Platinum Belt Lounge Umhlanga offers an elegant and vibrant atmosphere in the heart of Umhlanga Ridge. With luxurious furnishings, contemporary artwork, and an open kitchen, it’s a captivating setting for fine dining. Guests can indulge in a journey of gastronomic excellence, experiencing meticulous craft and culinary artistry in every dish.

Platinum Belt Lounge Umhlanga Menu South Africa
Restaurant NamePlatinum Belt Lounge Umhlanga
Cuisine TypeSouth African
Opening Hours8 am – 11 pm
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Platinum Belt Lounge Umhlanga Menu

Platinum Belt Lounge offers meticulously curated menus and exquisite presentations for unparalleled dining experiences. Each dish combines innovative techniques and timeless flavors to enchant guests, making it an unforgettable culinary journey.

Vegetarian First Course

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Soup of the Day (Small)Please enquire with your Server about our soup of the day (V)R80
Summer Garden (Small)Confit Heirloom cherry tomato/ Cauliflower florets/ Egg Noodles/Shimeji mushrooms/Cucumber / Red onion /Kale puree/ Edamame beans /Parmesan tuile /Almond Foam (VE, N)R125
Summer Garden (Large)Confit Heirloom cherry tomato/ Cauliflower florets/ Egg Noodles/Shimeji mushrooms/Cucumber / Red onion /Kale puree/ Edamame beans /Parmesan tuile /Almond Foam (VE, N)R120
Grilled Halloumi Salad (Small)Pan-grilled Halloumi /Shimeji mushrooms / Cherry tomatoes / Cos lettuce / Capers -sherry vinaigrette (V)R75
Grilled Halloumi Salad (Large)Pan-grilled Halloumi /Shimeji mushrooms / Cherry tomatoes / Cos lettuce / Capers -sherry vinaigrette (V)R120
Vegan ‘Scallops’ Salad (Small)Vegan Greek white cheese /King Oyster mushrooms / Cherry tomatoes /Dunked Cauliflower (VE)R85
Vegan ‘Scallops’ Salad (Small)Vegan Greek white cheese /King Oyster mushrooms / Cherry tomatoes /Dunked Cauliflower (VE)R130
Cajun Chickpea Salad (Small)Cucumber / Red onion / Cajun chickpea / Brinjal / Edamame beans / Cherry tomatoes / Vegan Greek white cheese / Orange-cumin vinaigrette (V)R70
Cajun Chickpea Salad (Large)Cucumber / Red onion / Cajun chickpea / Brinjal / Edamame beans / Cherry tomatoes / Vegan Greek white cheese / Orange-cumin vinaigrette (V)R115
Lightly Smoked Chicken CaesarCos lettuce / Caesar dressing / Chicken strips / Croutons / Anchovies / Avocado / Boiled egg / Parmesan shavingsR85
Thai Chili Beef SaladBeef strips / Ginger / Sesame oil / Bell peppers / Kimchi / Sesame seeds / Soy-honey dressing (GF, DF)R95
Tuna Niçoise SaladTuna/Cubed potatoes/ Baby cos lettuce/ Calamata olives/ Green peppers/ Red onion/ Edamame bean/ Soft poached quail egg (DF)R95
Panko PrawnsGuacamole / Tomato fondue / Siracha mayoR115
Smoked Salmon CarpaccioCucumber salsa / Caper berries / Melba toast / Chive cream cheeseR120
Smoked Garlic Mussels½ Shell Mussels/Smoked garlic and white wine sauce /Baked bread roll, Crispy onion /Bacon dustR125

Platinum Belt Lounge Main Course

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Ribeye500g Prime SteakR325
TomahawkPlease enquire with your ServerSubject to Quantity
Lazy Muscle on the Bone300g Beef fillet on the boneR210
Lamb Chops3x 120g Lamb ChopsR270
Rump of Lamb250g Rump SteakR215
Slow Braised OxtailHerbed mashed potatoes / Glazed carrotsR275
Lamb ShankGarlic mashed potatoes / Sauteed spinachR290

Platinum Belt Lounge Pork Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pork BellyCrushed sweet potatoes / Tender stem broccoli / Chili-ginger glazeR200
Asian-Inspired Pork RibsCucumber spaghetti / Mint / Edamame beans / Kimchi / Apple / Soy-orange dressing / FriesR250
Duo of PorkPork loin / Pork croquette / Tender stem broccoli / Carrot Shavings / Apple sauce / Carrot & baby marrow ribbons / Pea & bacon soilR285

Platinum Belt Lounge Poultry Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Deboned Half ChickenZanzibar-flavored half chicken / rustic fries or kachumbari saladR180
Pan-Seared Cald Hamepecking DuckDuck Breast / Potato galette / Cauliflower florets / Cauliflower mousse / Creamed leeks / Red wine jusR210

Platinum Belt Lounge From the Sea Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Norwegian SalmonPave of Salmon / Sticky rice / Tender stem broccoli / Ponzu sauceR280
Baked Whole Fish (to share)Lemon couscous / Kachumbari salad / Champagne butter sauceR350
Grilled PrawnsGarlic-lemon butter or Peri-peri sauce / French friesR250
Catch of the DayPlease enquire with your Server about our fish of the dayR225
Homemade Seafood PastaHomemade Seafood PastaR220
Homemade Seafood PastaPlease enquire with your Server about our pasta of the dayR200

Platinum Belt Lounge Vegetarian Options

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
TortelliniHome-made pasta / Butternut / Truffled exotic mushrooms / Sunflower seeds / Parmesan veloutéR150
Pancit GuisadoEgg noodles / Shiitake mushrooms / Kimchi / Julienne of seasonal vegetables / Soy-chili sauceR130
Vin Blanc Mushroom RisottoTruffled exotic mushrooms / Parmesan shavingsR140
Mushroom GnocchiMélange of wild mushroom / Potato gnocchi / Poached quail egg / Parmesan shavings / Truffle zestR195

Platinum Belt Lounge Chef Specials

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Duo of WagyuSubject to availability 250g-300g Wagyu fillet / Parma ham / Beef marrow / Chorizo and Chickpea dust / Roasted Cauliflower Puree / Cheese beignet / Cognac jusR850
Crusted Lamb RackMaple glazed Heirloom carrots / Potato galette / Baby beetroot shavings / Pea puree / Thyme jus.R355

Platinum Belt Lounge Desserts

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cake of the DayPlease enquire with your Server about our cake of the dayR90
Rooibos & Vanilla Crème BruleePoached pear / Salted caramel / Honeycomb / Vanilla pod ice creamR95
Chocolate Lava CakeEspresso syrup / Vanilla pod ice creamR110
Platinum Belt Trio of ‘Mousses’Mirror glaze / Amarula, Caramel and Mint mousse dome / Caramel and Mint Ice cream / Cucumber jellyR145
Mango Parfait and Coconut PuddingFresh mango salsa / Almond Praline / Coconut SorbetR125

Platinum Belt Lounge Nibbles

ItemPrice (R)
Calamari Fritti / Siracha MayoR95
Asian Pork Ribs / Asian SaladR120
Sticky Chicken WingletsR90
Beef or Chicken Sliders / French FriesR70
Pork Spring Rolls / Asian BBQR65

Platinum Belt Lounge Platters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Meat FeastPrime Rib, Sticky Chicken Wings, Lamb Chops, 240g Chicken Livers, Mini Salad, French FriesR750
Platinum Seafood FeastWhole Baked Fish, Crayfish, Prawns, garlic mussels, Fried Calamari, Kachumbari Salad, French Fries, Peri-Peri Sauce, Champagne SauceR1,100
Vegetable Feast (V)Steamed Vegetables, Onion Rings, Crumbed Mushrooms, Chunky Greek Salad, Grilled Halloumi, Rustic Fries, Bearnaise SauceR300

Platinum Belt Lounge Sushi Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
California Rolls (8 pieces)SalmonR120
Vegetables VR85
Rainbow Rolls (4 pieces)Sushi BurgerR95
Vegetables VR95
Fashion Sandwich (4 pieces)Bamboo / Cucumber Roll (4 pieces)R65
Steamed PrawnsR110
Vegetables VR95
Prawn Avalanche (8 pieces)Prawn California roll/tempura prawn/avalanche sauceR215
Maki (6 pieces)SalmonR80
Vegetables VR45
Hand RollsSalmonR90
Vegetables VR65
Vegan Sushi V2 Vegetables Rainbow Roll 3 Maki AvocadoR85
2 Vegetables California Roll 2 Vegetables Fashion Sandwich
Tuna / Prawn Crunch (8 pcs)with rice/salmon/slices of avocado/mayonnaise/caviarR115
Salmon Roses/Tuna Roses (2)with rice/salmon/slices of avocado/mayonnaise / caviarR110
Nigiri (2 pieces)SalmonR65
Salmon Platter (34 pieces)Sashimi 6 Salmon Maki 6 Roses Salmon, 8 Rainbow Roll Salmon, 6 Nigiri Salmon, 4 Salmon Fashion SandwichR720
Beachway Platter6 Salmon Roses 2 Tuna Bin curd 4 Prawn Avalanche 4 Tuna Nigiri 4 Cucumber California Rolls V 8 Salmon Rainbow RollsR730
Vegetable Platter V3 Maki Cucumber 3 Maki Avocado 4 Greek California Roll 4 Vegetable California Roll 4 Vegetable Fashion SandwichR620

Platinum Belt Lounge Hot Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Café LatteR30
Double EspressoR22
Hot ChocolateR32
Single EspressoR18
Ceylon TeaR28
Herbal TeaR32
Rooibos TeaR28

Platinum Belt Lounge Soft Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Iced teaR35
Sprite ZeroR30
Sparkling WaterR60
Still WaterR60
Apple / GrapetiserR35
Coca ColaR28
Coca Cola LiteR28
Coca Cola ZeroR28
Cream SodaR28
Fanta OrangeR28
Red BullR46
Assorted JuicesR32

The Platinum Fix

BeveragePrice (R)
Healthy Shots (assorted flavors)R25
Bloody MaryR52

Platinum Belt Lounge Cocktails

CocktailIngredientsPrice (R)
The Platinum SummerTanqueray, Lemon Juice, Rose Syrup, Rooibos Tea Bag, Sparkling WineR95
Bees KneesInverroche Verdant, Honey, Lemon Juice, Orange JuiceR80
Blue SkyCîroc Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, Sparkling WineR120
Tom CollinsTanqueray, Lemon juice, Sugar Syrup, Soda WaterR75
Italian StrawberryBacardi, Strawberry Liqueur, Strawberry Syrup, Lime Juice, Mint, Fresh Strawberries, Sparkling WineR75
Sparkling MojitoSparkling Wine, Bacardi, Fresh Lime Muddled, Mint, Sugar SyrupR85
Platinum NectarHendrick’s, Triple Sec, Basil Syrup, Pineapple Juice, Green PeppercornR65
The ResidentTanqueray 10, Triple Sec, Raspberry Puree, Lemon Juice, Minted Sugar Syrup, Soda WaterR95
The Grand MimosaBelvedere Mango, Vanilla Syrup, Orange Juice, Sparkling WineR90
PalomaTequila Reposado, Cranberry Juice, Lime juice, Triple secR75
Hazy HorizonSingleton 12yrs, Honey syrup, Lemon Juice, Bitters, RosemaryR105
Old Fashion TwistBourbon, Bitters, Lemon juice, Sugar SyrupR70

Platinum Belt Lounge Wines

Sparkling WineStellenrust ‘Clement de Lure’ Brut StellenboschR65R335
Sparkling WineKrone’ Night Nectar’ Demi-Sec, TulbaghR75R375
White and RoséThe Fledge & Co ‘Jikken Bareru’ Sauvignon Blanc, StellenboschR45R215
White and RoséKrone’ Night Nectar’ Demi-Sec, TulbaghR45R215
White and RoséKrone’ Night Nectar’ Demi-Sec, TulbaghR65R295
White and RoséCederberg Bukettraube, CederbergR65R265
White and RoséSwartland Blanc de Noir, SwartlandR45R175
Red WineLyngrove Merlot, StellenboschR45R215
Red WineVondeling ‘Baldrick’ Shiraz, Voor PaardebergR45R215
Red WineStellenbosch Vineyards ‘Bushvine’ Pinotage, StellenboschR55R275
Red WineSimonsig Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz, StellenboschR55R215
Dessert WineThelema ‘Vin de Hel’, Late Harvest, StellenboschR25R285
Fortified WineAllesverloren ‘Fine Old’ Vintage, SwartlandR35R355
Fortified WineBeyerskloof ‘Lagare’ Cape Vintage, StellenboschR45R385

Platinum Belt Lounge Tequila, Gin, Vodka, and Liqueurs

CategoryItem NamePrice (R)
TequilaDon Julio ReposadoR70
TequilaOlmeca BlancoR35
TequilaPatron XO CaféR40
TequilaEspolon ReposadoR45
GinMalfy OriginaleR36
GinInverroche AmberR45
GinInverroche VerdantR45
GinSix DogsR46
GinBull DogR40
GinBombay SapphireR32
GinTanqueray No.10R40
VodkaKetel OneR35
VodkaCîroc PineappleR45
VodkaBelvedere MangoR44
VodkaGrey GooseR50
VodkaCruz WatermelonR30
VodkaAbsolute BlueR32
VodkaLovoka Crème CaramelR25
RumSpice GoldR27
RumHavana Club 7-yrR35
BourbonJack Daniel’s Old No.7R30
BourbonGentleman Jack RareR40
LiqueursDisaronno AmarettoR35
LiqueursAmarula CreamR20
LiqueursAntonella Grappa CabernetR65

Platinum Belt Lounge Other Spirits

CategoryItem NamePrice (R)
Brandy & CognacKWV 15-yr PotstillR82
Brandy & CognacKWV 10-yr PotstillR35
Brandy & CognacKlipdrift PremiumR30
Brandy & CognacTokara XO PotstillR80
Brandy & CognacVan Ryn’s 12-yr PotstillR36
Brandy & CognacMartell VSOPR145
Brandy & CognacRemy Martin XOR305
Brandy & CognacHennessey XOR280
Brandy & CognacRemy Martin VSOPR82
Brandy & CognacHennessy VSR52
Brandy & CognacHennessy VSOPR75
Brandy & CognacCourvoisier VSOPR80
Brandy & CognacCourvoisier VSR50
Single Malt WhiskyOban 14-yrR110
Single Malt WhiskyLaphroaig 10-yrR70
Single Malt WhiskyDalwhinnie 15-yrR116
Single Malt WhiskyGlenfiddich 12-yrR55
Single Malt WhiskyGlenlivet 12-yrR60
Single Malt WhiskyMacallan 12-yrsR75
Single Malt WhiskyTalisker 10-yrR80
Single Malt WhiskyThe Balvenie 12-yrR90
Single Malt WhiskySingleton 12-yrR48
Single Malt WhiskyGlenmorangie NectarR95
Single Malt WhiskyGlenmorangie 10-yrR50
Single Malt WhiskyGlenlivet 18-yrR160
Single Malt WhiskyGlenfiddich 15-yrR90
Single Malt WhiskyGlenlivet 15-yrR95
Single Malt WhiskyLagavulin 16-yrR130
Single Malt WhiskyMacallan 15-yrR120
Single Malt WhiskyMacallan 18-yrR290
Single Grain WhiskyBains Cape MountainR30
Single Grain WhiskyTullamore DewR30
Blended Scotch WhiskyChivas Regal 12-yrR40
Blended Scotch WhiskyJohnnie Walker BlackR45
Blended Scotch WhiskyJohnnie Walker GreenR80
Blended Scotch WhiskyJohnnie Walker GoldR70
Blended Scotch WhiskyJohnnie Walker BlueR270
Irish WhiskeyJamesonR36
Irish WhiskeyJameson SelectR45
Irish WhiskeyBushmills Black BushR40

Platinum Belt Lounge Beers & Ciders

CategoryItem NamePrice (R)
Local BeersCastle Lager NRBR32
Local BeersFlying Fish LemonR46
Local BeersHansa NRBR33
Local BeersMillersR32
Local BeersCastle Milk StoutR33
Local BeersAmstelR34
Local BeersBlack Label NRBR32
Local BeersCastle Lite NRBR33
From the TapCastle LiteR48
From the TapHeinekenR55
Crafts and ImportsThat Brewing Co. Pale AleR70
Crafts and ImportsHeineken ZeroR38
Crafts and ImportsCorona ExtraR45
Crafts and ImportsHeinekenR38
Crafts and ImportsDevil’s Peak LagerR45
Crafts and ImportsStella ArtoisR38
Crafts and ImportsWindhoek DraftR42
Crafts and ImportsWindhoek LagerR35
CidersHunters DryR42
CidersHunters GoldR42
CidersSavanna DryR44
CidersBrutal FruitR40
CidersIce TropezR125
CidersHunters ExtremeR46

Platinum Belt Lounge Cigars

FlavorItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Flavor – LightHoyo de Monterrey – Petit RobustoIt’s an enjoyable cigar with a mild and earthy beginning. It evolves progressively without being aggressive. The finish is outstanding and satisfying.R725
Flavor – Light to MediumH. Upmann – Coronas MinorIt is a slow-burning cigar that you can take your time to enjoy. It is a mild, smooth, straightforward cigar with a woody taste. It is ideal for a coffee break or with your favorite single malt.R475
Flavor – MediumCohiba – Medio SigloA well-constructed cigar that draws and burns well. Showcases medium strength with well-rounded flavors that develop and strengthen progressively.R1375
Flavor – MediumMontecristo – RegataIt is an elegantly constructed cigar with typical Cuban flavors of wood, spices, hay, leather, and nuts—intense woody flavors coupled with floral characteristics and warm sweetness on the finish.R865
Flavor – MediumRomeo and Juliet – ChurchillsIt is a solid yet smooth cigar with rich caramel and dark coffee aromas that develop into deep, wild cherry flavors. Delicate exotic spices and baked dough develop through the second third.R1205
Flavor – Medium to FullCohiba – ClubIt is an attractive cigar showcasing the signature Partagas flavors, slightly milder. It is appreciated by experienced smokers and connoisseurs who wish to smoke complex, full-bodied cigars in a shorter time.R125
Flavor – Medium to FullMontecristo – DumasDressed with a second band denoting the site name and a unique third protecting the foot of the cigar. A rich blend of signature Montecristo flavors and medium to full-bodied aromas.R1075
Flavor – FullBoliva – Tubos No.1It is a profoundly complex cigar with spice and earthy back tones. Displays earthy and woody notes accompanied by excellent fruit and chocolate flavors.R605
Flavor – FullBoliva – Belicocos FinosDeep flavors of wood and spicy cream with a subtle, sweet undertone. Nutty, fruity, and floral with a white pepper tingle on the finish. Strong and full-bodied.R955
Flavor – FullPartagas – Series D No.4It’s an enjoyable cigar with a mild and earthy beginning. It evolves progressively without being aggressive. The finish is outstanding and satisfying.R985

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