Cake Zone, located in Norbury and Croydon, South London, is celebrated for its diverse selection of classic cakes, including rich chocolate and airy sponge varieties. With meticulously crafted recipes and personalized designs reflecting individual tastes, their experienced team ensures every occasion is unforgettable with a sophisticated and stylish approach. From birthdays to weddings, Cake Zone guarantees a memorable cake experience for all.

Cake Zone Menu Prices South Africa
Restaurant NameCake Zone
Cuisine TypeDesserts
Opening Hours9 AM – 5 PM
ReviewsSee Reviews

Cake Zone Menu

Cake Zone in South Africa provides a diverse menu catering to dessert enthusiasts, offering a variety of cakes and pastries for special occasions or everyday indulgence. Customers are encouraged to review the current menu and prices to ensure a delightful and accurate ordering experience.

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Specialty Cakes

Whiskey CakeR86
Vodka CakeR86
Vanilla CakeR86
Turkish Delight CakeR86
Tequila CakeR86
Salted Caramel CakeR86
Red Velvet CakeR135
Rasberry CakeR86
Pina Colada CakeR86
Peppermint CakeR105
Passion Fruit CakeR86
Oreo CakeR891
Nutella CakeR86
Mango CakeR86
Lemon CakeR86
Kit Kat CakeR105
Hennessy CakeR86
Gin CakeR86
Fruit Gateau CakeR110
Ferrero Rocher CakeR105
Delux Amarula CakeR115
Cranberry CakeR86
Chocolate CakeR86
Carrot CakeR135
Blueberry CakeR86
Black Forest CakeR86
Bar One CakeR115
Amarula CakeR86
Caramel CakeR86

2 Tier Birthday Cake Promotion

The Messi Birthday CakeR1550
2T Minions Birthday CakeR1550
Frozen Beauty Birthday CakeR1550
Frozen Dance Birthday CakeR1550
Spiderman Birthday CakeR1550
Frozen Snowflakes Birthday CakeR1550
Bow Tie Shower CakeR1550
Shower with Teddy and Flags CakeR1550
Red Red Red Birthday CakeR1550
Sofia the Princess Birthday CakeR1550
Afro Beauty Birthday CakeR1550
Floral Elegance Birthday CakeR1550
Unicorn Dreams Birthday CakeR1550
The Princess Birthday CakeR1550
Superheroes Birthday CakeR1550
Wonder Woman Birthday CakeR1550
Gucci Glamour Birthday CakeR1980
Rose Elegance Birthday CakeR1550
Picture Perfect Birthday CakeR1580
Classic Pedals Birthday CakeR1570
Batman logo Birthday CakeR1550
Mickey Mouse Birthday CakeR1550
Tool Birthday Birthday CakeR1550
Go Silver Birthday CakeR1550
Tuxedo Suit Birthday CakeR1550
2T TikTok Birthday CakeR1550
2T Youtube Birthday CakeR1550
2T Popsicles Birthday CakeR1550

Square Cakes

Purple and White Square cakeR464
Orange and White Square CakeR464
Sundowns Square CakeR464
Pink and White square cakeR464
Blue and White Square CakeR464
Royal Blue and White Square cakeR464
Artistic Square CakeR464
Golden Square CakeR464
Classy Floral Square cakeR464
Purple Square cakeR464
Brown Square cakeR464
White Square CakeR464
Candies Square cakeR464
Hot Pink Square CakeR464
Red and White Square cakeR464
Blue Square CakeR464

Wedding Cake

Speckle it With GoldR4480
Gold Standard Glamour Wedding CakeR4480
Gilded GloryR4480
Blushing Bride Wedding CakeR4480
Tsonga Traditional Wedding CakeR4480
Garden Affair Wedding CakeR4480
Blossoming Beauty Wedding CakeR6800
Pretty in Pink Wedding CakeR6800
Elegance in Bloom Wedding CakeR6800
White Wedding CakeR4480
Minted Majesty Wedding CakeR4480
Burgundy Cake Wedding CakeR5200
Purple Wedding CakeR5200
Venda Traditional Wedding CakeR2600
Zulu Traditional Wedding CakeR3600
African Traditional Wedding CakeR2800
Swati Traditional Wedding CakeR2600
Tswana Traditional Wedding CakeR4480
Blue Wedding CakeR4480
Luggage Themed wedding cakeR5700
Purple Floral Wedding CakeR4480


Emoji Poop CupcakeR18
Unicorn CupcakeR22
Fun Minion CupcakeR22
Red Velvet Cupcake 4’sR24
Caramel Cupcake 4’sR26
Vanilla Cupcake 4’sR26
Olaf CupcakeR22
Polar Bear CupcakeR22
Frozen Themed CupcakeR22
Chocolate CupcakeR16
The Groom and Bride CupcakeR25
Puppy CupcakeR25
Pup lover CupcakeR25
Chocolate Cupcakes 4’sR26
Vanilla Cupcake 6’sR16
Vanilla Cupcake 10’sR27
Chocolate Cupcake 6’sR20
Chocolate Cupcake 10’sR31
Red Velvet Cupcake 6’sR20
Red Velvet Cupcakes 10’sR32


Caramel Jumbo MuffinR17
Red Velvet Jumbo MuffinR17
Vanilla Jumbo MuffinR17
Choc-Chip Jumbo MuffinR17
Blueberry Jumbo MuffinR17
Carrot Jumbo MuffinR17
Peppermint Jumbo MuffinR17
Lemon Poppy Jumbo MuffinR17

Cookies And Brownies

Peanut Butter CookieR26
Crunch Oats CookieR26
Ginger CookieR22

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