Experience delicious comfort food at The Diner in Krugersdorp, where friendly faces and nostalgic vibes collide. Step into another period with checkered floors, chrome stools, and warm neon signs, immersed in the aroma of sizzling griddles. Enjoy the classic Americana atmosphere while laughing over hot plates.

The Diner Krugersdorp Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameThe Diner Krugersdorp
Cuisine TypeSouth African
Opening Hours8 am – 10 pm
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The Diner Krugersdorp Menu

Indulge in a symphony of comfort food favorites at The Diner, from juicy double cheeseburgers to fluffy pancakes. Enjoy smooth milkshakes with classic and daring flavors, alongside lighter options like salads and hearty wraps and sandwiches.

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The Diner’s Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
RUSH HOUR2 Rashers of bacon, two eggs, grilled tomato, and toast.R59.00
FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST2 Rashers of bacon, pork or beef sausage, two eggs, grilled tomato, mushroom, hash brown, baked beans, and toast.R119.00
EGGS BENEDICTToasted muffins topped with grilled Gypsy ham, rocket, two poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce garnished with micro herbs.R79.00
EGGS ROYALEPan-seared to perfection in our house, Peri-Peri sauce and a hint of cream served with toasted Ciabatta, topped with a fried egg.R119.00
AVO ON TOASTToasted Rye bread with a cream cheese spread, topped with smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta, and garnished with fresh basil.R85.00
FRENCH TOASTBrioche dusted in cinnamon sugar, served with crispy bacon and banana, drizzled with honey.R75.00
CHICKEN LIVERSPan-seared to perfection in our house, Peri-Peri sauce and a hint of cream served with toasted ciabatta, topped with a fried egg.R79.00
GRANOLA BOWLDouble-thick Greek yogurt and muesli topped with seasonal fruit and drizzled with honey. Substitute the yogurt for Almond milk for a Vegan option.R79.00

The Diner’s Omelet

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
TomatoThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and tomato filling.R10
OnionThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and onion filling.R15
PeppersThree-egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and pepper filling.R15
JalapenoThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and jalapeno filling.R20
SpinachThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and wilted spinach filling.R35
AvoThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and avocado filling.R24
MozzarellaThree egg omelets with melted mozzarella cheese.R15
CheddarThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese.R15
MushroomsThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and mushroom filling.R20
HamThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and ham filling.R25
Savory MinceThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and savory mince filling.R45
FetaThree egg omelets with melted cheddar cheese and feta filling.R25

The Diner’s Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
WINGS4x Chicken wings grilled with BBQ or Peri-Peri basting served with a Ranch or Blue cheese dip on the side.R89.00
CHICKEN LIVERSPan-seared to perfection in our house Peri-Peri sauce with a hint of cream, served with toasted Ciabatta.R69.00
HALLOUMI FINGERSHalloumi fingers dusted and fried, served with sweet chili sauce and fresh greens.R99.00
PRAWN TEMPURASmoked Salmon Carpaccio, is is served with garden greens, cucumber ribbon, red onions, lemon wedge, and capers.R119.00
SNAILSSnails with garlic butter, fresh parsley, or creamy garlic sauce served with brown bread.R75.00
JALAPENO POPPERS3x Jalapeno poppers filled with bacon and cream cheese fried to perfection and served with a ranch dip.R79.00
CALAMARIThey are fried or grilled tubes and squid heads served with tartare or lemon butter sauce.R89.00
CRUMBED MUSHROOMSCrumbed mushrooms served with a ranch dipping sauce.R89.00
CHICKEN STRIPSChicken Strips crumbed and deep fried served with a ranch or blue cheese dip on the side.R79.00
SALMON CARPACCIOSmoked Salmon Carpaccio is served with garden greens, cucumber ribbon, red onions, lemon wedge, and capers.R119.00

The Diner’s Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
VILLAGE GREEKIt is traditionally made with tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, Danish feta, and Kalamata olives tossed in olive oil and vinegar.R79.00
CHICKPEA SALADRoasted Chickpeas, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, mixed lettuce, Danish Feta, chopped parsley, baby spinach, and red cabbage, tossed with a vegan Italian dressing.R119.00
CHICKEN SALADMixed greens with cherry tomatoes, red onion, roasted almond flakes, avocado, grilled Cajun deboned chicken thighs, and a Cajun dressing. served with a lemon wedge.R129.00

The Diner’s Light Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
NACHOSI slow-cooked pork belly with Swiss cheese, Gherkins, and yellow mustard on a toasted panini, served with chips.R109
CHICKEN WRAPLayers of nacho chips, melted mozzarella, and cheddar with fresh salsa, smashed Avo, and sour cream. Add: chicken R35, add: bacon R30, add: jalapenos R25, add: mince R45.R129
CUBAN SANDWICHSlow-cooked pork belly with Swiss cheese, Gherkins, and yellow mustard on a toasted panini, served with chips.R139

The Diner’s Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
NAPOLITANALinguine pasta tossed with a homemade napolitana sauce served with grated parmesan and fresh basil.R119.00
ALFREDOLinguine pasta tossed in a creamy parmesan alfredo sauce, with ham and mushrooms, topped with crispy bacon bits.R129.00
CHICKEN AND BASILPenne pasta with tender chicken strips, Kalamata olives, olive oil, and basil pesto, garnished with basil and sundried tomatoes.R149.00
SEAFOOD PASTALinguine pasta tossed in a mussel and garlic-based tomato sauce topped with mussels, calamari, hake, and two queen prawns.R215.00
MAC AND CHEESEThe classic mac and cheese comfort meal. Add Bacon: R30, Add Chicken: R35R129.00
BOLOGNAISESpaghetti served with slow-braised beef bolognese garnished with fresh herbs.R120.00
VEGGIE PASTALinguine pasta with pan-seared carrots, baby marrow, broccoli, aubergine, and olives in a smoked paprika tomato-based sauce.R100.00

The Diner’s Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
THE DINER CLASSIC100% Pure beef burger, creamy mayo, gherkins, lettuce, grilled onions, and tomato slices.R119.00
DAGWOOD2x 100% Pure beef patties, 2x strips of bacon, melted cheddar or a cheese sauce, tomato slice, red onion, pickles, cos lettuce, creamy mayo, and an egg.R199.00
CHEESEBURGER100% Pure beef burger, melted cheddar, lettuce, gherkins, tomato slices, and grilled onions.R139.00
WAGYU BURGERGrilled to perfection, our juiciest burger yet, topped with rocket, melted cheddar cheese, and grilled red onions.R169.00
BACON AND CHEESE100% Pure beef patty with melted cheddar, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and gherkins, grilled onions with mayo.R149.00
BIG BOOM100% Pure beef patty with cream cheese and biltong spread, jalapeno “bottle tops,” cos lettuce, and tomato.R139.00
CHICKENGrilled or fried chicken breast with slaw and tomato slices.R119.00
CHICKEN MUSHROOMGrilled or fried chicken breast topped with mushroom sauce, served with lettuce, tomato, gherkins, and creamy mayo.R129.00

The Diner’s Classics

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
RIBSRibs grilled to perfection and basted with BBQ basting or Peri-Peri. It is served with chips and onion rings.R200
Pork Ribs Half RackHalf RackR199
Pork Ribs Full RackFull RackR310
Beef Ribs Half RackHalf RackR229
Beef Ribs Full RackFull RackR339
PORK RIBS AND WINGSHalf rack pork rib and four chicken wings with your choice of Peri-Peri or BBQ. It is served with chips.R259
BEEF RIBS AND WINGSHalf rack beef rib and four chicken wings with your choice of Peri-Peri or BBQ. Served with chips.R279
LAMB CHOPS3x 120g lamb chops, basted with a mint sauce, served with chips and a Grook salsa.R299
EISBEINTraditionally brined and fried, served with chips and sweet mustard sauce.R199
PORK BELLYSlow-roasted pork belly basted with a sticky BBQ sauce and served with slaw and mash.R159

The Diner’s Chicken

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHICKEN BREASTChicken breast grilled and basted, in your choice of lemon and herb, Peri-Peri served with mixed vegetables.R120.00
CHICKEN SCHNITZELCrumbed chicken breast topped with cheese sauce, avo, and bacon, served with your choice of starch.R189.00
CHICKEN CORDON BLEUCrumbed tender chicken breast stuffed with ham and mozzarella cheese topped with cheese, mushroom, or pepper sauce. Served with onion rings and chips.R179.00
SPATCHCOCKBaby chicken is basted in BBQ, lemon, herb, or Peri-Peri, served with chips.R179.00
EXCALIBURDeboned chicken thighs grilled and basted with homemade honey mustard sauce served on a sword with chips.R169.00

The Diner’s Seafood

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CALAMARI MAINGrilled or fried tubes and squid heads served with lemon butter or tartare sauce.R199.00
MUSSELA generous portion of full-shell mussels pan-seared in garlic, chopped fresh parsley, white wine, parmesan sauce, lemon, and a hint of cream served with toasted parmesan bread.R179.00
PRAWNS8 Queen prawns served with lemon butter, or Peri-Peri served with rice.R249.00
BABY KINGKLIP ON THE BONEGrilled with lemon butter and served with fresh salsa and chips.R250.00
HAKE AND CHIPSThe 300g hake fillet is grilled or fried and served with lemon butter or tartar sauce and chips.R169.00
HAKE AND CALAMARIHake and calamari tubes & heads, grilled or fried with lemon butter or tartare sauce served with chips.R189.00

The Diner’s Desserts

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
WAFFLEFreshly made waffle with your choice of ice cream or cream, topped with fresh seasonal berries, maple syrup, and mint.R89.00
MALVA PUDDINGTraditional Malva pudding is served with custard and ice cream.R69.00
CREME BRULEClassic Creme Brule, served with berries, lightly dusted with icing sugar.R69.00
NUTTY SUNDAELayers of vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, Nutty Krust biscuits, and sliced banana, topped with cream and cherries.R79.00
BERRY SUNDAELayers of vanilla ice cream and berry compote topped with fresh cream and fresh berries and garnished with mint.R79.00
CHOCOLATE BROWNIELayers of vanilla ice cream and berry compote topped with fresh cream and fresh berries and garnished with mint.R89.00

The Diner’s Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Mixed vegR35.00
Side SaladR30.00
Pap and gravyR45.00
Roasted butternutR35.00
Creamed spinachR35.00
Baked potatoR30.00

The Diner’s Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Mocha JavaR32
Red CappuccinoR39
Hot Chocolate – Add Hazelnut or Vanilla SyrupR33
Mega CappuccinoR36
Gourmet Tea – Spice ChaiR32

The Diner’s Cocktails

Cocktail NameDescriptionPrice (R)
ANYTIME PIMMSClassic refreshing Pimms with gin, lemon juice, and ginger ale.R85
OLD FASHIONEDGood old-fashioned Jack Daniels with Angostura bitters, lime, and orange zest.R105
NEGRONIWixworth Gin, Rosso, Campari, and garnished with orange peel.R85
GIN MARTINIWixworth Gin, dry vermouth, and a dash of bitters served with olives.R65
VODKA MARTINIVodka and dry vermouth shaken and served with an olive and a lemon twist.R65
MANGO DAIQUIRILight rum blended with mango puree and ice.R85
VIRGIN MIMOSAProsecco and orange juice.R55
WHISKEY SOURJameson shook with lemon juice, pure cane syrup, ice, and egg whites. It is garnished with an orange peel and a cherry.R95
STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRIStrawberry juice, light rum, and ice blended till smooth.R55
VIRGIN LONG ISLAND ICED TEAWixworth Gin, Bacardi Rum, Vodka, El Jimador Tequila, and Triple Sec, layered with lemon juice and Coca-Cola.R115

The Diner’s Wine List

Wine TypeWine NamePrice (R)
4TH STREETBoschen BlancR49
Ken Forister Petit PinotageR49
Koelenhoffer Sauvignon BlancR49
Koelnektar GewuztraminerR49
Koelenberg PinotageR49
Koelenberg BlendR49
BOSCHENDALBoschen BlancR149
Syrah (Shiraz)R169
NEDERBURG 56HUNDREDSauvignon BlancR159
Cabernet SauvignonR159
ZONNEBLOEMNoir de Noir (Shiraz)R235
KEN FORRESTERPetit PinotageR159
BOSCHENDALBoschen Blanc (White Blend)R149
ZONNEBLOEMNoir de Noir (White Blend)R159
KEN FORRESTERPetit Chenin BlancR157
BUITENVERWATCHTINGBuiten Blanc (White Blend)R165
CROYDONCape BlendR205
CHARDONNAYLeopards LeapR149
Rupert and Rothschild ClassiqueR399
Chocolate BlockR499
SEMI-SWEETJohannisberger LegacyR109
Nederburg SteinR129
JC Le RouxR179
JC Non-AlcoholicR170
ROSEAnnabella Cuvee RoseR229
4th Street Sweet RoseR129
Pongracz Cap ClassiqueR309
Nederburg RoseR150
Allesverloren Tinta RoseR175
Leopards Leap Chardonnay Pinot NoirR139

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