Fireroom is a popular restaurant in South Africa, offering intense and unforgettable dining experiences for culinary adventurers. With a casual and ambient atmosphere, it features a nautical theme and aims to create a relaxed dining environment. The friendly and well-mannered staff enhance the overall dining experience for customers.

Fireroom Menu & Prices South Africa
Restaurant NameFireroom
Cuisine TypeChinese food
Opening Hours11 am – 10 pm
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Fireroom Menu

Fireroom in South Africa offers quick service and utilizes high-quality, fresh ingredients. With a wide variety of delicious menu items at affordable prices, and a unique interior, it’s a must-visit dining destination.

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Fireroom Starters Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
LiversServed with or without peri-peri.R 78.00
Krispy KrunchPeppered calamari and spicy mayo.R 98.00
Sticky WingsSticky teriyaki, spring onion, toasted sesame.R 105.00
Feta Phyllo
Pillow (v)
Feta, phyllo, honey, walnuts, toasted sesameR 76.00
Dynamite ShrimpTempura prawns, Fantasy sauce, micro herbs, flamed
at the table
R 108.00
(3 Pieces)
Mozzarella croquettes, peppadew, chives, served
on bourbon Pomodoro with peppered wild rocket
R 72.00
Tempura Prawns
(3 Pieces)
Sweet chilli mayoR 115.00
7 Spice and lime.R 78.00
Nachos (v)
Nacho libre crisps, melted mozzarella, salsa, lime
cream, spring onion, chopped lettuce, served smoking
R 120.00
Fillet TatakiSliced beef fillet, seared soy sauce, seven spices,
spring onion served on crispy lettuce.
R 115.00
JalapeñoBaked with cheddar and mozzarella, bacon bits, and
olives, and served with sour cream.
R 65.00
Halloumi (v)Served on a bed of mango-ginger salsa, garnished
with spring onion
R 102.00
Springbok CarpaccioWhite chocolate shavings, Parmesan shavings,
balsamic reduction, wild rocket
R 139.00

Fireroom Dim Sum Menu

MenuDescriptionPrice (R)
Gao (4 Pieces)Spinach & cream cheese (v)
Fillet, chives & cream cheese
R 72.00
R 82.00
Hong Kong Pear (3 Pieces)Potato dumplings filled with prawn & chickenR 38.00 Each
Crispy Chicken Bao Bun (3 Pieces)Crispy popped chicken, cabbage, creamy honeyR 72.00

Fireroom Oysters Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
OystersLive oysters, 6, 9 or 12R 32.00 Each
Fireroom OystersOyster topped with raspberry & fig beads, poached pear, pear leafR 39.00
The “OG” ShotOyster, fresh lemon, Tabasco, and black pepper.R 34.00

Fireroom Salads Menu

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Greek Salad (v)Tomato, cucumber, feta, red onion, olives, oreganoR 86.00
Strawberry SaladRocket, fresh strawberries, avo, pine nuts, honey,
lemon dressing.
R 96.00
Chicken Caesar SaladRomaine lettuce, grilled chicken, croutons, Parmesan
shavings, lemon mayo, olive oil
R 110.00
Crumbed Breast SaladCrumbed chicken breast, Parmesan, cherry tomato,
Spanish onion, mixed lettuce,
croutons, honey mayo
R 115.00

Fireroom Poke Bowls

Poke BowlDescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetarian Poké (v)Edamame beans, feta, avo, sunflower seeds, honeyed
walnuts, sushi rice, strawberry vinaigrette
R 105.00
Tekkadon Salmon PokéCubed salmon sashimi, sushi rice, avo, seaweed,
sesame seeds, honey soya dressing
R 220.00

Fireroom Stir Fry Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
ChickenR 110.00
BeefR 120.00
Veg (v)R 105.00
Prawn & Bok ChoyR 168.00
Bang Bang Chicken – Green beans, carrots, chili, spring onion, roasted
peanuts, sesame seeds, jasmine rice
R 138.00

Fireroom Curry Menu

CurryPrice (R)
Thai Chicken Curry – Chicken strips, Thai curry, coconut milk, vegR 148.00
Thai Veg Curry (v)R 120.00

Fireroom Poultry Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken SchnitzelCrumbed chicken breasts, cheese sauce, friesR 152.00
Breasts and SaladGrilled chicken breasts, olive oil vinaigrette,
black pepper, Greek salad.
R 148.00
Honey ChickenCubed crispy chicken, toasted sesame seeds,
egg fried rice
R 135.00
Char-grilled Baby
Lemon & Herb or peri-peri, fries, flambéed at the tableR 189.00
Popcorn Chicken
2 Popcorn fried chicken breasts, cheddar cheese,
crispy bacon, coleslaw, tomato, Honey mayo dressing,
seeded bun, fries
R 152.00

Fireroom Fish Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CalamariGrilled or fried tubes & heads, lemon butter, micro herbsR 182.00
Calamari ChateauGrilled Falkland calamari tubes & heads, flambéed
with Cognac at the table, cranberry pepper sauce,
Parmesan-infused wasabi mash
R 210.00
Flamed TunaBlack pepper crusted & flambéed with Cognac at the tableR 265.00
Char-grilled SalmonChar-grilled SalmonR 275.00
KingklipGrilled kingklip, lemon butterR 238.00
8 Queen PrawnsServed with chips or riceR 280.00
Tiger Giants (Each)Served with chips or riceR 230.00

Fireroom Meat Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Our Famous Fillet
on The Bone
Pepper crusted and flambéed with Cognac at the tableR 330.00
FilletPepper crusted & flambéed with Cognac at the table.R 265.00
RumpFlamed at the table.R 186.00
SirloinFlamed at the table.R 186.00
350g Wagyu Rib-eye350g Wagyu Rib-eyeSQ
Waygu BurgerWaygu patty, seeded bun, mozzarella cheese,
tomato, rocket, avo, red onion,
Fireroom mayo, home-cut fries.
R 189.00
Pork Rib Stacks &
Pork Rib Stacks & FriesR 260.00
Flamed Beef RibsCrushed black pepper, rosemary, fries, flambéed
with Cognac at the table.
R 340.00
Lamb CutletsCrushed black pepper, rosemary, Parmesan mash,
flambéed with Cognac at
the table
R 265.00
400g Something
Tastiest of cuts, thinly sliced beef on the bone,
flame-grilled, home-cut fries
R 185.00
OxtailServed with mashR 345.00
680g Pork
Pork sirloin point on the bone, lightly crusted with
black pepper, coarse salt, rosemary, flambéed
with Cognac at the table
R 305.00
850g Beef
Executive prime rib on the bone, pepper-crusted,
flambéed at the table
R 495.00

Fireroom Hibachi Grills

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
180g Wagyu
Rib Eye
Wagyu, bok choy, smoked Maldon salt, truffle oil,
Yakitori with toasted sesame seeds
R 790.00
250g FilletBeef fillet medallions, bok choy, smoked Maldon salt
and a selection of separate sauces:
Yakitori cream, chimichurri & peri-peri
R 515.00
Salmon SkewersSalmon, bok choy, black salt, fresh lemon, Yakitori
with toasted sesame seeds
R 480.00
Add Hibachi VegBok choy, mushrooms, spring onions, green & red
peppers, Maldon salt, Yakitori with toasted sesame seeds
R 68.00

Fireroom Sushi on Fire Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Fire Roll
(8 Pieces)
Crispy California roll, salmon, jalapeño, kewpie mayo,
cream cheese and Yakitori sauce.
R 142.00
Tuna Crunch
(8 Pieces)
Tempura tuna California roll, cream cheese, crispy rice,
and Fantasy sauce.
R 162.00
Sushi Braai
(8 Pieces)
Rainbow roll, prawn, salmon, tuna, peppadew, avo
with a port & sesame seed reduction.
R 165.00
Halloumi Crunch
(8 Pieces)
Crunchy California roll, fried halloumi, peppadew,
sticky Fantasy sauce, cubed, signature seasoning.
R 145.00
Rock Shrimp
Tempura (4 Pieces)
Salmon California roll topped with tempura prawn,
Fantasy sauce
R 156.00
Golden Flaming
Roses (4 Pieces)
Gold salmon roses, avo, chopped Tempura prawn,
naked edamame beans, Fantasy sauce, flamed cotton candy
R 145.00

Fireroom Signature Sushi Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
24 Carat Gold
Roll (8 Pieces)
Tempura prawn rainbow roll, cream cheese, salmon,
avo, peppadew, wrapped in 24k Gold, dressed with herb
pesto & salmon roe
R 420.00
Dragon Roll
(8 Pieces)
Salmon rainbow roll, tempura prawn, feta, avo, and
Yakitori sauce.
R 148.00
Tiger Roll
(8 Pieces)
Tempura prawn rainbow roll, avo, cream cheese,
Kewpie mayo, cranberry and
biscuit crumbs.
R 148.00
Tiger vs Dragon
(8 Pieces)
4 Tiger and 4 Dragon rolls.R 148.00
Springbok Roses
(6 Pieces)
Springbok carpaccio roses, strawberries, grapes,
Camembert, avo, Kewpie mayo, balsamic reduction.
R 167.00
Candy Roses
(4 Pieces)
Salmon roses topped with cream cheese, cherry glaze, and
popping candy.
R 146.00
Nacho Libre
(8 Pieces)
Tear-dropped shaped sushi roll, salmon and cream cheese,
Yakitori cream, mixed peppers, red onion, crushed nachos,
nacho sauce
R 142.00
Vegetarian Roses
(4 Pieces)
Cucumber-wrapped butternut roses topped with
roasted pine nuts, honey, and apple tartar, dressed with
cinnamon and balsamic reduction.
R 115.00
Fireroom Platter
(18 Pieces)
6 Springbok Roses, 4 Dragon Rolls, 4 Tiger Rolls, 4 Fire
R 372.00

Fireroom Traditional Sushi Menu

MenuIncluded ItemsPrice (R)
Maki Rolls (8 Pieces)Cucumber & avo
Prawn, Pine Nuts, Kewpie Mayo
R 58.00
R 89.00
R 85.00
R 78.00
California Rolls
(8 Pieces)
Avo, rocket & cucumber
Tempura Prawn & Fantasy Sauce
R 65.00
R 110.00
R 105.00
R 92.00
R 127.00
Fashion Sandwich
(8 Pieces)
R 122.00
R 116.00
R 115.00
Sashimi (4 Pieces)Salmon
Spicy Seared salmon
Spicy Seared tuna
R 135.00
R 136.00
R 128.00
R 129.00
Roses (4 Pieces)Salmon
R 92.00
R 92.00
Nigiri (2 Pieces)Salmon
R 52.00
R 58.00
R 68.00
Battleships Bean Curd
(3 Pieces)
Avo & Cucumber (v)
R 128.00
R 102.00
R 65.00
Rainbow Rolls Reloaded
(8 Pieces)
Salmon rainbow roll dressed with Yakitori
sauce, Kewpie mayo & caviar.
R 148.00
Trio Roll Reloaded
(8 Pieces)
Salmon, tuna, prawn roll, avo, Yakitori sauce,
Kewpie mayo & caviar
R 148.00
Hand Roll (1 Piece)Salmon
Tempura prawn
Avo, cucumber, and rocket
R 78.00
R 88.00
R 75.00
R 79.00
R 56.00

Fireroom Desserts Menu

DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Vanilla Ice Cream
& Bar One Sauce
Vanilla Ice Cream & Bar One SauceR 65.00
SorbetLemon and strawberry homemade sorbet.R 58.00
Inside Out
Deconstructed gin-infused cheesecake, Oreo
biscuit base, cherry glaze, and popping candy.
R 89.00
Bar One SlidersTempura-crusted Bar-One nuggets, caramel,
strawberry sorbet
R 72.00
Malva PuddingServed with custard or ice-creamR 85.00
Chocolate BrownieServed with crushed walnuts, white chocolate
shavings & ice cream
R 85.00
Tableside TiramisuSavoiardi biscuits, espresso, coffee liqueur,
mascarpone, prepared tableside
R 89.00
Strawberry Nutella
Homemade pancakes, Nutella, mascarpone
cheese, fresh strawberries, flambéed at the table.
R 120.00

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