Solo, located in Sandton, South Africa, offers a soulful and stylish dining experience in a contemporary setting. With a commitment to exquisite dining, guests can enjoy bespoke dining tables, the Nest Bar, or a contemporary sushi bar. Featuring a state-of-the-art wine cellar, Solo boasts over 200 wines for wine lovers to savor.

Solo Restaurant Sandton Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameSolo Restaurant Sandton
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours10:00 am – 10:00 pm
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Solo Restaurant Sandton Menu

Solo provides an ideal atmosphere for both relaxed business lunches and afternoon champagne with friends. Whether for a special occasion or to savor extraordinary cuisine, Solo epitomizes South Africa’s vibrant and diverse culinary scene.

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Solo Salads Menu

Salad NameDescriptionPrice (R)
SOLO HOUSE SALADHeirloom Tomato Varieties, Danish Feta, Garden Leaves, Marinated Olives, Avocado, Cucumber, Salted Pumpkin Seed Crunch, Smoked Oregano Vinaigrette.R105
Add ChickenR135
PROSCIUTTO & STILTON SALAD (N)Prosciutto, English Stilton, Barley, Summer Peach, Baby Spinach, Fine Beans, Pecan Nut Granola, Dijon Mustard Dressing.R140
TUNA “POKE” SALADSeared Tuna, Avo, Red Kidney Beans, Charred Corn, Scallions, Pickled Fennel, Pak Choi Sesame, Chili and lime Dressing.R150

Solo Tapas Menu

Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
FISH CROQUETTEFresh Line Fish Cakes. Masala Pineapple Salsa. Guacamole. Tagaroshi Aioli.R150
NORTH AFRICAN BARRAMUNDICrispy Polenta. Fresh Salsa.R95
OYSTER TRILOGYPassion Fruit Black Pepper. Wasabi Pickled Nori and Caviar.R120
PRAWN KATAIFIThree Dips: Aioli. Ponzu Mayo. Hot African Pepper Sauce.R140
PORK TACORoasted Belly. Chipotle Sauce. Guacamole. Fermented Tomato Salsa.R110
BUNNY CHOWSlow Roasted Lamb Neck Curry. Mango Atchar. Mojito Yoghurt. Dombolo.R115
SHORTRIBPickled Mushrooms. Edamame. Young Peas. Umami Dressing.R145
BRAAI’ED SIRLOIN SOSATIESGrassfed Beef. Oregano. Lemon. Black Pepper. Coleslaw Salad. Sekelbos Mayo.R145
MUSHROOM ARANCINICrispy Fried Wild Mushroom Risotto. Smoked Parmesan Creme. Charred Balsamic Aubergine Puree. Basil Oil.R110
MEAT, CHEESE & OLIVESFine Selection of Local Artisan Charcuterie. Cheeses. Olives. Dips.R250

Solo Pasta Menu

Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
SEAFOOD GNOCCHI PUTTANESCAButtered Gnocchi. Prawns. Calamari and Mussels. Spicy Puttanesca. Crispy Capers. Citrus Crème Fraiche. Basil.R235
WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTOWild Mushroom. Mushroom Puree. Crispy Parmesan. Deep-Fried Sage.R185
Add BaconR195
CHICKEN AND SMOKED PRAWN RIGATONIChicken and Chorizo. Baby Spinach. Parmesan and Napoletana cream. Roasted Garlic Puree. Baby Tomato.R215

Solo’s Speciality Dishes

Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
SOLO WAGYU BURGEROrganic Wagyu. Bacon. Avocado. Smoked Cheese. Sweet Onions. Rustic Fries. Biltong Mayo on a Charcoal Marbled Burger BunR185
FISH OF THE DAYDashi Broth. Bok Choy. Deep Fried Shimiji. Pea, Edamame.R265
PORK BELLYButternut. Apple. Pomme Anna. Walnut and Celery Chutney. Jus.R260
BABY CHICKENGrilled Artichoke. Truffle. Heirloom Tomato Melange. Cos Lettuce. Parmesan Salad. Sun-Dried Tomato. Jalapeño Pesto.R245
SALMON & TIGER PRAWNSMorogo Risotto. Raw Garlic Dressing. Lemon & Mustard Remoulade.R360
RIBEYE ON THE BONE 500gParmesan Mash. Long Stem Broccoli. Pickled Baby Onion. Roast Onion Puree. Burnt Aubergine. Jus.R365
BEEF FILLET 300gParmesan Mash. Long Stem Broccoli. Pickled Baby Onion. Roast Onion Puree. Burnt Aubergine. Jus.R305
LAMB CUTLETS (N)Lamb Loin Cutlets. Mushroom Risotto. Chive Oil. Dukkah Spice.R315

Solo Signature Sushi Menu

Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
VOLCANO ROLLS (8 PIECES)Tuna California Roll. Avocado Spring Onion topped with Salmon Spicy Mayo. Teriyaki Sauce. Bread Crumbs.R135
PRETTY IN PINK (4 PIECE)Salmon Roses. Prawns. Caviar.R140
SOLO SIGNATURE ROLLS (8 PIECES)Smoked Salmon & Avocado Roll. Cream Cheese. Salmon. Japanese Mayo.R145
DRAGON ROLL (8 PIECES)Salmon Rainbow Roll. Tempura Prawn. Avocado. Spicy Mayo. Sriracha.R165
BAMBOO ROLLS (6 PIECES)Cucumber Rolls. Tempura Prawns. Sweet Chilli Sauce. Mayo. Peppers. Coriander. Spring Onion. Steam Prawns.R149
PRAWN AVALANCHE (8 PIECES)Prawn California Rolls. Deep Fried Shrimp. Avalanche Sauce Jus.R145
WICKED TUNA CRUNCH (8 PIECES)Deep Fried California Roll. Tuna. Avocado. Cream Cheese. Sweet Chilli Mayo.R140
SAMURAI ROLL (8 PIECES)Salmon & Avocado Roll. Avocado. Mayo. Caviar.R135
SMOKED SALMON ROULADESmoked Salmon. Cream Cheese. Caviar. Sriracha Sauce. Potato Half.R130
PLANET HOLLYWOOD ROLL (8 PIECE)Shrimp Tempura. Avo. Cucumber topped with Spicy Soft Shell Prawns. Deep Fried Onion. Garlic Ponzu. Spicy Mayo. Teriyaki Sauce.R155
FIRECRACKER (8 PIECES)Tempura Fried Prawns. Cream Cheese. Avo. Sweet Chilli Mayo. Spring Onion. Ponzu Sauce.R166
SPIDER ROLL (6 PIECES)Deep Fried Salmon. Avo. Cream Cheese. Spring Onion. Dragon Sauce. Teriyaki Sauce.R139
SALMON STACK (8 PIECES)Seared Salmon. Avocado. Sriracha Mayo. Rice. Seaweed. Fresh Coriander. Spring Onion. Ponzu Sauce.R135
TEMPURA PRAWN GRENADE (8 PIECES)Tempura Prawn and Cream Cheese Roll. Avocado. Caviar. Teriyaki. Sriracha Mayo.R160
TIGER ON FIRESalmon. Avocado. Cream Cheese. Sriracha Mayo. Crispy Potato Nest. Spring Onion Teriyaki.R150
SALMON “POKE” BOWLDiced Salmon. Rice. Avocado. Edamame Beans. Seaweed. Cucumber. Ginger. Spring Onion.R180
SALMON CARPACCIOSalmon. Soya Sauce. Rice Vinegar. Ponzu Sauce. Spring Onion. Sesame Seeds. Togarashi Spice.R170

Solo Sushi Platters

Platter NameDescriptionPrice (R)
TIGER PLATTER (12 PIECES)4 Piece Sushi Sliders. 4 Piece Samurai Roll. 4 Piece Prawn Avalanche.R285
DELUXE PLATTER (17 PIECES)3 Piece Pretty In Pink. 6 Piece Bamboo Rolls. 8 Piece Volcano Rolls.R320
SOLO SIGNATURE PLATTER (29 PIECES)3 Piece Wicked Tuna Crunch. 4 Piece Dragon Roll. 4 Piece Pretty In Pink. 6 Piece Sushi Sliders. 6 Piece Bamboo Rolls. 4 Piece Salmon Sashimi.R620

Solo Desserts Menu

Dessert NameDescriptionPrice (R)
AMARULA CHOCOLATE MOUSSEPassion Fruit Curd. Pear Jelly. Shortbread Crumble.R110
STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKEChantilly Cream. Granadilla Emulsion. Berry Coulis. Strawberry Jelly.R100
OPERA CAKECaramelised Mixed Berries. Coconut Soil. Strawberry Ice-Cream.R100

Solo Drinks Menu

Wine TypeWine NamePrice (R)
CHARDONNAYFranschhoek CellarR320
Hamilton Russel VineyardsR1255
Waterside UnoakedR300
De Morgenzon DMZR340
Warwick First Lady UnoakedR350
Delheim Chardonnay Sur LieR560
Vergelegen ChardonnayR390
Boschendal Elgin Appalation ChardonnayR990
The White Lady WarwickR720
Steenberg ChardR370
Iona ChardonnayR850
Spier 21 GablesR600
Villieria Barrel FermentedR580
Rijks Touch of OakR350
Villiera CheninR350
Southern RightR350
DMZ Sauvignon BlancR350
Warwick First LadyR350
Uva MiraR400
Glen CarlouR320
Iona Sauvignon BlancR450
WHITE BLENDSAshbourne Blend Walker BayR300
Mullineux White BlendR760
Black Oystercatcher White PearlR335
David Sadie AristagosR820
Ghost Corner BowlineR580
Haute CabriereR385
Steenberg SemillonR450
SEMI-SWEETBoschendal Le BouquetR290
Jasmine VillieraR310
De Krans MoscatoR290
PINOT NOIRHamilton Russel VineyardsR1320
Mr. P Pinot NoirR380
Creation Pinot NoirR480
Glen CarlouR350
Meerlust Pinot NoirR750
Neil Ellis GroenkloofR350
Raka BiographyR480
Pepper Wind SyrahR990
Vergelegen ReserveR880
Le Richie ReserveR1550
Glen Carlou Gravel QuarryR1180
Neil Ellis StellenboschR495
Boekenhoutskloof StellenboschR1175
Thelema Cabernet SauvignonR700
Boschendal StellenboschR600
Steenberg Cabernet SauvignonR490
Springfield Whole BerryR450
RED BLENDSKanonkop Paul SauerR1900
Mulderbosch Faithful HoundR455
Rupert & Rothschild ClassiqueR460
Nebbiolo SteenbergR490
Boschendal NicolasR650
Meerlust RubiconR1200
Ataraxia SerenityR525
Vilafonte Series CR4220
Spier Frans K. SmithR2440
Dalla Cia TeanoR2690
Glenelly Lady MayR1590
Nitida CalligraphyR546
Muratie Melcks Blended RedR340
Rustenburg John X MerrimanR550
Waterford The JemR4050
Boschendal Black AngusR1150
Steenberg CatharinaR760
The Last ElephantR750
Des DemonisellesR400
Warwick TrilogyR1625
Vilafonte Series MR2900
Vilafonte, Seriously Old DirtR850
Lanzerac PinotageR400
Southern RightR720
Rijks Touch of Oak PinotageR300
Kanonkop Pinotage – Black LabelR4100
Beyerskloof Diesel PinotageR2200
Beyerskloof Pinotage ReserveR410
Shannon Mount BulletR920
Uva MiraR420
BLUSH WINESCreation Grenache Noir/ViognierR292
Delheim Pinotage RoséR235
Babylonstoren RoséR298
Glen Carlou RoseR288
Graham Beck Brut RoséR480
Graham Beck Bliss Demi SecR480
Graham Beck Cuvée CliveR1350
Cinzano ProseccoR400
Steenberg Chardonnay MCCR450
Valdo Ice Floral BrutR480
Valdo Marca Oro Prosecco Extra DryR480
Valdo Ice Demi SecR480
CHAMPAGNEBillecart-Salmon Brut ReserveR2200
Veuve Clicquot Rosé NVR1685
Veuve Clicquot RichR2100
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NVR1890
Ghmumm Grand GordonR1500
Ghmumm Demi Sec OlympeR1680
Ghmumm Rosé OlympeR1580
Perrier Jouet Grand BrutR2200
Pierrer Jouet Bepoque RoséR8900
Billecart Salmon Brut RoséR2200
Billecart Salmon Brut Blanc de BlancR3800
Moët & Chandon NectarR1680
Moët & Chandon Nectar RoséR1700
Moët & Chandon RoséR1600

Solo’s Sparkling Juice Menu

JuicePrice (R)
Sanpellegrino AranciataR50
Sanpellegrino LimonataR50
Sanpellegrino Aranciata RossaR50
San Pellegrino MelogranoR50

Solo’s Signature Cocktail Menu

CocktailIngredientsPrice (R)
SOLO DATETanqueray & Lemongrass Syrup. Lemon Juice. Topped with Graham Beck Bliss Demi Sec. Garnish: Lemon Grass.R100
NO PLACE LIKE HOMEHennessy Very Special. Cranberry Syrup. Lemon Juice. Martini Rosso. Rooibos Water. Soda Water. Garnish: Lemon Grass.R115
THE DONHavanna Club Rum. Lemon Juice. Orange Juice. Cinnamon Syrup. Garnish: Cinnamon Stick.R92
FLORISTRYInverroche Amber. Elderflower Syrup. Orange Wedges. Lime Wedges. Indian Tonic Water. Garnish Lime Wedge.R110
FIRST WORDTanqueray Sevilla. Elderflower Syrup. Orange Wedges. Lime Wedges. Indian Tonic Water. Garnish Lime Wedge.R92
ANTIQUEAbsolut Vodka. Pink Tonic. Cucumber Syrup. Dry Rose Wine. Lemon Juice. Garnish: Cucumber Wheel.R95
MZANSI SOURZamalek Syrup. Lime Juice. Johnnie Walker Black. Cellulose. Bitters. Garnish: Orange Zest.R135
SCRIPTAbsolut Vodka. Pimms. Grapefruit & Cinnamon Syrup. Cucumber Pieces. Ginger Beer. Garnish: Basil & Cinnamon Quill.R115
SKILLACHTanqueray Gin. Grapefruit Juice. Cinnamon Syrup. Garnish: Grapefruit slice.R135
BETWEEN THE SHEETSHennessy. Silver Tequila. Triple Sec. Agave syrup. Grapefruit Juice. Lemon juice. Garnish: BlueberriesR140
SOLO DORABelvedere. Passion Puree. Lemon Juice. Cellulose. Sparkling Wine. Garnish With Granadilla Fruit.R140

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