Piatto Restaurant and Grill started in 2001 with its founder, Michael Yiallouris, opening the first location in Eastgate Shopping Centre. Since then, Piatto has expanded to 15 stores across South Africa with plans for further growth. Known for efficient service, quality, and great value, Piatto offers a diverse menu catering to all tastes and occasions, from business lunches to family outings. Enjoy breakfasts and all-day dining in a warm and inviting atmosphere at Piatto.

Piatto Mall Of The South Menu South Africa
Restaurant NamePiatto Mall Of The South
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours8:00 am – 09:00 pm
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Piatto Mall Of The South Menu

Piatto Restaurant & Grill offers a blend of traditional Italian, Greek, and Portuguese cuisine prepared in their unique style. Enjoy a menu featuring Italian pasta, authentic Portuguese dishes, and Greek classics like Moussaka and Lamb Kleftico. Whether dining with clients, friends, or family, experience mellow atmosphere and seamless service at Piatto.

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ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Focaccia Pizza BreadClassic Italian pizza bread topped with various ingredientsStarting from R57
NachosNachos topped with cheddar, mozzarella, feta cheese, guacamole, salsa, and sour creamR114
Garlic SnailsSnails in a herb garlic butter sauce served with crispy breadR102
Baked Black MushroomBlack mushroom topped with spinach, feta, mozzarella in napoletana sauce, baked and served with crispy breadR114
Halloumi Cheese (v)Goat’s milk cheese, deep fried or grilled, served with sweet chilli sauce and lemonR91
Chicken LiversChicken livers sautéed with onion, prepared with or without peri-peri, served with crispy breadR80
BBQ Chicken Wing BasketChargrilled chicken wings in spicy BBQ sauceR107
Garlic Butter Prawn BitesPrawns in garlic butter sauce, topped with parmesan and baked, served with crispy breadR110
Grilled Calamari StarterPatagonian calamari tubes grilled, served with riceR103
Beef Fillet Trinchada StarterStrips of beef pan-fried with garlic, onions, cream, and prego sauce, served with crispy breadR125
Chicken Fillet Trinchada StarterStrips of chicken pan-fried with garlic, onions, cream, and prego sauce, served with crispy breadR91
Traditional Garlic Bread (NEW)Classic garlic breadR40
Garlic & Cheese Roll (New)Garlic bread with cheeseR52
Squid Heads With Chillinaise StarterDeep fried squid heads served with chillinaise sauceR86


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Greek Salad (v)Feta, olives, cherry tomato, and onion on a bed of mixed greens served with Greek dressing.R102
Avocado & Prawn SaladGrilled queen prawns with tangy mayo sauce, avo, onion, cucumber, carrots, and cherry tomato on mixed greens.R160
Crispy Butternut & Feta SaladCrispy butternut chips, feta, avo, cucumber, carrots, and seed brittle on mixed greens.R114
Chicken Pepperdew SaladGrilled herbed chicken strips, feta, avo, pepperdew, roasted nuts, carrots, and cherry tomato on mixed greens.R137
Cajun Chicken SaladGrilled Cajun chicken, feta, olives, toasted flaked almonds, sesame seeds, carrots, and cherry tomato on mixed greens.R129
Honey Sesame Halloumi Salad (V)Grilled honey sesame halloumi, avo, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrots, and cherry tomato on mixed greens.R120


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Chicken WrapCrumbed chicken breast served with basil mayo, avocado, mozzarella, and rocket.R120
Chicken & Halloumi Flat BreadGrilled chicken strips with sweet chilli sauce, grilled halloumi, and avocado, served on flat bread.R144
Grilled Steak Flat BreadSliced 200g grilled sirloin, roast cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, rocket, and basil mayo, served on flat bread.R177
Crispy Bacon WrapCrispy bacon, cheddar cheese, sautéed mushrooms, sliced avocado, and basil mayo, served in a wrap.R120
Hummus & Feta WrapHummus, feta, avocado, pepperdews, cherry tomato, onion, cucumber, crispy zucchini, and pepperdew mayo, served in a wrap.R109


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Steak Prego RollSirloin steak marinated in our secret prego sauce, served with chips.R120
Chicken Prego RollChicken breast marinated in our secret prego sauce, served with chips.R109
Chicken BurgerTenderised chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, tomato, and onion, served with chips and coleslaw.R109
Crumbed Chicken BurgerCrumbed chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, tomato, and onion drizzled with our famous burger sauce.R125
Beef Burger200g Pure beef patty on a bed of lettuce, tomato, and onion, served with chips and coleslaw.R132
Cheese Burger200g Pure beef patty topped with cheddar cheese on a bed of lettuce, tomato, and onion, served with chips and coleslaw.R144
Bacon & Cheese Burger200g Pure beef patty topped with bacon and cheddar cheese on a bed of lettuce, tomato, and onion, served with chips and coleslaw.R155
BJC Burger200g Pure beef patty, crispy bacon, sliced jalapeño chilies, and feta on a bed of lettuce, tomato, and onion, served with chips and coleslaw.R160
Piatto Burger200g Pure beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, dill cucumber, drizzled in our famous secret sauce, served with chips and coleslaw.R160
Bunless Burger200g Pure beef patty topped with avocado and bacon served on a lettuce, tomato, and onion, served with zucchini fries and coleslaw.R149
Traditional Steak RollSirloin steak served on a roll.R149


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
BologneseItalian sauce with ground fillet, a traditional recipe from the Province of BolognaR132
Alfredo PastaPan-fried mushrooms, parmesan, and ham in a creamy sauceR132
Napoletana Pasta (v)Italian plum tomatoes cooked with fresh basilR132
Arrabiata Pasta (v)Tomato, garlic, and fresh chiliR109
Al Chicken PastaStrips of chicken breast tossed with mushrooms, feta, olives, and zucchini in napoletana sauceR144
Spinach & Ricotta Nest Pasta (v)Linguini napoletana with spinach and ricotta topped with mozzarella and parmesan, served with crispy breadR125
Parmesan FilletFillet strips tossed with mushrooms, zucchini, and red onion prepared in a tomato and rosemary herb sauce, finished with parmesan shavingsR178
Chicken Con FungiChicken strips, black mushrooms, diced onion, and parmesan shavings tossed in a creamy sauceR137
Chicken Liver PastaNapoletana with mild peri-peri, sautéed livers, onion, and a splash of cream topped with cream cheese and black pepper, served with crispy breadR155
Butternut Panzeroti (NEW)R154
Linguine Al PomodoriniLinguine tossed with prawns, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and chili, finished with parmesan shavingsR178
Lasagna Bolonese (Pasta Al Forno)Layered sheet of fresh pasta and bolognese topped with a creamy sauce, mozzarella, and baked in our pizza ovenR160


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Margherita Pizza (v)Tomato and mozzarellaR109
Vegetarian Pizza (v)Asparagus, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and olivesR137
Regina PizzaHam and mushroomsR125
Hawaiian PizzaPineapple and hamR125
Quattro Stagioni PizzaHam, mushrooms, olives, salami, and green peppersR150
Piatto PizzaSalami, mushrooms, onions, olives, ham, and garlicR150
Mexicana PizzaGround fillet of beef, green pepper, onions, and chilliR150
Sweet Chilli Chicken PizzaChicken strips marinated in sweet chilli sauce, peppers, pepperdews, avo, and fetaR178
Spicy Chicken PizzaSpicy marinated chicken with avo and rocketR160
BBQ Chicken PizzaBBQ chicken strips, pineapple, and pepperdewsR157
Paradiso PizzaBacon, avo, and fetaR158
Chicken Mayo PizzaChicken & mayonnaiseR144
Seafood PizzaPrawn and calamari with peri-periR194
Calzone (Fold Over) PizzaFold over pizza with ham, bacon, mushrooms, onions, and a pinch of chilliR160


Combo NameDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Wings & Rib ComboThree succulent wings and 300g ribsR252
Chicken & Rib ComboHalf chicken and 300g ribsR260
Rump & Rib Combo200g Rump and 300g ribsR251
Chicken & Lamb Chops ComboHalf chicken and two grilled lamb chopsR282
Rump & Calamari Combo200g Rump and half a portion of grilled calamariR229
Hake & Calamari ComboGrilled calamari tubes and herbed lemon hakeR205
Surf & Turf Combo200g Rump and four queen prawnsR224
Chicken & Prawn ComboHalf chicken and four queen prawnsR236


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
CalamariLightly grilled calamari drizzled with lemon and butter sauceR195
Hake & ChipsGrilled or fried hake served with tartar sauceR125
Hake ThermidoreGrilled hake topped with prawn meat, mussels, and mushroom in a cheese sauceR190
Grilled KingklipHerbed lemon grilled kingklipR252
1/2 kg Queen PrawnsGrilled queen prawns served with lemon butter or peri-peri sauceR240
Seafood Platter For 1Includes 4 queen prawns, grilled calamari, and a portion of grilled herbed lemon hakeR263
Seafood Platter For 2Includes 12 queen prawns, grilled calamari, crispy squid heads, and grilled herbed lemon hakeR459


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Traditional Portuguese ChickenWhole grilled chicken marinated in secret Portuguese marinade, flame-grilled and quarteredR217
Chicken SchnitzelCrumbed and lightly pan-fried chicken served with choice of cheese or mushroom sauceR148
Grilled Chicken BreastsGrilled chicken breasts with choice of lemon or peri-peri sauce, served with salsaR137
Buffalo Chicken Wings8 Buffalo wings coated in spicy marinade, served with blue cheese dip and chipsR182
Oriental WokOriental noodles with marinated chicken, soy sauce, vegetables, cashew nuts, pineapple, sesame seeds, ginger, chilli, and garlicR144


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Rump (200g)Cut of rump steakR160
Sirloin (300g)Cut of sirloin steakR198
Fillet (250g)Cut of fillet steakR229
T-Bone (500g)T-Bone steakR240
BBQ Pork Ribs (500g)Barbecue pork ribsR259


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Veg Of The DaySeasonal vegetablesR40
Grilled MushroomsMushrooms grilledR52
Fried Onion RingsOnion rings friedR34
MashMashed potatoesR35
Creamy SpinachSpinach in a creamy sauceR46
Butternut FriesButternut friesR35
RicePlain riceR35
ChipsFrench friesR35
Zucchini FriesZucchini friesR35
Side SaladCherry tomato and onion on mixed greens with Greek dressingR44
SaucesVarious sauces available (price per sauce)R37


Sirloin Bistek300g Sirloin steak filled with feta, jalapeño chili, and bacon topped with a cheese sauceR229
Sirloin Pepperdew300g Sirloin steak filled with mozzarella, feta, pepperdews, and mushroomsR229
Sirloin 300g, Egg & Chips300g Sirloin steak served with eggs and chipsR213
Fillet 250g, Egg & Chips250g Fillet steak served with eggs and chipsR259
Lamb ChopsGreek style grilled lamb chops with oregano and lemonR300
OxtailBraised oxtail cooked to perfection, served with rice and vegetablesR298
Piatto Carpetbagger (NEW)(Description not provided)R259
Lamb KlefticoTender lamb on the bone slow-baked in the pizza oven, drizzled with lamb jus served with mash and vegetablesR344


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Traditional WaffleTraditional waffle topped with maple syrup.R58
Bar One Chocolate WaffleTraditional waffle topped with sliced Bar One, smarties, and maple syrup.R83
Oreo WaffleTraditional waffle topped with Oreo biscuits, chocolate sauce, and strawberries.R83
Caramel WaffleTraditional waffle topped with caramel sauce.R86


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Malva PuddingServed with custard or ice-cream.R80
Warm Chocolate ParcelsPraline chocolate folded in phyllo pastry, baked and served with ice-cream.R109
Chocolate Brownies & Ice-CreamDecadent chocolate brownies served with ice-cream.R80
Ice Cream with Bar One SauceR68
Piatto Famous CheesecakeAmerican style fridge cheesecake.R80


Kiddies Eggy Bread ToastieWith bacon, syrup, served with chips. Served on white or brown bread with or without crusts.R69
Kiddies Just A ToastieWith mozzarella, served with chips. Served on white or brown bread with or without crusts.R66
Kiddies Cheesy PizzaWith tomato and mozzarella.R67
Kiddies Penne BolognesePenne with bolognese and cheese sauce. Topped with mozzarella sprinkles.R69
Kiddies Crumbed Chicken StripsCrumbed chicken strips served with chips.R68
Kiddies Cottage Pie PotsBolognese topped with mashed potato and melted mozzarella.R68
Kiddies Crispy CalamariServed with dipping mayo and chips.R102
Kiddies Crispy Squids HeadsServed with dipping mayo and chips.R102
Kiddies Sticky Rib BasketBBQ marinated pork ribs served with chips.R110
Kiddies Burger FlattiePure beef burger with cheese and pink sauce, toasted into an “easier to eat” burger served with chips.R73
Kiddies Steak & ChipsKiddies sirloin served with chips.R93


Croissant (v)Served with jam and cheddar cheese.R59
French ToastTwo slices of eggy bread.from R55
Prima One BreakfastOne egg, two rashers of bacon, tomato and toast.R45
Eggs On Toast (v)Scrambled, fried or poached eggs served with toast.R45
Avo & Eggs On Ciabatta (v)Two eggs served with roasted rosa tomato, smashed avo, rocket and basil mayo.R78
Mince On ToastTwo slices of toast with mince and cheddar cheese, topped with two eggs.R79
The Cypriot BreakfastTomato, three rashers of bacon, halloumi, two eggs and toast. Delicious as a toasted wrap.R109
Best BreakfastTwo eggs, three rashers of bacon, tomato, beef sausage served with toast.R92
English BreakfastTwo eggs, three rashers of bacon, tomato, mushrooms and toast.R91
German BreakfastTwo eggs, frankfurter, three rashers of bacon, tomato and two slices of toast.R98
The Chef’s Choice BreakfastTwo eggs, three rashers of bacon, tomato, mushrooms, halloumi, chips, beef sausage and two slices toast.R144


OmeletteServed with two slices of toast.from R91


Cheese & Tomato SandwichServed toasted on white or brown bread with chips.R67
Ham & Cheese SandwichServed toasted on white or brown bread with chips.R75
Bacon & Egg SandwichServed toasted on white or brown bread with chips.R75
Chicken Mayo SandwichServed toasted on white or brown bread with chips.R79
Bacon, Mozzarella & Avo SandwichServed toasted on white or brown bread with chips.R98
Bolognese SandwichServed toasted on white or brown bread with chips.R98


Calamari StarterPatagonian calamari tubes grilled or fried, served with rice.R99
Piatto Prego TrinchadaStrips of beef or chicken pan-fried with garlic, onions, cream and prego sauce, served with crispy bread.from R88
Squid Heads With ChillinaiseDeep fried squid heads, served with a chillinaise sauce.R77


Mug ShakesR79
Fresh Fruit JuiceR36
Soda Cans 330mlR32
Tisers 330mlR36
Piatto WaterR29
Lipton Iced Tea 330mlR38
Red Bull 250mlR55
Red Bull Sugar Free 250mlR55


BeveragePrice (R)
Red CappuccinoR38
Decaffeinated CappuccinoR33
Decaffeinated CoffeeR33
Double EspressoR35
Red EspressoR37
Caffe LatteR37
Caffe MochaR40
Hot ChocolateR41
Herbal InfusionR32

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