Taste of Punjab in Sandton represents the epitome of authentic Indian cuisine, blending innovation with tradition for a unique dining experience. With a dedication to using natural spices and fresh ingredients, they create dishes that harmonize flavors and textures, ensuring a memorable culinary journey for patrons.

Taste Of Punjab Sunninghill Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameTaste Of Punjab Sunninghill
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours11 am – 10 pm
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Taste Of Punjab Sunninghill Menu

At Taste of Punjab, skilled chefs expertly craft Punjabi cuisine using a balanced blend of herbs, spices, meats, and vegetables. With over a decade of commitment to high culinary standards, they deliver a delectable experience embodying the essence of North Indian cuisine.

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ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Veg Thali1x Paneer & Daal, 1x Veg of the day served with rice, 2x Roti’s, Dahl Bhalla, Salad, Pickles, and Pudding of the dayR180
Chicken Thali1x Paneer & Daal, 1x Veg of the day served with rice, 2x Roti’s, Dahl Bhalla, Salad, Pickles, and Pudding of the dayR200
Lamb ThaliChicken Curry & Daal, 1x Veg of the day served with rice, 2x Roti’s, Dahl Bhalla, Salad, Pickles, and Pudding of the day.R240


SoupPrice (R)
Tomato SoupR40
Chicken SoupR40
Hot & Sour SoupR40
Sweet Corn SoupR40


ChaatPrice (R)
Aloo TikkiR10
Samosa ChaatR45
Pani PuriR50
Masala PopadumR50
Dahi Papdi ChaatR50
Dahi BhallaR50
Pav BhajiR30
Vada PavR55

Lamb Dishes

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Punjabi Lamb CurryLamb on the bone is cooked in a home-style gravy and served with rice.R170
Lamb VindalooThis spicy hot dish from GOA is made with coconut vinegar and lots of hot red chili peppers and served with rice.R190
Lamb Rogan JoshLamb cooked with Indian spices and yogurt in a brown onion gravy. Served with rice.R190
Lamb Tikka MasalaLamb chunks are barbecued in a clay oven, folded into a special tomato sauce, and served with rice.R190
Lamb KadhaiTraditional Kashmiri dish cooked with whole spices. Served with rice.R190
Sahi Lamb KormaMild Lamb curry cooked with nuts. Served with rice.R190
Lamb SaagLamb cooked in a spinach gravy with garlic, cumin, and cream and served with rice.R190
Lamb MadrasLamb curry cooked with coconut and onion gravy with a special Madras masala and served with rice.R190
Lamb BhunaSlow-cooked lamb dish with tomato, onion, garlic, and ginger in a thick gravy. Served with rice.R190
Lamb Chops MasalaGrilled Lamb Chops cooked in Masala gravy. Served with rice.R190

Chicken Dishes

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Punjabi Chicken CurryChicken on the bone cooked with potato in a home-style gravy.R140
Chicken KadhaiBoneless Chicken cooked with fresh tomato, onions, ginger, garlic, and whole spices.R175
Chicken VindalooThis spicy hot dish from GOA is made with coconut vinegar and hot red chili peppers.R175
Butter ChickenBoneless tandoor chicken cooked in a rich, creamy tomato gravy.R180
Chicken KormaMild Chicken Curry cooked with nuts.R180
Chicken Tikka MasalaChicken Methi MalaiR180
Chicken ChettinadTendered Chicken is barbecued in a clay oven and folded into a special tomato gravy.R175
Chicken Meathi MalaiChicken Breast cooked with fresh Fenugreek leaves in a creamy gravy.R175
Chicken SaagChicken cooked in Spinach gravy with garlic, cumin, and cream.R175
Chicken MadrasChicken curry with coconut and onion gravy.R175
Chicken Mint MasalaChicken Curry flavored with mint leaves.R180
Chicken BhunaBoneless Chicken pieces cooked in a tomato gravy.R175

Vegetarian Dishes

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Mixed Veg MakhniMixed veg cooked in butter and tomato gravy.R125
Vegetable KormaMixed Veg cooked in butter and tomato gravy.R130
Bhindi – Okra VegetarianFresh Lady fingers cooked with tomatoes, onions, and spices.R120
Malai Kofta VegetarianA creamy, rich gravy with cottage cheese.R130
Mattar MushroomMushrooms and Pea Curry.R125
Meathi Matar Malai VegetarianGreen Peas Cooked with fresh Fenugreek leaves in a creamy gravy.R130


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Lamb BiryaniServed with Raita.R210
Chicken BiryaniServed with Raita.R180
Vegetable BiryaniServed with Raita.R140

Bunny Chow

Bunny ChowDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Bunny ChowServed with Salad.R130
Lamb Bunny ChowServed with Salad.R150
Mixed Vegetables Bunny ChowServed with Salad.R110
Beans Bunny ChowServed with Salad.R110
Paneer Bunny ChowServed with a salad.R120

Roti Roll

Roti RollDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Roti RollServed with Salad.R120
Lamb Roti RollServed with Salad.R150
Mixed Vegetable Roti RollServed with Salad.R110
Beans Roti RollServed with Salad.R110
Paneer Roti RollServed with Salad.R120

Dhal Rajma Chole

CholeDescriptionPrice (R)
Dhal MakhniBlack Lentils cooked in a slow fire with fresh Herbs.R125
Dhal TadkaYellow lentils cooked with garlic and cumin seeds.R125
Rajma MasalaRed Kidney beans cooked in Masala gravy.R120
Chana MasalaChickpeas are cooked with a masala of onion, tomato, and ginger.R120
Dhal PalakYellow Lentils cooked with baby Spinach.R120

Paneer cottage Cheese

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Paneer Makhni Cottage CheeseIndian Cottage Cheese cooked in butter and tomato gravy.R140
Paneer Palak Cottage CheeseCooked in a Spinach gravy with garlic, cumin, and cream.R140
Paneer Tikka MasalaCottage Cheese is barbecued in a clay oven and folded into a special tomato sauce.R140
Kadhi Paneer Cottage CheesePieces of cottage cheese and green peppers sautéed with onion, tomatoes, ginger, and spices.R140
Sahi Paneer Cottage CheeseCottage Cheese cooked in Cashew nut gravy.R140
Paneer Meathi Malai Cottage CheeseCooked with fresh Fenugreek Leaves in a creamy gravy.R140
Matter Paneer Cottage CheeseGreen peas & cottage cheese cooked in a yellow gravy.R140

Vegetable Kebab

Veg KebabDescriptionPrice (R)
Paneer Tikka KebabHomemade Indian Cheese – Grilled in Tandoor.R110
Paneer Achari Tikka KebabPaneer marinated in pickled spices and grilled in Tandoor.R110
Paneer Pudina Tikka KebabPaneer marinated in pickled spices and grilled in Tandoor.R115
Bhindi Kurkuri KebabCrispy fried Okra sprinkled with Chat Masala.R90
Tandoori Mushrooms KebabCottage Cheese in mint and coriander marinade cooked in Tandoor.R110
Dahi De KebabHung Yogurt mixed with spices, wrapped in a thin layer of Bread and Fried.R90
Hara Bara KebabExotic Medley of Spinach and Vegetables.R80
Chilli Paneer KebabMarinated cottage cheese, deep-fried toasted with peppers, onions, and soya sauce.R110
Veg Manchurian KebabVeg balls toasted generously with Garlic and Ginger flavored with soya sauce.R95
Assorted Pakora KebabA mixture of vegetables dipped in gram flour and deep-fried.R70
Punjabu Veg SamoosasSamoosas stuffed with Potato and Peas.R75
Onion Bhajiya KebabA Spicy Indian snack of Fried Onions.R70
Mix Veg Platter for 2Platter of assorted Veg Kebabs (8PCS).R155


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Bundi RaitaChickpea Balls in Yogurt and Indian Spices.R45
Cucumber RaitaHomemade Yogurt with freshly sliced cucumber.R45

Rice & Noodles

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Fried RiceR105
Egg Fried RiceR105
Vegetable Fried RiceR90
Curd RiceR100
Veg Hakka NoodlesR105
Chicken Hakka NoodlesR110

Punjab Di Shan Chef’s Special

MealPrice (R)
Kadi Pakora + Rice + Tawa ParathaR85
Amritsari Kulcha with CholeR70
Sarso Da Saag + Makki Di RotiR85
Egg Curry + Punjabi Tawa ParathaR85
Chole BhatureR75
Baingan Bharta + Tava ParathaR85

Indian Breads

Indian BreadDescriptionPrice (R)
Plain NaanFlat leavened bread baked.R22
Butter NaanNaan Bread brushed with butter.R28
Garlic NaanNaan Bread flavored with garlic and butter.R28
Rogani NaanNaan with Sesame seeds.R25
Peshawari NaanA special Naan stuffed with nuts and dried fruits, baked in a clay oven.R28
RotiWholewheat bread cooked in a tandoori oven.R25
Roomali RotiThin sift bread cooked on Thava.R26
Thava RotiFlat bread cooked on Thava.R25
Misi RotiMade of Chickpea and wholewheat flour.R25
Makki Di RotiMade of Yellow millet flour.R26
Hari Mirchi Ki RotiRoti with fresh green chili.R24
Laccha ParathaWhite Bread made in layers, brushed with Ghee.R30
Pudhina ParathaWheat bread with fresh mint.R30
Kerala ParathaSoft layered bread cooked on Tawa.R30
Aloo ParathaAloo (potato) Stuffed Parathas.R50
Gobu ParathaGobi (Cauliflower) stuffed Parathas.R55

Lamb & Seafood Kebabs

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Lamb Seekh KebabSpiced ground lamb wrapped on a skewer and grilled in Tandoor.R135
Lamb Boti KebabMarinated Lamb Chunks – Grilled in Tandoor.R125
Tandoori Lamb Chops KebabMarinated overnight in traditional Tandoori Spices. Grilled in Tandoor.R190
Mixed Platter (Serves2) Lamb KebabA special selection of Lamb, Chicken, and Fish Kebab.R190
Tandoori PrawnsCharcoal-grilled prawns with tandoori marinade.R172
Chilli PrawnsMarinated prawns deep-fried & toasted with onion, peppers & soya sauce.R190
Fish TikkaSpiced ground lamb wrapped on a skewer and grilled in Tandoor.R190
Mixed Platter (Serves 2)A special selection of lamb, chicken & fish kebabs.R200


DessertPrice (R)
Gajar Ka HalwaR55
Gulab JamunR40
Ras MalaiR40
Ice Cream with Chocolate SauceR40


BeveragePrice (R)
Soft Drinks CanR30
Ice TeaR30

Hot Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Masala TeaR20
Rooibos TeaR20
Filtered CoffeeR20
Don PedroR50
Irish CoffeeR50
Kahlua CoffeeR45

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