Chippos, a renowned fast-food restaurant in South Africa, is a family-friendly establishment suitable for gatherings with both family and friends. Chippos Ilanga in Nelspruit specializes in peri-peri cuisine, offering a relaxed ambiance ideal for quick meals or takeout. With reasonable prices and quality food, it provides a satisfying dining experience for patrons.

Chippos Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameChippos
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours6 am – 10 pm
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Chippos Menu

Chippos offers a diverse menu with items like toasted sandwiches, flame-grilled items, and pizzas, including specials like pizza and focaccia. With favorites like Estelle Pizza and quick service in a relaxed atmosphere, Chippos is a must-visit restaurant in South Africa.

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Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rock & Roll PizzaMozzarella, bacon or chicken, feta & avofrom R106.25

Chippos Specials

Menu ItemPrice Range (R)
Small Pizzafrom R50
Medium Pizzafrom R62
Large Pizzafrom R75
Pizza Piefrom R44

Chippos Toasted Sandwich

Menu ItemPrice Range (R)
DBL Cheese Toasted Sandwichfrom R37
DBL Cheese, Ham & Tomato Toasted Sandwichfrom R44
DBL Cheese & Bacon Toasted Sandwichfrom R49.38
DBL Bacon, DBL Cheese & Mushroom Toasted Sandwichfrom R55.63

Chippos RSA Originals

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (R)
Russian RollBeef Russian on a fresh buttered hot dog bun, lettuce, & BBQ saucefrom R40.63
Footlong Russian RollBeef Russian on a fresh buttered footlong bun, lettuce & BBQ saucefrom R55.63
PregoFlamed grilled Peri-Peri Minute steak on a fresh Portuguese roll with lettucefrom R61.88

Chippos Flame Grilled

Menu ItemPrice Range (R)
Ribletsfrom R74.38
Ribs (400g)from R124.38
Ribs (1Kg)from R249.38
1/4 Chickenfrom R49.38
1/2 Chickenfrom R86.88
Full Chickenfrom R149.38
Champion Chicken Wings (3pcs)from R49.38
Champion Chicken Wings (6pcs)from R69.5
Champion Chicken Wings (10pcs)from R109.5

The Best Chips

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Budget ChipsServes oneR31.25
Small ChipsServes oneR37.5
Medium ChipsServed 1-2R50
Large ChipsServes 2-3R75
Jumbo ChipsServes 3-4R93.75
Super ChipsServes 5R106.25
Champ ChipsServes 5+R118.75
Mushroom/Cheese ChipsMushroom/Cheese Chipsfrom R56.5
Milho FritoMilho Fritofrom R37.5
Fully Loaded ChipsChips with mushroom, chili mayo, cheese, peri & baconfrom R68.75

Chippos Fish and Beef Russians

Menu ItemPrice Range (R)
Fishfrom R30.63
Beef Russiansfrom R15.63

Chippos Fresh Healthy Salads

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken SaladR98.75
Greek SaladR67.5

Chippos Burgers

Menu ItemPrice Range (R)
Toasted Burgerfrom R61.88
Cheese Burgerfrom R61.88
Double Cheese Burger (Standard)from R87
Double Bacon & Cheese Burger (Standard)from R105.63
Dagwood Burger (Standard)from R80.63
Chicken Burgerfrom R61.88
Chicken & Cheese Burgerfrom R68.13
Crumbed Fried Chicken Burger (Standard)from R61.88

Chippos Mama & Pappa Burger

Menu ItemPrice Range (R)
Regular Mama Burgerfrom R99.5
Cheese Mama Burgerfrom R112.5
Bacon and Cheese Mama Burgerfrom R112.5
Chicken Mama Burgerfrom R99.5
Chicken and Cheese Mama Burgerfrom R99.5

Chippos Chicken & Fish Bites

Menu ItemPrice Range (R)
Chicken Bitesfrom R61.88
Fish Bitesfrom R61.88

Chippos Combos & Family Meals

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chips & Russian ComboComes with 330ml Coke.R62.5
Chips & Fish (Medium) ComboComes with 330ml Coke.R100
Prego & Chips ComboComes with 330ml Coke.R100
Burger & Chips ComboComes with 330ml Coke.R100
Fish Bites & Chips ComboComes with 330ml Coke.R118.75
Chicken Bites & Chips ComboComes with 330ml Coke.R118.75
1/4 Chicken Chips & 300ml Coke ComboComes with 330ml Coke.R93.75
Family Combo 1Jumbo chips, 3x large Russians, and 2L coke.R212.5
Family Combo 2Jumbo chips, three medium fish, and 2L coke.R275
Family Combo 32x Mamma Burgers (400g patties), large chips and 2L coke.R293.75
Budget SpecialSmall Russian & Small ChipsR37.5

Chippos Kiddies Meals

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Kiddies Vienna and ChippiesWith 275ml cooldrinkR43.75
Kiddies Toasted Cheese and ChippiesWith 275ml cooldrinkR56.25
Kiddies Chicken Bites and ChippiesWith 275ml cooldrinkR68.75

Chippos Platters

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Uno Platter200g Ribs, 6x wings (S), chicken/fish bites & med chipsR212.5
Quatro Platter400g Ribs, 12x wings (M), chicken/fish bites & large chipsR343.75
Grande Platter 1Fish bites, chicken bites, toasted ham and cheese, toasted chicken mayo, russians & viennasR750
Grande Platter 2Ribs, chicken wings, toasted cheese & tomato, chicken bites, halloumi cheese & potato wedgesR875

Chippo’s Sauces

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Peri-Peri SauceR40
Cheese Saucefrom R50
Mushroom Saucefrom R40
Peri-Mayofrom R40
Chilli Saucefrom R30
BBQ SauceR30

Chippos Vegetarian Pizza

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (R)
Margarita PizzaMozzarella, tomato base & origanumfrom R93.75
Vegetarian PizzaMozzarella, mushrooms, onions, olives, pineapple & cherry tomatoesfrom R106.25
Four Cheese Rocket PizzaMozzarella, cheddar, feta, pecorino, caramelized onion & fresh rocketfrom R106.25

Chippos Chicken Pizza

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (R)
BBQ Chicken PizzaMozzarella, chicken, onions, mixed peppers & BBQ saucefrom R118.75
Chicken & Mushroom PizzaMozzarella, chicken, mushroom & white saucefrom R118.75
Sweet Chilli Chicken PizzaMozzarella, chicken, peppadews, feta & sweet chili saucefrom R118.75
Chicken Mayo PizzaMozzarella, chicken, bacon and fetafrom R118.75

Chippos Meaty Pizza

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (R)
Rock & Roll PizzaMozzarella, bacon or chicken, feta & avofrom R106.25
Hawaiian PizzaMozzarella, ham & pineapplefrom R106.25
Regina PizzaMozzarella, ham & mushroomfrom R106.25
Pepperoni Special PizzaMozzarella, pepperoni, onions & garlicfrom R106.25
Salami Express PizzaMozzarella, double salami, or double baconfrom R106.25
Club PizzaMozzarella, ham, bacon, chicken & BBQ saucefrom R118.75
Something Meaty PizzaMozzarella, special beef, ham, bacon, salami & BBQ saucefrom R131.25
Four Seasons PizzaMozzarella, salami, avo, mushrooms, mixed peppers, olives & cherry tomatoesfrom R131.25
Biltong PizzaMozzarella, biltong, pineapplefrom R131.25
Prego PizzaMozzarella, prego steak & peri mayo saucefrom R131.25
Chicken Nacho PizzaMozzarella, peri-peri, avo, mixed peppers, caramelized onion, nachos with chickenfrom R131.25
Bacon Nacho PizzaMozzarella, peri-peri, avo, mixed peppers, caramelized onion, nachos with baconfrom R131.25

Chippo’s Favorites

Menu ItemPrice Range (R)
Estelle Pizzafrom R131.25
Lizani Pizzafrom R131.25
Adriano Pizzafrom R131.25
Jaco Pizzafrom R131.25
Dossie Pizzafrom R131.25
Manja Pizzafrom R131.25

Chippos Beverages

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drink 2LR39.5

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