This classy venue in Cape Town spans three floors with unique atmospheres and a scenic balcony overlooking Signal Hill. Adorned with vintage sports memorabilia, it pays homage to its history as a former speakeasy. Enjoy a diverse drink menu featuring classics and inventive cocktails paired with Mediterranean-inspired bites and live music performances. This versatile dining spot provides something for everyone, blending culinary influences in a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

The Athletic Club & Social Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameThe Athletic Club & Social
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
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The Athletic Club & Social Menu

The Athletic Club & Social offers a menu showcasing Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Tapas, and Vegan cuisine. Experience a diverse range of flavors and dishes, from traditional Greek and Mediterranean classics to innovative vegan options and tapas-style plates.

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Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
BREAD BASKET & OLIVESAssortment of bread served with olivesR40.00
WARM PITA BREADWarm pita breadR20.00
DIPSSelection of dips (price varies)From R45.00
MARINATED OLIVESMarinated olivesR45.00
HOUSE-MADE PICKLESHouse-made picklesR20.00
SPANAKOPITASpinach and feta phyllo parcelsR40.00
DOLMADESPortion of three dolmades (stuffed vine leaves)R70.00
VEGETARIAN MEZZE PLATTER FOR TWOLavash, dolmades, spanakopita, marinated olives, and choice of two dips served as a platter for twoR180.00


Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
FIRE ROASTED BABY GEM LETTUCEBaby gem lettuce fire-roasted and served with Parmesan, capers, and lemon vinaigretteR120.00
FATTOUSH SALADFinely chopped tomato, cucumber, olive, spring onion, parsley, mint, tahini vinaigrette & crispy pitaR120.00
CABBAGE TABBOULEHBulgar wheat, white onion, parsley, mint leaves, fennel, preserved lemon with lemon vinaigretteR120.00
GREEK SALADFreshly sliced cucumber, barrel-aged feta, house-cured olives, tomato, oregano, capers with a lemon caper vinaigretteR120.00


Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
COURGETTE KEFTEDESMint, lemon, and Parmesan frittersR100.00
CHARRED BROCCOLINICharred broccolini served with house-made labneh, romesco sauce, and lavashR105.00
RICOTTA DUMPLINGSSpinach and ricotta dumplings served with Napoli sauceR90.00
HUMMUS PLATETraditional hummus served with fattoush, pickled cauliflower, cabbage tabbouleh, olives, pickled carrots, sukkah, crispy chickpea, and parsleyR180.00
CHARGRILLED HALLOUMIChar-grilled halloumiFrom R90.00
PAN FRIED CALAMARIPan-fried calamari with black olives, paprika, and lemonR140.00
DEEP FRIED SARDINESDeep-fried sardines served with harissa aioliR100.00
GRILLED OCTOPUSGrilled octopus seasoned with smoked paprika, olive oil, and lemon juice, served with cauliflower skordaliaR180.00
SPICED BEEF KEFTEDESSpiced beef keftedes served with homemade pita bread, tzatziki sauce, and pickled onionR130.00
BEEF FILLET TAGLIATASlices of beef fillet served with honey tahini, fresh herbs, and grilled spring onionR160.00
GREEK LAMB CHOPSGrilled Greek lamb chops seasoned with oregano, olive oil, and lemon juiceR220.00



Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
CHARRED AUBERGINECharred aubergine served with yeasted cauliflower purée, shaved almonds, crisp sweet potato, fresh basil & mint, basil oil & fennel vinaigretteR145.00
TEL AVIV-STYLE ROASTED CAULIFLOWERWhole roasted cauliflower served with honey tahini and chiliR140.00
AUBERGINE PARMIGIANABaked aubergine with potato slices, tomato, oregano & Parmesan cheeseR140.00


Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
GRILLED LINEFISHGrilled linefish served with Puy lentils, sautéed spinach, and onion caper relishR260.00
PRAWN YOUVETSArgentine prawns served with aqua pazza and fetaR270.00
COAL ROASTED CHICKEN THIGHSChicken thighs coal-roasted on the rotisserie then oven-baked, served with Cypriot lemon oregano potatoesR220.00
GRASS FED AGED BEEF FILLETGrass-fed aged beef fillet served with roasted sweet potato, charred broccolini, and red wine jusR285.00
KLEFTIKOSlow-braised lamb shoulder served with oregano potatoesR250.00


Dessert NameDescriptionPrice (R)
BAKLAVA CIGARSPhyllo pastry cigars filled with pistachio, served with spiced syrupR90.00
LEMON POLENTA CAKELemon polenta cake served with homemade pistachio vegan ice creamR80.00
ARTISANAL HOUSE-MADE VEGAN ICE CREAMHouse-made vegan ice cream (various flavors)R80.00
WARM CHOCOLATE CARDAMOM CAKEWarm gluten-free chocolate cardamom cakeR80.00
ORANGE BLOSSOM PANNA COTTAOrange blossom panna cotta served with broken baklava, Greek yogurt, honey, and vanilla essenceR90.00

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