At Korean Kitchen, we craft our dishes with the care and warmth reminiscent of a mother’s touch, using traditional fermented ingredients for flavor and health benefits. Our menu features a variety of Korean favorites like kimchi, sweet-spicy chicken, beef bulgogi, and more. Experience the culinary beauty of Korean cuisine right here in South Africa at Korean Kitchen!

Korean Kitchen Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameKorean Kitchen
Cuisine TypeKorean food
Opening Hours11:00 AM – 7:30 PM
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Korean Kitchen Menu

Korean Kitchen delights patrons with its menu featuring delicious dishes like kimchi, tteokbokki, and bulgogi. The restaurant’s convenient location and friendly staff enhance the dining experience, with affordable prices and a charming atmosphere. With a Google rating of 4.6, it’s a popular choice for experiencing authentic Korean cuisine.


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
KimbabVegCucumber, egg, yellow radish, carrots, lettuceR70.00
FutomakiCrab stick, cucumber, egg, yellow radish, carrotsR70.00
BulgogiBeef, yellow radish, lettuce, carrotR80.00
PorkSpicy pork, yellow radish, carrots, lettuce, chilliR80.00
Tuno MayoTuna mayo, vegR75.00
PrawnDeep-fried prawn, carrots, yellow radish, cucumberR80.00
Pan Fried / Steamed ManduPan-fried/steamed beef, sweet potato glass noodleR80.00
Honey Butter Chicken WingR90.00
Kimchi PancakeCrispy & spicy kimchi pancakeR95.00
Seafood PancakeCrispy seafood pancakeR110.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BibimbabMarinated beef, mix of raw and cooked veg, chilli paste, sesame oil. Served on a bed of rice, topped with a soft egg (vegetarian option available).R115.00
Jeyuk BokkeumStir-fried, spicy pork belly, chilli paste, veg served on a bed of rice.R115.00
JapchaeSweet potato noodle, assorted stir-fried veg and beef. (Vegetarian option available).R115.00
Bulgogi DubabMarinated beef with special sauce, veggies on a bed of rice.R115.00
DeokbokkiChewy rice cake, sweet and spicy sauce.R90.00
TangsuyukSweet and sour chicken.R105.00
Korean CurryBeef, onion, carrots, potato, Korean curry, served with a bed of rice.R95.00
Teriyaki Chicken / Fish / TofuDeep-fried chicken / hake fillets, spring onion, sliced egg, seaweed, teriyaki sauce with Japanese mayo. Chicken: Fish: Tofu:R95.00 R105.00 R95.00
Hot and Sweet ChickenDeep-fried crispy chicken in a hot, sweet, tangy sauce, served with a bed of rice.R90.00
Kimchi RiceKimchi fried rice with mayo topped with a soft egg.R90.00
Spicy Korean Chicken Stirfry NoodleSpicy Korean chicken cubes, pepper, garlic, other veg, spicy chilli sauce with chewy udon noodles.R110.00
Spicy Korean Prawn Stirfry NoodleSpicy Korean prawn, pepper, garlic, other veg, spicy chilli sauce with chewy udon noodles.R125.00
Spicy Korean Beef Stirfry NoodleSpicy beef, pepper, garlic, other veg, spicy chilli sauce with chewy udon noodles.R110.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Duk Mandu (Soup)Pork, kimchi and chilli dumpling, rice cake, sliced egg, seaweed, spring onionR140.00
Kimchi Soup (Soup with Rice)Made with homemade kimchi, pork, homemade tofu, spicy brothR130.00
Yukgaejang (Soup with Rice)Spicy soup-like food with shredded beef with scallion and other ingredients, which is simmered together for a long timeR140.00
Korean Barbeque250g Meat, pork/beef of your choice, side dishes depending on the day, veg, portion of rice
One Portion:R300.00
Two Portions:R500.00
Ddeok GalbiR220.00
Soon Tofu SoupR140.00
Korean Kitchen Special Noodle Dumpling SoupR165.00
Spicy Sizzling Chicken & VegR235.00


CategoryBeveragesPrice (R)
Cooldrinks– CokeR 25,00
– Coke ZeroR 25,00
– SpriteR 25,00
– FantaR 25,00
– AppletizerR 25,00
– GrapetizerR 25,00
Alcohol– BeerR 75
– Wine by the GlassR 80.00
– SojuR 170,00
– VodkaR 85
– WhiskeyR 80

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