Aneesa, a renowned restaurant chain in South Africa, boasts a welcoming atmosphere guided by friendly staff eager to showcase their specialty dishes. With a spectacular and ambient setting, adorned with beautiful paintings, it’s an ideal destination for family gatherings, business meetings, and memorable meals.

Aneesa's Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameAneesa’s
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours11 am – 9 pm
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Aneesa’s Menu

At Aneesa’s restaurant, enjoy a diverse menu of affordably priced dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, including Gatsby, sandwiches, burgers, and more. Renowned for exceptional food quality and fast service, it’s a favored destination across South Africa.

Aneesa’s Gatsby

ItemSizePrice (R)
Polony GatsbyHalfR55.00
Vienna GatsbyHalfR73.00
Vienna & Polony GatsbyHalfR77.00
Masala Vienna GatsbyHalfR75.00
Braised Steak GatsbyHalfR105.00
Masala Steak GatsbyHalfR105.00
Mutton GatsbyHalfR110.00
Chicken GatsbyHalfR103.00
Full House GatsbyFullR220.00
Half Full House GatsbyHalfR125.00
Chips GatsbyHalfR52.00

Aneesa’s Parcels

ItemPrice (R)
Jumbo ParcelR130.00
Large ParcelR108.00
Small ParcelR87.00
Add Extra – 1 PolonyR9.00
Add Extra – 1 ViennaR10.00
Add Extra – Peri-naiseR15.00

Aneesa’s Burgers

BurgerPrice (R)
Aneesa’s Steak BurgerR75.00
Mini Steak BurgerR70.00
Mexican Chilli BurgerR70.00
Chicken BurgerR75.00
Special BurgerR82.00
Add Extra – CheeseR10.00
Add Extra – EggR10.00
Add Extra – Mini SteakR45.00

Aneesa’s Sandwiches

SandwichPrice (R)
Aneesa’s Steak SandwichR75.00
Chicken SandwichR75.00
Special on Toast SandwichR83.00
Full House SandwichR84.00
Veg Sandwiches – Egg & TomatoR45.00
Veg Sandwiches – Cheese & TomatoR45.00
Veg Sandwiches – Masala, Fried Egg & CheeseR50.00

Aneesa’s Platters

PlatterPrice (R)
Steak and Chips PlatterR105.00
Masala Steak and Chips PlatterR105.00
Chicken and Chips PlatterR103.00
Add Extra – CheeseR10.00
Add Extra – EggR10.00

Aneesa’s Hotdog & Chip Rolls

ItemPrice (R)
Single Hot DogR48.00
Double Hot DogR55.00
Chip RollR45.00
Polony Chip RollR55.00

Aneesa’s Breakfast Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
PlatterVienna Breakfast PlatterR70.00
Mini Steak Breakfast PlatterR70.00
Masala Steak Breakfast PlatterR100.00
Braised Steak Breakfast PlatterR100.00
SandwichesToasted Vienna, Egg, and CheeseR60.00
Toasted Polony, Egg and CheeseR60.00
OmeletsCheese OmeletR70.00
Masala Steak OmeletR105.00
Masala Steak and Cheese OmeletR110.00
Vienna and Cheese OmeletR85.00

Aneesa’s Salomies Menu

SalomiesPrice (R)
Braised/Masala SteakR105.00

Aneesa’s Curry & Rice

ItemSizePrice (R)
Mutton/Mince Curry with RiceRegularR110.00
Chicken Curry with RiceRegularR100.00
Curry Only – Mutton/MinceR120.00
Curry Only – ChickenR110.00
Rooti (Plain)R17.00

Aneesa’s Savories

SavoriesPrices (R)
Homemade PieR35.00
Samoosas – Beef MinceR6.50
Samoosas – ChickenR6.50
Daltjies/Chilli BitesR8.00

Aneesa’s Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Tea or CoffeeR15.00
Filter CoffeeR18.00
Hot ChocolateR22.00
Milkshake (500ml)R38.00
Double Thick Milkshake (500ml)R45.00

Aneesa’s Combo Specials

Combo NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Burger 1 ComboA sizeable juicy steak grilled in our special sauce, topped with braised onion, cheese & garden salad with our famous fresh fried chips & 500ml Jive cooldrink.R95
Burger 2 ComboA juicy filleted chicken breast grilled in our delicious BBQ sauce & creamy mayo or peri-peri topped with braised onion & garden fresh salad with our famous fried chips & 500ml Jive cooldrink.R90
Burger ComboA juicy mini steak pattie grilled in our special sauce or our delicious Mexican chili sauce topped with braised onion & garden fresh salad with our famous freshly fried chips & 500ml Jive cooldrink.R85
Gatsby ComboVienna Gatsby served with our famous freshly fried chips and Aneesa’s special spice/sauce, with or without garden fresh salad & 2L Jive cooldrink.R150
Parcel 1 ComboJumbo 8 Vienna & chips parcel, six rolls & 2 lt Coke & Sparletta cooldrink.R200
Parcel 2 ComboJumbo 8 Vienna & chips parcel with six rolls & 2lt Jive cooldrink.R195

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