Ons Huisie Restaurant in Bloubergstrand is a cherished eatery celebrating Cape heritage and West Coast traditions. Enjoy authentic West Coast cuisine featuring seafood and traditional dishes that reflect the region’s ingenuity and resilience. Savour the flavors of the ocean and land through carefully crafted dishes that tell a culinary tale of this breathtaking coastal area.

Ons Huisie Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameOns Huisie
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours89 am – 9 pm
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Ons Huisie Menu

Ons Huisie offers traditional South African fare inspired by fresh ingredients and coastal surroundings. Enjoy a menu rich in seafood dishes, Cape Malay cuisine, and nostalgic favorites like pickled fish and oven-baked snoek, complemented by a family-friendly atmosphere with kids’ play areas and menus.

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Breakfast Menu

I Got It All This MorningMuesli served with yoghurt and berry compoteR70.00
French AffairGrilled banana and syrupR58.00
Berry compote & creamR58.00
Grilled bacon & syrupR63.00
Grilled banana, bacon & syrupR76.00
Klein HuisieFried or scrambled eggs, grilled bacon and a grilled tomatoR65.00
Scrambled EggsScrambled eggs with mushrooms and grilled tomatoR68.00
Fresh Baked Scone or CroissantServed with a choice of berry compote and cream OR cheese and jamR54.00
Bacon BenedictBacon & eggs drizzled with hollandaise sauce served on an English muffinR90.00
Salmon BenedictSalmon & eggs drizzled with hollandaise sauce served on an English muffinR105.00
OmeletteHam, cheese & tomatoR78.00
Mushrooms, cheese & tomatoR82.00
Bacon and CheeseR86.00
Mushrooms, cheese & hamR87.00
Bacon, cheese and mushroomR96.00
Boerewors, onion & cheeseR96.00
Big BayToast topped with baked beans, curried mince and fried eggsR82.00
Ons Huisie BreakfastFried or scrambled eggs, grilled bacon, sautéed mushrooms, pork sausage and a hashbrownR94.00
Farmers ChoiceFried or scrambled eggs, 125g rump steak, boerewors, baked beans and chipsR125.00
Tomato DelightTomato stuffed with onion and feta, smoked salmon and scrambled eggsR115.00

Kids Breakfast

HendrikA slice of French toast with syrupR34.00
JohannesScrambled egg, bacon and a slice of toastR40.00
FrikkieScrambled egg, pork sausage and a slice of toastR38.00


Hot Beverages

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Baby ChinoR17.00
Chai LatteR38.00
Decaf CappuccinoR34.00
Decaf LatteR36.00
Double EspressoR32.00
Filter CoffeeR26.00
Hot ChocolateR38.00
Red CappuccinoR40.00
Red LatteR41.00

Cold Beverages

MilkshakeStrawberry, Lime, Banana, Bubblegum, ChocolateR34.00
Rock ShandyR44.00
Large JuiceApple, Orange, Fruit CocktailR26.00
200ml CANCoca Cola, Lemonade, Soda Water, Dry Lemon, Ginger Ale, Tonic WaterR24.00
200ml CANTomato CocktailR46.00
300ml CANCoca Cola, Coke Lite, Coke Zero, Creme Soda, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Sprite ZeroR28.00
300ml CANAppletizer, GrapetizerR38.00
Ice TeaPeach or LemonR35.00
Kiddies JuiceR22.00
Milkshake KiddiesR28.00
Water: Still/Sparkling 500mlR25.00
Water: Sparkling 1LR33.00
Water: Sparkling 1.5LR38.00
Red BullR43.00

Non-Alcoholic Beers

Heineken Zero 330mlR38.00

Lunch / Dinner Menu


Table Bay Tantalizing OystersFresh oysters served on ice. EachR23.00
Karoo PoppersTwo jalapeños stuffed with 4 cheeses, breaded and deep-friedR76.00
Big Bay CalamariSucculent deep fried, panfried or cajun style calamari strips. Served with rice and tartar sauce.R78.00
Boy Boonzaaier CatchDeep fried calamari tentacles and whitebait. Served with garlic mayo.R78.00
Strandlopers Mussel PotMussels smothered in a creamy smoked tomato sauce. Served with freshly made rooster bread.R98.00


Greek SaladFresh mixed lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, olives and feta with a vinaigrette dressing.R86.00
Calamari SaladDeep fried calamari strips set on a bed of garden salad drizzled with a herb mayonnaise dressing.R98.00
Ons Huisie SaladCrisp mixed leaves with butternut, beetroot and feta, topped with sunflower seeds and a vinaigrette dressing.R94.00

Main Course

Captains Burger200g Pattie served with chips and topped with a sauce of your choiceR102.00
Beef BobotieThe old favourite! Served with vegetables of the day, rice, mango chutney and beetrootR132.00
De Melkbos Farm Rump250g Beef rump served with chips, vegetables and a sauce of your choiceR162.00
Rib RackPork belly ribs marinated in our secret basting sauce, served with chipsR240.00
Crispy EisbeinIn an apricot butter sauce served with sweet potato cakes and vegetables of the dayR158.00
CalamariSucculent deep-fried, pan-fried or cajun style calamari strips served with vegetables of the day, chips or rice and tartar sauceR140.00
Fish & ChipsDeep-fried fish and chips done the West Coast way, served with tartar sauceR128.00
Harlem Long LinefishCatch of the day served with a creamy herb mash and vegetables of the day smothered with lemon creamR155.00
Ons Huisie PrawnsPan-fried prawns, served with lemon cream, vegetables of the day and riceR208.00
West Coast PotjieCalamari, prawns, fish and mussels in a creamy Thai curry sauce, served with rice and a poppadumR172.00
Chicken & Prawn PotjieChicken breast pieces and three prawns cooked in a litchi, creamy tandoori and chilli sauceR160.00
Meraai Se Chicken PieHomemade chicken and mushroom pot pie served with chips or a side saladR108.00
(V) Uncollected MailLayers of grilled vegetables and feta wrapped in phyllo pastry, drizzled with pesto, served with a side saladR115.00
(V) Roasted Vegetable CrêpesLayered crêpes with roasted vegetables, topped with a creamy herb sauce, almonds and parmesan cheeseR98.00


Homemade BreadsRooster koek or corn bread or blik broodR30.00
SaucesCreamy mushroom, cheese, pepper, chilli or garlicR25.00 each
Side ChipsR30.00
Side VegetablesR30.00


WippertalVegetable springrolls, bolognaise rissoles, beef samoosas and chips, served with chilli mayo and sweet chilli sauceR98.00
Mezze PlatterHummus, sundried tomatoes, olives, feta, cheddar, chicken liver pâté and homemade breadR115.00
Small Bay / Klein BaaiCrumbed prawns, deep-fried calamari strips, fish goujons and chips, served with tartar sauceR142.00
Hake & CalamariFull portion of deep-fried hake and 125g deep-fried calamari strips, served with chips and tartar sauceR205.00
Calamari & Prawn250g Deep-fried calamari strips and 6 prawns, served with chips and tartar sauceR248.00
Hake & PrawnFull portion deep-fried hake and 6 prawns served with chips and tartar sauceR270.00


Vanilla Ice CreamServed with a Bar One chocolate sauce.R40.00
Milktart PancakesFried golden brown. Served with vanilla ice cream or cream.R52.00
Malva PuddingServed with vanilla ice cream or custard.R54.00
SouskluitjiesHomemade steamed dumplings sprinkled with cinnamon accompanied by custard.R48.00
Chocolate BrownieServed with vanilla ice cream or cream.R50.00

Kids Menu

Just ChillingCrumbed chicken strips and chips.R55.00
The SurferToasted cheese sandwich with chips.R48.00
Gone SurfingBurger and chips.R60.00
Gone FishingFish goujons & chipsR58.00


Milkshake:Strawberry, Lime, Banana, Bubblegum, ChocolateR34.00
Rock ShandyR44.00
Large Juice:Apple, Orange, Fruit CocktailR26.00
200ml CAN:Coca Cola, Lemonade, Soda Water, Dry Lemon, Ginger Ale, Tonic WaterR24.00
200ml CAN: Tomato CocktailR46.00
300ml CAN:Coca Cola, Coke Lite, Coke Zero, Creme Soda, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Sprite ZeroR28.00
300ml CAN: AppletizerR38.00
Ice Tea:Peach or LemonR35.00
Kiddies JuiceR22.00
Milkshake KiddiesR28.00
Water: Still/Sparkling 500mlR25.00
Water: Sparkling 1LR33.00
Water: Still 1.5LR38.00
Red BullR43.00

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