Founded in 1979, J-MOS, formerly Juicy Snacks, prioritizes quality, service, and taste in its fast food offerings. Specializing in pizza and grill items, it emphasizes taste with its slogan “We’ve got the taste,” boasting a simple yet welcoming interior design for a pleasant dining experience.

J-MOS Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameJ-MOS
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours10 am – 9 pm
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J-MOS Menu

J-MOS offers affordable dining suitable for casual gatherings, featuring a diverse menu including pizzas, chicken tikka, and cheese steak sandwiches served in ample portions. Its unique outdoor seating area allows guests to enjoy Durban’s pleasant weather while savoring specialty dishes, enhanced by the signature sauce and flavorful chicken tikka.

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Picked for You

Item NamePrice (R)
Double TroubleR105.00
J – Mo’s PromoR88.00
Shish Kebab ComboR104.00
Cheddar SteakR79.00

Jmos Chicken Thika

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken ThikaMarinated chicken breast flame-grilled, served with lemon and J-Mos original Thika sauce.R99.9

Jmos Toasties

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Toasted Cheese & TomatoToasted Cheese & TomatoR51.9
Toasted Cheese, Tomato & MushroomToasted Cheese, Tomato & MushroomR57.9
Toasted Spicy Chicken & MayoToasted Spicy Chicken & MayoR65.9
Toasted B.B.Q WrapperCheese, beef, tomato BBQ sauce.R85.9
TramezziniTriangle sandwich with chicken, jalapeno, peppadew, gherkins & topped with mozzarella cheese.R114.9
Toasted Cheddar SteakSteak, cheese, and salad served with tantalizing sauces and a portion of chips.R114.9

Jmos Light Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken SaladLargeR71.9
Herb & Garlic BreadR51.9
Herb & Garlic RollLargeR71.9
Herb, Garlic & Cheese RollLargeR85.9
Garlic Pita BreadR21.9

Jmos Breakfast

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Breakfast 1One egg, grilled tomato, chips, and toast.R51.9
Breakfast 2One egg, patty, kabab, chips, grilled tomato, and toast.R99.9
Breakfast 3One egg, steak, grilled tomato, chips, and toast.R114.9
Breakfast 4Two eggs, one patty, two kebabs, grilled tomato, chips, and two slices of toast.R128.9

Jmos Kiddies Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Yummy Burger & ChipsR85.9
Yummy Chicken Burger & ChipsR85.9
Nuggets & ChipsR85.9
Chicken Pops & ChipsR85.9

Jmos Shish Kebab

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Shish Kebab Combo3 Spiced ground meat kebabs flame grilled with chips, pita bread, and a coke buddyR142.9
Box Of Shish Kebabs5 Spiced ground meat kebabs served with sauce and lemon.R142.9

Jmos Rump

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rump SteaksRump steak prepared in a special marinade served with chips & a braai sauce.R228.9

Jmos Chicken Strips

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken StripsChicken strips in a delicious sweet chili sauce, chips, and pita bread.R142.9

Jmos Shawarma

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
ShawarmaChoose tender steak grilled with onion, topped with J-Mo’s special sauce, and served with salads on pita bread.From R99.9

Jmos Old School Burgers

ItemPrice (R)
Signature BurgerR85.9
Classic Cheese BurgerR99.9
Cheesy Mushroom BurgerR114.9
Macho Burger – 150g Patty served with cheese, jalapeños, braised onions, garnished with lettuce and braai sauce.R105.9
King Size (Double Patty) BurgerR128.9
King Size Cheese Burger – Double patty and double cheese.R142.9
Gourmet Burger – Served with grilled steak, onions, and mushrooms on a peppered sauce, together with a patty, topped with cheese and gherkins.R157.9

Jmos Smash Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
The Bun Jovi Burger1 x 65g smashed beef patty, cheese and ketchup.R85.9
Mighty N’ Cheezy! Burger2 x 65g smashed beef patty, two slices cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, jalapeno and house sauce.R114.9
Triple Thrill Burger3 x 65g smashed beef patty, triple cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and house sauce.R132.9

Jmos Flame Grilled Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
1/4 Chicken & ChipsR71.9
J-Mo’s Promo – ¼ Chicken, Chips, Garlic Pita Bread + 440ml Buddy CokeQuarter chicken (leg only), chips, garlic pita bread, and a 440ml Coke.R114.9
Buffalo Wings – 10 Pieces10 Winglets served with sweet chili sauce and a portion of chipsR142.9
Lunch Box – ¼ Chicken, Signature Burger, Chips + Buddy CokeQuarter chicken (leg only), signature burger, a portion of chips, and a buddy Coke.R171.9
Mixed Grill – ¼ Chicken, Kebaabs, Chips, Garlic Pita Bread, Sauce & LemonQuarter chicken, two kebabs, chips, garlic pita bread, sauce & lemonR171.9
Family Meal – Full Chicken, Kebaabs, Large Chips, Pita Bread, Sauce, Salad + 1.5 CokeFull chicken, four kebabs, large chips, four pita bread, sauce, salad & a 1.5L Coke.R571.9

Jmos Southern Style Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
South Side Burger100g crumbed chicken fillet, sliced cheese, onions, and sliced tomato. Served with Mofaya sauce.R114.9
Southern Fried WingletsCrumbed winglets served with Mofaya sauce.From R85.9

Jmos Vegetarian Pizzas

ItemPrice (R)
Margherita PizzaFrom R65.9
Veg PizzaFrom R71.9
Veg Dee Pizza – Cheese, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, peppadews, jalapeño & feta cheese.From R85.9

Jmos Steak Pizzas

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Steak & Tomato PizzaCubed steak served with BBQ sauce.From R85.9
Steak, Tomato & Mushroom PizzaCubed steak served with BBQ sauce.From R85.9
Steak, Tomato & Pine PizzaCubed steak served with BBQ sauce.From R85.9
Steak Supreme PizzaSteak, pepper, mushrooms, onions, chilies.From R85.9

Jmos Classic Pizzas

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Kebaazo PizzaCubed kebabs, tomatoes, and pepper, served with a braai sauce.From R85.9
Pepperoni PizzaPepperoni, mushrooms, & pepper, served with BBQ sauce.From R85.9
Mexicano PizzaGround meat, pepper, chilies, peas.From R85.9
The 4 Seasons Pizza¼ chicken, ¼ steak, ¼ veg & ¼ mexican.From R85.9

Jmos Chicken Pizzas

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet Chilli Chicken PizzaFrom R85.9
Chicken Thika PizzaFrom R85.9
BBQ Chicken PizzaFrom R85.9
Chicken, Pine & Pepper PizzaFrom R85.9
Chicken & Mushroom PizzaFrom R85.9
Fiery Chicken PizzaFrom R85.9
Creamy Jalapeño Chicken PizzaFrom R85.9

Jmos Subs

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Veggie Dee SubCheese, tomato, onion, pepper, mushrooms.R142.9
Chicken & Mushroom SubChicken & Mushroom SubR142.9
Chicken Tikka SubChicken Tikka SubR142.9
Sweet Chilli Chicken SubSweet Chilli Chicken SubR142.9
Spicy Mexican SubGround meat, pepper, peas, chili.R142.9
Steak Supreme SubSteak, pepper, mushrooms, onions, chili, BBQ sauceR142.9
Creamy Jalapeño Chicken SubChicken, jalapeño, feta cheese, whip sauce.R142.9

Jmos Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Juices (Medium)R37.9
Juices (Large)R51.9
Milkshakes (Medium)R42.9
Milkshakes (Large)R57.9
Coke BuddyR22
Mocktails (Medium)R42.9
Mocktails (Large)R57.9

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