Established in 1992, Calisto’s Portuguese Restaurant has become a leading name in Portuguese cuisine. Founded by a passionate duo, the brand is renowned for its diverse menu, offering flame-grilled Portuguese chicken, seafood, and meat prepared in the traditional Portuguese way. With an authentic character, vibrant atmosphere, and 11 locations nationwide, Calisto’s is more than a restaurant—it’s an experience, delivering the best of Portuguese flavors.

Calistos Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameCalistos
Cuisine TypePortuguese, European
Opening HoursNoon – 9:00 pm
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Calistos Portuguese Menu

Calisto’s invites you on a unique culinary journey, celebrating the rich flavors and vibrant traditions of Portuguese cuisine. Savor the smoky goodness of flame-grilled Portuguese chicken and indulge in exquisite seafood and premium meat cuts, prepared with culinary finesse and the freshest ingredients.

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Picked For You

Menu ItemsPrice
Fried Squid HeadsR61,50
Grilled CalamariR186,95
Haloumi CheeseR61,50
Quarter Chicken and 400g RibsR186,95
Traditional Portuguese Chicken (Half)R109,95
Traditional Portuguese Chicken (Full)R175,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Haloumi Cheese (Starters)R61,50
Prawn StarterR87,95
Starter PlatterR97,85
Full ChouriçoR120,95
Half ChouriçoR61,50
Garlic BreadR20,95
Cheesy Garlic BreadR3,95
Fried Squid Heads (Starters)R61,50
Fillet CarppuccioR87,95
Chicken LiversR61,50
Hot Calisto’s WingsR61,50
Calisto’s Wacky WingsR61,50
Sticky Bbq WingsR61,50
Grilled Calamari (Starters)R76,95
Avocado RitzR87,95
Rissos (Chicken)R20,95
Rissos (Prawn)R22,95
Atlantic OystersR28,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Calisto’s Portuguese SaladR61,50
Greek SakadR76,95
Chicken SaladR87,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Baby Peri – Peri ChickenR146,95
Traditional Portuguese Chicken (Half) (Chicken)R109,95
Traditional Portuguese Chicken (Full) (Chicken)R175,95
Lm Perl – Per Chicken (Half)R109,95
Lm Perl – Per Chicken (Full)R175,95
Chicken SchnitzelR120,95
Chicken Prego and ChipsR87,95
Flame Grilled Chicken BreastR109,95
Deluxe Grilled Chicken BreastR131,95
Mozambican Chicken CurryR131,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Quarter Chicken and 400g Ribs (Combos)R186,95
Half Chicken and 5 Medium PrawnsR175,95
Sirloin Steak and 5 Medium PrawnsR175,95
Calimari and 5 Medium PrawnsR175,95
Hake and 5 Medium PrawnsR175,95

Mixed Platters

Menu ItemsPrice
Chef’s Mixed PlatterR274,95
Calistos Mixed PlatterR329,95
Family FeastR715,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Calisto’s WayR175,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Prego Roll and ChipsR87,95
Rump TrinchadoR153,95
Filet TrinchadoR197,95
Spare Ribs (400g)R165,95
Spare Ribs (800g)R263,95
Calisto’s Portuguese SteakR175,95
Garlic SteakR175,95
Pepper SteakR175,95
Mushroom SteakR175,95
Madagascan StoakR175,95
Fillet SteakR197,95
Fillet On The BoneR252,95
Argentinian SteakR175,95
Rump (300g)R165,95
Rump (500g)R219,95
T – Bone Steak 500gR197,95
Lamb ChopsR219,95
Pork ChopsR109,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Half Kilo PrinceR175,95
10 MediumR197,95
6 QueenR219,95
6 KingR263,95
3 Tiger MediumR439,95
1 Tiger GiantR219,95
Peri Peri Butter SauceR10,95

Sea Food

Menu ItemsPrice
Seafood Rice 2-3R274,95
Seafood Rice 4-6R570,95
Caldeirada De Lules 2-3R274,95
Caldeirada De Lules 4-6R274,95
Seafood EspetadaR197,95
The Grand PlatterR1.099,95
Seafood Platter For 1R219,95
Sealood Platter For 2R428,95
Mozambican Prawn CurryR197,95
Mozambican Crab Curry 300gR219,95
Moumbican Prawn and Chicken CurryR219,95
Grilled Calamari (Sea Food)R186,95
Fish and ChipsR109,95
Sole ThermidorR263,95
Kingklip ThermidorR263,95
Bacalhau AssadaR241,95
Bacalhau A BrasR241,95
Bacalhau Gomes De SaR241,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Callstos PastaR131,95
Chouriço PastaR153,95
Don Antonio PastaR165,95
Vegetarian PastaR109,95
Chili Prawn PastaR186,95
Chilli Garlic PastaR109,95
Seafood PastaR186,95

Kids Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Fish Fingers and ChipsR43,95
Chicken Nuggets and ChipsR43,95
Kiddies Chicken SchnitzelR65,95
Calisto’s Wings and ChipsR54,95
Kiddles BologneseR65,95
Kiddies Mac and CheeseR54,95

Sides and Sauces

Menu ItemsPrice
Bread Roll and ButterR7,95
Milho FritoR29,95
Side SaladR29,95
Side ChipsR29,95
Side Round ChipsR29,95
Side RiceR29,95
Side VegetablesR29,95
Side Rustic PotatoesR29,95
Side Boiled Baby PotatoesR29,95
Side MashR29,95
Top Up Table Peri – PeriR18,95
Mushroom SauceR29,95
Madagascan SauceR29,95
Madeira SauceR29,95
Pepper SauceR29,95
Cheese SauceR29,95
Garlic SauceR29,95
Argentinian SauceR29,95
Lemon Butter SauceR10,95
Garlic Butter SauceR10,95
Peri Peri Butter Sauce (Sides and Sauces)R10,95


Menu ItemsPrice
Cheese CakeR49,95
Calixto’s Sticky PuddingR43,95
Frozen Biscuit CakeR43,95

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