Havana Grill at Suncoast Casino in Durban offers an immersive experience blending Latin beats with coastal vibes. It’s not just a dining spot but a vibrant window into the essence of Havana, where every turn promises a new fiesta for the senses. Guests can escape to sun-kissed beaches and savor sizzling flavors amidst the lively ambiance of this colorful restaurant.

Havana Grill Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameHavana Grill
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours12 pm – 9:30 pm
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Havana Grill Menu

At Havana Grill, savor the aroma of charcoal-kissed churrasco steaks and garlic-infused prawns amid lively music and vibrant surroundings. Expertly crafted Cuban dishes, from sweet and smokey lobster to perfectly cooked churrasco steak with chimichurri sauce, await to enchant your taste buds.

Havana Grill Starters

StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
Bang Bang PrawnsTempura crust, Sriracha MayonnaiseR105.00
CalamariOven-grilled with lemon butter or peri-peri sauce. Fried Mediterranean style with classic tartare sauce.R95.00
Snails 3 WaysGarlic and parsley, smoked paprika, blue cheeseR100.00
Smoked Springbok CarpaccioShaved parmesan, rocket, biltong dust, coriander-infused olive oilR95.00
Playing with Samoosa’sEvery element of a prawn samoosa…. De-constructed all the wayR105.00
Cuban Chicken LiversGarlic, cream, tomato, peppers, chili, corianderR80.00
Nacho’s (V)Guacamole, salsa, jalapenos, sour creamR75.00
Creamy White Wine and Garlic MusselsCreamy White Wine and Garlic MusselsR85.00
Jalapeno Poppers (V)Jalapeno Poppers (V)R65.00
Tempura Fish Cakes3 In a portion – coriander, chili, ginger with sweet chili jamR55.00
Steak TrinchadoGarlic, tomato, chili, creamR85.00
Tasting PlatterA selection of bites (Platter for 2, thereafter R75 per person)R150.00

Havana Grill Salads

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Pear and Blue CheeseCandied pecans, cider, and honey dressingR95.00
Asian Prawn and Pineapple SaladNoodles, cashews, sesame seeds, honey and soy dressingR95.00
Castro Salad (V)Mixed greens, lentils, feta, cashews, sweet paprika vinaigretteR95.00
CaesarGrana, egg, anchovies, avocadoR80.00
Caesar with Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken addition to the Caesar saladR45.00
Caesar with BaconBacon addition to the Caesar saladR25.00
Avocado, Feta, and BaconRosa tomatoes, cucumber, mixed greensR95.00
Table Greek SaladTable Greek SaladR155.00
Greek SaladGreek SaladR95.00

Havana Grill Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Main DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetable Stir Fry (V)Noodles or Rice, cashews, and a selection of vegetablesR145.00
Vegetable Enchilada (V)Mixed vegetables in a tortilla, baked with cheese and sofritoR145.00
Pasta Havana (V)Roasted peppers, mushrooms, chili, sofrito cream & oreganoR145.00

Havana Grill’s Grill Menu

Meat DishWeightPrice (R)
T-Bone (Dry Aged)400gR230.00
T-Bone (Dry Aged)600gR275.00
Rib Eye200gR185.00
Rib Eye300gR235.00

Havana Grill Specialties

SpecialtyDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet on the BoneChoice of starch, greens, red wine, jus
*Best served medium rare
Jalapeno and Feta Stuffed FilletBacon wrapped, tomato salsa, cheese sauce
*Best served medium to medium-rare
Shisa Nyama Short Ribs Thin Cut400gR180.00
Ostrich FilletBlack pepper mash, blueberry jus
*Best served medium to rare
VenisonChoice of starch, greens, red wine jus
*Best served medium rare

Havana Grill Sauces

SaucePrice (R)
Creamy GarlicR35.00
Red wine and onionR35.00
Cheese and jalapenoR35.00
Peri PeriR35.00
Cheese and BiltongR35.00

Havana Grill Toppings

ToppingPrice (R)
Grilled Prince Prawn (3)R55.00
Crispy bacon and camembertR60.00
Marrow, blue cheese butter, and crispy onionsR55.00
Creamy garlic musselsR55.00

Havana Grill Lamb Dishes

Lamb DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Lamb ChopsChoice of sauce, Fries

Slow Roasted Lamb ShankMash, seasonal vegetables, rosemary jusR275.00
Lamb Stir FryLamb Stir FryR175.00

Havana Grill Poultry Menu

Chicken DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken and Prawn CurryBasmati rice, curry condimentsR185.00
Mozambican ChickenWhole baby chicken, peri peri sauce, and friesR185.00
Tandoori Style ChickenMushroom-scented mash, minted cumin yogurt, and salsa rosaR165.00
Chicken Che GuevaraPenne pasta, chicken pieces, pink prawns, Dijon mustard cream sauceR185.00

Havana Grill Pork Menu

Pork DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Tomahawk Grilled Rack Chop Korean BBQ BastingWasabi and green onion mash, seasonal vegetablesR185.00
Deboned Pork RibsSweet chili basting, friesR175.00
Pork BellyMash, pickled red cabbage, apple sauceR190.00

Havana Grill Fish & Shell Fish

Seafood DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Crayfish TailsPrice on requestSQ
Grilled PrawnsPrice on requestSQ
Grilled Seafood PlatterFor 1: Price on request
For 2: Price on request
Simply Grilled LinefishLemon butter, green beans, choice of starchR195.00
Seafood CurryMauritian-style daube curry with basmati rice and PoppadumR180.00
CalamariLemon or peri served with savory rice and green beans OR
Fried with tartare sauce and green side salad
Norwegian SalmonChamp and dill cream sauceR250.00
Prawn and Chicken Chow MeinGinger, garlic, mushroom, coriander, and teriyakiR185.00
Prawn CurryTomato-based curry, basmati rice, and curry condimentsR215.00

Havana Grill Vegetables & Sides

Side DishPrice (R)
Basmati RiceR30.00
Savoury RiceR35.00
Mashed PotatoesR35.00
Seasonal VegetablesR45.00
Cinnamon Roasted ButternutR35.00
Salt Baked PotatoR35.00
Creamed SpinachR35.00
Crispy OnionsR35.00
Sautéed Garlic MushroomsR45.00
Green SaladR50.00
Greek SaladR70.00
Caesar SaladR45.00
Wok Fried RiceR40.00
House Cut Potato WedgesR35.00

Havana Grill Desserts

DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Marshmallow Panna CottaBerry coulis, Berry sorbetR65.00
Crème BrûléeSweet creme bruleeR60.00
FondantLiquid Callebaut dark chocolate centerR80.00
Warm Chocolate Nut BrownieVanilla ice cream and chocolate sauceR55.00
Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate SauceVanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate SauceR55.00
Pecan Bread and Butter PuddingButterscotch sauce, vanilla ice-creamR60.00
Trio of SorbetShortbread biscuitsR55.00
Tasting PlatterSelection of Bites (Serves Two, Thereafter R75 per person)R150.00

Havana Grill Function Set Menu – R295.00

StartersJalapeño Poppers
StartersChicken Livers Bruschetta
StartersCalamari (Grilled or Fried)
StartersCaesar Salad
StartersThai Beef Salad
Main CoursePrime Grade Beef (Served with choice of sauce and fries)
Main CourseGrilled Sole (Savoury Rice, Green Beans)
Main CoursePork Steak (Mash, Green Beans)
Main CourseButter Chicken Curry (Basmati Rice, Poppadum)
Main CourseSimply Grilled Linefish
Main CourseLamb Stirfry (Rice OR Noodles)
Main CourseBrinjal Parmigiana (V)
DessertCrème Brûlée
DessertChocolate Brownie with Ice Cream
DessertMalva Pudding with Ice Cream
DessertIce Cream with Chocolate Sauce

Havana Grill Executive Set Menu – R340.00

StartersJalapeño Poppers
StartersChicken Livers Bruschetta
StartersCalamari (Grilled or Fried)
StartersCaesar Salad
StartersThai Beef Salad
StartersPrawn Cocktail
StartersSmoked Springbok Carpaccio
Main CoursePrime Grade Beef (Served with choice of sauce and fries)
Main CourseGrilled Sole and Prawns (Savoury Rice, Green Beans)
Main CourseButter Chicken (Basmati Rice, Poppadum)
Main CourseSimply Grilled Linefish
Main CourseLamb Shank (Mash, seasoned vegetables)
Main CoursePork Steak (Mash, Green Beans)
Main CourseBrinjal Parmigiana (V)
DessertCrème Brûlée
DessertIce Cream & Chocolate Sauce
DessertChocolate Brownie
DessertIce Cream & Chocolate Sauce
DessertMalva Pudding & Ice Cream
DessertDeep Fried Ice Cream
DessertBerry Coulis

Havana Grill Lunch Menu

StartersTrinchado Calamares
StartersGreek Side Salad
StartersJalapeño Poppers
StartersHígados De Pollo
Main Course200g Grumpa or Solomillo
Main CoursePescado Enchilado
Main CoursePollo Al La Plancha
Main CoursePasta Havana
Main CourseEspinacas Y Ricota Ravioles
Main CourseHalf Pollo Asado
DessertDessert of the Day

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