Situated in Nelson Mandela Square, The Big Mouth offers a contemporary twist on the classic diner concept, incorporating global culinary influences. Established in 2015, this Sandton eatery mirrors the ambiance of major international cities like New York, LA, and London while maintaining a distinct South African flair.

The Big Mouth Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameThe Big Mouth
Cuisine TypeChinese food
Opening Hours11 am – 9:45 pm
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The Big Mouth Menu

The Big Mouth is renowned for its friendly service, reasonable prices, and diverse menu featuring grilled seafood, gourmet burgers, and world-class sushi. Their unique Josper grill infuses hot dishes with an authentic, robust, chargrilled flavor.

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Picked for You

ItemPrice (R)
Fashion SandwichesR130.00
Dim Sum-Gyoza (Spinach and Cream Cheese)R118.00
Dim Sum-Gyoza (Prawn and Cream Cheese)R131.00
California RollsR112.00
Bigmouth Rainbow (5 Piece)R162.00
Bigmouth Rainbow (10 Piece)R244.00
Chicago (4 Piece)R150.00
Chicago (8 Piece)R238.00

Big Mouth Starter Salads

Salad NamePrice (R)
Greek SaladR124.00
Simple SaladR75.00

Big Mouth Larger Salads

ItemPrice (R)
Tuna Niçoise (Flaked Tuna)R156.00
Tuna Niçoise (Seared Tuna)R188.00
Sesame ChickenR175.00

Big Mouth Small Plates

ItemPrice (R)
Creamy HummusR105.00
Edamame (Steamed)R110.00
Edamame (Grilled with teriyaki spice)R118.00
Giant MushroomsR118.00
Grilled HalloumiR130.00
Dim Sum-Gyoza (Spinach and Cream Cheese)R118.00
Dim Sum-Gyoza (Prawn and Cream Cheese)R131.00
Robata Chicken WingsR130.00
Seared Beef TatakiR230.00
Crispy SquidsR138.00
Salt and Pepper CalamariR144.00
Calamari Al La PlanchaR144.00
Tempura BiltongR138.00
Rock Shrimp TempuraR192.00

Big Mouth Sticks

StickPrice (R)
Chicken YakitoriR80.00
Salmon (Sticks)R122.00
Beef FilletR122.00

Big Mouth Charcoal Grill

ItemPrice (R)
Chargrilled Fillet (250g Fillet)R318.00
Chargrilled Fillet (400g Fillet)R444.00
Tomahawk SteakR369.00
Spring ChickenR219.00
Lamb ChopsR350.00
Beef RibsR418.00
Seared TunaR350.00
Salmon (Charcoal Grill)R388.00

Big Mouth Pots

PotPrice (R)
Oxtail PotR362.00
Prawn CurryR360.00

Big Mouth Pans

PanPrice (R)
Grilled CalamariR280.00
Fish and ChipsR230.00
Panko ChickenR224.00
Calamari PastaR205.00
Tomato RaguR144.00
Vegan BologneseR205.00

Big Mouth Buns

BunPrice (R)
Cheese BurgerR181.00
Fillet PregoR212.00

Big Mouth Sauces

SaucePrice (R)
Dijon Mustard SauceR45.00

Big Mouth Sides

Side DishPrice (R)
Basmati RiceR35.00
Steakhouse FriesR44.00
Roasted Sweet PotatoR40.00
Parmesan MashR50.00
Coal Roasted BroccoliR56.00
Charred CauliflowerR56.00
Roasted VegetablesR56.00

Big Mouth Poke Bowls

Poké BowlPrice (R)
Tempura Chicken Poké BowlR199.00
Spicy Poké BowlR219.00
Salmon and Edamame Poké BowlR224.00

Big Mouth New Style Sashimi

SashimiPrice (R)
Salmon SashimiR205.00
Tuna SashimiR198.00

The Big Mouth Sushi Menu

Sushi ItemPrice (R)
S.U.V (8 Piece)R244.00
S.U.V (10 Piece)R294.00
Bigmouth Rainbow (5 Piece)R162.00
Bigmouth Rainbow (10 Pieces)R244.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura (5 Piece)R175.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura (10 Piece)R275.00
Fish and Chips (5 Pieces)R138.00
Fish and Chips (10 Pieces)R219.00
Philadelphia (5 Piece)R144.00
Philadelphia (10 Piece)R238.00
Chicago (4 Piece)R150.00
Chicago (8 Piece)R238.00
Seeded California (vegan)R205.00
Tempura Corn (vegetarian) (4 Piece)R130.00
Tempura Corn (vegetarian) (8 Piece)R200.00
Arubi Salmon California (5 Piece)R148.00
Arubi Salmon California (10 Piece)R238.00
Crispy No RiceR244.00
Salmon Skin FutomakiR230.00
Crispy RiceR160.00
Bamboo (4 Piece)R136.00
Bamboo (8 Piece)R219.00
Pink RosesR180.00
Deluxe RosesR106.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura RosesR169.00
Bigmouth Tuna NigiriR112.00
Bigmouth Salmon NigiriR118.00

Big Mouth Classic Sushi

SushiPrice (R)
Hand RollR88.00
California Rolls (Classic Sushi)R112.00
Fashion Sandwiches (Classic Sushi)R130.00
Two RosesR86.00
Three RosesR119.00
Sashimi (Tuna)R162.00
Sashimi (Salmon)R175.00

Big Mouth Sweets

SweetPrice (R)
Josper Bread and Butter PuddingR110.00
Chocolate JarR110.00

Big Mouth Cold Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
330ml SodasR39.00
Imported Iced TeaR51.00
Red BullR59.00
Imported Mineral Water 750mlR76.00

Big Mouth Cocktails

CategoryCocktail NamePrice (R)
The ClassicsMargaritaR60.00
Watermelon Basil CoolerR70.00
Lemongrass MojitoR75.00
Cucumber Mint MuleR60.00
Thirsty FishThe Wet Mouth MojitoR60.00
Bitter BreezeR65.00
La Macchina ColadaR70.00
Litchi It to MeR70.00
A Tall Drink OfWhiskey SourR55.00
The LennoxR55.00
Sake SakeR65.00
Raspberry ThymeRaspberry ThymeR60.00
Breakfast in BedR55.00
Sake to MeR70.00
Kawa-Sake BombR35.00

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