Rock Thai Sushi, situated in Rondebosch Village lifestyle shopping center, offers a fully Halaal dining experience. With warm hospitality, top-quality food, and excellent service, it’s a family-friendly restaurant known for its innovative sushi and diverse menu including breakfast and lunch options. Indulge in fresh and flavorful dishes, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Rock Thai Sushi Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameRock Thai Sushi
Cuisine TypeThai food
Opening Hours11:00 AM – 9:30 PM
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Rock Thai Sushi Menu

Bonamia Restaurant offers a diverse menu including breakfasts, coffee, schnitzels, pastas, sushi, seafood, steaks & grills, lamb shank, and oxtail. As a fully licensed establishment, they cater to group functions, providing a versatile dining experience for all occasions.

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PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon Tuna Platter (24Pcs)2 salmon roses, 2 tuna roses, 4 salmon sandwich, 8 tuna crunch rolls, 4 tuna nigiri, 4 avo bean curd nigiri.R220
Prawn Tuna Platter (24pcs)4 prawn sandwich, 4 tuna sandwich, 8 tuna crunch rolls, 8 tempura prawn rolls.R207
Salmon Tuna Prawn Platter (38Pcs)4 salmon roses, 4 tuna roses, 8 tempura prawn rolls, 8 tuna crunch rolls, 4 tuna nigiri, 4 prawn sandwich, 6 avo maki.R298


WrapDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Mayo WrapServed with friesR57
Macon, Scrambled Eggs And Cheese WrapR63
Tuna Mayo WrapR45


SoupDescriptionPrice (R)
Tom Yum SoupHot and sour soup, tomato and mushroom.R68
Tom Kha Gal SoupChicken, coconut, milk, lemongrass, mushroom, tomato.R68
Sweetcorn SoupSweetcorn, egg, chicken.R72
Miso SoupTofu, spring onion, nori.R52


SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Yum Nua Yang SaladSpicy beef, cashews, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, salad greens. Served with chilli lime coriander dressing.R120
Yum Woon Sen SaladGlass noodles, chicken, cashews, salad greens. Served with chilli lime coriander dressing.R98
Asian Duck SaladShredded duck, cherry tomatoes, cashews, salad greens. Served with chilli lime coriander dressing.R148
Rocking House SaladR95
Calamari Heads SaladCalamari heads, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, onion, feta, olivesR119
Seared Salmon SaladSeared salmon, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, onion, fetaR132


CurryIngredientsPrice (R)
Green CurryGinger, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaf, green chilli.R107
Red CurryGinger, lemongrass, galangal, shrimp paste, red chilli.R107
Mussaman CurryPeanut, cumin, cardamom, coriander, mace.R107
Penang CurryR107


Stir-FryIngredientsPrice (R)
Ginger Garlic ChillGinger, garlic, chiliR107
Chilli BasilChilli, basilR107
Garlic Black PepperGarlic, black pepperR107
Cashew Nut Oyster SauceCashew nuts, oyster sauceR107
Black BeanBlack beanR107
Sweet & SourSweet and sour sauceR107
Thai Fried Egg RiceFried egg, riceR107


Noodle DishIngredientsPrice (R)
Phad Thai NoodlesRice noodles, Phad Thai sauce, vegetables, tofu, egg, peanutsR107
Chow MeinEgg noodles, soy sauce, vegetablesR135
Phuket NoodleEgg noodles, vegetable, garlic, egg, oyster sauceR107
Firecracker NoodleEgg noodles, chilli paste, vegetables, garlic, oyster sauce, ginger, sesame seedsR107
Mendake NoodleEgg noodle, vegetables, garlicR107
Phad Khi MaoPasta noodles, vegetables, chilli, garlic, basil, galangal, oyster sauceR107


DishIngredientsPrice (R)
Crispy DuckDuck breast, savoury pancakes, spring onion, cucumber, hoisin sauceR225
Angry DuckTamarind chilli sauce, steamed vegetablesR187
Crispy ChickenDe-boned thigh deep fried, served with egg fried rice and spicy peanut satay sauceR132
Bang Bang ChickenSweet and sticky tomato sauce, sweet potato, sesame seedsR132
Angry BeefTender beef on steamed vegetables, slightly sweet and spicy traditional tamarind sauceR160


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon Roses 4pcsNorwegian salmon wrapped around rice and avo, topped with mayo and caviar.R99
SashimiPrime fillets of fresh fish.from R87
California Rolls 4pcsfrom R45
California Rolls 8pcsfrom R95
Fashion Sandwiches 4pcsRice, avo, mayo, sesame seeds.from R67
Maki Rolls 6pcsfrom R56
Nigiri 2pcsfrom R38
Hand Rollsfrom R62


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Sashimi SaladThinly sliced Norwegian salmon (6) and tuna sashimi on strings of cucumber & shredded lettuce, topped with avo, pickled ginger, sesame seeds and our Rock sushi dressing.R169
Crabstick SaladShredded crab sticks, coated with sesame seeds & Japanese mayo served on fresh greens, drizzled with citrus soy.R85


Combo/PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
Sunset Combo4 Tempura prawn roll, 4 Wasabi parcel, 2 NigiriR126
Protea Combo2 Salmon roses, 4 Godzilla roll, 6 Avo MakiR130
Dragon Platter8 Dragon Flower, 4 Rose, 2 Prawn Bean Curd NigiriR206
Deluxe Platter4 Sashimi, 4 Rainbow Roll, 4 Salmon Sandwich, 4 Bamboo RollR240
Salmon Platter2 Roses, 4 Sashimi, 4 Sandwich, 4 Dragon Flower, 4 California RollR260
Sakura Platter6 Roses, 8 Tempura Prawn Roll, 4 Rainbow, 4 Tuna Sandwich.R309
Family Platter4 Sashimi, 8 Roses, 4 Rainbow, 4 Dragon Flower, 4 Godzilla Roll, 4 Salmon Sandwich, 4 Tuna California Roll, 8 Crunch RollR599
Roch Sushi Platter6 Roses, 4 Godzilla Roll, 4 Tuna California Roll, 4 Salmon Sandwich, 6 Avo MakiR290
Veg Box4 Cucumber & Avo California, 4 Cucumber & Avo Sandwich, 6 Avo MakiR115


Sushi/Sashimi Roll/ComboDescriptionPrice (R)
Crunch RollTempura salmon cream cheese topped on mayo sweet chilli sauce, sesame seed.R98
Dragon Flower (4pcs)Salmon rainbow with spring onion, spice, mayo and teriyaki sauce.R82
Cairns Sandwich (4pcs)Fashion sandwich topped with prawns, mayo, sweet chilli sauce, 7 spicy, spring onions.R75
Cairns Roll (4pcs)Prawn tata topped on tempura prawn california.R75
Creamy Prawn Roses (4pcs)Salmon roses topped on prawn, mayo, 7 spicy, spring onions.R112
Jalapeno Salmon (4pcs)Salmon california roll topped on salmon, jalapeno poppers.R85
Rainbow Roll (4pcs)Prawn, avo, salmon, tuna, mayo, caviar (outside).R79
Godzilla Roll (4pcs)Salmon, avo (inside) tempura prawn, spicy mayo.R80
Philadelphia (4pcs)Cream cheese, avo (inside) smoked salmon (outside).R68
Wasabi Parcel (4pcs)Tuna, wasabi mayo (inside) salmon, mayo, caviar (outside).R73
Cucumber Screw (4pcs)Seared salmon & tuna wrapped around cucumber, cream cheese, crunchy greens with wasabi mayo.R66
Bamboo Roll (4pcs)Salmon, rice (inside) cucumber, mayo, caviar.R75
Salmon Bomb (3pcs)Salmon rose base, topped with chopped up spicy salmon, drizzled with teriyaki and mayo, finished with spring onion and caviar.R112
Brulee Salmon & Prawn Roll (4pcs)Prawn, avo (inside) salmon, mayo brulee teriyaki sauce (outside)R75
Spicy Salmon Bean Curd Nigiri (2pcs)Seven spicy, salmon, avo, mayo, beancurd, rice.R66
Spicy Prawn Bean Curd Nigiri (2pcs)Seven spicy, prawn, avo, mayo, beancurd, rice.R66
20 Piece2 Salmon Roses, 2 Tuna Roses, 6 Avo Maki, 6 Crunch Roll, 4 Tuna Sandwiches.R169
15 Piece4 Salmon California Rolls, 6 Tuna Maki and 5 Crunch Roll.R120


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Rocking Hake (200g)Served with a side of your choiceR198
Sole (160g)Served with a side of your choiceR157
Sole (360g)Served with a side of your choiceR282
Grilled Salmon (200g)Served with a side of your choiceR234
Grilled Tuna (250g)Served with a side of your choiceR162
CalamariServed with a side of your choiceR157
Calamari DioServed with a side of your choiceR219
Calamari SteakR113


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Prince Prawns (500g)Served with a side of your choiceR269
Prince Prawns (1KG)Served with a side of your choiceR429
King Prawns (6)Served with a side of your choiceR219
King Prawns (10)Served with a side of your choiceR374
Grilled Crayfish EnaServed with a side of your choiceR199
Grilled Crayfish DioServed with a side of your choiceR362


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Hake Fish & CalamariR157
Prawns & Mussels6 prince prawns & musselsR150
Prawns & Calamari6 prince prawns & calamariR200
Prawns & Hake Fish6 prince prawns & hakeR157


Platter NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Me, Myself & I3 Prince prawns, hake fish & calamariR157
Taste of the Ocean6 Prince prawns, 3 mussels, hake fish, calamari, calamari headsR213
King Kong Platter4 King prawns, calamari & hake fishR282
Rocking Platter12 Prince prawns, 6 mussels, hake fish, calamari & calamari headsR819
Family Affair1 Crayfish, 6 prince prawns, 2 hake fish, 6 musselsR487
Atlantic Platter18 Prince prawns, calamari, calamari steak strips, mussels & a rocking saladR532
Mediterranean Platter12 Prince prawns, calamari & 4 portions hakeR520
Two Oceans30 Prince prawns, mussels, calamari, calamari steak strips & hake fishR682
Salmon Tuna Platter2 salmon roses, 2 tuna roses, 4 salmon sandwich, 8 tempura prawn roll, 4 tuna nigiri and 4 avo bean curd nigiriR220
Prawn Tuna Platter4 prawn sandwich, 4 tuna sandwich, 8 tuna crunch and 8 tempura prawn rollR207
Salmon Tuna Prawn Platter4 salmon roses, 4 tuna rose, 8 tuna crunch, 8 tempura prawn roll, 4 tuna nigir, 4 prawn sandwich and 6 avo makiR298


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Calamari HeadsR63
5 MusselsIn a lemon garlic sauceR63
5 Prince PrawnsR63
Side SaladR27
Stir-Fried VegR27
Grilled VegR27


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crumbed Prawn TailsServed with chipsR77
Pan PrawnsServed with chipsR77
Crispy PrawnServed with chipsR89


BeveragePrice (R)
Cafe LatteR38
Hot ChocolateR38
Decaf CappuccinoR38


ItemPrice (R)
Can CokeR20
Ice TeaR27

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