The legendary revolving restaurant, inaugurated on September 29, 1972, sits atop the 32nd floor of John Ross House in Durban. Offering stunning sea and bay views, it features a unique speed control mechanism allowing rotations between 60 and 90 minutes, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Roma Revolving Restaurant Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameRoma Revolving
Cuisine TypeItalian Cusine
Opening Hours11:30 am – 12:00 pm
ReviewsSee Reviews

Roma Revolving Restaurant Menu

Roma Revolving Restaurant specializes in traditional Italian cuisine alongside fresh game dishes and South African shellfish like Langoustines. From classic Italian specialties to unexpected extras, their menu offers a delightful array of options to satisfy discerning palates.

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Roma Antipasto (Starters) Menu

StarterPrice (R)
Mushrooms ValDostanaR99
Chicken Livers Peri-PeriR99
Avocado Ritz (seasonal)R120
Fresh Asparagus Parmigiana (seasonal)SQ
Lumache (snails)R120
Smoked Wildebeest or Veal CarpaccioR110
Calamari BiagioR110
Smoked Chicken Pancake au gratinR99
Caviar (Danish)R155
Fresh Oysters (when available)SQ
Cozze Aglio CremosoR99
Prawns CocktailR110
Italian Parma Ham and MelonR110
Norwegian Smoked SalmonR110

Roma Zuppa (Soup) Menu

SoupPrice (R)
Seafood ChowderR120
Crayfish BisqueR110
Cream of AsparagusR89
Cream of TomatoR89

Roma Insalata (Salad) Menu

SaladPrice (R)
Greek SaladR89
Insalata ItalianaR85
French SaladR82
Roquefort SaladR89

Roma’s Pasta

PastaPrice (R)
Napoletana (Spaghetti, Penne, or Tagliatelle)R149
Napoletana (Gnocchi)R149
Fettucine CarbonaraR155
Tagliatelle AlfredoR155
Handmade RavioliR155
Penne Salome (Norwegian Salmon, garlic, fresh cream)R169

Roma’s La Carne (Meat) Menu

MeatPrice (R)
Veal Picatta Natalia (when available)R199
Veal Picatta Piemontese (when available)R199
Veal Biagio (when available)R199
Old Man SteakR230
A la RomaR230
Pepper FilletR230
Rack of LambR265
Springbok Loin or Fillet (SQ)SQ
450g RumpR220
Fillet MoneyR230
Fillet PorciniR240

Roma Pollame (Poultry) Menu

ItemPrice (R)Description
Duckling a la OrangeR250De-boned duckling is classically roasted in the oven and glazed in orange sauce.
Chicken Under the BellR199Fried chicken breasts, cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce and served with rice.
Chicken PizzaiolaR199Chicken pieces on the bone tossed in a unique blend of garlic, pepper, onion, oregano, and our special Italian tomato concasse.
Baby ChickenR199Baby chicken grilled with lemon, garlic, and fresh herbs.

Roma Specialita (Specialities)

ItemPrice (R)Description
Chateaubriand Bearnaise (For 2)R640Beef fillet flamed at your table with brandy, grilled and sliced, served with Bearnaise sauce and pepper sauce. – A unique Roma Revolving experience.
Wild RabbitSQWild rabbit marinated in red wine, fresh herbs, carrot, and celery, then slow-cooked in a casserole.
Ostrich FilletSQTender ostrich fillet pan-fried, flamed with cognac and smothered with our famous creamy pepper sauce.
CrocodileSQHandled with care…cut from the tail and slow-grilled, then simmered in a copper pan with a delicious sauce made with onion, mushroom, DIJON mustard, and thick cream.
Lamb Ossobuco – LambR230Freshly cut, dusted in flour, and pan-seared with celery, leek, and fresh herbs, then delicately tossed in a light Italian tomato concasse casserole.

Roma Frutti Di Mare (Seafood)

ItemPrice (R)Description
PortofinoR249Fresh line fish pan-seared and smothered with a creamy crayfish sauce.
Sole Meuniere (South West Africa)SQSole grilled with lemon butter, garlic, fresh herbs and parsley. (Seasonal)
ArrabiataR249Grilled fresh line-caught fish smothered in Napoletana, garlic, and chili, topped with pink prawns.
Sole PrincessR249Sole fillet prepared in a creamy lemon butter sauce, topped with Mozambican prawns.
Sole Bonne FemmeR199Sole fillet tossed in a sauce blended with mushroom, white wine, and cheese.
LangoustinesSQThe traditional specialty of the Natal/Mozambican Coast.
PrawnsSQ– Meuniere: 7 King prawns grilled with butter, garlic, lemon and parsley.
– Veneziana: 12 Queen prawns grilled with butter, white wine, green pepper, and tomato.
– Peri-Peri: 12 Queen prawns tossed in a peri-peri sauce.
CrayfishSQ– Grilled: Fresh crayfish grilled in peri-peri or garlic sauce.
– Thermidore: Crayfish fillets in a creamy white sauce, with mushroom and DIJON mustard.
Seafood Platter for OneSQFresh line fish, 1 Crayfish, three langoustines, three king prawns, calamari, rice, lemon, and garlic butter.
Seafood Platter for TwoSQFresh line fish, two crayfish, six langoustines, six king prawns, calamari, rice, lemon and garlic butter, and mussels.

Roma Dolce (Dessert) Menu

DessertPrice (R)
Selection of desserts from our trolleyR75
Italian Ice-CreamR75
Crepes Suzette (minimum for 2)R96 EACH
Crepes Lorraine (minimum for 2)R99 EACH
Strawberries Flambe (When Available)R99
Home-made Cassata Ice-CreamR75
Zabaglione (minimum for 2)R79 EACH

Roma Caffe (Coffee) Menu

CoffeePrice (R)
Decaf EspressoR29
Decaf CappuccinoR34
Speciality CoffeesSQ
Speciality PedrosSQ

Roma’s Wine List

CategoryWine NamePrice (R)
BY THE GLASSRivergold Sauvignon BlancR35
Rivergold ChardonnayR35
Four Brothers WhiteR30
Rivergold Cabernet SauvignonR40
Rivergold ShirazR40
Four Brothers RedR35
FRENCH CHAMPAGNEVeuve Clicquot Yellow LabelR1236
Moet & ChandonR1786
Pongracz DesideriusR894
WHITE WINES‘The Beachhouse’ Sauvignon BlancR93
Hill & Dale Sauvignons BlancR95
Porcupine Ridge Sauvignon BlancR107
Franschhoek Cellar ‘Statue de Femme’ Sauvignon BlancR121
Durbanville Hills Sauvignon BlancR126
River Gold Sauvignon BlancR125
River Gold ChardonnayR125
Brampton Unoaked ChardonnayR135
Boschendal Boschen BlancR110
Boschendal Rachel’s Chenin BlancR110
River Gold Chenin BlancR140
Douglas Green Sunkissed WhiteR93
Four Brothers WhiteR95
ROSE WINESNederburg RoseR95
Douglas Green Sunkissed RoseR86
Boschendal Blanc de NoirR102
RED WINESBrampton PinotageR157
Barista PinotageR155
Hill & Dale MerlotR117
Porcupine Ridge MerlotR129
Tall Horse MerlotR129
River Gold ShirazR160
River Gold Cabernet SauvignonR160
Franschhoek Cellar ‘The Churchyard’ Cabernet SauvignonR139
Zonnebloem ShirazR167
Alto RougeR183
Boschendal LanoyR148
Chateau LibertasR105
Douglas Green Sunkissed Red – SweetR93
Four Brothers RedR115

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