Seven Seas Sushi on Florida Road offers food delivery services and specializes in perfectly cooked sushi, including California rolls and prawns. The staff is praised for their professionalism and provides enjoyable service. Customers appreciate the reasonable prices and describe the atmosphere as homey. Seven Seas Sushi is known for its wide selection of sushi dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients and skillful techniques. Whether you dine in or order delivery, you can expect consistently delicious and well-prepared sushi. The restaurant’s homey atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience, making it a favorite spot for sushi enthusiasts in the area.

Seven Seas Sushi Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameSeven Seas Sushi
Cuisine TypeChinese food
Opening HoursAlways open
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Seven Seas Sushi Menu

Seven Seas Sushi restaurant in South Africa offers a diverse menu featuring Chinese, seafood, Asian, sushi, dessert, chicken, coffee, curry, dinner, Thai, Japanese, and spicy dishes. From sushi and seafood specialties to a variety of Asian-inspired meals, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Prices are reasonable, catering to different budget ranges while ensuring quality and freshness across their offerings. Whether you’re craving traditional Japanese sushi or flavorful Thai dishes, Seven Seas Sushi provides a comprehensive dining experience with a wide range of options.

Thai Starters

Prawns In Crispy Blankets (3 Pcs)Asian tempura prawns with dipping sauceR70
Spring Rolls (3 Pcs)Spring rolls served with dim sum saucefrom R50
Steamed Dumplings (4 Pcs)R85
Crispy Chicken & Prawn Wonton (3 Pcs)R57

Thai Soups

Chicken Noodle SoupR150
Hot n Sour (Veg) SoupR110
Chicken Sweet Corn SoupR150
Tom Yum SoupTraditional Thai spicy and sour lemongrass soupfrom R132
Won Ton SoupThai wonton soup with chicken and prawnR157

Thai Salads

Chicken Thai SaladThai spiced chicken with lettuce, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes, feta and herbsR150
Beef Thai SaladR190
Thai Prawn SaladSpiced prawns with tomatoes, feta, herbs and dressing on a bed of crispy salad leavesR163

Kaeng Pa Aromatic Curries

Mussaman CurryFusion of Thai and Indian style curries with red chilli paste, whole spices, and roasted peanutsfrom R115
Kaeng Phet CurryRed curry simmered in coconut milk, lime leaf, basil, and seasonal vegetablesfrom R145
Khiao Wan CurryGreen curry made with green chillies, garlic, shallots, lime, and Thai spicesfrom R145

Phad Stir Fry

Phad Ga PraoSweet basil stir-fry with green peppers, chilli, and roasted mushroomsfrom R110
Phad Med MamuangCashew nut stir-fry with garlic, chilli, and vegetables in a Thai saucefrom R110
Phad Preaw WhanSweet and sour stir-fry with pineapple, red pepper, and vegetables in a tomato saucefrom R110
Black Pepper Thai Beef Stir-FryBeef strips tossed in black sauce with vegetablesR194

Crispy Dishes

Spiced PrawnR135
Chilli ChickenR105
Chilli PrawnR200
Crispy ChickenR169
Crispy BeefR194
Dry Spiced BeefR125
Gou Boafrom R105
Kung Pao Schezaun Inspired Crispy Fried Chicken With Spicy VegR105

Thai Rice & Noodle Dishes

Khao PhadEgg fried rice with a combination of eggs, cucumber, tomato, carrots, vegetables, and onionsfrom R110
Phad MeeEgg noodles tossed with fresh spring onions and bean sproutsfrom R110
Phad ThaiThailand’s national dish, flavorful with noodles, spring onions, famous sauce, and crushed nutsfrom R110
Cashew Nut NoodlesThai cashew nut noodles with roasted cashews, chili, and spicesfrom R110

Traditional Stir Fry

Chow MeinTraditional stir-fried noodles with your choice of ingredientfrom R110
Foo YongTraditional Chinese omelette with your choice of meat (or vegetables)from R110
Chop SueyTraditional chop suey served with Jasmine rice or noodlesfrom R110
Chinese Egg Fried RiceTraditional egg fried rice with your choice of meat (or vegetables)from R110


Lamb Teppanyaki (220g)Lamb chops served with a side of your choiceR220
Beef Fillet Teppanyaki (220g)Beef fillet served with a side of your choiceR220
Kingklip Teppanyaki (200g)Kingklip served with a side of your choiceR170
Hake Teppanyaki (200g)Hake served with a side of your choiceR135
Chicken Teppanyaki (160g)Chicken fillet served with a side of your choiceR150
Hake & Calamari Teppanyaki (200g)Hake and calamari served with a side of your choiceR150
Prawn (4pc) & Calamari (120g) TeppanyakiPrawn and calamari served with a side of your choiceR200
Salmon Teppanyaki (220g)Salmon served with a side of your choiceR250
Tuna Teppanyaki (220g)Tuna served with a side of your choiceR230
Prawns (6pc) TeppanyakiPrawns served with a side of your choiceR250
Seafood Set TeppanyakiHake 120g, salmon 100g, tuna 120g, and prawns 4pc served with a side of your choiceR350
Beef Sirloin Teppanyaki (220g)Beef sirloin served with a side of your choiceR150
Beef Rump Teppanyaki (220g)Beef rump served with a side of your choiceR150
Meat Set TeppanyakiBeef 100g, lamb 100g, chicken 160g combo served with a side of your choiceR350


Maki Roll (8 Pcs)from R75
Nigiri (3 Pcs)from R92
Bean Curd (2 Pcs)from R85
Hand Roll (1 Pc)from R75
California Roll (8 Pcs)from R95
Assorted Sushi (4 Pcs)from R99
Fashion Sandwiches (8 Pcs)from R95
Special Roll (8 Pcs)R119
Sashimi (3 Pcs)R105

Sushi Platters

Platter NameDescriptionPrice
Love Platter (26 Pcs)8Pcs salmon roses, 4pcs salmon fashion sandwiches, 6pcs avo maki roll, and 8pcs salmon California rollR342
Sushi Platter For 1 (14 Pcs)4Pcs Prawn fashion sandwich, 2pcs prawn bean curd, 2pcs prawn avalanche, and 4pcs salmon rosesR280
Tempura Platter (26 Pcs)3pc tempura prawn, 8pc prawn maki, 3pc prawn nigiri, 8pc tempura prawn California, and 4pc prawn avalancheR428
Vegetarian Platter (26 Pcs)2pc veg hand roll, 8pc veg California roll, 8pc veg fashion sandwich, and 8pc veg makiR245
Assorted Platter (26 Pcs)8pc salmon roses, 3pc salmon sashimi, 2pc prawn nigiri, 2pc salmon nigiri, 3pc tuna sashimi, and 8pc avo makiR342
Combo Platter (15 Pcs)4pc rainbow roll, 4pc California prawn, 4pc prawn & tuna nigiri, and 3pc sashimi SalmonTunaR330
Rainbow Platter (28 Pcs)8pc prawn bamboo roll, 8pc rainbow roll, 4pc salmon bean curd, and 8pc fashion sandwichesR408
Sushi Platter For 2 (24 Pcs)8pc salmon roses, 8pc prawn avalanche, 4pc prawn bean curd, and 4pc tempura prawn California rollR357
Family F Platter (44 Pcs)8pcs prawn fashion sandwich, 8pcs salmon roses, 8pcs prawn avalanche, 8pcs tempura prawn California, 8pcs prawn bamboo roll, and 4pcs deep fried sushiR587


Deep Fried Ice CreamR55
Deep Fried Banana With Ice CreamR50

7 Tea’s Boba Mocktails

Mocktail NamePrice
Cherry Blossom Boba MocktailR60
Melon Crush Boba MocktailR60
Berry Blaze Boba MocktailR60
Smashing Passion Boba MocktailR60
Strawberry Sparkle Boba MocktailR60
Blue Rush Boba MocktailR60
Iced Tea BobaR60

Cold Beverages

Iced CoffeeR40
Iced TeaR32
Soft Drink Can 330mlR31.25
Bottled Water 500mlR22.5
Red Bull CanR37.5
Lemonade Can 200mlR31.25
Passion Fruit & Lemonade CanR38.75
Kola Tonic & Lemonade CanR38.75

Hot Beverages

Espressofrom R20
Hot Chocolatefrom R30
Caffe Lattefrom R30
Cappuccinofrom R30
Caffe Mochafrom R30
Cafe Americanofrom R30

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