VIXI Social House on Bree Street in Cape Town offers a vibrant Mediterranean menu with excellent food and reasonable prices. Rooted in Mediterranean flavors and inspired by diverse influences, each dish is crafted with passion and honesty by hosts Cesco and team. With its unique dining experience and great service, VIXI has become a popular destination in South Africa’s culinary scene.

VIXI Social House Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameVIXI Social House
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours12 – 11 pm
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VIXI Social House Menu

VIXI Social House in Cape Town offers Greek and Mediterranean cuisines, featuring perfectly cooked ribeye, seafood pasta, and lamb salads. With a charming atmosphere, indoor and outdoor seating options, and friendly staff, it’s a top destination for delightful dining experiences.

VIXI Mezze

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mezze PlatterPick any 3 mezze items:
Baba ghanoush Tzatziki
Hummus Muhammara
Beetroot and Feta dip Green falafel
Baba GanoushFire-roasted aubergine, smoked garlic, fresh herbs, tomato, cucumber & onionR89
HummusCreamy hummus, whipped tahini, thyme, olive oil & spicy chickpeasR89
DolmadesRice-filled vine leaves served on NapoletanaR115
Tempura Turmeric CauliflowerTzatziki dip (tzatziki can be replaced for hummus for a vegan option)R125
Calamari FrittiFried calamari with herb & peri-peri mayoR115
Grilled HalloumiLemon, Greek oregano & chimichurriR125
Marinated OlivesOlive oil, citrus, rosemary & garlicR69
Vixi Croquetas (Option 1)Roasted lamb with tzatziki dipR125
Vixi Croquetas (Option 2)Three cheese with Napoletana dipR135
Chicken Livers Peri-PeriPan-fried in rich, spicy sauce and served with a mezze pitaR145
Grilled ChorizoFlame-grilled chorizo with Argentinian chimichurriR135
Tempura PrawnsTartare & spicy aioliR135
Patatas BravasCrispy potatoes, bravas sauce & garlic aioliR85
Prawns PastisPan-fried prawns sealed in a delicate anise tomato concasse’ and cream sauceR165
SardinesMarinated and pan-fried sardines with chimichurri & lemonR115
Green FalafelSmashed chickpeas, whipped tahini, fresh green herbs & tzatzikiR115
Deconstructed MelanzaneAubergine topped with fior di latte, basil & slow-roasted tomatoes (when available)R125
MuhammaraRoasted red bell peppers, walnuts, and pomegranate molassesR95
CarpaccioMarinated beef, capers, pecorino shavings, mushrooms, wild rocket & garlic aioliR155
Kofta SkewersSpiced ground lamb & beef, charcoal-grilled, chopped salad & tzatzikiR145
Arancini Di RisoCrispy fried risotto balls filled with gorgonzola & broccoli served with a spicy tomato.R115
Garlic & Za’atar BreadGarlic & Za’atar BreadR45
Laffa FlatbreadLaffa FlatbreadR20
Mezze PitaMezze PitaR20
White BaitCrispy, fried whitebait, salt & lemonR95
Vixi BruschettaWood-fired sourdough bread, toasted and topped with fresh tomato, gorgonzola & basil (when available)R95

VIXI Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Grilled ChickenGreens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, carrots, peas, boiled egg, hummus & tzatzikiR169
Melanzane SaladCrumbed aubergine, falafel, caponata, boiled egg, greens, tomato, red onion & labnehR155
Hot Smoked SalmonHouse-cured Salmon, greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, peas, baby potatoes, boiled egg, olives & tzatzikiR185
Caprese SaladFresh tomato, fior di latte, avo and fresh basilR145
Mediterranean SaladGreens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, fresh mint, feta, olives & spicy chickpeasR125
Authentic Greek SaladChunky tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, olives and feta slabR155
Chicken CaesarGrilled chicken, cos, boiled egg, anchovy, crispy laffa & pecorinoR189

VIXI Laffa Wraps

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Prego (Deconstructed)Pan-seared sirloin in a spicy prego sauce with chips & a laffa wrapR195
Mediterranean ChickenCharcoal-grilled chicken, greens, sun-dried tomato, artichoke & creamy whipped hummusR160
Aubergine & FalafelCrumbed aubergine, falafel, boiled egg, chopped salad, baba ganoush, pickle & tzatzikiR140
Pulled LambPickles, chopped salad, greens, tzatziki & chickpeasR185

VIXI Flatbreads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Prosciutto CrudoParma ham, gorgonzola, marinated red pepper, wild rocket, drizzled with olive oil & lemon.R225
Hot Smoked SalmonHouse-made hot smoked salmon, avocado, capers, spring onion, rocket & tzatzikiR195
Moroccan LambSlow-cooked pulled lamb, tzatziki, chopped salad & falafelR225

VIXI Carne Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Portuguese Steak (300g)Cast iron-seared sirloin in a spicy Portuguese peri-peri with fried egg, tomato & chips (super saucy)R330
Fillet Au PoivrePan-fried fillet, shallots, mustard, peppercorns, brandy & cream with your choice of sideBy Weight
Lamb Chops Marches StyleCharcoal-grilled & finished in white wine, garlic, rosemary, lemon & cream & your choice of side.By Weight
Lamb ShankSlow-cooked in a rich tomato, lentil & red wine sauce served on mashed potatoBy Weight
Beef BurgerFreshly baked mezza bread, crunchy lettuce, tomato, homemade pickles, mayonnaise & hand-cut friesR165
BBQ Ribs Pork LoinDry-rubbed & oven-roasted with a Turkish BBQ basting & served with your choice of side.By Weight
Chicken Piccata (Al Limone)Scallops of chicken, white wine, lemon, capers, zucchini & mushrooms & your choice of sideR195
Chicken Piccata (Alla Crema)Scallops of chicken, white wine, zucchini, mushrooms & cream & your choice of sideR225
Chicken Piccata (Pizzaiola)Scallops of chicken, white wine, tomato, capers, olives, chili, garlic & your choice of sideR225

VIXI Pesce Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pan Grilled Calamari(Spicy or Not) – Secret seasoning, pan-grilled, spiced butter, garlic, and brava sauce served with a mezze bread and your choice of a side.R235
Wood-Fired Kingklip (Red)Olives, tomato, white wine, capers, potatoes, cauliflowerR315
Wood-Fired Kingklip (Green)Thyme cream & spinach with pecorino crustR355
Fritto Misto Di MareCalamari, fresh mussels, whitebait & zucchini, battered & fried with hand-made mayonnaise & a spicy tomatoBy Weight
Wood-Fired Prawns (Peri-Peri)Fire-grilled prawns, feta, lemon & your choice of sideR375 (R335 + R40 for Peri-Peri Option)
Fresh Mussels (Red)Chorizo, chili, garlic, olives & capers finished in lemon, white wine & tomato with your choice of side.R295
Fresh Mussels (White)Garlic, fennel, fresh coriander, squeeze lime, white wine & cream with your choice of sideR295

VIXI Pollo Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Peri Peri Chicken (By Weight)Charcoal-grilled chicken, basted with garlic, lemon & peri-peri, served with your choice of side.By Weight
Shish KebabsCharcoal-grilled Lebanese-style chicken kebabs with chopped salad, chips, peri-peri, tzatziki, and hummusR245
Chicken SaltimboccaScallops of chicken pan-fried with sage, white wine & marsala topped with prosciutto, parmesan, and napoletana served with your choice of side.R245
Chicken Piccata (Al Limone)Scallops of chicken, white wine, lemon, capers, zucchini & mushrooms with your choice of side (Al Limone)R195
Chicken Piccata (Alla Crema)Scallops of chicken, white wine, zucchini, mushrooms & cream with your choice of side (Alla Crema)R225
Chicken Piccata (Pizzaiola)Scallops of chicken, white wine, tomato, capers, olives, chili, and garlic with your choice of side (Pizzaiola)R225

VIXI Steak Cuts

ItemDescriptionPrice Note
Sirloin (Fat cap on)Twenty-eight days aged charcoal-grilled sirloin. Meat cooked past medium is not advised.Priced by Weight
FilletTwenty-eight days aged charcoal-grilled fillet. Meat cooked past medium is not recommended.Priced by Weight
Rib EyeTwenty-eight days aged, charcoal-grilled rib eye. Meat cooked past medium is not recommended.Priced by Weight
Tomahawk (Rib eye on the bone)Twenty-eight days aged charcoal-grilled Tomahawk. Meat cooked past medium is not recommended.Priced by Weight

VIXI Specialities

ItemDescriptionPrice Note
Fresh Kingklip SidesServed grilled, finished with lemon, dill & caper butter & your choice of sidePriced by Weight
Yellowfin TunaSeared on charcoal, red dukkha crusted on spinach, courgette & cauliflowerPriced by Weight
Norwegian Salmon SidesIt is served on a bed of grilled vegetables (cauliflower, baby potato, and courgette). Option 1: Wood-fired oven baked with a lemon, dill, and spring onion butter sauce. Option 2: Charcoal grilled with a lemon, dill, and spring onion butter sauce.Priced by Weight
OssobucoCross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine broth & tomato with polenta.Priced by Weight
Baby KingklipGrilled baby kingklip finished with a creamy marsala, mushroom, garlic, chili sauce, garlic, lemon caper & dill butter.Priced by Weight
Calf’s LiverPan-seared in butter, brandy, lemon juice, sage & caramelized onions, served with mashed potatoR275

VIXI Sides

ItemPrice (R)
Riso Verde – Green herb riceR45
Garlic Butter PotatoesR45
Smoked Fried PotatoesR45
Hand-Cut ChipsR45
Side SaladR45
Creamy Vixi MashR65
Turmeric CauliflowerR85
Spiced Sweet PotatoR45

VIXI Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pappardelle with Lamb RaguRich & slow-cooked lamb-infused sauceR250
Pappardelle with PestoHomemade basil pesto with semi-dried tomatoesR195
Pappardelle with Pesto (with Chicken)With chickenR215
Pappardelle with Pesto (with Prawns)With prawnsR235
Pappardelle with Italian SausageSweet Italian Sausage, onion, tomato, peppers, red wine, porcini & cream (Spicy or Not)R265
Fettucine with Chicken LiversFree-range chicken livers, peppers & onion in a rich, spicy sauceR245
Taglierini with SeafoodFresh mussels, calamari, prawns, tomato, white wine, chili & zestR285
Hot Smoked SalmonHouse-cured salmon, tomato, cream, white wine, warm spices & peasR225
Fettuccine di Bosco (with Bacon & Chorizo)Brown mushroom, white wine, garlic, rosemary, cream and gorgonzola (With Bacon & Chorizo)R205
Fettuccine di Bosco (with Chicken)With ChickenR225
Linguine with Haloumi, Mushroom & Baby MarrowHaloumi, mushroom, marrow, curry, cream, tomato & corianderR215
Fettuccine with Braised Fillet and zucchiniWarm spices, garlic, chili, brandy, tomato, fresh basil & a dash of creamR285
Ravioli ArrabiataHandmade pasta pockets filled with spinach & ricotta cheese with a spicy tomato sauce & fresh basilR205
Ravioli GorgonzolaHandmade pasta pockets filled with spinach & ricotta cheese with a creamy gorgonzola and parmesan cheese sauce with a touch of nutmeg, garnished with crispy onionR250

VIXI Pizza

PizzaDescriptionPrice (R)
MargheritaFior di latte, tomato & fresh basilR115
Slice It Your WayAdd one choice from A, B & C to your MargheritaR175
VEGETARIANAubergine, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, red onion, oliveR225
RELOADEDBBQ chicken, chorizo, bacon, caramelized onion, pepperoni & mushroomsR215
CALZONE CAPRICCIOSA (FOLDED PIZZA)Mushrooms, ham, olives, artichoke & chiliR195

VIXI Desserts

DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Warm Apple Malva PuddingServed with homemade crème anglaiseR115
New York Baked CheesecakeServed with chefs’ fruit coulisR105
Crème BruleeClassic baked vanilla custard with a delectable burnt sugar layer. Get cracking!R85
Chocolate Lava CakeServed with a scoop of vanilla gelato and toasted marshmallowsR120
SorbetDairy-free frozen seasonal fruit sorbetR75
TiramisuLike no otherR115
Gelato Di CasaAsk your waiter for the flavor of the weekR115

VIXI Coffee

CoffeePrice (R)
Café LatteR45
Café MochaR45
Chai LatteR45
Spiced Hot ChocolateR45


TeaPrice (R)
Two Cup Serving
Ceylon / Rooibos

Add an Infusion (Mint / Lemon / Ginger / Chai)R10

VIXI Digestives

DigestivesPrice (R)
Grappa Beltion ChardonnayR39
Fernet BrancaR39
Fernet Branca MentheR45

VIXI Liqueurs

LiqueursPrice (R)
Amarula CreamR30
Amaretto DisaronnoR42

VIXI Water & Sodas

ItemPrice (R)
Rock ShandyR38
La Vie De Luc 440mlR29
Red BullR49
Steel WorksR38
La Vie De Luc 750mlR49


BeerPrice (R)
Black LabelR40
Darling Brew Bone Crusher (Weiss)R69
Flying Fish Pressed LemonR40
Castle LiteR42
Windhoek DraughtR55
Windhoek LagerR45

VIXI Ciders & Spirtzers

CiderPrice (R)
Hunters DryR48
Hunters GoldR48
Savanna DryR52
Brutal Fruit Ruby AppleR42

VIXI Mocktails

MocktailDescriptionPrice (R)
MojitoMuddled Lime, Mint, SweetnessR65
Tooty FruityA tall, refreshing mix of Fresh Grapefruit, Lime, and mint, charged with Lemonade, Soda, Indian Tonic, or Ginger aleR65
Passionate SummerFresh Granadilla, Pineapple, Lime, and Mint, topped with Lemonade, Soda, Indian Tonic, or Ginger aleR65
Berry DaiquiriA blended drink of mixed Seasonal Berries, Mint, and fresh LimeR65

VIXI Cocktails Menu

CategoryCocktailDescriptionPrice (R)
APERITIVIGrey Goose MartiniGrey Goose Vodka, Martini, Dry Vermouth, Green OlivesR125
APERITIVINegroniItalian classic, Bombay Sapphire, Martini Rosso, CampariR95
APERITIVIFiero SpritzMartini Fiero, prosecco, dash of sodaR89
APERITIVILillet Rosé & TonicA refreshing, pink aperitif vermouth charged with Indian Tonic and garnished with citrus.R79
APERITIVIPassionate SpritzKimushki gin, Martini Fiero, grapefruit, fresh lime, and passionfruit, topped with Indian tonicR95
APERITIVIPaloma CazadoresPaloma CazadoresR115
CLASSIC COCKTAILSMojito ClassicMojito ClassicR90
CLASSIC COCKTAILSRye Grin with SazeracRye Grin with SazeracR115
CLASSIC COCKTAILSCosmopolitanCosmopolitanR90
CLASSIC COCKTAILSShaken MargaritaShaken MargaritaR105
CLASSIC COCKTAILSLong Island Iced TeaLong Island Iced TeaR95
CLASSIC COCKTAILSCaipirinhaCaipirinhaR95
CLASSIC COCKTAILSBerry DaiquiriBerry DaiquiriR105
CLASSIC COCKTAILSWhisky Sours with Dewar’s 12yrWhisky Sours with Dewar’s 12yrR105
COCKTAILSBlushing BubblesBeefeater Pink, strawberry, squeeze of lemon, and topped off with a splash of sparkling wineR105
COCKTAILS#GINITTOWINITBombay Sapphire, Ginger syrup, and lime finished with a charge of Indian Tonic and a dash of bitters.R105
COCKTAILSWatermelon with WingsWoodstock Tangerine & Fiery Ginger gin, fresh basil & citrus, shaken & charged with Red Bull Watermelon.R125
COCKTAILSAmaretto SoursAmaretto, Cherry Liqueur, Lemon & MintR95
COCKTAILSMediterranean MuleBacardi Cuatro, passionfruit, and fresh lime charged with ginger beer and finished with a dash of bitters.R115
COCKTAILSSocial House VibesBombay Sapphire, lime, cucumber & muddled pineapple, served long & charged with Indian tonic.R125
COCKTAILSGroovy GrapefruitMalfy rosa, fresh grapefruit, and muddled lime with fresh mint and Indian tonicR125
COCKTAILSBlackbeard in ItalyBacardi Spiced Rum, Amaretto, Campari, lime and pineapple juiceR95
COCKTAILSTiki MargaritaJose Cuervo Blanco, Orgeat, Fresh lime and PineappleR125
COCKTAILSWhisky Sours with Dewar’s 12yr1800 coconut, lime, triple sec, coconut rimR125

VIXI Wine Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
SPARKLING MCCGH Mumm Grand CordonR1650
SPARKLING MCCGH Mumm Olympe Demi-SecR1650
SPARKLING MCCVeuve Clicquot Brut Yellow LabelR1750
ROSéKen Forrester Petit RoséR205
ROSéDe Grendel RoséR95
ROSéSophie Le RoséR265
SPARKLING MCCL’Ormarins Brut ClassiqueR110
SPARKLING MCCL’Ormarins Brut ClassiqueR450
SPARKLING MCCMartini ProseccoR495
SPARKLING MCCJacques Bruére Blanc de BlancsR545
SPARKLING MCCLe Lude Brut ReservéR695
SPARKLING MCCBoschendal Brut N/VR495

VIXI White Wines

CategoryItemPrice (R)
WHITEPaul ClüverR325
WHITEGroot ConstantiaR465
CHENIN BLANCKen Forrester PetitR205
CHENIN BLANCMullineux Kloof StreetR325
CHENIN BLANCL’Avenir HorizonR295
CHENIN BLANCBellingham Old VineR495
CHARDONNAYRustenberg UnwoodedR265
CHARDONNAYDe Wetshof Limestone HillR295
CHARDONNAYPaul Clüver VillageR350
WHITE BLEND & OTHERCederberg BukettraubeR265
WHITE BLEND & OTHERBrampton Pinot Grigio DOCR275
WHITE BLEND & OTHERBuitenverwachting Buiten BlancR95
WHITE BLEND & OTHERStellenzicht ThundertoneR550
WHITE BLEND & OTHERHaute Cabrière Chard / Pinot NoirR125
WHITE BLEND & OTHERConstantia Glen TwoR295
WHITE BLEND & OTHERL’Avenir HorizonR265
WHITE BLEND & OTHERKen Forrester ReserveR275

VIXI Red Wines

CategoryItemPrice (R)
CABERNET SAUVIGNONWarwick, The First LadyR325
PINOTAGEL’Avenir Single BlockR895
MERLOTKen Forrester PetitR205
MERLOTEagle’s NestR485
PINOT NOIRPaul Clüver VillageR350
PINOT NOIRGhost CornerR595
SHIRAZ / SYRAHSaronsbergR375
SHIRAZ / SYRAHBramptonR285
SHIRAZ / SYRAHDe GrendelR495
SHIRAZ / SYRAHMullineuxR795
RED BLENDS & OTHERSophie Le RougeR95
RED BLENDS & OTHERBeyerskloof Synergy Cape BlendR175
RED BLENDS & OTHERDiemersdal MalbecR375
RED BLENDS & OTHERBoschendal NicolasR495
RED BLENDS & OTHERIona One Man BandR565
RED BLENDS & OTHERConstantia Glen ThreeR650

VIXI Whiskey Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
SINGLE MALTCraigellachie 13 yrR85
SINGLE MALTGlenfiddich 12 yrR62
SINGLE MALTGlenfiddich 15 yrR85
SINGLE MALTGlenfiddich 18 yrR125
SINGLE MALTThe Glenlivet Founder’s ReserveR50
SINGLE MALTThe Glenlivet 12 yrR58
SINGLE MALTThe Glenlivet 15 yrR85
SINGLE MALTThe Glenlivet 18 yrR120
SINGLE MALTGlenmorangie Lasanta 12 yrR75
SINGLE MALTLagavulin 16 yrR115
SINGLE MALTLaphroaig 10 yrR68
SINGLE MALTTalisker 10 yrR78
SINGLE MALTThe Macallan 12 yrR95
AMERICANMaker’s MarkR45
AMERICANWoodford ReserveR52
AMERICANJack DanielsR35
AMERICANJack Daniels Gentleman JackR40
AMERICANBuffalo TraceR42
AMERICANSazerac RyeR50
AMERICANSouthern ComfortR30
SCOTCHBells Special ReserveR38
SCOTCHChivas Regal 12yrR42
SCOTCHChivas Regal XVR62
SCOTCHDewar’s 12yrR38
SCOTCHDewar’s 15yrR48
SCOTCHJohnnie Walker Red LabelR30
SCOTCHJohnnie Walker Black LabelR44
SCOTCHMonkey ShoulderR48
SCOTCHGrant’s Triple Wood 12yrR40
IRISHJameson CaskmateR44
IRISHJameson Select ReserveR50
IRISHTeeling Small BatchR48
IRISHTeeling Single GrainR58
IRISHTeeling Single MaltR70
IRISHBushmills OriginalR36
IRISHBushmills Black BushR42

VIXI Other Spirits

CategoryItemPrice (R)
RUMBacardi Carta BlancaR28
RUMBacardi Carta NegraR28
RUMBacardi Anejo Cuatro 4yrR35
RUMBacardi Reserva Ocho 8yrR45
RUMBacardi Gran Reserva Diez 10yrR58
RUMBarcardi SpicedR25
RUMCaptain Morgan Spiced GoldR25
TEQUILA1800 ReposadoR65
TEQUILAClase AzulR225
TEQUILAPatron SilverR72
TEQUILAPatron AnejoR95
TEQUILAJose Cuervo TradicionalR42
TEQUILAOraga ReposadoR55
GINMalfy RosaR45
GINMalfy Con LimoneR45
GINMalfy Con AranciaR45
GINMalfy OriginaleR45
GINInverroche AmberR52
GINInverroche ClassicR52
GINBeefeater PinkR32
GINBeefeater Blood OrangeR32
GINBombay SapphireR35
GINMonkey 47R85
GINKimushki The BraveR38
GINWoodstock OriginalR32
GINWoodstock BrambleberryR32
GINWoodstock Tangerine & GingerR32
GINInverroche VerdantR52
BRANDY100 ReserveR30
BRANDYKlipdrift ExportR28
BRANDYKlipdrift PremiumR32
BRANDYVan Ryn’s 12yrR50
COGNACAbsolut BlueR32
COGNACAbsolut GrapefruitR32
COGNACGrey GooseR52
COGNACZubrowka Bison GrassR35
COGNACHennessy V.S.R58
COGNACHennessy V.S.O.P.R80
COGNACVan Ryn’s 12yrR85
COGNACMartell V.S.O.PR75
COGNACMartell V.S.S.D.R50
COGNACRemy Martin V.S.O.P.R85
VODKACazadores ReposadoR45

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