Level Seven Restaurant & Sky Bar in Kempton Park is an ideal destination for special occasions or romantic evenings, boasting unparalleled views of the Bredell area. Situated on the property’s top floor, it offers magnificent city views day and night, with a bold, modern, and luxurious design that provides an elegant retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Level Seven Restaurant & Sky Bar Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameLevel Seven Restaurant & Sky Bar
Cuisine TypeChinese food
Opening Hours12 pm -12 am
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Level Seven Restaurant & Sky Bar Menu

Experience a wide range of classic and contemporary dishes at the restaurant, featuring fresh ingredients and unique flavors. Indulge in succulent prawn cocktails, traditional favorites like oxtail or lamb shank, and complement your meal with a selection of South African wines.

Level Seven Sushi Menu

SushiDescriptionPrice (R)
Fashion sandwich (4 pieces)Tuna, avocado, and mayoR145
Chicken, avocado, and mayoR145
Salmon, avocado, and cream cheeseR155
Prawn, avocado, and mayoR155
Salmon, avocado, and mayoR165
California roll (4 pieces)Apple, cream cheese, red pepper, and avocadoR135
Spicy tuna and avocadoR145
Prawn and avocadoR145
Salmon and avocadoR155
Sashimi (4 pieces)TunaR145
Seared tunaR145
Nigiri (2 pieces)Inar – bean curdR130
Salmon caviarR155
Maki (4 pieces)AvocadoR130
Big roll – futoR150
Temaki – hand rollVegetarianR135
Spicy tuna spring onionR145
Egypt – hand rollSalmon pyramid, avocado, and caviarR165
Rice, mayo, smoked Salmon, and caviarBrinjals, peppers, celery, sprouts, and peanuts rolled with cucumber and sesame seed dressingR170
Tibet – hand rollCucumber, avocado, and pickled radishR185
Triple layerRice, mayo, smoked salmon, and caviarR145
Sashimi saladAssorted sashimi on a bed of Asian greens and rocketR165
Salmon rosesSalmon sashimi, mayo and caviarR150
Salmon sashimi, avo, mayo and caviarR175
Combo platterCalifornia roll – 6 pieces
Maki – 2 pieces
Rainbow – 2 pieces
Sashimi – 2 pieces
Assorted platterSashimi – 6 pieces
Nigiri – 4 pieces
California roll – 2 pieces
Maki – 4 pieces
Salmon platterSalmon temaki – 2 pieces
Fashion sandwich – 2 pieces
California roll – 2 pieces
Maki – 2 pieces
Nigiri – 2 pieces
Signature platterRainbow – 2 pieces
Maki – 2 pieces
Salmon roses – 2 pieces
Nigiri – 4 pieces
Sashimi – 2 pieces

Level Seven Salads & Soups Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Roasted tomato and pepper soupOven-roasted tomatoes blended with peppers served with garlic croutons and a sour cream swirl.R85
Roasted pumpkin and red onion soupPumpkin soup infused with Thai flavors, coriander, and a hint of creamR85
Chicken soupSlow-braised chicken broth infused with Mediterranean herbs and finished with cream.R95
Traditional chicken Caesar saladBeetroot goat cheese & carpaccioR130
Crispy calamari saladFried calamari is served with pickled vegetable ribbons salad, lemon gel, avocado, and rocket foam.R130
Spicy chicken liver saladPan-fried livers marinated in peri-peri, cucumber, black olives, mixed greens, and vine tomatoes dressed with lime vinaigretteR135
Chicken tandoori saladTandoori spiced chicken breast, grilled to perfection, placed on a bed of wild rocket leaves, parmesan shavings with a peppadew, cucumber, and tomato salsa, drizzled with sesame oil and coriander aioliR135
Signature Greek saladBaby Asian greens, tomatoes, onion, Danish feta, avocado, and pine nuts dressed with basil pesto vinaigretteR140
Bouillabaisse soupTraditional seafood soup with fresh line fish and shellfish in a tomato and saffron broth served with rouille and homemade bread.R165
Beetroot goats cheese & carpaccioCandied walnuts, marinated goat cheese spheres, ostrich carpaccio, and a compliment of raspberry gelR165
Prawn and avocado saladGrilled prawns, butter lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber ribbons with sauce Marie RoseR215

Level Seven Starters Menu

StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
OystersTempura with celery relish and pickled ginger or Fresh served with shallot vinaigrette and pickled ginger.SQ
Sweet pepper-stuffed chickenChicken fillet infused with herb-flavored farce crumbles of Greek cheese, complemented by herb-enhanced creamy pimiento sauceR115
Chicken liversPan-fried chicken livers marinated in garlic sauce, served with a side bread roll.R125
Prawn spring rollsWith ginger lime and sweet soya dipping sauceR135
Prawn cocktailPrawns served with crispy greens & avocado salad, drizzled with homemade mayonnaise.R135
Stuffed calamariBarbecued calamari filled with mirepoix (celery, leeks, onion) and chopped beef sausages, served with apricot bourbon and sweet and sour sauce with a hint of smokiness.R135
Beef carpaccioHerb-crusted tenderloin, mushrooms, micro shoots, vinaigrette, and parmesan shavingsR165
Duck trioMarinated breast in Asian flavors – seared and served with homemade duck sausage, duck liver mousse, and exotic mushrooms, complemented by an apple puree and pear crisps.R170
Venison carpaccioHerb-crusted and served with a parmesan-rocket salad and a spiced vinaigretteR165
Asian beef filletAn Asian-influenced beef marinated in Indonesian chili and ginger soya, wrapped with seaweed and served with shimeji salad drizzled with soya sauce.R165
Salmon tartarTian of Scottish salmon, tomato concasse, and pickled cucumber beetroot carpaccio and champagne foamR165
Balsamic filletSealed and sliced beef fillet layered with thinly sliced tomato and new, flash-fried potatoes, topped with herb-infused balsamic and red wine reductionR175
Prawn with saffron pear chutneyPan-fried prawns with saffron pear chutney, avocado mousse, bacon-dusted scallops, and micro herb saladR175
Tempura prawnsTempura-battered Mozambican prawns, deep-fried and served with a lemongrass-infused sweet chili and tempura dipping sauce.R180
Fish cakesThai style with mild wasabi mayo, lemongrass-infused sweet chili, and a salad of microgreensR195
Panko PrawnsServed with rocket and spiral cucumber and sesame seed, finished with chili mayo and sweet and sour sauceR220
Prawn & scallop risottoGrilled prawns with pan-fried scallops, set on a saffron-enhanced risotto, caviar, and saffron gelSQ

Level Seven High Seas Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CalamariTender baby tubes pan-fried with lemon and garlic served with seasonal vegetables and sumo chipsR240
Grilled soleSeasoned with Maldon sea salt, served with sautéed new potatoes, pea and red onion ragout, and salsa verdeR245
Grilled line fishWith a soft herb crust, saffron new potatoes, and micro herbsR275
Fillet of kingklipServed with wilted bok choi, sweet potato crisps, and passion fruit gelR270
Salmon and prawn risottoPan-fried Scottish salmon with creamed horseradish, garlic, onions, arborio rice, and white wine, finished with saffron, parmesan cream sauce, and tempura prawns.R295
Prawn pastaPan-fried prawns, mushrooms, and asparagus in a cream-based sauce with a choice of penne, linguini, or tagliatelleR295
SeabassServed with creamy confit potatoes, grilled bok choi, baby carrots, and finished with chimichurri sauce and squid wafer.R295
Prawn currySimmered in traditional Durban spices and tamarind, served with basmati rice, sambals, and poppadom.R315
Pan-fried Scottish Salmon with creamed horseradish, garlic, onions, arborio rice, and white wine, finished with saffron, parmesan cream sauce, and tempura prawns.Seared salmon fillet, set on a teriyaki stir-fry, charred exotic mushrooms with a wasabi-enhanced beurre blanc and a complement of a squid waferR325
Salmon teriyakiAsian SalmonR325
Salmon kingklipScottish Salmon is grilled to perfection and served with homemade pickled cucumber, honey-glazed sweet potato rounds, teriyaki reduction, and micro herbs.R355
Fillet of kingklip stuffed with smoked Salmon served with sweet potato puree, sautéed spinach, and a tomato beurre blanc.Mediterranean SalmonR365

Level Seven Signature Shellfish Platter

ItemPrice (R)
Queen prawnsSQ
King prawnsSQ
Tiger medium prawnsSQ
Baby lobsterSQ
Lobster thermidorSQ
Signature ladies platterSQ
Signature shellfish platterSQ
Seafood platter for twoSQ

Level Seven Signature Dishes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken carbonara linguinePoached chicken thighs, truffle and parmesan infused cream sauce, rocket, lemon pepper pearls, and crispy cracklingR210
Chicken korma curryChicken thighs and breasts braised in a coconut-infused mild blend of spices, toasted almonds, dehydrated vine tomatoes, roti, and sambals.R215
Ostrich and leekGrilled to perfection, served with leek textures, finished with wintry leeks, turmeric-pickled leeks, and port wine jus.R280
Glazed quailRoasted quail glazed with chai jus, served with curry lentils, butternut disc, quail lollipops, burnt onion petals, brown onion puree, and blanched spinach.R295
Braised pork bellySlow-braised pork belly served with king oyster mushroom salsa, fresh cherries, apple, and potato puree, complemented with basil sprouts and fennel.R305
Beef tornadoCharred grilled beef fillet, pommes dauphine, green bean and vine tomato salad topped with béarnaise sauceR315
Ostrich filletGrilled ostrich fillet with sweet potato and honey puree, roast Mediterranean vegetables, and peppercorn sauceR325
Coffee rubbed filletRubbed in a coffee-infused blend of mild spices, twice-baked potato, asparagus, fried exotic mushrooms, and a creamed mushroom sauceR325
Bell pepper filletPan-fried beef loin wrapped in bell pepper, served on a peppery bath, creamy potato, grilled baby corn, and asparagus spears.R340
OxtailServed on the bone with rice and saffron new potatoesR365
Cote De Boeuf (500g)Beef fore-rib with truffle potato, asparagus, and baby carrotsR385
Lamb RumpRoasted rump of lamb with spicy tomato chutney, olive edible soil, cumin-flavored chickpea mash, Parisian vegetables, braised lamb ribs, and roasted red pepper puree with red pepper ashR385
Curry lamb shankSlow-roasted curry-infused lamb shank with garam masala, cinnamon, and coriander served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables.R415
Paradise filletBeef fillet grilled to perfection served with garlic snails and prawns, muesli powder, pan-fried exotic mushrooms, potato terrine, basmati rice, and port wine jus.R435

Level Seven Meat & Poultry Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Rib eyeR295
Flame-grilled baby chickenR210
Prime ribR305
Duck leg confitR325
Pork ribsR335
Beef fillet and pieR335
Lamb chopsR335
Beef fillet and mushroom royaleR345

Level Seven Vegetarian Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetarian stackTian of sweet potato rosti, field mushroom, roasted peppers & tofu served with tomato beer blanc.R210
Vegetarian pastaGrilled baby corn and peas, cumin and garlic infused olive oil, and served with penne, linguini, or tagliatelle.R215
Tortellini mushroomDumpling filled with exotic mushrooms duxelles, red onion, parsley, and light soy sauce, served with porcini mushroom consomméR235
Wild mushroom risottoGrilled exotic mushrooms pan-fried in olive oil with arborio rice, white wine, vegetable stock, and cream, finished with a splash of truffle oil, parmesan tuile, basil pesto, and micro herbs.R235
Bean ragoutGrilled carrot and red kidney bean ragout served with coconut and almond gazpacho, poached white grapes, shaved asparagus, and chive oil.R250

Level Seven Desserts Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Trio of crème brûléeVanilla, berry, and bar-one crème brûlée served with almond tuileR115
Pear malva puddingKahlúa butterscotch and vanilla pod ice creamR115
Berry and mascarpone cheesecakeFridge-based and topped with mixed berry compoteR120
American-style baked cheesecakeServed with berry compote and drizzled with mixed berry coulisR125
White chocolate sphereSphere with raspberry center, sugar tuille, champagne gel, coconut biscuit, and coconut pearlsR130
Cake of the dayAt the chef’s whim! Please ask your waiterR135
Signature souffléChocolate soufflé with both pistachio sable and cinnamon sable on a pistachio ice creamR135
Berry SemifreddoBerry Semifreddo set on a Baumkuchen and complemented with canoesR135
Rose water, toasted almond, and ginger panna cottaPanna cotta infused with rose petals, toasted almonds, and ginger served with butterscotch jelly, nut praline, fruit compote, and berry coulis.R140
Lindt chocolate fondantServed with mascarpone quenelle and preserved orange zestR140
Banana mousse and dark chocolate spongeChilled banana and peanut butter mousse served on a dark chocolate brownie sponge with dark and white chocolate garnish, coconut crumble, pistachio ice cream, and fresh berries.R145
Deconstructed apple pieBlack pepper custard, apple & cranberry tart, cinnamon crumble, cranberry gel, ginger ice cream and apple chipsR150
Chocolate duoWhite chocolate mousse and Lindt fondant served with berry compote and chocolate ganache.R155
Ferrero rocher tiramisuWith chocolate fudge parfait, caramel gel, strawberry salsa, hazelnut crumble and chocolate ganacheR165

Level Seven Cheese & Fruit Platters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fruit platterAn assortment of exotic, soft, and hard seasonal fruitsR170
Cheese platterImported soft center cheese, savory crackers, preserves, and nutsR225

Level Seven Champagne Menu

ChampagneWinemakerPrice (R)
Mumm Grand Cordon ReimsDidier MariottiR780
Moet and Chandon Brut NV EpernayAmine GhanemR800
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV ReimsDelphine LabordeR850
Laurent Perrier Demi-sec Tours-sur-MarneMichel FauconnetR1450
Mumm Grand Cordon ReimsDidier MariottiR1500
Moet and Chandon Brut NV EpernayAmine GhanemR1600
Mumm Olympe Demi Sec ReimsDidier MariottiR1650
Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label NV ReimsDelphine LabordeR1700
Moet and Chandon Nectar Imperial NV EpernayAmine GhanemR1700
Moet and Chandon Rosé NV EpernayAnime GhanemR1750
Mumm Olympe Rosé ReimsDidier MariottiR1850
Veuve Cliquot Rosé NV ReimsDelphine LabordeR1850
Veuve Cliquot Rich NV ReimsDelphine LabordeR2250
Pol Roger Brut 2008 EpernayDominique PetitR2250
Moet and Chandon Ice Imperial NV EpernayAnime GhanemR2650

Level Seven Methode Cap Classique

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Grahambeck Brut NV Western CapePieter FerreiraR245
Klein Zalze Brut Rosé NW Western CapeAlastair Rimmer/ RJ BothaR350
L’Ormarins Brut Classique Rosé FranschhoekZanie ViljoenR380
Graham Beck Demi Sec ‘Bliss Nector’ NVPieter FerreiraR425
Colmant Brut Reserve NV Western CapeJean Philippe ColmantR500
Villiera Monro 2013 StellenboschJeff GrierR650
Black Elephant Vinters Brut FranschhoekKevin RaymondR680

Level Seven Exclusive White

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Almenkerk Chardonnay 2017 ElginJoris van Almenkerk and Denver van WykR650
Mullineaux’ Old Vine’ White 2018 SwartlandChris and Andrea MullineauxR780
Mullineaux ‘Old Vine’ White 2018 SwartlandErika ObermeyerR790
Erika O ‘Meticulous’ Sauvignon Blanc 2018Stuart BothaR800
Hamilton Russell Vineyards Chardonnay 2018Emul RoseR1200
FMC Chenin Blanc 2018 StellenboschKen Forrester and Martin MeinertR1350

Level Seven Sauvignon Blanc

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Springfield’ Life from Stone’ 2020 RobertsonAbrie BruwerR320
Paul Cluver 2019 ElginAndries BurgerR85
Diemersdal Reserve 2019 DurbanvilleThys LouwR350
Cederberg ‘Ghost Corner’ 2019 CederbergDavid NieuwoudtR400
Eagles Nest 2019 ConstantiaDuran CornhillR550
DeGrendel ‘Koetshuis’ (wooded) 2019 DurbanvilleCharles HopkinsR635

Level Seven Chardonnay

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Warwick ‘First Lady’ (unwooded) 2019 StellenboschJD PretoriusR650
Oldenburg 2018 Banghoek ValleyNic van AardeR300
Longridge Organic 2017 StellenboschJasper RaatsR85
Creation 2018 Hemel-en-AardeJean Claude MartinR415
Uva Mira Chardonnay 2018 Helderburg MountainsChristain CoetzeeR430
Quion Rock 2018 StellenboschJacques MareeR520

Level Seven Chenin Blanc

WineWinemakersPrice (R)
Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection 2018 StellenboschAlastair Rimmer and RJ BothaR330
Durbanville Hills’ Collectors Reserve’ 2018 DurbanvilleMartin MooreR85
Holden Manz 2019 FranschoekThierry HabererR360
Delaire Graff ‘Swartland Reserve’ 2018 SwartlandMorne VreyR380
Chapter TWO by Miles Mossop 2018 Western CapeMiles MossopR520
Wilderkrans ‘Barrel Select’ 2017 BotriverWilliam WilkinsonR750

Level Seven Other White Varietals

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Cederberg Bukettraube 2019 CederbergDavid NieuwoudtR780
Thelema Riesling 2017 StellenboschRudi SchultzR290
Idiom Viognier 2017 StellenboschReino ThiartR315
The Foundry Grenache Blanc 2017 Voor PaardebergChris William and James ReidR330

Level Seven White Blends

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Haute Cabriere Chardonnay/Pinot Noir 2019 FranschhoekTakuan von ArnimR350
Spier Creative Block 2 2019 Western CapeJacques TraffordR415
Morgenster White 2017 StellenboschHenry KotzeR430
Miles Mossop Wines Saskia 2018 StellenboschMiles MossopR520
B Vintners ‘Haarlem to Hope’ 2018 StellenboschBruwer Raats and Gavin SlabbertR650
David and Nadia Aristargos 2018 SwartlandDavid and Nadia AristargosR750

Level Seven Rose Wine

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Hermanuspietersfontein ‘Bloos’ 2020 HermanusBartho EksteenR800
Black Oyster Catcher 2018 ElimDirk HumanR290
Steenberg Ruby 2019 ConstantiaJ D PretoriusR315
Hidden Tressure 2019 StellenboschAnnalise Van DykR330

Level Seven Bordeaux Style Blends

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Warwick ‘Three Cape Ladies’ 2016 StellenboschJD PretoriusR445
Rupert and Rothschild Classique 2017 Western CapeYvonne LesterR115
Antonij Rupert Optima 2016 Western CapeDawie BothaR450
Eisen and Viljoen Anno 2017 FranschhoekJohan ViljoenR120
Vriesenhof ‘Kallista’ 2015 ParadyskloofJan CoetzeeR480
DeToren Z 2016 StellenboschChris WilliamsR650

Level Seven Other Red Blends

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Kanonkop Kadette 2018 SimonsbergAbrie BeeslaarR750
DeToren LaJuenesse Delicate NV StellenboschAlbie KochR1050
Ashbourne Pinotage/Cinsault 2018 SwartlandEmul RossR320
Iona ‘One Man Band’ 2017 ElginWerner MullerR85
Bouchard Finlayson ‘Hannibal’ 2017 OverbergChris AlbrechtR350
Saronsberg Full Circle 2017 TulbaghDewaldt HeynsR415

Level Seven Other Red Varietals

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Blakes Malbec 2018 SwartlandAndries BlakeR320
Illinois Cinsault 2016 DarlingLucinda HeynsR85
Naude Mourvedre 2014 SwartlandIan NaudeR370
Steenberg Nebbiolo 2017 ConstantiaJ D PretoriusR495

Level Seven Dessert Wine 50ml

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
Thelema ‘vin de Hel’ 2016 SimonsbergGyles WebbR615
Mullineaux’ Straw Wine’ 2017 SwartlandChris and Andrea MullineauxR150
Mullineaux ‘Straw Wine’ 2017 SwartlandMatthew DayR180

Level Seven Fortified Wine 50ml

WineWinemakerPrice (R)
DeKrans Port CalitzdorpChristoff de WetR275
*Cape Tawny NV CalitzdorpChristoff de WetR60
*Cape Ruby NV CalitzdorpChristoff de WetR80
*Cape Vintage 2016 CalitzdorpChristoff de WetR120
Vergenoegd Territa Vintage 2012Not specifiedR140
Messias 10 yearNot specifiedR160

Level Seven Christmas Menu

R1150 per Person

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Children between 6 & 12 year: R425 per children

StartersTriple LayerRice, mayo, smoked salmon, and caviar
Asian Beef FilletAsian-influenced beef, marinated in Indonesian chili and ginger soya, wrapped with seaweed, and served with banana ginger and carrot purees, shimeji salad, crispy ginger, orange-soaked carrot, and drizzled with soya sauce.
Panko PrawnsServed with rocket and spiral cucumber sesame seed, finished with chili mayo and sweet and sour sauce.
Prawn Avo SaladGrilled prawns, butter lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber ribbons, with sauce Marie Rose.
Mini Veg StackTian of sweet potato rosti, field mushroom, roasted peppers & tofu served with tomato beurre blanc.
MainsSeafood PastaCreamy white wine sauce served with mussels, salmon bits, and your pasta choice.
Panfried Duck BreastTender and crispy duck with toasted brioche, celeriac puree, creamy sweet corn, and mint jus.
Coffee Rubbed FilletRubbed in a coffee-infused blend of mild spices, twice-baked potato, asparagus, fried exotic mushrooms, and a creamed mushroom sauce.
Curry Lamb ShankSlow-roasted curry-infused lamb shank with garam masala, cinnamon, and coriander served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables.
Panfried SeabassServed with creamy confit potatoes, grilled bok choy, and baby carrots, it is finished with chimichurri sauce and squid wafer.
Wild Mushroom Risotto (V)Grilled exotic mushrooms pan-fried in olive oil with Arborio rice, white wine, vegetable stock, and cream. Finished with a splash of truffle oil, parmesan tuile, basil pesto, and micro herbs.
Langoustines (Additional R850 P/P)Prepared the traditional Mozambican way and served with seasonal vegetables and rice or chips.
Shellfish Platter (Additional R950 P/P)Combination of a baby lobster, queen, and tiger medium prawns (langoustine option available).
DessertsBanana MousseChilled banana is served on a dark chocolate brownie sponge with dark and white chocolate garnish, coconut crumble, pistachio ice cream, and fresh berries.
Berry SemifreddoBerry semifreddo set on baumkuchen, complemented with canoli.
Malva PuddingKahlúa butterscotch and vanilla pod ice cream.

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