Maxis, a South African restaurant chain, renowned for its omelettes, burgers, and diverse menu, has been serving customers for over 20 years with branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town. A favorite among locals and tourists, Maxis offers a wide variety of reasonably priced menu items, catering to all tastes from quick snacks to full meals. Whether it’s a quick bite or a satisfying meal, Maxis is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Maxis Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameMaxis
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours9:30 am – 11 pm
ReviewsSee Reviews

Maxis Menu

Maxis in South Africa offers a diverse menu featuring Breakfast Delights, Burgers, Wraps, Grills, Salads, Starters, Sweet Treats, Shakes, and a variety of beverages. With options ranging from healthy choices to indulgent treats, Maxis caters to all tastes and preferences.

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Maxi’s Menu Prices

Breakfast Meals

Menu itemsPrices
Rise and ShineR32.9
Breakfast on ToastR42.9
Mince and Egg on ToastR52.9
Cheese Griller BreakfastR52.9
French Toast StackR54.9
Scrambled Up BreakfastR56.9
Farmhouse BreakfastR62.9
Maxi’s BreakfastR64

Maxed Breakfasts

Menu itemsPrices
English BreakfastR82.9
Halloumi BreakfastR82.9
Hashtag BreakfastR92.9
Mega Works BreakfastR99.9

Healthy Choice Breakfast

Menu itemsPrices
Smashed Avo with Egg on RyeR54.9
Fruit Salad, Muesli and YoghurtR59.9
Carb Friendly BreakfastR79.9


Menu itemsPrices
3 CheeseR64.9
Maxi’s Wors and Fried OnionR76.9
Mince and Fried OnionR76.9
Cheese Griller and Fried OnionR76.9

Toasted Sarmies

Menu itemsPrices
Cheese and TomatoR44.9
Ham and CheeseR46.9
Ham, Cheese and TomatoR49.9
Bacon and EggR52.9
Chicken Mayo and Spring OnionR52.9
Bacon and CheeseR52.9
Bacon, Egg and CheeseR62.9
Mince, Fried Onion and CheeseR64.9

Gourmet Toasted Treats

Menu itemsPrices
Chicken Mayo, and Spring OnionR84.9
Chicken Liver and Fried OnionR84.9
Steak and Fried OnionR89.9
Chicken Strips, Avo* and Sweet Chilli MayoR89.9
Spinach and FetaR89.9
Bacon, Feta and AvoR89.9
Mince and Fried OnionR94.9

Favorite Wraps

Menu itemsPrices
Bacon, Feta and AvoR89.9

Hand Crafted Burgers

Menu itemsPrices
Maxi’s Burger SingleR64.9
Maxi’s Burger DoubleR89.9
Chicken Burger SingleR64.9
Chicken Burger DoubleR89.9
Cheese Burger SingleR69.9
Cheese Burger DoubleR94.9
Dagwood SingleR99.9
Dagwood DoubleR124.9

Classic Colossal Burgers

Menu itemsPrices
Tangy Chilli Cheese BurgerR89.9
Cheesy Hawaiian BurgerR89.9
Bacon and Cheese BurgerR99.9

Gourmet Colossal Burgers

Menu itemsPrices
Saucy GiantR102.9
Maximelt BurgerR109.9
Hashtag BurgerR109.9
Bacon, Egg and Cheese BurgerR109.9
Bacon and Avo BurgerR109.9
Halloumi and Avo* BurgerR109.9


Menu itemsPrices
Cheesy Garlic RollR36.9
Chicken LiversR62.9

Fresh Salads

Menu itemsPrices
Crumbed Calamari StripsR89.9
Chicken Strips and Crispy BaconR104.9
Grilled Chicken, Feta and Maxi PeppersR104.9
Halloumi and Avo*R104.9

Mouth Watering Grills

Menu itemsPrices
T-Bone 350gR139.9
T-Bone 500gR189.9
Rump 200gR124.9
Rump 400gR149.9
Spicy Rump 200gR134.9
Spicy Rump 400gR159.9
Ribs 400gR159.9
Ribs 600gR209.9
Lamb Chop Loins 400gR219.9

A Little Bit on the Side

Menu itemsPrices
Onion RingsR14.9

Delicious Grills

Menu itemsPrices
1/4 Chicken LegR79.9
Chicken Fillets and SaladR79.9
1/4 Chicken Leg and Maxi’s WorsR99.9
Chicken WingsR99.9
Double 1/4 Chicken LegR116.9
Chicken Thigh CurryR104.9
Beef CurryR104.9


Menu itemsPrices
Raspberry Ginger FizzR59.9
Vinalla Cola FizzR59.9
Passion Fruit FizzR59.9


Menu itemsPrices
Regular MilkshakesR36.9
Large MilkshakesR42.9
Regular Double Thick MilkshakesR44.9
Large Double Thick MilkshakesR54.9
Regular Fruit SmoothiesR49.9
Regular Fruit CrushersR44.9
Large Gourmet MilkshakesR54.9

Maxed Grills and Seafood

Menu itemsPrices
Mini Mixed GrillR109.9
Ribs and WingsR199.9
Mixed GrillR169.9
Gigantic GrillR199.9
Calamari StripsR99.9
Single HakeR86.9
Double HakeR119.9
Hake and Calamari StripsR129.9
Rump and Calamari Strips 200gR149.9
Rump and Calamari Strips 300gR169.9
Ribs and Calamari StripsR199.9

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