Flames, a standout restaurant in South Africa, offers a memorable dining experience with unique features like go-cart transportation and attentive concierge service. Its expansive layout includes both indoor and outdoor seating, providing breathtaking city views and a warm ambiance. The friendly wait staff ensures a personalized experience, catering to guests’ needs and dietary preferences.

Flames Johannesburg Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameFlames Johannesburg
Cuisine TypeSouth African
Opening Hours6:00 AM – 9:30 PM
ReviewsSee Reviews

Flames Johannesburg Menu

Flames offers delectable cuisine with rich main dishes and tasty appetizers like butternut squash risotto and crispy crème brûlée desserts. Whether for a special occasion or a romantic dinner, the superb food, inviting ambiance, and top-notch service ensure a memorable dining experience at Flames.

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Flames Signature Westcliff Breakfast

Buffet: R550 per Person

Cold SelectionFranschhoek Smoked Salmon Trout & Peppered Smoked Mackerel (S)(D)Cottage Cheese | Crème Fraiche | Capers | Pickled Red Onion | Lemon
Artisanal Charcuterie (P)Mustard | Pickles | Olives
Seasonal Cheese Selection (D)(N)Jersey Milk Dalewood Brie, Dutch-style Cumin Boerenkaas, Belnori Goats’ cheese, Fairview Blue Rock
Preserves | Grapes | Roasted | Mixed Nuts
Full Cream, Red Farm Yoghurt Pots (D)Plain | Cherry | Tropical | Pear | Peach
Seasonal Fruit & Fruit Salad Pots (V)Seasonal Fruit & Fruit Salad Pots (V)
French SelectionCroissant, Pain au Chocolat, Assorted Danishes, Multigrain seeded cocktail roll (G)(D)House-Churned Butter |Artisanal Jams
French Crêpe or Belgium Waffle (G)(D)Chantilly Cream | Maple Syrup | Nutella | Berry Compote
Cereal SelectionJersey Milk Dalewood Brie, Dutch-style Cumin Boerenkaas, Belnori Goats’ cheese, Fairview Blue Rock
Preserves | Grapes | Roasted | Mixed Nuts
Nature’s Choice Muesli Crunch Granola Bar (G)
Corn Flakes, All-Bran Flakes, Weet-Bix, Rice Krispies, Strawberry Pops, Coco Pops (G)Corn Flakes, All-Bran Flakes, Weet-Bix, Rice Krispies, Strawberry Pops, Coco Pops (G)
OatmealToasted Coconut | Dried Cranberries (G)(D)(Prepared with your selection of Full-Cream, Skimmed, Almond, or Oat Milk) 
Polenta PorridgePrepared with Oat Milk, Madagascan Vanilla Paste, and Berry Compote (VG)
Plated Hot SelectionWestcliff Vegan Toast (VG)Smashed avocado | Raspberries | Lime zest | Rocket
Vegan Tofu Scramble (VG)Tofu | Turmeric | Nutritional yeast | Onion
Eggs Benedict (G)(D)(P)Poached Eggs | English Muffin | Parma Ham | Hollandaise
Eggs Royale (G)(D)(F)(S)Poached Eggs| English Muffin | Smoked Salmon | Hollandaise | Salmon Roe
Eggs Florentine (G)(V)(D)Poached Eggs| English Muffin | Sautéed Spinach | Hollandaise
Egg White Frittata (V)(D)Onion | Mixed peppers | Tofu | Avocado | Chilli |Tomato | Mushroom | Spinach
Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs (D)(G)(S)Sourdough | Cream cheese | Lumpfish Roe
South African Breakfast (G)(D)2 Fried Eggs| Boerewors | Beef fillet | Hashbrown | Chakalaka Beans | Mushroom | Avocado 
Brioche French Toast Sandwich (G)(D)(P)French Toast | Smashed Avocado | Bacon | Poached Egg | Arugula Salad
Farm Fresh, Free-Range Eggs(Choose Between Scrambled, Fried, Poached, Omelette or Boiled)
Optional SidesStreaky Bacon | Beef fillet | Beef Boerewors | Chicken Sausage | Beef Sausage | Pork Chipolata
Grilled Organic Tomatoes | Potato Hash Brown | Sauteed mushrooms
Halal Meat OptionsTurkey bacon | Beef Sausage | Vegan Sausage
Breads (G)/(GF)Artisanal Sourdough | Brown | White | Rye | Gluten free
Healthy Pressed JuicesImmune BoosterBeetroot | Carrot | Ginger | Pineapple | Apple
VitalityPineapple | Kale | Mint | Celery | Apple
Flu FighterOrange | Carrot | Turmeric
Ronnefeldt Joy of Tea®Selection (V)A range of TeasDarjeeling Summer Gold | English Breakfast | Earl Grey | Fruit Power
Ginger & Lemon | Green Dragon Lung Ching | Morgentau | Refreshing Mint | 
 Royal Assam | Wellness | Rooibos Cream Orange |Classic Rooibos
Coffee Selection (V)A range of coffeesCappuccino | Americano | Café Latte | Macchiato
Espresso | Double Espresso 
Red Cappuccino | Chai Latte | Hot Chocolate

Flames A’la Carte Menu


ItemPrice (R)
Cru Royal Sturgeon Caviar 15gR1590
Cru Asetra Sturgeon Caviar 15gR2350
Cru Beluga Sturgeon Caviar 15gR4290
Cru Imperial Sturgeon Caviar 50gR4590


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Nelson Mandela Bay Oysters (6 pieces) (S)Shucked to order and served with Lemon & TabascoR295
Halloumi Kataifi (V)(D)(G)Guacamole, Coriander, Tomato, Red Onion, Herb SaladR195
Salmon Ceviche (GF)Seaweed salsa, Citrus, Chili, Avocado, CorianderR285
Springbok Carpaccio (N)(D)Shimeji, Mustard Aioli, Blackberry, Parmigiano-Reggiano, ArugulaR255
Italian Burrata (V)(D)(N)Olives, Caper berries, Basil Pesto, Heirloom Tomatoes, CroutonsR295
Prawn and Avocado (S)(D)Prawn remoulade, Braaied prawns, Apple, Cos lettuce, Avocado, Dill, Crispy LavashR285
Bacon, Lobster and Tomato Caesar (Serves 2) (D)(P)(S)Lobster Medallions, Iceberg, Slow roast tomato, Parmesan Croutons, Poached egg, Caesar dressingR495
Flame Roasted Bone Marrow (D)(G)Crispy Sourdough, Garlic purée, ParsleyR195
Silent Valley Wagyu Bistro Fillet 150g (5/6 marbling score)Potato crisps, Szechuan Pepper SauceR325
Karoo Blue Arancini (D)(V)(G)Creamed spinach, Lemon zest, Pear, WatercressR225
West Coast Mussels (Serves 2) (S)(D)(A)Creamy garlic sauce, Pommes FritesR395
Spicy Slow Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup (VG)Salsa Fresca, Black Pepper, BasilR135
Roasted Cauliflower and Truffle Soup (V)(D)Parmesan, Pine nuts, Crème fraicheR175

Soups & Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spicy Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato SoupSalsa Fresca, Black Pepper, BasilR135
Tempeh “Zoodle” SaladMarinated zucchini noodles, Pineapple, Mange tout, Coriander, Mint, ChilliR215
Cobb Salad (GF)Cos lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Red onion, Chickpeas, Corn, Avocado, Radish, Crouton, Vegan Ranch dressingR165
Green Asparagus (N)Zucchini, Apple, Tofu purée, Walnuts, Herb DressingR195
Green SaladLettuce, Cucumber, Avocado, Olives, Peppers, Tofu, Cocktail tomato, Herb vinaigretteR75/115

Signature Main Collection

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken and Truffle 160g (D)Sous vide chicken suprême, Foie gras, Garlic wilted spinach, Pomme purée, Chicken jus, Exotic mushrooms.R335
Salt and Pepper Pork Belly 200g (P)(D)Egg fried rice, Spring onion, Sesame, Bok Choy, Shitake mushrooms, Coriander, Okonomiyaki sauceR335
Norwegian Salmon 180g (S)(N)(D)Mussels, Green beans, New potatoes, Broccoli, Basil pesto, Lemon butter sauceR395
Mauritian Seabass 200g (D)(A)South African yellow rice, Raisins, Sultanas, Grilled plum, Asparagus, Cape Malay curry SauceR350
Lamb Shank 350g (D)(N)(A)Colcannon mashed potato, Port Braised cabbage, Rainbow carrots, Pistachio crumb, Mint gremolata with Preserved lemonR425

Vegan & Vegetarian

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Marinated Braaied Tofu (VG) 225Harissa marinated Tofu, Couscous, Asparagus, Brussels sprouts, Sundried tomato, and Chickpeas.R225
Butternut Squash Risotto (V)(GF)(N)(D) 265Acquerello 7-year aged risotto, Cashew nuts, Nutritional Yeast, Sage, Pumpkin seedsR265
Gnocchi ai Tartufo (D) 380Wild Mushrooms, Spinach, Crème fraiche, Italian black truffle creamR380

Flames’ Braai Menu

Silent Valley Wagyu Beef

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ItemPrice (R)
Wagyu T-Bone 550gR1595
Wagyu Ribeye 300gR1295
Wagyu Striploin 300gR1095
Wagyu Fillet 250gR995
Wagyu Denver 350gR850
Wagyu Flat Iron 350gR850
Wagyu Rump 350gR695

Chalmar Beef

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
28-Day Aged T-Bone 550g28-Day Aged T-Bone 550gR595
28-Day Aged Ribeye 350g28-Day Aged Ribeye 350gR485
28-Day Aged Fillet 250g28-Day Aged Fillet 250gR395
28-Day Aged Rump 300g28-Day Aged Rump 300gR350
Lamb Chops 400g (D)(N)Hasselback potato, Spek boom braai slaai, Apple, Cucumber, Red onion, Crème FraicheR395
Braaied Argentinian Prawns (D)(S)6 Butterflied Argentinian prawns, Saffron pilaf rice, Bok choy, Coconut, Garlic, Lemon Beurre BlancR795
The Truffle (D)(G) 295250g Wagyu beef burger, Brioche burger bun, Marinated Black truffle, Truffle aioli, Mature white cheddar, Tomato, Mixed lettuce, Pickled gherkins. Served with truffle friesR295
The Bacon and Cheese (D)(P)(G) 295250g Wagyu beef burger, Brioche burger bun, Maple glazed bacon, Gruyère, Tomato, Mixed lettuce, Pickled red onions, Garlic aioli. Served with potato friesR295

Flames Desserts & Cheese

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crunchie Crème Brûlée (D)(V)(G)Baked vanilla custard, Milk and Lavender gelato, Orange blossom, HoneycombR155
Malva Pudding (V)(D)Peach compote, Apricot gel, Lemon verbena crème anglaise, OrangeR165
In the VEGANning (VG)Lemon, Coconut, Jasmin, Lemon balmR170
Dark Belgian Chocolate Torte(V)(D)(G)(N)Blond chocolate cream, Nutella hazelnut gelato, Cacao crispR165
Banoffee Chocolate Fondant (V)(D)(G)(N)Dark Belgium chocolate, Banana, Caramel, Cinnamon, Hazelnut (15 minutes preparation)R170
South African Cheese Selection (D)Ganzvlei Blue Moon, Klein River Overberg, Dalewood Brie, Foxenburg Chabris, Artisanal bread, Seasonal preserve, Crackers, GrapesR205

Flames Sorbet & Ice Cream Menu

ItemFlavorsPrice (R)
Sorbet (GF)(VG)CoconutR45
Ice-Cream (GF)(V)(D)VanillaR45
Tin Roof (N)(A)R45
Hazelnut (N)R45
CBC Craft Beer (A)R45

Taste of Flames Menu

Four-Course Dinner Menu: R995 Per Person

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Up to 8 Guests

StarterArtisanal BreadDips, Compound Butter
Amuse BoucheSalmon Ceviche (GF)Seaweed salsa, Citrus, Chili, Avocado mousseline, Coriander
Italian Burrata (V)(D)Olives, Caper berries, Basil Pesto, Heirloom Tomatoes, Croutons
Main CourseButternut Squash Risotto (VG)(GF)(N)(D)Acquerello 7-year aged risotto, Cashew nuts, Nutritional Yeast, Sage, Pumpkin seed
Silent Valley Wagyu Bistro Fillet 200g (D)Rosemary potato pavé, Asparagus, tenderstem broccoli, Pickled shallots, Truffle Hollandaise
Klein Karoo Lamb Chops 200g (D)(N)Hasselback potato, Spek boom Braai Slaai, Apple, Cucumber, Red Onion, Crème fraiche
Cauliflower & Pearl Barley (VG)(N)Cauliflower Steak, Pearl Barley, Cauliflower couscous, Baby onion, Mange tout, Hazelnut
DessertBanoffee Dark Chocolate Fondant (G)(D)(V)(N)Banana, Caramel, Cinnamon, Hazelnut
Personification of Winter (G)(D)(V)(A)Fresh Fig, Raspberry, Allesverloren Port, Phyllo pastry, Gold Chocolate, Sorrel, 22k Gold leaf
Take Home MignardiseAs An Extra
Cru Royal Sturgeon Caviar 15g
Cru Asetra Sturgeon Caviar 15g
Cru Beluga Sturgeon Caviar 15g
Cru Imperial Sturgeon Caviar 50g

Flames Brunch Menu

Buffet: R850 per Person
Children (6-12 years): R595 per Person

Viennoiserie (D)(G)(V)(N)Assorted French Pastries, Pistachio and Raisin Pastry Rolls, Pecan Pie Filled Croissants, Gourmandise, Fruit Squares, Tea Cake of the Day, Cranberry and Oat Biscuits, Cinnamon Dusted Chocolate Cruffins, Custard Filled Brioche
Protein Powered Frozen Yoghurt (D)(G)(N)(V)Greek Yoghurt, Chia, Nut Butter, Mixed Berries, Protein Powder, Toasted Coconut, Zest
House-made Granola and 55% Belgium Chocolate Cups (G)(D)(N)(V)Crème Cheese, Lemon
Seasonal Fruits Selection (GF)(VG)Seasonal Fruits Selection (GF)(VG)
Smoked Mackerel Profiteroles (D)(G)Feta, Cream Cheese, Citrus, Lump Fish Caviar
Whipped Brie Phyllo Cups (D)(G)(N)Thyme, Apricot Chutney, Preserved Fig, Toasted Almond
Blue Cheese, Butternut and Pumpkin Seed Puff Tarts (D)(G)(V)Blue Cheese, Butternut and Pumpkin Seed Puff Tarts (D)(G)(V)
Asian Style Vegetable Spring Rolls (VG)(GF)Rice Paper, Mixed Julienne Vegetables, Mixed Herbs, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Chili Asian Dressing
Brussel Sprout and Parmesan Pasta Salad (P)(N)(D)(GF)Bacon Bits, Peppadews, Mushrooms, Pine Nuts, Parmesan Cheese, Cranberries, Foraged Herbs, Creamy Herb Dressing
Peach And Apricot Chicken Salad (N)(GF)(DF)Romain Lettuce, Sweet Corn, Red Onion, Peaches, Walnuts, Apricots, Balsamic Reduction
Loaded Marinated vegetables Salad (VG)(V)(GF)Artichokes, Black beans, Heirloom Tomatoes, Chickpeas, Zucchini, Patty Pans, Mixed Peppers
Citrus Marinated Prawns And Berry Salad (S)(D)(GF)Mixed Berries, Prawns, Sundried Tomatoes, Baby Spinach, Citrus Segments, Creamy Citrus Dressing
Caprese Pasta Salad (G)(N)(D)Penne Pasta, Cherry Tomatoes, Shallots, Rocket, Calamata Olives, Feta Cheese, Basil Leaves, Capers, Croutons, Basil Pesto Dressing
Vegan Sweet Potato and Couscous Salad (V)(N)(DF)Red Onion, Watercress, Couscous, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Parsley, Pistachio Nuts, Vegan Parmesan Cheese, Lime and Herb Dressing
Ahi Tuna and Mango Salad (GF)(DF)Kale, Tuna, Spring Onion, Avocado, Red Peppers, Boiled Eggs, Cucumber, Sesame and Chilli Dressing
Chef’s Choice Salads (D)(V)(N)Sundried Tomato Pesto | Nut Yoghurt | Hummus   
 Balsamic Vinegar | Olives | Cucumber | Tomato | Feta | Onion   
 Artichokes | Mixed peppers | Vegetable Chips | Croutons | Lavash 
Charcuterie Selection (G)(P)(N)Yellow Fin Tuna Gravlax with Mango | Pickled Onions | Mixed Herbs |Fennel 
 Green Peppers | Olive Oil 
Live Sushi Selection (D)(G)A selection of your favorite sushi   
(Our in-house Sushi Chef will make sushi on request)
Hot Starter SelectionCreamy Mushroom and Zucchini Vol Au Vents (D)(G)(V) 
Oxtail Stuffed Dombolo (G)(D) 
Curried Lamb Rague Wonton Cups (D)(G) 
Mixed Peppers | Caramelized Onion 
Crumbed Squid Heads (D)(G)(S)(N)  
Panko Crumb | Sesame Seeds | Teriyaki Saus
Plated Dishes from The Show KitchenWaffle benedict (D)(P) | (V) 
Citrus Infused Waffle | Honey glazed Bacon| Sauteed spinach 
Hollandaise sauce 
Huevos Rancheros (D) 
 Toasted Tortillas | Mexican Styled Beef Mince | Pomodoro  
Tomato, Onion, and Coriander Salsa | Charred Corn | Seasoned Ricotta  
Black Beans | Soft Fried Egg | Avocado  
Crispy Barbeque Pork Belly (D)(G) 
Onion and capsicum fried new potatoes | Pea puree | roasted peaches| broccoli 
Charred onion 
Beef Tenderloin (D)(G)(P)   
Truffle Pomme Puree | Rainbow Carrots |Glazed Beetroot |  
Dried cocktail tomato | Jus 
Catch of the Day (D)(G)   
Saffron and Sultana Risotto | Bok Choi | Rice Crisp  
Flaked Almonds | Asparagus | Mussels | Fish Velouté  
Macaroni and Cheese (G)(V) | (VG) 
Cauliflower | Grilled Artichoke | Spring Onion  
Sundried Tomatoes | Paprika| Parsley 
DessertsHazelnut Tonka Cake (D)(G)(V) 
Passionfruit Meringue Tartlet (D)(G)(V) 
Chocolate Apricot Torte (D)(GF)(V) 
Raspberry Lemon Macarons (D)(GF)(V) 
Rooibos Panna Cotta, Orange, White Chocolate Verrines (D)(GF)(V) 
Peanut Butter Blondies (VG)(GF)(N) 
Berry Eton Mess Verrines (D)(GF)(V)(A) 
Amarula Malva Pudding (D)(G)(A)(V) 
As an ExtraCaviar Selection
Russian Cru Royal Sturgeon Caviar 15g 
Russian Cru Asetra Sturgeon Caviar 15g 
Russian Cru Beluga Sturgeon Caviar 15g 
Russian Cru Imperial Sturgeon Caviar 50g

Flames Wine Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
ChampagneLaurent Perrier, Brut (180ml)R495
SparklingDomaine Des Dieux, Rose of Sharon, MCC, Rose Hemel-en-Aarde Valley (180ml)R180
SparklingDomaine Des Dieux, Claudia, MCC, Brut, Hemel-en-Aarde (180ml)R180
White WineJordan, The Real Mccoy, Stellenbosch, RieslingR120
White WineSpringfield, Miss Lucy, Robertson Valley, White BlendR120
White WineGroot Post, Seasalter, Darling Hills, Sauvignon BlancR125
White WineHartenberg, Stellenbosch, ChardonnayR145
White WineLe Chant, Stellenbosch, Chenin BlancR135
White WinePetite Sirene, White Blend, Bordeaux, FranceR150
White WineM. Chapoutier, Belleruche, Cotes-du-Rhone, Grenache Blanc, FranceR150
White WineDe Wetshof “The Site” Franschhoek ChardonnayR275
White WineNeil Ellis, Amica, Sauvignon Blanc (Coravin System)R270
Rosé WineAA Badenhorst, Secateurs, SwartlandR90
Rosé WineChateau d` Esclans, Whispering Angel, Provence, France (Coravin System)R225
Red WineMont du Toit, Wellington, MerlotR120
Red WineEagle Nest, The Little Eagle, Constantia, ShirazR120
Red WineRijks, Touch of Oak, Tulbagh, PinotageR130
Red WineVergelegen, Stellenbosch, Bordeaux style BlendR135
Red WineSutherland, Elgin, Pinot NoirR145
Red WinePetite Sirene, Bordeaux Blend, Bordeaux, FranceR150
Red WineM. Chapoutier, Belleruche, Syrah, Cotes-du-Rhone, FranceR150
Red WineNeil Ellis, Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (Coravin System)R350
Dessert WineNederburg, Noble Late Harvest, Stellenbosch 2018 (50 ml serve)R75
Non-Alcoholic WinesRooiberg Doux, Sparkling WhiteR65

Flames Cocktails Menu

CategoryItemDescriptionPrice (R)
REFRESHING & FRUITYToucan SamHavana Club 7 yrs Rum, Sugar Syrup, Lime Wedges, Mint Leaves, Granadilla HalfR125
REFRESHING & FRUITYFlashbacksTanqueray 10 Gin, BlackBerries, Lime Juice, Complex Syrup, Basil Leaves, CelluloseR144
REFRESHING & FRUITYBikini WeatherAbsolut Vodka, Bitter Orange Syrup, Lemon Juice, MCCR165
REFRESHING & FRUITYGranadilightfulAbsolut Passionfruit, Kiwi & Granadilla Cordial, Lemon, MCCR165
REFRESHING & FRUITYThe Copper QueenAbsolut Vodka, Cucumber, Watermelon, Pineapple, MCCR170
STRONG & AROMATICTropic ThunderJW Black Label Scotch Whisky, Lemon Juice, Pineapple syrupR135
STRONG & AROMATICViolet DazeInverroche Verdant, Violet syrup, Lemon, BittersR135
STRONG & AROMATICEmerald GardenInverroche Classic, Cucumber, Chenin Blanc, TonicR155
STRONG & AROMATICHigh AboveGlenlivet Founders, Apple and Green Tea Cordial, Rosemary, Lemon JuiceR155
STRONG & AROMATICKing LouisMonkey 47, Lillet Blanc, Sage Cordial, Saline SolutionR180
SHORT & SWEETOne In A MelonHavana 7, Green Melon Cordial, Supa SawaR135
SHORT & SWEETSun Tans & Ray Bans*Tanqueray 10 Gin, Raspberry Syrup, Lemon Juice, Dry VermouthR170
SPICY OR HERBACEOUSBulleits OrchardBulleit Bourbon Whiskey, Ginger syrup, Lemon, Apple sodaR135
SPICY OR HERBACEOUSHavana oh nanaHavana 3 yrs Rum, Coconut Liqueur, Orgeat, Lemon, Orange Juice, BittersR135
SPICY OR HERBACEOUSAmber HuesInverroche Amber Gin, Honey water, Thyme, Lemon, Cranberry JuiceR144

Flames Bites & Nibbles

ItemPrice (R)
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Pops (6 pieces) (P)R135
Spiced Roasted NutsR145
Biltong SelectionR155
BBQ Pork Riblets (P) 150gR145
Beef Sosaties with Chimichurri 150gR125
Lamb Koftas with Yoghurt and Mint 150g(D)R135
Peri Peri or BBQ Chicken Wings (12 pieces)R195
Spicy Chakalaka Samosas & Lamb and Raisin Samosas (6 piece) (V)(D)R95
Bobotie Springrolls (6 pieces)R95
Camembert and Fig Springrolls (6 pieces) (V)(D)R95
Truffle Fries (V)(D)R95
Marinated Olive selection (VG)R145

Flames Sharing Platters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetable Mezze (V)(D)(N)Fried Halloumi Kebabs, Falafel, Crumbed mushrooms, Olives, Marinated Artichokes, Braai’d zucchini, Roasted red pepper, Sundried tomato pesto, Baba ghanoush, Vegetable crisps, FlatbreadR295
The Carnivore (D)(N)Fried Halloumi Kebabs, Falafel, Crumbed mushrooms, Olives, Marinated Artichokes, Braai’d zucchini, Roasted red pepper, Sundried tomato pesto, Baba ghanoush, Vegetable crisps, FlatbreadR495
Charcuterie (N)(P)Venison Pâté, Salami, Prosciutto, Spanish Chorizo, Coppa ham, Dried Apricots, Pear, Preserves, Chutney Cornichon, Crackers, Lavash, RyeR395
South African Cheese Selection (D)Ganzvlei Blue Moon, Klein River Overberg, Dalewood Brie, Foxenburg Chabris, Artisanal bread, Seasonal preserve, Crackers, Grapes, Fynbos honeyR205

Flames Crafted Jacaranda Cocktails

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Emerald GardenInverroche Classic, Cucumber, Chenin Blanc, TonicR155
Violet DazeInverroche Verdant, Violet syrup, Lemon, BittersR150
High AboveGlenlivet Founders, Apple and Green Tea Cordial, Rosemary, Lemon JuiceR155
One In A MelonHavana 7, Green Melon Cordial, Supa SawaR150
GranadilightfulAbsolut Passionfruit, Kiwi & Granadilla Cordial, Lemon, MCCR165

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