Kebabish, a renowned restaurant in South Africa, founded in 2003, offers a fusion of Indian and Pakistani cuisine. With branches in Overport and North Beach, as well as an outlet on Florida Road Durban, it provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere alongside exceptional hospitality and extraordinary food, making it a popular destination in South Africa.

Kebabish North Beach Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameKebabish North Beach
Cuisine TypeIndian food
Opening Hours9 am – 11 pm
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Kebabish North Beach Menu

Kebabish provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, offering a diverse menu featuring curries, Indian dishes, breakfast, burgers, and more. With pocket-friendly prices and fresh ingredients, it caters to various tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

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Picked for You

ItemPrice (R)
1/4 Chicken TikkaR60,00
Mutton BunnyR72,00
Mini GrillR78,00
Mutton BiryaniR84,00
Butter ChickenR95,00


ItemPrice (R)
Aloo ParathaR42,00
Aloo Paratha (Starters)R42,00
Samosas (4pcs)R30,00
Chicken Corn SoupR48,00
Chicken Hot and Sour SoupR48,00
Grilled Chicken Wings (4pcs)R48,00
Grilled Chicken Wings (4pcs) (Starters)R48,00

Charcoal Fire Grill

ItemPrice (R)
1/4 Chicken Tikka (Charcoal Fire Grill)R60,00
1/2 Chicken TikkaR102,00
Chicken BhotiR72,00
Malai BhotiR72,00
Steak BhotiR72,00
Seekh KebabsR72,00
Lamb ChopsR90,00
Lamb RibsR66,00

Mixed Platters

ItemPrice (R)
Mini Grill (Mixed Platters)R78,00
Mixed GrillR145,00
Mixed Grill (Mixed Platters)R145,00
Full Chicken TikkaR220,00
Family PackR299,00
Jumbo Family PackR492,00
Kebabish Family PackR575,00

Lamb Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Lamb KarahiR90,00
Butter LambR96,00
Lamb Rogan JoshR96,00
Shahi Cream LambR108,00
Lamb VindalooR84,00
Mutton Curry and RiceR96,00
Dall Gosht and RiceR84,00
Palak GoshtR84,00
Gobhi GoshtR84,00
Qeema KaraiR84,00
Aloo QeemaR84,00
Mutter QeemaR84,00
Beef NihariR84,00
Grilled Kebab MasalaR84,00
Achary GoshtR84,00
Mutton NihariR84,00
Bhindi GoshtR90,00
Lamb KormaR96,00
Lamb Chops MasalaR96,00
Karelay GoshtR96,00
Karelay QeemaR90,00
Lamb Brain MasalaR96,00

Vegetable Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Palak Aloo FryR55,00
Dhall Chana FryR55,00
Bhindi FryR60,00
Dhall Mash FryR55,00
Mix VegetablesR55,00
Dhall PaneerR66,00
Dhall Paneer (Vegetable Dishes)R66,00
Paneer PalakR66,00
Butter PaneerR66,00
Aloo MutterR50,00
Dhall PalakR54,00
Mushroom Masala and AlooR72,00
Chana MasalaR55,00
Mutter PaneerR66,00
Aloo GobhiR55,00
Dhall MakhaniR60,00
Paneer Tikka MasalaR66,00
Aloo Jeera MasalaR42,00
Karelay Masala and AlooR60,00
Beans CurryR36,00

Chicken Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken KarahiR72,00
Chicken VindalooR72,00
Chicken CurryR95,00
Roghan Josh ChickenR84,00
Chicken JhatpattR84,00
Butter Chicken (Chicken Dishes)R95,00
Green Chicken MasalaR84,00
Palak ChickenR84,00
Chicken KormaR84,00
Chicken Tikka MasalaR84,00
Chicken JalfreziR84,00
Chicken Jalfrezi (Chicken Dishes)R84,00
Chicken AcharyR84,00
Shahi Cream ChickenR84,00
Lemon Butter ChickenR84,00
Ginger ChickenR90,00


ItemPrice (R)
Prawns CurryR110,00
Prawns KaraiR110,00
Fish CurryR85,00
Fish MasalaR85,00
Butter PrawnsR120,00
Grilled PrawnsR200,00
Stick PrawnsR200,00

Tandoori Naans and Parathas

ItemPrice (R)
Brown Flour RotiR8,00
Plain NaanR8,00
Butter NaanR10,00
Garlic NaanR30,00
Roghini NaanR25,00
Aloo NaanR42,00
Sweet NaanR24,00
Cheese NaanR36,00
Aloo Cheese NaanR52,00
Naan BasketR66,00
Special NaanR48,00
Aloo Paratha (Tandoori Naans and Parathas)R42,00
Mince ParathaR54,00
Aloo Cheese ParathaR52,00
Mince Cheese ParathaR62,00
Sweet ParathaR24,00
Lucha ParathaR24,00
Cheese ParathaR36,00


ItemPrice (R)
Plain RiceR25,00
Chicken and Vegetable Fried RiceR78,00
Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice (Rice)R78,00
Chicken BiryaniR66,00
Mutton Biryani (Rice)R84,00
Vegetable Fried RiceR60,00
Chicken PulaoR60,00
Mutton PulaoR70,00
Prawns BiryaniR115,00
Vegetable BiryaniR60,00
Lamb Chop BiryaniR102,00
Chinese Fried RiceR96,00
Fish BiryaniR72,00
Beef BiryaniR72,00

Chinese and Hot Sizzlers

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Chow Mein (Chinese and Hot Sizzlers)R90,00
Chicken Chow MeinR90,00
Veg Chow MeinR72,00
Steak Chow MeinR90,00
Prawns Chow MeinR120,00
Chicken Chilli (Chinese and Hot Sizzlers)R108,00
Chicken ChilliR108,00
Steak ChilliR108,00
Prawns ChilliR132,00
Chicken ManchurianR108,00
Chinese Chow MeinR132,00


ItemPrice (R)
Cheese and Tomato SandwichR30,00
Chicken Peri Peri SandwichR42,00
Chicken Mayonnaise SandwichR42,00
Steak SandwichR42,00
Chicken and Cheese SandwichR48,00


ItemPrice (R)
English BreakfastR48,00
Traditional BreakfastR54,00

Bunny Chows

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BunnyR55,00
Mutton Bunny (Bunny Chows)R72,00
Beans BunnyR36,00
Kebab BunnyR60,00
Beef BunnyR72,00
Paneer BunnyR60,00
Vegetable BunnyR42,00


ItemPrice (R)
Mutton BurgerR54,00
Cheese BurgerR60,00
Cheese Burger (Burgers)R60,00
Chicken Tikka BurgerR60,00
Vegetable BurgerR54,00
Double Cheese BurgerR72,00
Kebabish Special BurgerR66,00
Steak BurgerR60,00

Roti Rolls

ItemPrice (R)
Seekh Kebab Roti RollR36,00
Chicken Roti RollR36,00
Steak Roti RollR36,00
Chips RollR18,00
Vegetable Roti RollR30,00

Sweet Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Carrot HalwaR36,00
Gulab JamunR36,00
Sojee HalwaR25,00
Sweet RiceR36,00

Cold Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Bombay CrushR42,00
Buddy BottleR18,00
2 LitersR30,00
330ml CansR14,00
500ml Valpre WaterR18,00

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