The Grillhouse in Rosebank, Johannesburg, is a beloved and established premium steakhouse, part of The Grillhouse Group founded in 1995. Known for its great food, extensive wine and malt selection, stellar service, and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a classic New York grill house. The restaurant features art deco furnishings, private dining rooms, and a wine cellar offering a vast array of local and imported wines. Private dining rooms cater to business lunches, dinners, and intimate celebrations, complemented by an extensive wine cellar featuring sought-after selections.

Grill House Rosebank Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameGrill House
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours12 am – 10:30 pm
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Grill House Menu

The Grillhouse in Rosebank offers a diverse menu beyond steaks and ribs, featuring salads, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian options, along with indulgent desserts like brownies and ice cream. Its art deco decor evokes a classic New York Grillhouse ambiance with raw brick, leather seating, and timber accents, creating a warm atmosphere.

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ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef BombBeef dish with a cheesy centre served on roasted red pepper sauceR89.00
Biltong and/or DroeworsAssorted biltong and/or droeworsR89.00
CalamariGrilled calamari in lemon butter or peri-peri, or deep friedR105.00
Chicken DrummettesChicken drummettes in sticky BBQ basting or peri-periR99.00
Chicken LiversGrilled chicken livers in peri-periR99.00
Grillhouse BoereworsPure beef or homemade chicken boereworsR79.00
Halloumi CheeseGrilled halloumi cheese with lemon and herbsR94.00
Marrow BoneFlame-grilled marrow boneR105.00
Oysters on the Half ShellFresh oysters served in quantities of 6, 9, or 12 (when available)Price on request
Roast Garlic FlatbreadFlatbread with roast garlic and grated parmesanR55.00
SnailsSnails in creamy garlic sauce or sautéed in garlic butter with croutons and parmesanR99.00
Soup – Chef’s ChoiceChef’s choice of soupR99.00
Springbok CarpaccioSpringbok carpaccioR115.00
West Coast MusselsSteamed mussels tossed in creamy white wine, paprika, and garlic sauceR99.00

Salads – Regulars

Salad NameDescriptionSizePrice (R)
Fresh Garden SaladMixed garden greens, vegetables, and dressingSideR70.00
Fresh Chopped SaladMediterranean-style salad with cucumber, tomato, red onion, peppers, chickpeas, pepperdews, and croutonsSideR75.00
Greek SaladClassic Greek salad with feta cheese, olives, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and dressingSideR75.00
Roquefort Salad (Dressed)Salad featuring Roquefort cheese and dressingSideR75.00
Tomato, Onion & Rocket SaladSalad with tomato, onion, rocket (arugula), and dressingSideR49.00

Salads Signature

Salad NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Buttermilk Chicken Wedge SaladButtermilk chicken pieces with dukkha spiced baby gem lettuce, carrots, spring onion, cucumber, and radishes. Curried buttermilk dressing served on the side (Contains nuts)R125.00
Caesar SaladLettuce, anchovies, boiled egg, croutons, and Parmesan cheese dressed with classic Caesar dressing
– Side: Add Chicken or BaconR89.00
– Large: Add Chicken or BaconR115.00
Steak SaladSliced sirloin on a sundried tomato pesto with baby spinach, rocket, tender stem broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, olives, and blue cheese dressing (contains nuts)R155.00
Umami Salmon SaladShredded salmon on a beetroot hummus base with baby spinach, rocket, baby potatoes, sugar snap peas, garden peas, and green beans drizzled with miso yoghurt dressingR155.00

Beyond Meat – Vegetarian

Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Beyond BurgerPlant-based burgerR145.00
Cottage PieTraditional cottage pieR155.00
Vegan Linguine BolognaiseVegan version of linguine BolognaiseR155.00
Vegan Curry and RiceVegan curry served with riceR155.00


Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken SchnitzelBreaded and fried chicken schnitzelR179.00
Grilled Chicken BreastGrilled chicken breastR184.00
Health Chicken BreastGrilled chicken breast with lemon, herb, and olive oilR184.00
Spatchcock ChickenWhole chicken (butterflied) with peri-peri, BBQ, or lemon and herb seasoningR205.00

From The Sea

Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
KingklipGrilled kingklipR275.00
SalmonGrilled or prepared salmonR289.00
Sea BassGrilled sea bass (subject to availability)Price on request
Beer Battered HakeBeer-battered hake fishR180.00
CalamariGrilled calamari in lemon butter or peri-peri, or deep-friedR195.00
Grilled PrawnsGrilled prawnsR390.00

On A Roll

Burger NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef BurgerClassic beef burgerR105.00
Cheese BurgerBeef burger with cheeseR115.00
Pepper BurgerBeef burger with pepper sauceR125.00
Mushroom BurgerBeef burger with mushroomsR125.00
Spicy BurgerSpicy beef burgerR115.00
Grilled Chicken BurgerGrilled chicken fillet burgerR115.00
Southern Fried Chicken BurgerSouthern fried chicken fillet burgerR115.00

Premium Cuts

Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet – 200g (7 oz)Beef fillet steak, 200g (7 oz)R185.00
Fillet – 300g (10 oz)Beef fillet steak, 300g (10 oz)R239.00
Fillet – 500g (18 oz)Beef fillet steak, 500g (18 oz)R379.00
Rump – 300g (10 oz)Beef rump steak, 300g (10 oz)R205.00
New York Sirloin – 200g (7 oz)New York sirloin steak, 200g (7 oz)R179.00
New York Sirloin – 300g (10 oz)New York sirloin steak, 300g (10 oz)R205.00
Rib Eye – 400g (14 oz)Rib eye steak, 400g (14 oz)R269.00
Ostrich MedallionsPepper-crusted ostrich medallionsR220.00
Fillet on the Bone (Grillhouse Signature)Beef fillet steak on the boneR265.00
T-Bone – 500g (18 oz)T-Bone steak, 500g (18 oz)R245.00
Lamb CutletsLamb cutletsR279.00
Beef RibsBeef ribsR299.00
Spare RibsSpare ribsR299.00
OxtailOxtail stewR269.00
Lamb ShankLamb shankR285.00
Slow Braised Giant Beef Rib (when available)Slow-braised giant beef ribR285.00

Signature Platters

Platter NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Grillhouse PlatterCombination of beef or pork ribs, a lamb cutlet, boerewors, beef kebab, and sliced spiced sirloinR340.00
Chicken PlatterPeri-peri chicken pieces, chicken kebab, chicken wors, peri-peri livers, and panko crumbed chicken stripsR340.00
Seafood PlatterSelection of prawns, calamari, mussels, and kingklipR499.00
Chicken and Rib PlatterHalf a spatchcock chicken (BBQ, lemon and herb, or peri-peri) served with beef or pork ribsR305.00
Chicken and Chop PlatterHalf a spatchcock chicken (BBQ, lemon and herb, or peri-peri) served with three lamb cutletsR355.00


Side DishDescriptionPrice (R)
SpinachCreamed or Morogo style spinachR59.00
Fried Onion RingsCrispy fried onion ringsR49.00
Sautéed MushroomsSliced mushrooms sautéed in butterR75.00
Pap & ChakalakaMaize porridge (pap) served with spicy vegetable relish (chakalaka)R65.00
Sweet Potato ChipsCrispy sweet potato chipsR50.00
Mac ‘n CheeseClassic macaroni and cheeseR75.00


SaucePrice (R)
Creamy GarlicR39.00
Monkey GlandR39.00


Dessert NameDescriptionPrice (R)
AffogatoScoop of ice-cream with a shot of espresso and a shot of Whiskey or AmarettoR79.00
Chocolate BrowniesHot chocolate brownies served with cream or ice cream (contains nuts)R79.00
Crème BrûléeClassic crème brûlée dessertR79.00
Condensed Milk and Raspberry Ice Cream LoafDessert loaf with condensed milk and raspberry ice creamR79.00
Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate SauceIce cream served with hot chocolate sauceR79.00
Inverroche Knickerbockers SurpriseSpecial dessert (details undisclosed)R79.00
Lindt Chocolate MousseRich and creamy Lindt chocolate mousseR79.00
Malva PuddingTraditional South African malva pudding served hot with custard, cream, or ice creamR79.00
New York Baked Cheese CakeClassic New York-style baked cheesecakeR79.00

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