Swadesh Restaurant offers a culinary journey through the streets of old East India, enticing patrons with aromatic spices and mouthwatering flavors. Dedicated to perfection, the restaurant boasts a top-tier status in Junction, delivering an unparalleled experience with its expertly balanced quality, taste, and presentation of traditional East Indian cuisine. Indulge in a dining adventure where satisfaction reaches its epitome.

Swaadisht Menu With Prices South Africa
Restaurant NameSwaadisht
Cuisine TypeIndian Food
Opening Hours5:00 pm – 9:30 pm
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Swaadisht Menu

Swaadisht Menu in South Africa captures the rich cultural tapestry of the nation, offering a unique and vibrant culinary experience. The menu blends Indian flavors with local ingredients, creating an authentic and innovative dining adventure that reflects South Africa’s diverse history.

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Picked For You

Menu ItemsPrice
Full Chicken TikkaR239,00
Butter ChickenR132,00
Quarter Chicken Tikka LegR83,00
Quarter Mutton BunnyR126,00
Paneer MakniR119,00


Menu ItemsPrice
Aloo ParathaR83,00
Chicken Livers with NaanR54,00
Cheese ParathaR95,00
Mince ParathaR107,00
Jalepeno PoppersR83,00


Menu ItemsPrice
Veg BurgerR59,00
Paneer Tikka BurgerR90,00
Chicken Tikka BurgerR95,00
Traditional Cheese BurgerR90,00
Traditional Double Cheese BurgerR119,00
New Yorker Double Cheese BurgerR110,00
Veg and Cheese BurgerR71,00
Traditional Regular BurgerR78,00
New Yorker Cheese BurgerR86,00
New Yorker Regular BurgerR74,00
Masala Steak BurgerR107,00
Swaad Macho BurgerR144,00


Menu ItemsPrice
Mutton BiryaniR162,00
Chicken BiryaniR138,00
Veg BiryaniR98,00
Tastic RiceR24,00
Top Up DhalR18,00
Basmathi RiceR42,00
Seafood BiryaniR179,00
Prawn BiryaniR204,00
Fish BiryaniR186,00
Savory RiceR60,00

Traditional Curries

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken CurryR95,00
Mutton CurryR132,00
Beans CurryR66,00
Kebaab CurryR132,00
Mix Veg CurryR66,00
Mince CurryR132,00

Bunny Chows

Menu ItemsPrice
Full Mutton BunnyR384,00
Quarter Mutton Bunny (Bunny Chows)R126,00
Quarter Beans BunnyR62,00
Half Mutton BunnyR198,00
Quarter Mix Veg BunnyR62,00
Quarter Chicken and PrawnR162,00
Quarter Chicken BunnyR107,00
Quarter Butter ChickenR143,00
Quarter Lamb KarahiR156,00
Half Beans BunnyR107,00
Full Chicken BunnyR348,00
Full Mix Veg BunnyR191,00
Half Mix Veg BunnyR107,00
Full Beans BunnyR191,00
Half Chicken BunnyR186,00
Quarter Kebaab MinceR126,00
Half Kebaab MinceR198,00
Full Kebaab MinceR384,00

Roti Rolls

Menu ItemsPrice
Beans RotiR54,00
Mutton RotiR95,00
Mix Veg RotiR54,00
Chicken RotiR78,00
Kebaab RotiR95,00


Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Tikka WrapR78,00
Beans WrapR54,00
Chicken WrapR71,00
Mix Veg WrapR54,00
Mutton WrapR95,00
Kebaab WrapR95,00

Tandoori Grills

Menu ItemsPrice
Full Chicken Tikka (Tandoori Grills)R239,00
Quarter Chicken Tikka Leg (Tandoori Grills)R83,00
Swaad Special PlatterR144,00
Family PackR455,00
Half Chicken TikkaR143,00
Quarter Chicken BreastR95,00
Swaads Special Mixed GrillR206,00
Chicken BotiR126,00
Seekh KebaabR144,00
8 WingsR90,00
16 WingsR168,00
Chicken Strips and RiceR84,00
Steak BotiR144,00


Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Tikka SchwarmasR90,00
Veg SchwarmasR83,00
Lamb SchwarmasR126,00
Steak Plain or Masala SchwarmasR107,00
Chicken Tikka with Cheese SchwarmasR102,00
Veg with Cheese SchwarmasR95,00
Steak Plain or Masala and Cheese SchwarmasR119,00

Swaads Sandwiches

Menu ItemsPrice
Mutton Curry Swaads SandwichesR95,00
Chicken and Mayo Swaads SandwichesR83,00
Masala Steak Swaads SandwichesR95,00
Steak Swaads SandwichesR90,00
Cheese and Tomato Swaads SandwichesR47,00
Masala Steak, Cheese, and Egg Swaads SandwichesR119,00
Curried Beans Swaads SandwichesR59,00
Masala Steak and Cheese Swaads SandwichesR107,00

Swaads Fries

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot ChipsR48,00
Macho ChipsR78,00
Fish and ChipsR66,00

Chinese Cuisine

Menu ItemsPrice
Veg ChowmeinR95,00
Chicken ChowmeinR119,00
Veg Fried RiceR95,00
Chicken Fried RiceR119,00
Prawn and Chicken ChowmeinR179,00
Beef ChowmeinR132,00
Chinese Fried RiceR150,00
Beef Fried RiceR132,00
Seafood ChowmeinR131,00
Prawn ChowmeinR203,00
Prawn Fried RiceR203,00

Oriental Lamb Curries

Menu ItemsPrice
Lamb KormaR150,00
Lamb Rogan GoshR150,00
Lamb KarahiR150,00
Lamb Masala ChopsR192,00
Lamb Grilled ChopsR192,00
Lamb VindalooR150,00
Lamb MadrasR150,00

Oriental Chicken Curries

Menu ItemsPrice
Butter Chicken (Oriental Chicken Curries)R132,00
Chicken Boti MasalaR132,00
Chicken KarahiR132,00
Chicken Tikka MasalaR132,00
Chicken VindalooR132,00

Oriental Mince Curries

Menu ItemsPrice
Mince Keema FryR107,00
Mince Aloo KeemaR107,00
Mince Dhall KeemaR107,00

Oriental Seafood Curries

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled FishR198,00
Fish CurryR198,00
Fish MasalaR198,00
Prawn JalfreziR198,00
Prawn MasalaR198,00
Fried FishR198,00
Madras Fish CurryR198,00
Prawn CurryR222,00
Grilled PrawnsR222,00

Paneer Delight

Menu ItemsPrice
Paneer Makni (Paneer Delight)R119,00
Paneer TikkaR119,00
Palak PaneerR119,00
Paneer MasalaR119,00
Paneer MatarR119,00
Paneer AlooR119,00

Oriental Vegetarian

Menu ItemsPrice
Dhall MakniR90,00
Chana MasalaR90,00
Mushroom KaraiR107,00
Veg KaraiR104,00
Dhall FryR90,00
Aloo MatarR83,00
Masoor DhallR90,00


Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken MansoorianR90,00
Beef MansoorianR114,00

Traditional Breads

Menu ItemsPrice
Butter NaanR30,00
Plain NaanR23,00
Plain RotiR11,00
Garlic NaanR42,00
Rogni NaanR30,00
Plain ParathaR35,00

Kids Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken PastaR59,00
Chicken Strips and ChipsR59,00
Chicken Pops and ChipsR59,00
Junior Burger and ChipsR59,00

Cold Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Coca-Cola Can (2L)R38,00
Coca-Cola Can (440ml)R21,00
Water Still (500ml)R19,00
Sir JuiceR24,00
Sprite Can (2L)R38,00
Cream Soda Can (440ml)R21,00
Fanta Can (440ml)R21,00
Grapetizer (300ml)R29,00
Sprite Can (440ml)R21,00
Appletizer (300ml)R29,00
Fanta Can (2L)R38,00
Cream Soda Can (2L)R38,00

Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Masala TeaR35,00
Italiano Filter CoffeeR20,00
Double ExpressoR31,00
Five RosesR25,00
Café LatteR37,00
Café MochaR45,00
Cadbury Hot ChocolateR42,00


Menu ItemsPrice
Shahi KeerR39,00
Burfee SliceR22,00


Menu ItemsPrice
Early Bird MachoR119,00
Early BirdR95,00

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