Eastwood, a beloved South African restaurant chain, offers both dining and catering services across multiple locations. With a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and generous portions of freshly prepared food, it’s a go-to destination for families and adults alike to enjoy quality time together.

Eastwoods Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameEastwoods
Cuisine TypeSouth African
Opening Hours10 am – 11 pm
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Eastwoods Menu

Eastwoods offers a diverse menu featuring breakfast items, specialties, burgers, pizza, grilled meat, and chicken, all made with fresh ingredients. With its warm atmosphere and delicious offerings, it’s a top choice for families and a must-visit restaurant in South Africa.

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Eastwoods Signature Specialities

DishPrice (R)
FILLET MEDALLIONS IN CREAMY ‘SHERRY SAUCE – Fillet medallions pan-fried, flambéed in creamy sherry sauceR160
CREAMY PEPPERCORN FILLET – Fillet 300g served with creamy Madagascar green peppercorn sauceR190
CREAMY MUSHROOM RUMP – Rump 300g topped with creamy mushroom sauceR185
BILTONG CHEESE SIRLOIN – Sirloin 300g topped with biltong cheese sauceR140
STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST – Grilled chicken breast stuffed with peppadews, cheese, and mushroom topped with cheese sauceR140
GRILLED KINGKLIP – Kingklip 250g grilled and dressed with creamy garlic, white wine sauceR105
OXTAIL with sampR135
EISBEIN with mashR145
Nachos grandeR110
1KG ‘Shisa Nyama’R195
Creamy peppercorn filletR185
Oxtail with sampR145

Eastwoods Combo & Snacks Platters

PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
NACHOS GRANDE (serves 2)Nachos topped with melted cheese and tomato base served with guacamole, sour cream, and chopped jalapeno.R155
1KG WING PLATTER (serves 2)Chicken wings 500g and Peri-peri thekon wings 800g with chipsR165
RIB AND WING PLATTER (serves 2)Cocktail pork spare ribs starter & BBQ chicken wings starterR185
4KG MEAT COMBOSirloin on the Bone 500g, trac, and beef short rib 200gR195
4KG SHISA NYAMA COMBO (serves 2)Beef short rib 400g, traditional boerewors 200g, 2% chicken legR195
1KG EASTWOODS BIG GRILL PLATTER (serves 2)Beef short rib 300g, traditional boerewors 200g, BBQ chicken wings 300g, cocktail pork spare ribs 200g, and chipsR450
EASTWOOD CHICKEN AND MEAT PLATTER (serves 4)BBQ chicken wings, crumbed chicken strips, beef short rib, cocktail pork spare ribs, traditional boerewors served with cheese, monkey gland sauce, and chipsR690
VIP PLATTER (serves 6)Beef ribs, cocktail pork ribs, cubed sirloin served in Peri-peri or monkey gland sauce with bread rolls, BBQ chicken wings, beef short ribs, and traditional boerewors with “Tower’ pap and gravy or chips.Not specified

Eastwoods Burgers & Pregos Menu

Burger/PregoPrice (R)
BACON, CHEESE, AND AVO BURGER – Pure beef patty 120g topped with bacon bits and cheeseR 85
MONSTER BURGER – 2 x 200g pure beef pattiesR 85
MONSTER CHICKEN PREGO R – 2 x 200g grilled chicken breasts in Prego sauceR 85

Eastwoods Pizza Menu

PizzaDescriptionPrice (R)
Eastwoods FoccaciaTomato-based with garlic, mixed herbs, and olive oilR 80
MargheritaTomato and mozzarellaR 80
VegetarianMushroom, green pepper, onion, and cocktail tomatoesR 85
ReginaHam and mushroomR 90
TropicalHam and fresh pineappleR 90
MeatyBoerewors, ham, spare rib, onionR 125
SpareribMarinated sparerib, ham, and mushroomR 125
BiltongBiltong, feta cheese, and peppadewR 135
Bacon, Feta, and AvoCrispy bacon, feta cheese, and avocadoR 135
BBQ ChickenGrilled barbecue chicken strips, mushrooms, fetaR 135
Mexican Chicken PizzaPrego chicken strips with peppadew on a Peri-peri baseR 135
EastwoodFeta cheese, olives, ham, and mushroomR 135

Eastwoods Wine List

Wine CategoryWine NamesPrice (R)
Cabernet SauvignonAllesverlorenR 145
La MotteR 145
Durbanville HillsR 145
NederburgR 145
KWY classicR 130
Tall HorseR 105
ShirazAllesverlorenR 145
Durbanville HillsR 145
ZonnebloemR 130
KWV classicR 130
Tall HorseR 105
MerlotZonnebloemR 130
Durbanville HillsR 130
KW classicR 130
Tall HorseR 105
PinotageKanonkop KadetteR 220
BeyerskloofR 220
Durbanville HillsR 130
KWV classicR 160
Tall HorseR 150
Red BlendsRupert & Rothschild ClassiqueR 285
Kanonkop KadetteR 220
KWV RoodebergR165
Sauvignon BlancBoschendal 1685R 210
La MotteR 145
NederburgR 145
KWV ClassicR 130
Durbanville HillsR 145
Tall HorseR 105
ChardonnayDurbanville Hills (Unwooded)R 150
ZonnebloemR 130
KWV classicR 130
Tall HorseR 105
White BlendsHaute Cabriére – Chardonnay Pinot NoirR 185
Fleur du Cap Natural LiteR 110
Rosé & PinksProtea Dry Rosé — Limited EditionR 120
Nederburg RoséR 120
4th Street WinesR 250
Natural Sweet WinesNatural Sweet WhiteR 80
Natural Sweet RoséR 80
Natural Sweet Rosé 1.5LtR 135
Natural Sweet RedR 80
Natural Sweet Red 1.5LtR 135
MCCPongraczR 250
Pongracz 1.5LtR 550
Pongracz RoséR 290
Pongracz Rosé 1.5 LtR 590
SparklingJC Le Roux Sauvignon BlancR 140
JE Le Roux Le DomaineR 140
JE Le Roux La ChansonR 140
JE Le Roux La FleuretteR 140
JE Le Roux La Fleurette 1.5LtR 250
JE Le Roux Le Domaine (NorR 120
JE Le Roux La Fleurette (NorR 120

Eastwoods Dessert Menu

DessertPrice (R)
Crème BrûléeR 65
Malva Pudding (with custard or ice cream)R 60
Double Choc MousseR 55
Monster Chocolate SundaeR 55
Ice Cream and Bar One Choc SauceR 45

Eastwood Hot Beverages

Hot BeveragesPrice (R)
Tea (Five Roses, Rooibos)R 20
Filter CoffeeR 20
Single EspressoR 18
Flafroux Poudre EspressoR 25
Cappuccino (Cream/Foam)R 25
Café LatteR 30

Eastwoods Irish Coffee

Irish CoffeePrice (R)
Irish WhiskyR 40
KahluaR 35
AmarulaR 35
Liqueur CoffeeR 35

Eastwoods Dom Pedro Menu

Dom PedroPrice (R)
WhiskyR 35
KahluaR 35
AmarulaR 35
LiqueurR 35

Eastwoods Spirits Menu

SpiritsPrice (R)
José CuervoR 550
Absolut VodkaR 550
JamesonR 700
Olmeca GoldR 500
KWV 10R 550

Eastwoods From The Grill Menu

From The GrillPrice (R)
Fillet 300gR 155
Rump 300gR 115
Sirloin 300gR 115
T-Bone 500gR 120
Sirloin on the Bone 500gR 110
Traditional Boerewors 500gR 75
1kg Whole Chicken Flattie (serves 2)R 125
Grilled Chicken Breast with Side SaladR 145
Chicken SchnitzelR 125
Eastwoods Creamy Peri-Peri Chicken LiversR 95
Crumbed Chicken Strips (Original/Mexican)R 65
Eastwoods Chicken SaladR 85
Calamari GrilledR 95
Grilled HakeR 85
Deep Fried Hake and ChipsR 80
Hake and CalamariR 145

Eastwoods Menu Sides

SidesPrice (R)
Chips (Large)R 40
Pap & GravyR 30
RiceR 30
Baked Potato/Mashed PotatoR 25
Crispy Fried Battered Onion RingsR 30
Fried Crumbed MushroomsR 30
Veg of the Day (Creamed Spinach & Sweet Pumpkin)R 25
House SaladR 25
Side Greek SaladR 30

Eastwoods Sauces

Eastwood’s SaucesPrices (R)
Madagascar Green PeppercornR 22
MushroomR 22
CheeseR 22
Cheese and MushroomR 22
Monkey-GlandR 22
Peri-Peri ChilliR 22
Peri-Peri CheeseR 22

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