Disoufeng, a renowned pub and restaurant in Soweto, South Africa, fosters community among young adults. With ample parking and a focus on safety, it’s a preferred destination for families, tourists, gatherings, parties, and business meetings alike.

Disoufeng Pub & Restaurant Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameDisoufeng
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours11 am – 1 am
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Disoufeng Pub & Restaurant Menu

Disoufeng in Soweto offers a range of amenities including swimming pools, hair salons, conference rooms, and accommodation options, making it a prominent tourist destination. Customers enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with various events such as baby showers, ladies’ nights, comedy nights, and Sunday lunches offered at the venue.

Disoufeng Monday Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Mogodu Meal ā€“ Mogodu, chicken feet, gizzards, atchar, and chakalaka. Served with Samp, Ting, Pap, or DumplingR129
Chicken Curry & RiceR95
Ox TongueR65
Alfredo PastaR110

Disoufeng Nibbles & Bites

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
2 Slider BunsLettuce, tomato, cheese, mayonnaise, chakalaka.R85
Greek SaladLettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, red onion, olives, feta.R55
Loaded FriesGuacamole, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, pico de galo, jalapeno.R55
BBQ Grilled Beef KebabsServed with chips.R80
WingsServed with fries and green salad.R95

Disoufeng Mains

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Penne AlfredoMushroom, bacon or chicken, parmesan, herbs.R120
Penne Basil PestoMushroom, cherry tomato, olives, grilled chicken strips.R130
Classic Fish & ChipsTartar sauce and garden salad.R155
8 Tiger PrawnsSavory rice or fries, garlic butter sauce.R230
Chicken QuesadillaCheese, ham, pineapple, coriander, fries.R105
Mexican QuesadillaCheese, bell peppers, chili salsa, fries.R110
700G BBQ Pork RibsWith fries & garden salad.R180
Chicken WrapLettuce, tomato, onion, spicy mayonnaise.R102
Lamb ChopsWith crushed potato tomato gravy.R200
Beef StewServed with rice or pap and a side of seasonal vegetables.R129
Lamb StewServed with rice or pap and a side of seasonal vegetables.R129

Disoufeng Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Disoufeng Beef BurgerSpecial mayo, gherkins, matured cheddar, bacon, and fries.R120
Cajun Crunchy Chicken BurgerSpicy mayonnaise, jalapeno, fries.R110
Pulled Pork Bun BurgerAsian slaw, sesame seeds, Korean BBQ.R125

Disoufeng Pizzas

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BBQ Chicken PizzaPineapple, jalapeno, coriander.R130
Mexicana PizzaSpicy ground beef, mixed peppers.R135
Chicken & Rib PizzaGrilled chicken breast, deboned marinated pork rib.R125
Meat Supreme PizzaHam, bacon, chorizo, home boerewors.R140
Mediterranean PizzaBasil pesto, sundried tomato, artichoke, feta.R137

Disoufeng Platters

PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
Slay PlatterWings, riblets, beef kebabs, slider buns, samosas, fries, garden salad.R280
Braai PlatterSteak, boerewors, chicken wings, pap, chakalaka, gravy.R190
Pap & SteakPap & SteakR85

Disoufeng Kiddies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies Hotdog & FriesR30
Junior Burger & ChipsR55
Junior Chicken Burger & ChipsR50
Riblets & FriesR60
Chicken PizzaR55
Beef PizzaR60

Disoufeng Sushi Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Non-Fish Sushi ā€“ Non-fish products are used as fillings.R80
Salmon nā€™ Crabstick RollsR90
California Rolls 4pcR80
Rainbow Rolls 4pcR80
Fashion Sandwiches 4pcR80
Salmon Roses 4pcR120
Salmon Sashimi 4pcR130
Hand Rolls 3pcR120
Bean Curd Rolls 4pcR120
Tempura Fried Sushi 4pcR120

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