Milky Lane, a South African chain, is renowned for its ice cream and desserts featuring the signature NiceCream. With over 50 locations in South Africa and international franchises, they offer traditional ice cream flavors and unique combinations like Chocolate Salted Caramel and Cookie Dough Cheesecake. Indulge in a sweet experience with Milky Lane’s diverse and delicious offerings.

Milky Lane Menu and Prices 2022 South Africa
Restaurant NameMilky Lane
Cuisine TypeDesserts
Opening Hours10 am – 8 pm
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Milky Lane Menu

Milky Lane South Africa menu provides customization options with various toppings and add-ons, making it a great choice for those with a sweet tooth. Offering affordable treats like waffles, sundaes, milkshakes, and a variety of ice cream options, Milky Lane caters to diverse preferences.

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Decadent Waffles

Menu Items Prices
Bar-One and Peppermint AeroR78
Bar-One and BananaR71

Favourite Waffles

Menu ItemsPrices
Oreo Cookies and CreamR61
Bar-One PeanutR66
Bar-One BonanzaR71
Rolo WaffleR74
Death by Chocolate WaffleR78


Menu ItemsPrices
Oreo SunnydaeR71
Custard Surprise SunnydaeR71
Peppermint Aero & Bar-One SunnydaeR71
Triple Choc SunnydaeR71
Crunchie SunnydaeR71


Menu ItemsPrices
Choca Mocha WhizzerR51
Crunchie WhizzerR51
Choco Cookie WhizzerR54
Bar-One & Hazelnut WhizzerR58
Bar-One and Peppermint Aero WhizzerR58
Smarties Galaxy WhizzerR58
Bar-One & Banana WhizzerR54

Oh So Special Shakes

Menu ItemsPrices
Oreo ShakeR55
Peppermint Aero ShakeR55
Bar-One ShakeR55

Favourite Shakes

Menu ItemsPrices
Strawberry ShakeR45
Chocolate ShakeR45
Vanilla ShakeR45
Bubblegum ShakeR45
Banana ShakeR45
Peppermint ShakeR45
Lime ShakeR45

Warm & Fuzzy

Menu ItemsPrices
Milky Lane CoffeeR31
Cafe LatteR33
Hot ChocolateR37
Bar One Hot ChocolateR39


Menu ItemsPrices
Peppermint AeroR11.9
Jelly TotsR11.9
Jelly BeansR11.9
Chocolate CandyR11.9
Ruby PearlsR11.9

Craft Sodas

Menu ItemsPrices
Raspberry Craft SodaR31
Apple Craft SodaR31
Mango Craft SodaR31
Mango Coca-Cola Craft SodaR31

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