Founded in 1973 during apartheid, Cosy Corner, a renowned halaal eatery in Wynberg, is still owned and operated by the Hartley family. With a half-century presence, the establishment has fostered strong community ties through a shared love of food. Cosy Corner continues to be a cherished and enduring culinary presence in Wynberg.

Cosy Corner Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameCosy Corner
Cuisine TypeSouth African food
Opening Hours9:00 am – Midnight
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Cosy Corner Menu

Access the latest and most accurate menu prices for The Cozy Corner Cafe, compiled from 2 locations, ensuring up-to-date information. From spicy Masala steak gatsbys to Cape-Malay Curries, enjoy diverse takeout options at Cosy Corner for an authentic culinary experience.

Top Menu Items

Menu ItemsPrice
1/2 lb. Hatch Green Chile Burger$12.00
Full Side of Sausage$4.00

Breakfast Plates

Menu ItemsPrice
2 Eggs Plate$8.75
3 Eggs Plate$11.00
Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs Plate$10.25
Pork Chop and Eggs Plate$10.25
Steak and Eggs Plate$10.25
2 Eggs with Chorizo Plate$10.00
Biscuits and Gravy Plate$8.75


Menu ItemsPrice
Denver Omelet$9.25
3 Meat Omelet$10.50
Cozy Signature Omelet$9.00

French Toast

Menu ItemPrice
French Toast$4.95


Menu ItemPrice
Pancakes (Pancakes)$3.00

Kids Breakfast

Menu ItemsPrice
Kid’s 1 Egg with Meat$4.49
Kid’s 3 Small Pancakes$4.49


Menu ItemsPrice
1/2 lb. Hatch Green Chile Burger (Burgers)$12.00
1/2 lb American Classic Burger$11.00
1/2 lb. Bacon Cheese Burger$12.00
Breakfast burger$13.50
Western bacon cheese burger$12.50
Patty melt$12.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Hatch Heat Chicken Sandwich$9.00
Turkey Melt$9.00
Ruben Sandwich$9.00
Club Sandwich$11.00
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich$7.00
BLT Sandwich$8.00


Menu ItemsPrice
1 Egg$1.75
Hashbrown pattys$3.25
Home Fries$3.25
French Fries$3.75
Full Side of Bacon$4.00
Full Side of Sausage (Sides)$4.00
Apple Sauce$2.99
English Muffin$1.51
Raisin Bread$1.99
2 oz. Fresh Salsa$0.99
Cottage Cheese$3.50

Kids Lunch

Menu ItemsPrice
Kid’s burger$6.00
Kid’s Grilled Cheese Lunch$5.49


Menu ItemsPrice
Unsweetened Tea$2.75
Large Soda Pop$2.95
Chocolate Milk$2.49

New Mexico Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice
Tamales breakfast$12.00
Breakfast stuffed sopapilla$11.00
Huevos Rancheros$10.50
Breakfast flat enchiladas$10.50
Carne Adovada and eggs$11.00
Smothered burger patty and eggs$10.00
Green Chile beef burrito$10.00
Flat green Chile chicken enchiladas$11.50
Combo plate$14.99
Smothered cozy burrito$9.00
Smothered breakfast burrito$10.00

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