Konka Soweto stands out as one of Soweto’s premier nightclubs, offering an exhilarating atmosphere and a diverse music selection. With expansive dance floors, individual DJs, and sound systems, patrons can enjoy a variety of music styles. The club’s VIP lounge and high-end drink options contribute to a celebrity-like experience for those seeking a memorable night out.

Konka Soweto Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameKonka Soweto
Cuisine Type Beer drinks
Opening Hours9 am – 10 pm
ReviewsSee Reviews

Konka Soweto Menu

Konka Soweto presents a diverse drink menu with options ranging from classic cocktails to exotic libations like tequilas and whiskies. Their extensive selection includes craft beers by local brewers and wines sourced from prestigious wineries worldwide, catering to a variety of tastes.

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Konka Soweto BEERS Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Stella ArtoisR30

Konka Soweto CEDARS Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Brutal Fruit SpritzerR25
Savanna DryR25
Ice TropezR150
Ice Tropez ZeroR150

Konka Soweto VODKA/GIN Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tanqueray 10R900
Inver Roche ClassicR1,000
Inver Roche AmberR1,000
Malfy Gin RosaR950

Konka Soweto COCKTAILS Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Ginger BulletR100
Flower EssenceR95
Citrus CollinR90
Konka BarryR85
Classic MojitoR65
Orange Light GaritaR95
The Spicy Ice TeaR95
The Italian G&TR95

Konka Soweto TEQUILA Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Don JulioR1,200
Don Julio 1942R7,500
Casa AzulR5,500

Konka Soweto WHISKEY/COGNAC Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Glenmorangie 10R1,000
Glenmorangie 12R1,300
Glenfiddich 12R1,200
Glenfiddich 15R1,800
Glenfiddich 18R3,600
Glenfiddich 21R7,000
Glenfiddich 26R1,200
Johnnie Walker BlackR900
Johnnie Walker GoldR1,800
Johnnie Walker GreenR2,900
Johnnie Walker BlueR5,000
Hennessy VSR1,000
Hennessy VSOPR1,700
Hennessy XOR5,500
Courvoisier  VSR1,000
Courvoisier  VSOPR1,700
Courvoisier  XOR5,000
Macallan 12 Double TaskR1,200
Macallan 12 Triple TaskR1,200
Macallan 15 Double TaskR1,800
Macallan 15 Triple TaskR3,500
Jameson Irish WhiskeyR850
Jameson Select ReserveR1,300
Martel VSR900
Martel VSOPR1,500
Remy Martin VSOPR1,700
Remy Martin XOR6,000
Chivas XVR1,000
Chivas Regal 18R2,400

Konka Soweto CHAMPAGNE Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Moet BrutR1,300
Moet Brut RoseR1,500
Moet NectarR1,700
Moet Nectar RoseR2,000
Moet IceR2,200
Veuve BrutR1,700
Veuve RoseR1,000
Veuve RichR2,200
Veuve Rich RoseR2,200
GH Mumm BrutR1,300
GH Mumm Demi SecR1,800
GH Mumm Olympe RoseR2,000
Dom Lumious BrutR7,000
Dom Lumious RoseR7,000
Louis Roederer CristalR11,000
Armand De Brignac GoldR12,000
Armand De Brignac RoseR14,000

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