
Rotisserie ChickenR190
Baby KingklipR250
Chargrilled SirloinR245
Grilled PrawnsR360


Menu itemsPrices
Belgian Chocolate LogR75
Surprise CheesecakeR75
Greek Yoghurt and Honey TartR74
Trio of SorbetR68
Banana and Chocolate DessertR95


Menu itemsPrices
The DogfatherR60
Chicken Strips and ChipsR90
Fish MongerR90
Burger KingR70
Papas PizzaR55
Mac ‘n CheeseR50
Charlie’s Choc SundaeR45
Small MilkshakeR30
Large MilkshakeR50
Build-Your-Own PizzaR65


Menu itemsPrices
Maki – SalmonR75
Maki – TunaR75
Maki – PrawnR70
Maki – AvoR50
California – SalmonR90
California – TunaR90
California – PrawnR80
California – VegR60
Roses – SalmonR90
Roses – TunaR90
Nigiri – SalmonR95
Nigiri – TunaR90
Nigiri – PrawnR85
Sashimi – SalmonR90
Sashimi – TunaR95
Sushi PlatterR215

Hot Beverages

Menu itemsPrices
Flat WhiteR30
Hot ChocolateR35
Red CappuccinoR41
Chai LatteR41
Dirty Chai LatteR41
TWG Leaf TeasR35

Cold Beverages

Menu itemsPrices
Soft Drinks – 200mlR26
Soft Drinks – 330mlR31
Red BullR58
Red Bull Sugar FreeR58
Red Bull Red Edition: WatermelonR58
Bos Ice TeaR39
Tomato CocktailR42
Fitch and Leedes Pink TonicR26
Fitch and Leedes Blue TonicR26
Fitch and Leedes Sugar Free TonicR26
Rock ShandyR40
Assorted JuicesR20
Still and Sparkling Water – 500mlR26
Still and Sparkling Water – 1LR40

Fresh Juices

Menu itemsPrices
Ginger RushR70
The Green ManR80
Immune BoosterR70
Quick Fix ShotR40

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