Mustang Sally Diner is a classic American eatery with a 1950s retro vibe, complete with vinyl booths and oldies tunes. The diner offers generous portions and a lively atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a delicious meal. Whether craving breakfast, burgers, or sweet treats, guests are guaranteed to find something they love in this fun, retro setting.

Mustang Sally's Pub & Diner Montana Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameMustang Sally’s Pub & Diner Montana
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours10 am – 9 pm
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Mustang Sally’s Pub & Diner Montana Menu

At Mustang Sally Diner, enjoy classic diner fare like burgers, fries, milkshakes, and apple pie, with breakfast served all day. Generous portions, daily specials, and flavorful burgers make it a must-visit spot for a satisfying meal in a retro setting.

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Vegetarian Selection

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mac and Cheese BallsDeep-fried mac and cheese ballsR 59.90
Jalapeno PoppersJalapenos stuffed with two cheeses & cream cheeseR 59.90
Vegetarian BurgerTwo vegetable patties with mashed potato garnish, Sweet ChilliR 99.90
Haloumi Salad on FlatbreadFresh flatbread topped with salad, smoked chicken, and cream cheese dressingR 69.90
Haloumi SaladGreen salad, tomatoes, carrots, and haloumi with chef’s famous dressingR 69.90
Corn SaladClassic corn saladR 69.90

Extra Toppings

ItemPrice (R)
Fried OnionsFree
Jalapeno (Add-on)R 10.90
Jalapeno PopperR 18.90
Cheese (Add-on)R 10.90
Bacon (Add-on)R 15.90
Mushroom (Add-on)R 10.90
Haloumi (Add-on)R 15.90
Pineapple (Add-on)R 10.90
Egg (Add-on)R 10.90
25pan Pare BeefR 30.90
Avo (Add-on)R 12.90
Corn (Add-on)R 19.90


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Variety WingsFare of Bing flavours – includes chipsR 79.90
Rib & Wing BasketVariety of wing flavors & saucy ribs served with chipsR 89.90
Jalapeno, Mac & Cheese BasketStuffed with cheese & bacon, delicious served with chipsR 79.90
Slider & Corndog Basket2x smaller hamburgers – pure beef FLIS 2 Landags – American sole with ChipsR 89.90
Variety BasketMac & Cheese Balls, Jalapeno peppers, nuts, wings, sliced corn legR 109.90
Corndogs3 Corndogs with cupsR 69.90

Kiddies Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
2x Corndogs2 CorndogsR 39.90
2x Corndogs Uts2 Corndogs with Uts sauceR 49.90
2x Viennasons2 Viennas on bunsR 49.90
SburgerSingle burgerR 49.90
130es Burger with deps130g Burger with chipsR 59.90
Man HotdogsMan hotdogsR 49.90
3x Sliders Pattes with Chus3 Sliders with chipsR 59.90
Plate of ChipsPlate of chipsR 19.90
Cheesy FriesFries with cheeseR 30.90
Cheesy/Bach FriesFries with cheese and baconR 40.90

Giant Burgers

Burger NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Classic SallyClassic cheese beef burger served with chipsR 79.90
Chicken BurgerMade with a chicken pattyR 79.90
Heart Break HotelHot chili sauce covered with Emmentaler cheeseR 89.90
James Dean Show OffBacon & Gruyère cheeseR 89.90
John F Kennedy HottieClassic cheeseburger topped with black pepper sauceR 89.90
Sexy MarilynBacon, camembert, and sweet chiliR 89.90
Memphis RoyalBeef patty topped with fried Camembert and sweet chiliR 109.90
Audrey Hepburn’s Dreamy EyesMushroom sauce topped beef burgerR 89.90
Mustang Sally’s Signature SurpriseBeef burger with jalapeno popperR 99.90
Hollywood ChickenChicken breast with cheese, pineapple, peri peri sauce, and jalapeno popperR 99.90
Vegetarian BurgerDouble vegetable patties with mushrooms, sweet chili, and falafelR 99.90
Love Me TenderCamembert cheese with garlic, covered in bacon with cranberry reductionR 99.90
Jail House Rock3x 250g pure beef patties, bacon, cheese, and mushroom sauceR 149.90
Dagwood American Style2 beef patties, cheese, bacon, egg, and hamR 109.90
Elvis The King2x 250g pure beef patties, double bacon, double cheese, and bolle goodnessR 109.90
Route 66 BurgerMac & cheese burger topped with homemade cheese sauceR 99.90


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Devil ForkGrilled sausages on a forkR 65.90
Jalapeno PoppersStuffed with two cheeses, bacon & cream cheeseR 59.90
Crumbed MushroomsServed with Tartar sauceR 59.90
Chicken WingsBlue cheese, peri peri, lemon & herbR 59.90
Chicken LiversPeri peri or BBQ sauceR 49.90
Super Saucy Ribs500g: Served with chips or veggies
1KG: Served with chips or veggies
R 109.90 / R 169.90
Chilli Hot DogTopped with chili con carneR 79.90
Cheesy Footlong Hot DogFootlong cheese dogR 79.90


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Oriental Citrus & Smoked ChickenGreen salad, carrots, smoked chicken, citrus dressing
Topped with fried noodles
R 74.90
Smoked Chicken Salad on FlatbreadFlatbread topped with fresh herbs, salad, smoked chicken, and cream cheese dressingR 74.90
Haloumi SaladGreen salad, tomatoes, carrots, and haloumi with chef’s famous dressingR 69.90
Corn SaladClassic corn saladR 69.90
Chicken Liver SaladChicken livers served with styleR 69.90
Beef Jerky (Biltong) SaladBest hang in true cheese is anal, cucumberR 89.90

Classic American

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mac and Cheese BallsDeep-fried mac & cheese with baconR 59.90
Sloppy JoeBeef patty topped with spicy sauce and cheese sauceR 89.90
Southern Fried ChickenClassic Southern fried chickenR 79.90
Classic Club SamiSignature footlong with roast beef, cheese, and hamR 89.90
Pulled Pork SamiPulled pork served with chipsR 94.90
Miss Piggy PorkerStacked sandwich with bacon and moreR 109.90


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rump Steak (300g)Tender rump steakR 98.90
500g T-BoneT-Bone steak weighing 500gR 109.90
1kg T-BoneT-Bone steak weighing 1kgR 189.90
Miami Beef RollBeef rollR 99.90
Beef PorcupinePorcupine-shaped beef dishR 99.90
Philli SteakSteak with Philly cheeseR 149.90
EisbeinGerman-style pork knuckleR 129.90
Chicken Cordon BleuBreaded chicken stuffed with cheese and hamR 79.90
Crumbed Chicken SchnitzelBreaded chicken schnitzelR 89.90
Half ChickenHalf of a roasted chickenR 79.90
Full Size Chicken FlattieWhole roasted chickenR 109.90
MushroomAdditional mushroom toppingR 15.90
PepperAdditional pepper seasoningR 15.90
CheeseAdditional cheese toppingR 15.90
GarlicAdditional garlic seasoningR 15.90
Peri-PeriPeri-peri sauceR 15.90


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Waffle & Ice CreamWaffle served with ice creamR 39.90
Waffle & CreamWaffle served with creamR 39.90
Waffle & Ice Cream with FruitWaffle served with ice cream and fruitR 59.90
Death by Chocolate WaffleWaffle topped with chocolate syrupR 69.90
Plain WafflePlain waffleR 29.90
Apple CrumbleApple crumble dessertR 45.90

Frenzic Shakes

ItemPrice (R)
Special Kayleigh’s SmileR 59.90
Salted CaramelR 54.90
Toasted Marsh MellowR 54.90
Strawberry Candy FlossR 54.90
OreoR 54.90
Death by ChocolateR 59.90
Peanut BrittleR 54.90
Banana CrunchR 54.90
Toffee DelightR 54.90
Fudge ToffeeR 54.90
Zoo CookieR 54.90
BanoffeeR 54.90
Nutella & Peanut ButterR 59.90

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