Indulge in quality cuts of matured meat and selected seafood dishes at Fiamma Grill in Ballito. This Italian Grill House caters to families, functions, and romantic occasions, offering a diverse menu from pizza and pasta to delicious seafood grills and hand-selected grain-fed beef. Enjoy a unique dining experience in a boutique hotel setting, where warm, friendly service and close interaction with guests are at the heart of our philosophy.

Fiamma Grill Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameFiamma Grill
Cuisine TypeItalian food
Opening Hours07:00 am – 11:00 pm
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Fiamma Grill Menu

Experience a fusion of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines at this bar, offering grilled prawns, seafood pizza, lamb shanks, and delectable desserts like cheesecakes and tiramisu. Enjoy professional service, live music, and an inviting atmosphere, all at attractive prices.

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ItemPrice (R)
Bean Curd (2pcs)R65.00
Bamboo Roll (4pc)R70.00
California Roll (4pc)R70.00
Rossa FocacciaR75.00
California Roll (4pc)from R63.00
Rose (4pcs)from R107.00
Nigiri (4pcs)from R94.00
Wasabi Parcel (4pcs)from R94.00
Bean Curd (2pcs)from R69.00
Bamboo Roll (4pc)from R75.00
Rainbow Roll (4pcs)from R88.00
Fashion Sandwich (4pcs)from R75.00
Maki (4pcs)from R63.00
Crunch Roll (4pcs)from R88.00
Sashimi (4pcs)from R107.00
Prawncado (4pcs)R88.00
Trifecta Roll (4pc)R163.00
Bamboo Avalanche (4pcs)R125.00
Prawn Avalanche (4pcs)R125.00
Seared Sashimi (4pcs)from R113.00
Fiamma Fusion Roll (8pc)R200.00
Cucumber Handroll (1pc)from R88.00
Fiamma Handroll (1pc)from R88.00
Sushi Saladfrom R150.00
Fiamma Platter (16pcs)R450.00
Bronco Platter (20pcs)R575.00
12 Piece Platterfrom R288.00
18 Piece Platterfrom R457.00
26 Piece Platterfrom R656.00


ItemPrice (R)
Olive RipieniR103.00
Zuppa Di LenticcheR90.00
Funghi SbriciolatiR105.00
Melanzane Alla ParmigianaR157.00
Filetto Di PeperoncinoR163.00
Carpaccio Di ManzoR123.00
Fegatini Di PolloR115.00
Calamari GrigliatiR119.00
Zuppa Di CozzeR144.00
Calamari e ChorizoR150.00
Gamberi al FornoR200.00


ItemPrice (R)
Insalata ItalianaR113.00
Insalata Caprese Con AvocadoR182.00
Insalata Calamari e GamberiR213.00
Insalata GorgonzolaR194.00
Fiamma UcceloR144.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rossa FocacciaFresh herbs served with rossa sauceR82.00
Bianca FocacciaGarlic & mozzarellaR107.00
Mitchell FocacciaItalian tomato, fior di latte mozzarella balls, chilli, rosa tomatoes & basil pestoR182.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Filetto Di Manzo280g Beef fillet medallions grilled on the open flameR300.00
Bistecca Di Girello300g Rump steak grilled on the open flame.R238.00
Tomahawk800g Rib-eye grilled on the open flame.R488.00
Costolette Di AgnelloGrilled lamb cutlets marinated with fresh garlic & herbs.R400.00
Braciola Di MaialeOven-baked pork cutlet naturally seasoned & crackled.R263.00
Costolette Di MaialePork ribs glazed in our homemade sticky teriyaki sauce.R350.00
Vitello in PadellaThinly sliced pan-fried veal, paired with a sauce of your choice.R275.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pollo Alla Limone or DiavolaWood-roasted baby chicken with lemon, garlic & fresh herbs.R263.00
Pollo ParmigianoCrumbed or grilled chicken breast topped with Italian tomato, mozzarella & reggiano shavings.R219.00
Curry Di Pollo Al BurroButter chicken curry served with savory rice & sambals.R188.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Salsa Di Funghi SauceMushroom & cream sauceR60.00
Salsa Di Pepe SauceMadagascan green peppercorn & cream sauceR65.00
Salsa Al Formaggio SauceGorgonzola & cream sauce.R75.00
Salsa Di Jalapeno SauceJalapeño, mozzarella & cream sauceR65.00
Pizzaiola SauceItalian tomato, olives & white wine.R50.00
Limone SauceFresh sage & lemon butter sauce.R50.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Butternut RavioliR188.00
Melanzane Alla ParmigianaLayers of battered brinjal, parmesan cheese, Italian tomato & mozzarella, baked in the wood fire oven.R220.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Calamari Alla GrigliaDeep fried or grilled calamari tubes & tentacles with fresh lemon & garlic.R232.00
Pesce Alla GrigliaFish of the day based on season, availability & quality.R319.00
Gamberi Alla GrigliaGrilled prawns with fresh garlic & parsley.R319.00
Gamberi Alla FiammaPrawns pan-seared with peri-peri, lemon & garlic butter sauce.R344.00
Rissotto Di MareRisotto rice, fresh prawns, mussels, calamari, Italian tomato & white wine.R319.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gamberi e CalamariGrilled or deep-fried calamari & queen prawns.R325.00
Gamberi e PolloOven-roasted baby chicken & queen prawns.R313.00
Gamberi e PesceGrilled fish & queen prawns.R363.00
Calamari e PesceGrilled fish & calamari.R338.00
Calamari e PolloOven-roasted baby chicken & calamari.R313.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Riso di Dasa Nostra (Savoury Rice)R50.00
Patatine Fritte (French Fries)R50.00
Insalata (Side Salad)R50.00
Vegetali Arrostiti (Mediterranean Roast Veg)R50.00
SpinaciCream spinach or garlic & lemon.R50.00
Puree di Patate (Basil Pesto Mash)R50.00
Lenticche (Lentils)R50.00
Spaghetti (Fresh Parsley & Olive Oil)R50.00


ItemDescriptionRPrice (R)
MargheritaItalian Tomato & mozzarella.R132.00
SaluteCaramelized onion, grilled brinjal, spinach & feta.R169.00
MediterraneanMushroom, peppers, onion, olives, rosa tomatoes, basil pesto & garlic.R188.00
ReginaHam & mushroom.R169.00
HawaiianHam & pineapple.R163.00
CaponeChicken, mushrooms, onion & avo.R200.00
Quattro StagioniMushroom, ham, olives & artichokes.R194.00
FiammaMince, peppers, onion, chili, garlic, feta & peppadew.R225.00
RaphaelBacon, feta & avo.R194.00
Coco De MerPrawns, calamari, mussels, garlic, chili, rocket & avo.R300.00
DieselBacon, gorgonzola, avo & peppadew.R213.00
GambinoBeef fillet, chorizo, salami & ham.R288.00
JuventusChorizo, feta, peppadew, avo, rocket & a balsamic spiral.R219.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Penne PestoBasil pesto & olive oil.R132.00
Fettucine Con CarciofiArtichokes, rosa tomatoes, olive oil, white wine, mint & garlic.R150.00
CampagnolaItalian tomato, peppers, olives, baby marrow & brinjal.R169.00
Spaghetti BologneseItalian tomato & ground beef.R182.00
Pasta ScampiPrawns, white wine, cream, chili, coriander, lime & ginger.R282.00
Pollo Alla GiaItalian tomato, chicken, peppers, onion & cream.R213.00
Spaghetti PeperoncinoCubed beef fillet grilled with chili, garlic, white wine & Italian tomato.R219.00
Lasagne Di CarneOven-baked ground beef, pasta sheets, cream, Italian tomato & mozzarella.R200.00
Pasta EliChorizo, chicken, mushrooms, peppers, onions, chili & olive oil.R194.00
Pasta LocoButternut, bacon, chicken, gorgonzola & cream.R244.00
Frutti Di MarePrawns, calamari, mussels, garlic, Italian tomato, cream & white wine.R275.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Bambino Mac & CheesePenne pasta with cheese sauce.R88.00
Bambino PolloCrumbed chicken strips served with french fries.R94.00
Bambino BologneseSpaghetti bolognese topped with a sprinkling of cheese.R82.00
Bambino CalamariGrilled calamari tubes served with savory rice.R119.00
Bambino Margherita PizzaItalian Tomato & mozzarella.R88.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Avo Ritz4 Deshelled prawns on a bed of lettuce with avo & a marie rose sauce.R190.00
B.A.G Fillet280g Fillet medallions topped with bacon, gorgonzola, avo & a creamy gorgonzola sauce.R330.00
B.A.G Rump300g Rump topped with bacon, gorgonzola, avo & a creamy gorgonzola sauce.R300.00
CJ Fillet280g Fillet medallions topped with avo & a cheesy jalapeno & mozzarella sauce.R330.00
CJ Rump300g Rump topped with avo & a cheesy jalapeno & mozzarella sauce.R230.00
Coco Fillet280g Fillet medaRllions topped with 4 deshelled prawns, avo, rocket & a seafood bisque.R330.00
Coco Rump300g Rump topped with 4 deshelled prawns, avo, rocket & a seafood bisque.R300.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cheese CakeBaked cheese cake dressed with berry coulis.R100.00
TiramisuMascarpone, espresso & coffee liquor between layers of Italian finger biscuits.R113.00
Lindt & Amarula Phyllo PastryLindt chocolate wrapped in phyllo pastry, baked in the wood fire oven served with ice cream & a tot of amarula.R138.00


ItemPrice (R)
Tisers 330mlR45.00
Bos Ice Tea 330mlR45.00
Soft Drinks 300mlR35.00
Red Bull 250mlR50.00

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