James Diack, owner and chef of Coobs, The National, and The Federal, is set to launch Il Contadino (The Farmer), featuring wood-fired cooking with a focus on homely European “peasant food.” The restaurant will boast a wood-fired oven and rotisserie, prioritizing minimal intervention with top-quality ingredients for authentic and comforting dishes.

Il Contadino Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameIl Contadino
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
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Il Contadino Menu

Experience the flavors of French and Italian cuisines at Il Contadino, offering delectable ravioli, pizza, and ragout. Indulge in perfectly cooked gelato, souffl├ęs, and chocolate mousse, complemented by a selection of delicious wines and coffee. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and fair prices, all contributing to a delightful dining experience.

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Light Breakfast

ItemPrice (R)
Organic Eggs on ToastR72.00
Mince on ToastR72.00
Freshly Baked Artisanal BreadR72.00
Bacon and Egg Toasted SarmieR72.00

All Day Breakfast

ItemPrice (R)
Il Contadino BreakfastR90.00
Organic Chicken Livers with Tomato and Red OnionR90.00
Il Contadino SandwichR90.00


ItemPrice (R)
Brightside Farm OmeletteR90.00

Vegetaian Breakfast Pan

ItemPrice (R)
Vegetarian Breakfast PanR90.00

Picked For You

ItemPrice (R)
Il Contadino Bacon AlfredoR166.00
Bacon Mini CalzonesR95.00
Baked Chorizo GnocchiR195.00
Wild Boar Bacon PizzaR155.00
Beef BologneseR127.00


ItemPrice (R)
Heirloom PumpkinR195.00
Oven Baked Italian Polenta SausageR155.00
Deconstructed MelanzaneR136.00
Wild boar hunters stewR210.00
Oven baked duck pieR250.00


ItemPrice (R)
Ali AlioR115.00
Duck RavioliR150.00
Acorn Fed Wild Boar RaguR166.00
Baked Chorizo Gnocchi (Pasta)R195.00
Beef Bolognese (Pasta)R127.00
Il Contadino Bacon Alfredo (Pasta)R166.00
Pulled Pork FarfalleR144.00
Lamb PuglieseR180.00
Squid Ink fettucciniR190.00
Pasta Alla NomaR140.00


ItemPrice (R)
Magharita PizzaR135.00
Pulled Bbq Pork PizzaR155.00
Wild Boar Bacon Pizza (Pizza)R155.00
Pizza Bianco PizzaR155.00
Spinach Ricotta PizzaR155.00
Salamiand Chorizo PizzaR172.00
Traditional Mexicana PizzaR160.00
Calzone UpR28.00
Charred artichoke mini calzoneR96.00
Bacon, chorizo , mushroom, and cherry tomatoR180.00
Focaccia- Olive oil, feta and cherry tomatoR145.00
Sicilian-olives, capers, anchovies and chilliR160.00


ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Liver PateR97.00
Farmers PlatterR138.00
Grape FocacciaR92.00
Pumpkin AranciniR86.00
Bacon Mini Calzones (Starters)R95.00
Roasted wild boar and pea aranciniR96.00
Tomato, feta, rocket , pesto and olives crostini (2 slices per portion)R90.00


ItemPrice (R)
Il Contadino House SaladR125.00
Roasted Pumpkin SaladR120.00
Caesar SaladR125.00
Chicken SaladR120.00
Olive oil and herb roasted pumpkinR123.00
Farro and roast vegetableR132.00


ItemPrice (R)
Almond and honey spongeR85.00
Orange and polenta cakeR85.00

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